When Lust Takes over

Hi I’m Jake, I have written many stories on different sites, some based on factual happenings some pure imagination this story is sort of in between. Best set the scene first.I was a serving soldier at the time of this and having spent two years in the Arab Emirates I came home for a six week leave to England during a heat wave one August. Although the temperatures were in the high 70’s for me it was quite cold having been used to temperatures in excess of 110. I’m 6ft and at the time, had a six pack from work not exercising. Deeply tanned like toast that has been burnt black and then sc****d to a delicious golden brown topped with a mop of blond hair. My ice blue eyes glinted most of the time and I always seemed to be smiling I guess I was truly happy then. Like most single squaddies that have been in a situation where no women are available, sex starved doesn’t quite do justice to how I felt that first day home with my family again and down at our local beach. The ghetto blaster was playing Scott McKenzie’s “When you’re going to San Francisco” I was laying enjoying the sun and the light warm breeze wisp’s that came from the cold North Sea when a youngster’s voice said,What I heard was My Mammy would love to meet you and looking up to make sure it was me they were talking about I saw a young girl about 7 standing there. Her red costume was an all in one and in no way provocative unlike todays where costumes for youngsters try to make them into little adults before their time. I asked smilingShe pointed to a young petite blonde, who was smiling and watching intently on a crowded part of the beach. The first thought that went through my head was wow I could really fuck that and the second was why me? I have never thought of me as handsome and yes I have been told that I am but I tend to take that with a pinch of salt. I digress sorry. Needless to say, I went over and we chatted and I asked could I take her out and that really is where this story starts. You have to remember that this whole episode lasted just six weeks. Life at this time for me was always fast and furious so by the first week we had got really close. I never rush women into having sex or making love as I preferred to call it. In fact, our first time of making love started with her sitting on my knee. The k**s were in bed and as we kissed I gently ran my hand over her blouse covered breasts. There being no resistance, just soft moans I was soon kissing her more passionately and my hand was very gently sliding under her skirt. I had learnt many things whilst in the forces and had been taught by a lesbian friend of mine how to pleasure a woman without just ramming my fingers into her love hole. Pretty soon I could feel her juices wetting her undies and kept playing till she had started to orgasm fully. It was at this point she suggested we go upstairs and we crept past the k**’s bedroom into hers. She was still aroused from the orgasm she had already had and we were soon fucking for all we were worth, while trying to be quiet. Her employer (Caroline) was an average woman maybe about 5ft 6 tall with long dark hair, pert breasts and yes beautiful. Her husband (Robert) was shorter than I was by maybe a couple of inches and ran a business in a city. It was quite a drive from where they lived maybe about an hour’s drive away. She would often sit with us in the evening chatting if we stayed in on Julie’s nights off. She started to stay in even when Julie was on duty and Julie told me that normally she went out most evenings to different friends and meetings and stuff. I always thought she didn’t like me but being a squaddie, I was used to parents being like that when I was with their daughters and Julie was treat like their eldest daughter in many ways. Caroline, one really foggy evening told us she was worried she had to go collect her husband because his car was in the garage and didn’t like driving in the fog. I answered without thinking about it that I could drive her car and pick him up if that was okay with her. Straight away she asked Julie if she would stay with the younger c***dren till we got back as she would need to go to get me through the security gates and into the precinct to collect her husband. To say the fog was thick really was an understatement. It wrapped about the car like a big grey blanket making it impossible to drive faster than 10 to 15 mile an hour. The 30 mile journey was going to take us at least 2 hours to get there and about the same back. I had not thought about this. In them days mobiles didn’t exist and as we pulled up at the precinct gates, the security guard informed us that Robert had been given a lift with another businessman almost two hours previous. We used his phone and left a message with Julie to say we were on our way back but that the journey would take at least two hours.Driving home the fog became so thick I suggested we find a place to phone from and pull in till it thinned a little. We were almost on the old Red phone box when we saw it and luckily it wasn’t vandalised. She rang her husband and came back into the car her blouse was damp from the thin water in the mist we had quarter of a tank of petrol so I got out and gave her my coat off the back seat. We chatted for what seemed like ages about anything and nothing without any sign of the fog abating when suddenly she said, I explained in the forces we were taught that cuddling together and using coats around us kept the heat in and she suggested we got into the back of the car as the centre console made it almost impossible to cuddle together and wrap us up with the coat we had. We got into the back and locked the doors in case we fell asleep and cuddled. I mentioned before how randy I was and once the heat started I could feel her tits rise and fall beneath her thin blouse as she cuddled in tightly. I thought she might fall asleep and I could touch them but instead she said can we talk about something. I said we could chat about anything and she piled straight in with you know Julie is like a daughter to me and I know you are having sex but I hope you are taking precautions as she isn’t on the pill. Talking about sex turned me on and embarrassed me at the same time so the feelings felt much naughtier than they should have done. I said yes, we are using condoms I guess Julie sometimes gets a little noisier when she orgasms. Caroline’s face was snuggled into my shoulder as she whispered sometimes I am so jealous of her it’s a long time since anyone made me feel excited enough to orgasm loudly. My cock stood at attention and I lifted her chin gently and told her that she was very beautiful and I bet any guy would love to make her orgasm loudly including her husband. She started to cry and told me they didn’t have sex now or if they did it was a quickie where he came and turned over leaving her to play with herself later in the bathroom. I was so solid. I had seen women masturbate before but this beautiful woman sitting there with tears in her eyes was telling me she was jealous of me and her nanny. I tilted her head and using my clean hanky (my mum always made me have one) gently wiped the tears from her eyes. Her mouth looked gorgeous in this sort of grey light and I forgot myself and lowering my head kissed her gently at first then with more fervour. Every second I expected her to pull away and say what the fuck are you doing. She didn’t! Our kiss got hotter and yes my hands began to gently undo her blouse stroking her breasts over her blouse then going back to undoing her buttons. I felt the topside of her breasts but didn’t want to rush things and yes I wanted her and felt her need too. With her blouse open wide her tits, firm topped with brown nipples that were as erect as my cock. I eased her bra open. One thing about squaddies they all knew how to remove bra’s. She suddenly grabbed my wrist and said, My frustration showed on my face as she said she was sorry but she was happily married and I was going out with her nanny. I smiled and calmly said its ok luv let’s forget it ever happened if that’s alright. She laid her head back on my shoulder and pulled my coat about her. I could feel her crying more than heard it. Lifting her chin I asked what was the matter. She stopped and looked me in the eyes. I stopped her right there. I answered Our mouths met this time she put more effort into fighting my tongue for possession of my mouth. I felt it lick the insides of my lips sending small electrical charges through my body, my tongue seemed to have a will of its own and was tormenting her mouth also. The heat generated by us was sweltering still she clung to me tightly with my hands gently stroking her breasts I felt her nipples erect as she moaned a muffled sound in my mouth. Feeling no resistance, I slid my hand slowly between her legs. Her thighs opened and then I was onto her panties. The feel of her warmth under the soft cotton excited me more and I stroked the contours of her pussy enjoying how erect her clit was becoming. Her pussy lips seemed swollen as I eased my fingers under her panty elastic. I felt just her bare pussy without any hair and literally just ran my finger tips along the juices till I was stroking up and down her pussy lips. I let my thumb work on her clitoris while I eased two fingers between her pussy lips. Then as I felt her start fucking them I let them slide all the way in. Slightly bending my fingertips, I knew I was hitting that special place by the way she humped and moaned. She seemed to let herself go as we were in such a quiet place and the scream she made was ear splitting. Her arms gripped me as tight as she could while her hips thrashed onto my fingers that were buried deep inside her. Her juices had her panties absolutely soaking as her head snuggled tightly into my neck. It’s a strange sort of satisfaction making the woman you are with orgasm even though I was still rampant. I knew that this was over and after a few minutes we got back into the car front the grey mist had lifted slightly and she took the drivers side mumbling she would drop me off at home as it was so late. Pulling up outside my door she said good night without looking at me and pulled away almost as soon as I closed the door. I guess her guilt for allowing me to play made her upset. It was about 2 in the afternoon when mum shouted me to take a phone call. It was Julie, I thought she was ringing to blast me about what happened the previous evening with Caroline but instead she said Caroline had forgot to tell her about a council meeting she had to go to, so she had to baby sit the two little uns and could we miss that night and do something tomorrow, on the Saturday. She was ever so sorry but I just told her hey it’s your job and I would probably stay in and watch tv. I used to frequent a night club when I was in town, as they had a fantastic restaurant and I was quite well known there. Their T bone steaks were delicious, the club was generally jammed packed by about 11pm. My dad came home around 7pm and as he got his tea, mentioned he thought I would be out it being Friday. I told him I would be going out around 9 for a drink as Julie was working that night. He told me at his works club they had the comedian I liked doing a show from 8. I took a shower dressed and said I was going to the club.They all knew me there so it wasn’t as though I would be amongst strangers. Part of me wondered if Caroline had said something to Julie but for me it was a simple summer vacation romance although I wished I had gone further with Caroline but that wasn’t to be. As I walked down the street a black Land Rover pulled up alongside me and the female voice said, As I jumped in I saw Caroline behind the wheel. No sooner was I in the seat she drove off slowly so as not to attract attention. Pretty soon we were heading out of the town towards the suburbs and all the time she had said nothing. We pulled into a layby. she said in a gentler tone.I could see the tears running down her cheek as she finished with, I didn’t answer her straight away and yes, I knew the paraphrases I could have used, instead I kissed away each tear as it ran over her cheek. Suddenly she started to kiss me back. Her mouth was saying she shouldn’t have done it but her kisses were saying she wanted more. I asked her in a matter of fact way and she answered, it would go on until late because it was a finance meeting and it was being held in the city centre council offices some 35 miles away. These generally went on until the wee hours of the morning so she would normally book a hotel room and stay the night rather than wake her hubby up by coming to bed in the middle of the night. <span style='display: inline !important; float: none; background-color: transparent; color: rgb(48, 48, 48); font-family: Arial,"Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: 16px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: 400; letter-spacing: normal; orphans: 2; text-align: left; text-decoration: none; text-indent: 0px; text-transform: none; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; white-space: pre-wrap; word-spacing: 0px;'></span>She told me the hotel she had already booked a room in and that it wasn’t anywhere near where the others would use. They were used to that as sometimes the men stayed up all night arguing and drinking, making it a boy’s night out. I smiled and said “she replied. I explained if she didn’t come in the bar I would just assume she had changed her mind and there were no worries. Even if we did meet that night I was not taking it for granted anything would happen between us. She smiled and drove, I watched the road wishing I had a clue where this hotel was. It was called the Sea View, which I thought was quaint as our town didn’t have sea near it. When we arrived, I let her go in and get her key while I stood and paced a little bit for about 5 minutes, it felt like half an hour. Then walking in I asked if they had a room for the night telling them my taxi had dropped me off and I would be travelling on tomorrow. The receptionist, a prim and proper redhead said yes but she would need an advanced payment as I had no luggage so I produced my Amex Platinum card. It was my dad’s own business account but came in handy. Seeing the card her attitude changed with a sudden sir added to her sentences.I answered saying I didn’t suppose I could have the one with the sea view or was that just Northern humour.Then ringing a bell one of the porters came and was told to take me to the Sea View suite. I followed him to the lift and we got out on the top floor. The suite consisted of a sort of dining room which was laid out quite nicely with table and 4 chairs followed by a larger room containing a 3 piece and TV and the mini bar and finally the bedroom. It had the largest 4 poster bed in it that I had ever seen. I tipped the lad thanking him very much then preceded to the dining room. They had a nice T Bone Steak on the menu so that was what I ordered. I asked for the house red and was enjoying the meal though the wine was palatable but nothing to speak of. It was almost quarter of eight when I finished dinner and headed to the bar. Stopping on the way to leave a message for Caroline at the desk telling her which room I was in. The tall blonde was just going off shift leaving a smart young man to tend the bar. I thought I would stick to something light and ordered a Bacardi and coke. There were a few people in the lounge and a woman sitting on her own reading a paper. I watched as she folded the paper and laid it on her table. Getting up I walked over and asked if I could borrow her paper, she replied with a quaint American accent,“A smile broke across her face which was quite pretty“ Before I could say anything else she was telling me she had come here because this was where her dad had met her mother. Hence the smile thinking that maybe this was how her two parents had started. I smiled back, my blue eyes like a mesmerising fountain of light stared at her though in truth I had checked her out as I walked over. We chatted about what she thought of our town and where she had visited, but she told me she had just arrived that afternoon. So, hadn’t had a chance to go looking yet. She said she was here for a fortnight so would go exploring tomorrow. From where I sat I could see the entrance to the bar as we chatted about nothing in particular. She told me her name was Wendy Armstrong and after I introduced myself I asked if she would like another. We must have chatted for about half an hour before I saw Caroline look in then turn and walk out. I hadn’t realised the time, it had past so quickly I finished my drink and excused myself saying I was quite tired and had an important meeting early in the morning but that it would be finished by dinner time if I could get back would she like me to show her around, Her smile lit up her face and she said that would be very nice so I arranged to meet her at one for lunch.Sitting in my suite I put the TV on while I waited. There was a soft tap on the door and I opened it to see Caroline looking quite stern. I askedShe quickly replied, taking a seat next to me on the sofa. I looked at her not quite understanding what she meant by the remark then as she continued telling me I had picked up another woman I’m sad to say a smile started across my face. As I turned just in time to catch her hand before she slapped me. I saw the tears in her eyes and taking her face in my hands kissed her. Then explained she was an American visiting where her parents had first met and that I had asked to borrow her paper to read while I waited for you, Caroline. Kissing her again I felt her slide her hands around me into a full embrace. Our kiss lasted a lot longer but I did not try to feel her other than her face. As we parted she said, I went on to ask her if she wanted a drink, tea, coffee, wine or something harder the minibar was well stocked. I stood up heading to the little bar and took a bottle of whiskey out for me as she said she would have a wine preferably a merlot. I Looked at the wine bottle and although a red it was a shiraz so I ordered room service. They told me they stocked a few merlots and I picked an Australian one as I had, had that before. It didn’t take them long and quite soon the porter knocked on the door with it. I met him at the door so that he couldn’t see my guest went back opened it and poured 2 fingers into a wine glass. She took the drink from me and sipping it seemed to relax more on the sofa as I sat beside her. Her smile returned and she said I can’t believe I got so jealous because you were chatting with that other woman. She quickly interrupted me by kissing me fully on the lips I could taste her wine and started to kiss back. This time my hands wandered slowly and gently over her blouse. Feeling her breasts then easing her buttons open, worked my fingers onto her bra. It was a front opener and as it released I took hold of her firm breasts, her nipple between my thumb and finger. I rolled it till I felt it harden while still kissing her. My hand playfully stroked down her body and across her skirt. Finally, I felt her bare leg at the bottom of her skirt and I started to ease it slowly up her thighs. She was softly moaning as my fingers began their erotic dance across the front of her damp panties. She was like my violin; a Stradivarius and I was playing her body like a virtuoso but I had said there would be no pressure and as her body shook in the throes of orgasm I waited till she came down from her heaven. Removing my hand still kissing her lips I told her I was sorry for going so far. She shouted as she started to hastily undo the buttons on my shirt ripping the last two off, as they were awkward to undo. Pulling at my belt it came undone and slid around waist. This was a woman who knew what she wanted and she wanted it right now. As my trousers were roughly peeled off and my thong style underpants came into view she ripped the narrow sides apart leaving my cock hard and on full show. Grasping my hand, she spoke Then dragging me after her (I didn’t take much dragging mind but I was letting her take control of what happened next) we made it to the Queen-size four poster she turned and kissed me pushing the back of my legs against the side of the bed literally toppled me and her on to it. I could feel her writhing and realised she was removing her panties. Her hand grasped my cock and she forced it between her pussy lips, still holding my cock so that only the head could get inside her it was a sort of exquisite pain being close to what I wanted so badly yet unable to fully penetrate. I rolled her over still inside her and grasping her wrists, pulled them above her head. My cock now free from her hand slid all the way in. I could feel her juices from the previous orgasm as I started to ram as deep as I could into her, each movement in brought a louder and louder moan till she suddenly lifted my whole body up trying to get me in deeper and fairly shouted. I had no intention of stopping all the thoughts of safe sex went completely out of my head as I rammed like a steam piston into her, my own orgasm approaching I seemed to be floating outside my body watching us both in the throes of ecstasy. Her eyes closed, and face showing the pleasure she was having at that moment of time. The arch of her body slowly collapsing as her voice was just a whisper in my head. My hand still playing with her clit which was so erect it was like a small cock was keeping her in the throes of orgasm, Her juices were soaking me and her as I cuddled her to me feeling her coming down. It was at that point I noticed the tears running down her cheeks and the fact that I had shot deep into her without being able to stop the a****l lust we both were feeling at the time. I held her tightly and kissed her face she seemed to have gone very limp like a rag doll that has lost its stuffing as she pushed me away from her, her sobs couldn’t be mistaken now. She was crying real tears and I being only a young man didn’t know what to do or how to comfort her. Yes, I knew how to pleasure a woman but apart from holding her had no idea why she was crying. I suddenly realised I was so out of my depth. I sat beside her prostrate body and gently stroked her arm and running my hand along her back whispered, She sat up slowly and cuddled into my side. My arm went about her pulling her into my side gently, her head rested on my shoulder we sat like that for what felt like hours but was probably only about 5 or 10 mins. She had stopped crying but was still cuddling in to me, her skirt was around her hips her blouse wide open. She ran her hand along my thigh my young cock thinking it was time again started to erect and no matter how I tried to stop it seemed totally to ignore me. I kissed her again but not sexily just gently on the lips. Still unsure, what had I done wrong I asked again. She turned her head to face me and could see the worried look on my face then after kissing me gently whispered, I stopped her right there by kissing her fully on the lips and felt her hand slowly grip my almost hard erection. She started to slowly wank it and after just a few strokes it was rock hard. She stopped kissing my lips and lowering her head closed her mouth over my cock. The sudden hot ring around me almost made me shoot then I felt her tongue wriggling around my cock head while her hand moved faster and faster along the length of my love pole. My balls began to tighten I could feel I was going to shoot but this was so fantastic a feeling I let myself shoot. Squirt after squirt shot into her mouth and Caroline for her part tried to swallow as much as she could. Slowly I felt myself soften and when her head came back up we kissed and I could taste my cum on her tongue.I wanted to taste her and laying her back slowly kissed up her thighs. I could smell the scent of previous sex as my mouth and tongue came with in touching distance. Letting my thumb work her shrunken clit I started to slowly lick her moist cunny lips which were still puffy. Within minutes I could taste the mixture of her cum and mine mixed well together. Her juices running out of her love hole and down between her legs. The thought of us not using protection disappeared again as she shouted. She was on fire as I rammed deep into her sucking her nipples then playing with them. My hands pushed me upright and taking her legs I pulled them over my shoulders and stood ramming into her. Her love screams were getting louder as my hand worked her clit then my finger slid into her ass. Her hole covered in our juices let my finger slide deep into her ass. I could feel my cock thrusting into her as she begged me not to stop. She would do anything as long as I kept going. I had no intentions of stopping feeling my cock sliding into her pussy was something new to me and it wasn’t long before I was shooting deep into her as I collapsed on top of her. My cock sliding out of her filled love hole. There were no tears this time she just seemed to be breathing softly as she cuddled into me. On my part I eased her legs down pulled a sheet over us and literally fell asleep. When we woke I slid into the shower as I washed myself I felt her come in to the cubicle. There was no frown this time she was kissing me where she could reach and had a big smile on her face. I have to admit I was smiling too. She suddenly spoke, She was right, I had no idea, though being honest I have never worried about how many partners a woman had before me and no it wasn’t because I had a big one it was because I used my fingers, my lips and my tongue to give a woman as much pleasure as I could. To me there was nothing more pleasurable than making a woman orgasm. It just released in me a special feeling.“I wish we had more time together but that isn’t possible as I need to get back home. What about you, would you like me to drive you home?”She said while taking my cock in her hand and slowly working it off. It was as hard as ever and I leaned against the wall of the shower as I enjoyed her ministrations. She mumbled something that sounded like can I make you come and I just smiled, her hand never stopped as she knelt and slowly slid my cock into her mouth. The heat of her mouth and the feel of her soft sensuous lips soon had me on the boil again. I tried pushing her head off me as I was about to shoot but she was determined to suck it all into her mouth. As soon as she was standing, we kissed and I could taste my own cum. Her lips on mine made me want more but she stopped me then said,“Will we get to do this again?”I tried to explain it was up to her but ending up talking to her back as she dried off then headed to get dressed. After she had gone I dried off and dressed she had already left the suite.