Trenton Solution

The open newspaper on the hotel bed was turned to the same page it had been for the past few mornings. Every time he looked at it, his restlessness rose. He wanted to do something about it, but could he?He was lonely and horny. It had been over five years since he had been with a woman. Surely, something had to be done about that. The last time he had been in Trenton, he had read a review of a local escort. That was 8 months ago. It was still stuck in his mind. Now every time he came to Trenton, the images and urges it spawned welled up inside him. Trenton offered him the perfect opportunity. However, could he, would he take it? Screwing up his resolve, he returned to his laptop, saved the spreadsheet, and opened the browser. With a series of determined clicks, he found and opened the escort review page. After some searching, he found the review and the name that had haunted him. Then he grabbed the paper and his finger traced the columns in the personal section of the classifieds. He stopped at one ad. It read.DCUP PLEASURE. Playful, sexy & very busty. Lingerie and toys. Erotic massage & private encounters. Morning specials. Independent, private & discreet. Sasha 555-9779The wording did not match the description in the escort review, but the name and the telephone number were the same. His stomach knotted. Now that he had found her what would he do? He tentatively reached for the phone, but it rang before he could touch it. Moments later he slammed down the receiver. "God damn it!" he muttered to himself. The impatient voice on the phone ended everything he even might have wanted to do that day. Sixteen hours later, he returned to the hotel suite dead tired. Setting up a new hardware store was difficult at the best of times, but working with people with practically no business sense completely drained him.The next morning found him staring intently again at that one classified ad in the Trenton Examiner. The muted voice of a sportscaster came from the TV. The hockey scores were ignored and room service breakfast was consumed with little interest. The paper crinkled in his lap as he rocked back and forth in the desk chair. Indecision clouded his mind. Then he summoned his courage, seized his cell phone, flipped it open, and dialled."Hello?" The voice was soft and tiny."Hello, may I speak to Sasha, please?""This is Sasha.""I would like to inquire about your rates and if it would be possible to reserve some time with you?" "I have a 15 min..." The words all seemed to blur in his ear and the crackle of the connection made it even harder to hear her soft voice. There was a silence and he realized that she had finished talking."That sounds fine," he replied tentatively. "Would it be possible to reserve an hour and a half tomorrow, perhaps sometime in the morning?""Sure, what time?" came the pleasant reply. They agreed on 9:30. She asked him to call to confirm the appointment and at that time, she would give him directions to her place. "Thanks Sasha. Oh, by the way, my name is John. Bye for now." "Thanks for calling. See you tomorrow." The dial tone filled his ear. His hand trembled as he put down the phone. Nervousness gnawed at his stomach. "You've done it now," he mumbled to himself. "What do you expect will happen?" His rhetorical question brought a choked laugh and his hands continued to shake as he reached for the coffee cup on the desk.Sasha snickered as she put down the phone. "Just what I need, another John. I'll bet he doesn't phone back," she quipped to herself. "He's too polite, too timid. I'll put him down as a massage clinic booking." She smiled and opened the neat leather-bound appointment binder marked Tuscany Reflexology that sat by the array of phones on her kitchen table. Sasha scribbled in the appointment then she went about preparing for her next customer.When the phone rang at 9:15 Friday morning, it surprised Sasha. It was John. He was seeking directions. She had forgotten all about him and now hurried about the house to prepare for his arrival. The nervous excitement of meeting a new client thrilled her. Sasha started to play the "what will he look like game?" as she adjusted her lace bra and slipped into the matching black thong. A black micro mini and a red boat-necked jersey top completed her ensemble. She felt the tension building in her thighs and stomach. Her latest adventure was about to begin.Sasha's instructions were easy to follow. John was soon parking the rental car in front of an older storey and a half house in a quiet residential area. As he walked up the driveway, he noticed that the residence suffered from benign neglect. He rang the basement entrance buzzer as instructed and a voice from inside acknowledged, "Just a moment, I'll be right there."Sasha hurried down the stairs, yelling as she went. A final check of the room, everything seemed to be in place. Then she entered the downstairs hallway, which doubled as a laundry room. She paused. It was a mess. Dirty linen and towels were piled high. What would he think? "Fuck it," she thought to herself. "He's not here to give a Good Housekeeping inspection." She put on her best smile and opened the door. The door swung open to reveal, well, not what John had expected. Before him stood a short, average looking woman. She was wearing a micro mini and a red knit top. However, he was drawn to the cheerful face that framed an incredible smile and sparkling blue eyes. She greeted him with "Hello, I'm Sasha. Won't you come in?" She held out her hand and beckoned him inside."Hi, my name's John," he responded and shook her hand. "Here, this is for you," the words were delivered with halting uneasiness. "The card inside has...well... your gift," he nervously continued and handed her the plastic bag containing the card and a box of chocolate truffles."You're a sweetie,” Sasha replied with an even bigger smile. “Thank you," as she gave him a reassuring little hug. "Come this way." As she walked towards the room, she glanced in the bag and thumbed the envelope. Sasha smiled "Well we're off to a good start. Better than I expected," she thought to herself.When he followed her down the hallway he glanced at the laundry piles and thought, "Just like my wife's old house. Jesus, I hope the sex is better!" They entered a dimly lit room containing a massage table, bed, chair, and a bookshelf on which sat a portable stereo. A local radio station was playing softly and John noticed that the stereo's clock was set to the wrong time. It was obvious that he was to put his jacket and clothes on the chair. With casual talk about the weather, Sasha began to undress. John followed her cue. Soon all their laundry was either on the floor or on the chair.Sasha saw before her a run of the mill man in his fifties, nothing special. John found a short woman with large breasts and a flat stomach. Still, he was drawn to her eyes and smile. "Let's begin with a massage," suggested Sasha and she directed him to the bed. John placed himself on the towel in the middle of the bed. She asked, "How long are we here for?" "Err... An hour and a half?" came the tentative reply. She inquired if the correct amount of money was in the envelope and was surprised to learn that there was more. "Ahh...This is getting better by the minute," she thought to herself and began to rub the oil onto his back and legs.Her hands felt good as they travelled over his body. As she moved about during the massage, she did not seem to mind when his hands touched her. In fact, she even seemed to position herself to encourage it. Sasha suggested that he roll over and began to rub his chest and stomach. Soon her small hands were rubbing his cock. She squeezed his shaft and cupped his balls. "I think we need one of these," Sasha said coyly as the sound of crinkling plastic was heard. John took the opportunity to rub her ass and trace a finger up and down her crack. "Mmmmm... That's nice," she mewed as she repositioned her body for better access and then moulded the condom over his member. John luxuriated in the sensations of her mouth and the wetness of her pussy. The tension built in his thighs. When her fingertips fanned lightly over his tightening balls and she twirled her tongue around his glans, he exploded with a long, loud moan. He was totally lost in the enjoyment of the moment. Relief spread throughout his body. Sasha continued the stroking and sucking until he began to soften. Then she grabbed some tissues, cleaned him up, and lay down beside him.This new client intrigued Sasha. When she talked, he seemed to listen. The conversation was not stilted or phoney. He seemed genuinely interested in what she had to say. As they lay together, she stroked his face and his chest. She kissed him and enjoyed the feeling of his lips as they traced the outline of her ear, her neck, and her shoulder. His hands stroked her breasts and his fingertips teased her navel. His warm lips and slow tongue movements made her nipples hard. She enjoyed the way he sucked them. Sasha's caution eased slightly as pleasure began to fill her body. His fingers had found her wetness. His tongue soon joined them. Sasha gasped, arched her back, and opened herself to him.Sasha felt him reposition his body between her legs. John's fingers and tongue delicately outlined her pussy lips and teased the hood of her clit. His gentle kisses, his soft sucking, and the slow penetration of his fingers caused a pelvic heat that soon spread throughout her entire body. Then Sash did something unexpected. As the sensations that centred in her pussy and clit built up and consumed her every thought, she relinquished control. Sasha allowed John's tongue and fingers to take over. They seemed to be everywhere. Her hips began to buck. Visions of colour filled her mind. She tensed and shudders ran through her entire body.John felt Sasha's hands grab the back of his head grinding his mouth into her pussy. She guided him as his tongue, in unrelenting fashion, flicked back and forth across her engorged clit. John revelled in her taste. Sasha became even wetter as his curved fingers moved in and out of her vagina. Each finger stroke was met with a pelvic thrust and a muscular contraction. Suddenly the room was filled with an erotic cry. Her thighs squeezed John's head in vice-like fashion. Her hands pulled down hard against the back of his head. His mouth and nose were sealed tightly against her pussy. Her body arched, twisted, and convulsed. John's fingers and tongue did their best to keep pace with her gyrations.It was one of the most mind-blowing orgasms Sasha had ever experienced. Her breath came in gulps. She could not speak. She could only moan. Gradually the sensations reduced in intensity. The movements of his tongue and fingers slowed. Sasha's body tingled and she mentally fought to regain control. Her breathing began to return to normal as she drew John up beside her on the bed and started to kiss and delicately stroke his damp face. She manoeuvred him onto his back and pressed her body against his, pinning his arms. She could not allow him to touch her. She was too sensitive. Sasha tenderly started to rub his flaccid cock. Soon her warm kisses and experienced hands brought him to another climax.John had no real idea of the time as he cleaned up and dressed. The stereo clock indicated that he had been there for nearly two hours. The visit had not been what he had anticipated. He felt drained but satisfied as he met Sasha in the hallway by the door. She reached up, kissed him full on the lips, and gave him a big hug. As she broke the hug, she hesitated and looked up at him. Her eyes sparkled and she smiled as she said, "Thanks for coming. I hope that you will call again soon.""I expect I will," he replied as he slowly released from her hug and opened the door.