Trip to Brownsville II

Sitting back down, Bill asked, can I touch it. Unable to think at the moment I said, I, I guess. He ran his hand over my dick before wrapping his fingers around it. Mmm, he moaned softly. It feels good. His hand was soft and cool. It felt good as he moved his hand up and down slowly. Leaning over he whispered, take off your shirt. Without thinking I pulled my shirt off. Using his other hand, Bill rubbed my chest, then circled each nipple. I felt like I was in a trance. After a few minutes, Bill said, it'll feel better if your legs were wider. Take off your pants. My heart pounded as I pulled them off. It felt weird being naked in public, but I liked what Bill was doing. After pushing my legs wider, Bill leaned over and kissed my right nipple. It felt like an electrical shock shot from my nipple to my dick. Bill said watch this. Looking down I watched him stroke his own dick while stroking mine. Some how I started getting aroused. As my precum started to run out, he rubbed it over my dick for lube. My breathing quickened as I watched his precum run down over his hand. Bill said to suck his nipples. Bill moaned, yes. Just like that. I felt my balls tighter up and knew I was going to cum soon. Bill stopped stroking my dick and said, why don't you come sit on my lap. Sitting, he reached between my legs and rubbed his wet fingers on my butt hole. Some how it made me harder. Just as I started cumming Bill pushed his finger in me. I shot my cum all over the back of the seat in front of us. He moved his finger in and out of me till my balls emptied. Spent I leaned back against him. Bill stroked me till I went limp. He whispered in my ear, stand up and pull your butt cheeks apart. Puzzled, but wanting him to make me cum again later I did what he said. Holding myself open I felt something wet touching my butt hole. Thinking it was his finger I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my butt and he covered my mouth as he pushed his dick in me. Trying to grab the seat in front of me, Bill pulled me down on him. I tried to scream as his dick went deeper in me. Now sitting on his lap and his whole dick filling my butt, I realized my dick was hard again. Tilting my head back, Bill said relax. You're going to like this. Moving his hips he fucked me. The pain soon turned to pleasure. I started moving with him. That's it baby, he moaned. Ride my dick. Using the seat in front I raised and lowered myself on him. Bill started stroking my dick again as he fucked me hard. My insides felt like they were going to burst as he filled me with his cum. I came for the second time shortly after. Exhausted I collapsed on him. When I woke back up, we were half way to Brownsville. Bill kissed my ear and said, you want to taste daddys dick.