Your first time

You smile to me and i smile back and say you can leave your clothes here. You smile back and takes off your jacket and shoes and enter the living room.I stop you with one hand and smile. I did tell you to leave your clothes in there didn't I ? As in shock i can tell in your face you realize that I meant all clothes. With a blushing face you go into the hallway again and return to me naked and with a blushing face.I look at you smiling and kiss your forehead. Kneel down I say, you look at me a little unsure but do as you are told.You see what I have in my hand, a collar. Slowly I place it around your neck and lock it in place. I lift your face using one finger and bow down and kiss your lips.Without a word I smile as I unbutton my pants. I present you with my semi hard cock and like in a trance you open your mouth and takes me in.I feel your warm mouth and your lips close around my cock, and while enjoying the sensation I give you some instructions.- When I come home every day from work I expect you to be meeting me exactly where you are kneeling now. wearing your collar only. Your first task after Greeting me as your Master is to open my jeans and service me with your mouth.You can feel me grow harder in your mouth and I start moaning a little.Using your hands, fingers tongue and mouth to please me I soon climax and cum in your mouth.After I let you suck and lick me clean.I tell you what a wonderful girl you are and that I am very pleased with you, and I can see the pride in your eyes and smile.With that said I lead you over to the table and tell you to get up on it and to sit on your kneesAs you get up I gently spread your legs a little before pushing your head and chest down so they rest on the table.I caress your butt while taking in the sexy view in front of me.Hold this position. I say, while I take a shower. I disappear into the bathroom and you hear short after the shower is turned on. I take my time in there. After a while you feel a little uncomfortable and you are curious about my place so you lift your head and look around a little.The shower stops and you lay down trying to find a similar position as before.I enter the room and come to you, I do notice that you have changed position but i say nothing.My hands start caressing your body, exploring every inch, following every curve. I find your nipples and pinch them a little, before I with one hand start caressing your bottom.Then suddenly you feel my hand hit your ass cheeks in a hard spank, and again- I told you not to move didn't I? So now i must make clear what happens if you do not do as you are told. My hand keeps coming down spanking your bottom not missing a spot. With various force and sometimes i stop to caress it gently before continueSuddenly I stop. Your bottom is red and you feel how warm it is.- I think this will remind you of doing as told in the future I say with a smile. With my thumbs I spread your lips and start licking between themMy tongue playing all the way from your clit to your opening , darting it in a few times enjoying how soaking wet you are and drinking your nectar.Suddenly i stand up and tell you it's time to make you mine.You feel my cock against your entrance and slowly it enters you sliding all the way in. I slowly start fucking you taking my pleasure from you and you remain in your position as told. I'm very pleased with my girl . I enjoy this feeling of entering your pussy for the first of many times to come.Suddenly you feel something cold and wet against your anal opening. my finger massaging it and probing gently. Slowly I let my finger sink into your bottom. lubricate it good, before start moving my finger. Twisting it as it goes in.I pull the finger out and add one more lubed finger and let both of them enter. Slowly at first then a little faster, in pace with my cock in your pussy. I feel it's still a little tight but I tell you this will be easier in the future with more training. I continue to fuck you with my cock and fingers.You can hear on my moaning that I am getting closer. Then with a smile I say, -Do not move, I told you i will make you mine tonight.