While My Wife Sleeps Soundly

My wife Carol was always a sound sleeper. That allowed me to play out some of my fantasies with her while she slept. Carol had a very erotic and sensual side of her that she suppressed as she feared it would take over and she would become the cock slut that she was. Although she was a great cock sucker, she rarely gave me head – she liked it too much. When she was hot the inner slut would take over and she was a tigress in bed – she would suck my cock as if her life depended upon it. Or, she would fuck my cock with her big hairy pussy, driving me deeper and deeper. I had the standard 6 incher but I was thick. I could tell that she had bigger and that she craved a big fat cock buried deep in her pussySo while she was in a deep sleep I would slowly start off caressing her tits through her satin night gown. Her gowns were a big turn on for me. I loved the way they clung to her body, accentuating her 36D breasts and her hard nipples which always seemed to be at attention. When she stood in front of a light her sexy body would be visible under the transparent nightgown and if I was lucky, I could see the thick dark patch of her bush through her white nylon panties.As I caressed her breasts her nipples would get rock hard and she would slightly open her thighs. I would gently place my hand on the inside of her thigh and lightly press the side of my finger into her nylon pantied clit – slight pressure with very subtle movement. As her body responded I would intensify the rubbing and pressure. The more turned on she got the more she would spread her legs. I would then gently take her hand and place it on her pussy and then would start working on her nipples. Carol loved having her nipples toyed, pulled, pinched, and sucked – she’s literally had orgasms by nipple stimulation only. So as I played with her nipples the inner slut would take over and she would start playing with her pussy.I wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking that she was really awake and just playing along cause on many occasions I thought so too. But she really was asleep which made it so much more erotic….plus she would never masturbate for me, no matter how many times I’d ask, beg and plead. But every time I took advantage of her while she was sleeping she would masturbate her sexy hairy pussy through those nylon panties. When I sensed the time was right, I would gently ease her panties down and watch her rub her clit as I gently tugged on a nipple. I would then position myself over her and gently insert my cock into her moist pussy with short strokes, gently and slowly inserting my full length in her, all while she played with her clit. Sometimes I would cum inside her, other times I would cum on her bush. Sometimes she would wake up as I was fucking her, other times she would wake up only if she came. As the years went on I started devising other ways that I could fulfill my fantasies. One of those fantasies was to watch a guy jerk off over her while she slept. As much as a sound sleeper that she is I feared that she would wake up and start screaming if she saw some guy stroking his cock over her. Another fantasy was watching someone watch her through the bedroom window as she undressed and changed into her silky nightgown, or while we had sex. Being the perv that I am, I would leave a space open in the bottom of the blinds and then run outside to the window when I knew she was getting ready for bed. I’d watch her slowly strip out of her clothes and take off her bra to unleash her beautiful tits, two inch areola with long thick chunky nipples. I’ve come on the side of the house just watching her walk around the bedroom with her dark thatch visible through her white panties, and her nipples slightly visible through her bra.It was one of those nights that I was headed for the window to notice that there was already someone there. I ducked behind a bush and watched as Steve, the teenager that lived next door, unzipped his fly and took out an already hard cock that looked to be an impressive 8” or so. I was close enough to hear him breathing deeply as he stroked his cock, watching my wife through the bottom of the blinds. I knew what he was seeing, my wife taking her time as she unbuttoned her blouse, her white satin bra coming into view with her hard nipples poking through. Then she would take off her skirt, showing her white panty clad ass. She would then turn to the mirror, which was situated next to the window Steve was looking though, giving Steve a full frontal with her dark bush visible through her panties. She would then reach back, unclasp and take off her bra, baring those luscious tits to his teenage eyes. She would then bend forward, with those sexy tits hanging, open her drawer and take out her nighty. Her favorite go to was a light blue nylon that didn’t leave much to the imagination. It was very sheer and allow him to see all of her through the light materials. He started to grunt and his body shuttered as he spewed an impressive load on the side of the house. By then I already had my cock out and started to cum as he was finishing. I finally got to watch another guy cum to my wife!I had to have more though and my perverted mind went into action. I wondered how many times had Steve watched Carol. How many times had he seen me play with her while she slept. And how many times had he seen me watching her through the window. Then I came up with a plan. Since we had Steve do odd jobs for us, I hired Steve to do some yard work and asked him to take the dogs out after school while Carol was at work and left him with a key to the back door. I then announced to Carol that I had to go out of town on business for several days and that while I was gone I had hired Steve. Carol was like a 2nd mother to Steve, she had rushed to help him years ago when he fell off his bike. She liked Steve and was comfortable with him being in the house when we weren’t home. If I knew Carol, she would be making him cookies for when he came over.The next day I booked a hotel about 20 miles from home and rented a car. As the evening came I drove to the street that ran parallel with ours and parked in the shadows. I then crept to my back yard and stationed myself under a dense bush with a good view of the bedroom window. An hour later the bedroom light came on and within 30 seconds, there was Steve creeping up to the window. He took out his cock and started stroking to Carol as she changed. Like the previous night, he spunked on the side of the house, like a young buck leaving his mark. He then quietly crept off back home.I was horny as hell and went back to the hotel and jerked off, picturing Carol sucking Steve’s big, young, cock. I had to get him to take the next step! The next evening I repeated my steps, hid under the bush, and watched Steve enjoy himself to Carol. I waited for a couple of hours and then texted Steve that Carol was fast asleep and if he could quietly go to into the house and take the dogs out. “Sure, will do”, came back the reply. Minutes later I watched as Steve went in through the back door and took the dogs out, then returned to put the dogs back in. I quickly moved towards the bedroom window and a seconds later I saw the door to our bedroom open and there was Steve, outlined in the hall light.I could see that Steve was nervous, he stood there not moving for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, when he was assured that Carol was in a deep sleep, he slowly made his way to the bed. Carol was sleeping on her back, the covers down by her waist, her hands up near her head and her mouth wide open as she slept deeply….completely vulnerable. My cock was aching in anticipation of what was about to happen.As she lay there sleeping, Steve stood over her, pulled out his cock and started stroking. He then rubbed his cock on her breast through the nylon nightgown. Then he knelt down along side the bed and started playing with her nipple as he stoked his 8” cock. I watched, jerking my own cock, as his hand slowly pulled back the covers to expose her panty clad hairy pussy. The bastard had been watching us! He did exactly as I have done so many times before; he gently put his hand on her pussy and started to apply pressure and after several minutes I could see his hand moving faster and Carol’s legs spreading as she slept soundly. Just like me, he gently moved her hand to her pussy and watched as Carol started to rub her hairy pussy as he played with her nipple and himself. I wondered if Steve was going to fuck her, like I did. I could only imagine the battle going on in his mind – what would he say if she woke up. A minute or so later, Steve stood up and placed his cock inches from Carol’s face as he stroked. It was quite the image for me, Carol’s hand was inside her panties as she fingered herself while Steve stood above her stroking his big cock. I wanted so bad to see him shoot his load on her face but that would definitely wake her up. But then he did something that I haven’t even done – as he stroked his cock he put his cock head up to the lips of her open mouth. Then slowly he started inserting his cock into her mouth and to my disbelief, I could see her mouth working on his cock! At that point I couldn’t hold back and I put my mark next to Steve’s on the side of the house. A minute later Steve pulled his cock out of her mouth and started to cum in his hand, a massive load. Carol continued to finger herself while Steve struggled to zip up his pants with one hand as the other held his massive load. He slowly backed out of the room, closed the door, and a minute later he was headed home.I came home the next afternoon and when Carol came home she greeted me as if nothing happened last night. I knew this was just the beginning of a new chapter.