The Yong Amazons Part 3

Recap of parts 1 and 2: Edward and James are Fitters in the Albion Army. Their colleagues had been caught, tortured and executed by two ruthless young Amazons. The girls had stalked the two surviving men and caught them and beaten them up. They had led them bound and naked through the forest. They had come across a four man Albion Army patrol. The young girls had confronted the men and butchered three of them instantly. The fourth was milked of his semen before being castrated and killed. The two beautiful young Amazons, Thong and Tight Skirt, now led the men on leads attached to their penis collars deeper into the forest to their secret clearing……….They had been travelling for an hour, both naked men were in great discomfort, the binds the young Amazons had tied them up with were badly cutting into their skin, and the base of their penises were badly chafed from the collars the girls had fitted. The girls stopped and listened intently, there had been distant strange a****l type calls, the calls had suddenly become louder. Thong cupped her hands to her mouth and emitted a loud howling noise, seconds later there was an instant reply. Tight Skirt followed suit and she too got a reply, the girls smiled at each other and slowly moved forward continuing to call, the returning calls were ever closer and eventually came from all sides. The young Amazons stopped and loosened their capes off, the forest breeze billowed then slightly open giving Edward a tantalising sideways glimpse of Thong’s beautiful slim body, her luscious lean boot clad legs and her small shapely breasts. She smiled cruelly at him and pulled the lead taut the collar biting sharply into his manhood. Tight Skirt turned and faced James and he ogled once again at her exposed voluptuous big breasts and powerful thighs. The terrified nude men were hopelessly confused, they had borne witness to the fighting skills and sheer savagery and barbarity of their teenage girl superiors, yet they had been spared so far. They both wondered why they hadn’t met a similar terrible fate to their comrades, why and where were they being led by the two stunning young Amazon warriors? There was a loud rustling nearby from the foliage, they were being shadowed again by unseen persons. They heard voices ahead and the forest began to thin out, figures were coming towards them, suddenly from both sides of them a dozen heavily armed young Amazon warriors appeared. Their jaws dropped as they ogled the beautiful girls, they all had their long hair tied up high on their heads, with a plaited ponytail running down their backs. The girls were armed with broadswords with an array of weaponry strapped around their lithe slim bodies. All were topless, clad only in thigh length fighting boots and and minuscule tunics or thongs. They stared dispassionately at the naked captive males as the walked alongside, as Thong and Tight Skirt dragged them by their collars.Soon they arrived in a huge forest clearing and the girls released the men’s leads. The terrified men blinked in disbelief at the scene that confronted them.The clearing contained accommodation huts and a collection of carts and wagons, fires burned to one side of the clearing with an array of cooking vessels hanging over them. There were horses housed in pens and stables, some of them being hitched up to the carts in readiness for travel. Throughout the clearing they noticed many naked men, some of them confined in a wooden stockade, others working as slaves in a variety of tasks. The unconfined men were escorted by whip wielding Amazon warriors as they went about their jobs. To the far left of the clearing were a collection of crosses and racks with nude men tied to them, Edward and James’ eyes widened in terror as they heard a whip crack and bore witness to a beautiful young girl clad only in boots violently whipping a screaming man, his pitiful cries echoing through the trees. The young beauty’s whip contained small metal shards and with each firm strike she was stripping away the flesh from all over his body. Next to him a man on all fours was being sexually assaulted by a bare breasted young beauty in thigh boots and a tiny tunic, she had hitched up her skirt and using an penis shaped lump of ivory strapped to her slim body, she was vigorously r****g him. The man turned his head towards Edward and James, his eyes were hollow, his body covered in bruises and abrasions, it was clear he had been savagely beaten and tortured. They gasped with shock, as they recognised him, he was their Commander, a formidable soldier, and yet here he was before them, totally helpless and being brutally sodomised by a young girl. The beautiful leggy girl flipped him over on his back and stretched his legs wide apart, she placed a wooden block under his ass and then raising his legs she drove into him relentlessly. The men shuddered in fear as they noticed a small sharp knife tucked into the top of her boots. Despite his torment the Commander was erect and the young warrior gripped his member tightly, massaging his shaft as she pounded in and out of him. Behind this scene of absolute horror, hanging conspicuously from stakes were many dead naked men, their bodies were covered in whip marks, and all had had their genitalia removed, bloodstains caked their bare thighs and legs.Edward and James suddenly became aware of a presence, a very tall person was approaching them in the distance, the figure was clad in one of the long shapeless capes and veils. Thong turned to the two naked men and hissed “When our Commander stops, you pigs must get on your knees before her and lower your eyes. Your immediate fate will be decided once we have spoken to her. You will be despatched either left or right, she will gesticulate which way she desires you to proceed”. The two nude men were visibly shaking, their brains flooded with fear. To the left it was evident that their colleagues were being tortured, ****d and castrated. To the right there were carts being forcibly loaded with naked men by a group of young Amazons. They prayed with every bone in their bodies that they were signalled to go right. The caped Amazon approached them and the men fell on their knees. Tight Skirt and Thong approached her, the woman warmly embraced the two young warriors engaging them in conversation. “Raise your heads now you worthless pigs” commanded Thong. The men looked up at the two beautiful young warriors as they conversed with the Commander, the girls glanced back and forth and pointed at the two men. “STAND! MALE FILTH!”, Thong shouted at them, they instantly obeyed the slim topless beauty. The two young Amazon warriors then stood before the men they had outfought and captured. Thong grabbed Edward’s penis roughly and dragged him before the Commander, Tight Skirt did the same with James. The veiled woman stood silently before the naked men as they shook in fear and trepidation. In the background they heard an horrific ear piercing scream, having made him ejaculate, the slim gorgeous young Amazon was slicing their Commander’s genitals off, his atrocious screams grew louder and rang through the clearing. Then the sound turned to a desperate muffling noise as the beautiful girl stuffed his genitals into his mouth and throat. All sounds then stopped as the teenage girl firmly placed her boot over her victim’s face. Tight Skirt and Thong looked on approvingly, their pretty faces smiling at the scene of barbarity. The Amazons turned their attention back to the two naked terrified men. The veiled Commander raised her arm in front of her, holding it there for a minute, making the two trembling men suffer in silence as they awaited their fate. She flicked her arm to the right, the men gasped softly with relief, still shaking they were directed by Thong and Tight Skirt to the wagons. “STOP YOU WORMS” commanded Thong. The men obeyed the girl instantly, and Thong stood before them, the topless willowy beauty addressed the two men “You are spared for now at least, the Commander decided you may be of use to us as Fitters on our wagons and carts. In addition, we have been deployed for many months and are due a respite break, so we will be coming with you. We are both now of an age where we are permitted personal Male slaves and as elite fighters we may acquire our own harem of males to worship and serve us, so you pathetic small cocked dogs may become our personal property. But be warned, this was just an interim front line decision. You are being taken to our citadel many miles away, the journey will be long. Before we enter the citadel walls we will stop and unload you. We will then prepare you and parade you triumphantly before the Amazon populace, both young and old. The final decision on your fate will be taken in The Arena. If spared, you will be indoctrinated into the role of being Male slaves in our Amazon society. You MUST be obedient at all times and do absolutely everything you are told.”With that, the two Amazon beauties began removing the two men’s bindings. Thong pressed up tightly against Edward, he felt her lithe young bare thighs squash against his flaccid member, her shapely pointed small nipples pressed into his chest as she undid the cord from his neck, she slowly slid her hands down his naked torso and clutched the collar on the base of his manhood. Still pressed tightly against him, with her beautiful cold blue eyes burning into his, she unclipped the collar and drew it slowly along his stiffening shaft. Edward was hypnotised by his Amazon superior and the feel of her touching him drew him to a full raging erection, he winced as she slid the tight collar over his swollen purple head, she stood back smiling cruelly, enjoying the total dominance and control she had over the captive erect Male. “KNEEL BEFORE ME YOU DIRTY PIG” she screamed at the naked erect Edward. He instantly obeyed the girl. She moved forward, her minuscule thong pressing against his face, he could smell her womanhood millimetres away as she rubbed herself against his head. He yearned to remove her tiny costume and bury his face in her shaven pussy, lick her, suck her, drink her juices, taste her. The beautiful slim young Amazon positioned her boots either side of his erection and squeezed them tightly against his erect member, she manoeuvred them back and forth caressing his stiff manhood. Edward groaned with pleasure as his beautiful subjugator brought him to the brink of climax with the friction of her boots rubbing his member. Then without warning Thong drew back a long lean booted leg and with great force smashed it into his genitals, she did this numerous times as he writhed naked and screaming before her. Edward cried out in pain, grabbing himself as he fell backwards, he lay writhing in agony, crying out beneath Thong’s boots.Tight Skirt licked her lips and slinkily approached James, she caressed her huge voluptuous breasts, and tweaked her erect nipples, her hand rubbed up and down her exposed sturdy thighs as she drew closer to her helpless naked male victim. Her thighs and lower body seemed to have had a strange red camouflage painted on, but he was only too aware she was still caked in the dried blood that had spurted out of the still alive soldier she had so barbarically castrated. James’s jaw dropped at the beautiful curvy young Amazon Warrior who was flaunting herself so brazenly before him. Totally under her spell, he became fully aroused, his penis stood fully hard as she ever so slowly removed his bindings. She gripped his erect member tightly and slowly moved the collar up and down, with her breasts pressed tightly against his bare torso and her bare thighs rubbing his, she drew back his foreskin and increased the speed. Forgetting his torment, James was in ecstasy as the beautiful young girl pleasured him, his breathing accelerated and she sensed he was very close to ejaculation, pre cum was seeping from the tip of his shaft. Tight Skirt grabbed the collar and roughly forced it over the engorged bulbous purple head of his hard penis, badly scarring and chafing his glans, digging her sharp nails in as she did so. James screamed in agony and collapsed on his knees grabbing himself, desperately trying to ease the pain that flooded through him, a few drops of blood seeped from the tip of his manhood as he writhed in pain beneath the beautiful young Amazon. Tight Skirt hissed “You are under our total control now, you worship only us and you do everything we say immediately and unquestioningly, you will be unconditionally utterly devoted to us you worthless fucking worms”. Thong opened the wooden door to the wagon and shouted at the naked men “Get on now you pigs and while your hard pathetic penises display your extremely obvious lust and worship of us, under no circumstances are you to masturbate, YOU MUST NOT EJACULATE. Failure to follow this directive will see you be tortured to death very very slowly in public by our young trainee Amazon warriors in the Citadel public square. The wagon and your penises will be checked scrupulously for evidence of man filth when we unload you”. James and Edward instantly obeyed the young Amazon beauty.They climbed on board the wagon, and while glad to be free of the uncomfortable cord bindings and penis collars, they both winced in agony as they gripped their aching genitals. The wooden door slammed shut and a latch was bolted across. The wagon was dimly lit, there were cracks in the wood allowing the light to penetrate. They were immediately aware of the presence of more men, all crammed in to the mobile wooden prison. The men were all dishevelled and naked, their eyes haunted and hollow, many of them sat cowering in abject fear. They heard the sound of horses being tethered and then abruptly the wagon slowly started to move away, picking up speed as it reached a wide forest track. After a time the light increased as they broke free of the trees and the ground beneath became firmer, the journey to the Amazon Citadel was now underway.Edward and James surveyed the other prisoners, they recognised one or two of them, one in particular. “Are you Eldred?” enquired James of the man. The man sat up, his eyes weary, his body bore testimony to being beaten, his face was bruised and there were lacerations on the top of his thighs and all over his stomach, his naked torso was covered in dried blood. “James? It’s you isn’t it” the weary man replied. Eldred was also in the Albion Army, unlike the other two men who were Fitters, he was an infantryman, a fully trained experienced soldier. The rest of the men joined in the conversation, all were soldiers of the Albion Army except two men who were Syran soldiers. One spoke “Syran has nearly fallen, it’s only days before my country surrenders to the Amazon onslaught. We cannot match them in combat, we are powerless to prevent them, we greatly outnumbered them but their fighting prowess was too much for us. I saw no man match them in a fight, it was usually two Amazons fighting six men and despite the numbers, they easily out fought us. We had a few very limited successes, occasionally our archers would fell a girl by firing a huge volley of arrows at an on rushing Amazon attack. I know one girl was killed when her horse fell over on the battlefield, but successes were extremely few. The major battlefields are stained with the blood of our soldiers. I repeat, our Armies were no match for the expertly commanded and disciplined Amazon battalions, no man is their equal. As for me, I was in a patrol of twelve highly trained experienced cavalry men and we were approached by three young Amazons on horseback, there was no cover, they just came straight for us. We thought it would be easy for us, twelve men against three young girls. How wrong we were.” The man lowered his sad frightened eyes, he was clearly traumatised by the events and savage barbarity of the Amazon attackers. The caged men fell silent as the man gathered his thoughts, he was shaking, his haunted eyes betraying the horror he had witnessed. “They fought us like wild cats from Hades, I never thought I would see fighting skills like these supple hellions possessed. Within a minute six of my colleagues lay dead, cut to ribbons, they forced us off our horses and engaged us in close combat, each young girl confronting two soldiers, we stood no chance. My comrade Titus lay wounded in the dirt in seconds, the young girl we were fighting even threw down her sword, but she still beat us with ease. Her speed, fighting skills and mobility was almost supernatural, and despite her slim lithe build she carried unbelievable momentum in her kicks and punches. We both lay beaten at her feet, the same as the other four men they had not killed yet. The Amazons then each selected one man of the pair they had beaten and before they killed them, the girls carried out unspeakable atrocities on them, the men died in appalling overwhelming agony. The three of us that were still alive were stripped and bound and brought here. They were so young, so beautiful, it beggars belief what happened….” The man tailed off, as his body racked with sobs. Similar tales were told by the other men. The other Syran soldier then spoke. “I can confirm what my colleague has said. I was based in Syran citadel and the city is now in the complete control of the Amazons. They segregated all the men immediately, all males over fifty years were executed. They assessed the younger males and those they felt could be of use to them were spared for now, the others were brutally slaughtered in large execution ceremonies in the central public square. Some of the surviving men have been forced to move all the bodies out into the desert to be burnt, huge fires have been blazing for days. All rebellion has been utterly crushed, on every street naked men have been hung on stakes and savagely tortured to death by the Amazons. The remaining men have been stripped naked, every shred of dignity removed from them, and completely enslaved by the them. I saw no v******e inflicted on women and girls, they were all spared for now. All young female babies were torn away from their families and taken away by Amazon patrols. As for myself, I was captured by a young girl like the rest of you, I was in a Guard post with a colleague, we had clear uninterrupted visibility of any approaching Amazons, when suddenly we were surprised and confronted by a beautiful young girl, where she came from, how she crept up on us I know not. The girl engaged the pair of us in a sword fight, she bludgeoned me with her sword handle and kicked me over, I was badly stunned. The screams of agony from my brother in arms as the young Amazon slowly and sadistically emasculated him will live with me forever. Gentlemen there is no hope for our nations, they will soon rampage through Albion as well, they are an unstoppable tidal wave, maybe the dead are the lucky ones” All the other soldiers recounted similar tales of horror and depravity. Edward and James in common with a few other men stood up and peered through the cracks in the wood of the wagon. They were moving rapidly, their young Amazon captors were riding alongside the wagon, Edward had spied Tight Skirt and Thong. Tight Skirt had cleansed herself of the blood which has splattered over her when she castrated the soldier. She had a different tunic on and she wore new thigh boots, the tunic was minuscule, barely a belt, it was secured only by a thin hemp cord around her waist. The tunic flapped open as she rode proudly along, exposing her tiny silk panties. She looked magnificent thought Edward, he was consumed with desire as he ogled her luscious muscular bare thighs and her large firmly upright bare breasts, her waist length ponytail bobbing in the light breeze. James feasted his eyes on Thong, her endless incredibly long slim legs clad in her boots, her beautiful small exposed breasts, her slim bare torso. But most of all his eyes were drawn to her wonderful exquisitely shaped ass, her garment had ridden up tightly into her ass crack as she rode along, her ass was sumptuous, he felt lust and desire beyond words. Both men were again fully aroused, with an almost overwhelming desire to relieve themselves, but they heeded the warning. They both slid back down again, trying to cover their embarrassment from the other men, though in the course of their journey it was very apparent that the other men had similar feelings for their savage captors.After many hours the wagon stopped, it was nightfall. Outside they heard the Amazons talking quietly, a fire was lit and soon the smell of food permeated through the cracks in the wagon. The men were hungry and thirsty, if the Amazons wished them alive, to parade in the Citadel, surely they must feed them. After an hour the door was unlatched and an unseen hand placed a bucket of filthy water and a vessel of bones and gruel in the entrance. The door slammed shut, the men were confined to their mobile prison as they ate the disgusting slops given to them. There was large hole in the middle of the wagon, which the men had to take turns to squat over when they had the need to carry out bodily functions. This pattern was repeated over several days as the Amazons headed with their prisoners to their Citadel. Then eventually after several days the wagon stopped, the door to their mobile cage was unlocked and opened. There stood a beautiful topless young blonde haired girl warrior, her sparkling bright blue eyes burned with pure hatred as she surveyed the naked male prisoners. She screamed at them “GET OUT IMMEDIATELY YOU WORTHLESS FUCKING WORMS”. The men complied, jumping out from their confinement, blinking as they emerged into the bright sunshine. “Stand in line before me” she ordered them. One by one they faced her, she grasped their manhoods, examining all of them for evidence of semen, once satisfied they had not masturbated she forcibly pushed each one to one side. On completion she faced them again “ There are vessels of water and razors there” she informed them pointing to her left. “Go there and clean up your genital and anus region, make sure you are scrupulously clean, paying particular attention to your foreskins and anal passages, you will then remove all body hair from your pubic and anal areas, you will assist each other in this task….MOVE!” the young girl barked at them. The men complied and the young blonde beauty watched on they washed and shaved themselves, assisting each other where necessary. Edward and James trembled in fear as they underwent the humiliation of removing each other’s body hair in view of the beautiful slim teenage warrior. On completion the young Amazon beauty inspected each man, and once satisfied she screamed out “GO TO YOUR SUPERIORS NOW AND GET ON YOUR KNEES..RUN” she barked at them. The young Amazons emerged, standing behind the cart in a line, the girls had all changed into their identical ceremonial outfits. Each girl wore skin tight, thigh length, high heeled leather boots, the only other clothing they wore were minuscule high cut black leotards, which were secured in a halter neck around their necks, the skimpy leotard ran tightly up their bodies around the outside of their bare breasts, pushing them prominently forward. Each girl stood rigidly upright, with head held high in a wide legged stance. In their left hand they held a body harness, in the right hand they carried a curled up bull whip. Each man quickly identified the particular girl who had out fought him and ran to her falling on his knees in deference before her. “My brave sisters you may now prepare the pigs for the march into the citadel, you dirty Male scum MUST have fully erect penises once the harnesses are fitted, with your foreskins fully retracted. NOW STAND UP MALE FILTH” the young girl ordered. With that the vanquished naked men stood before their young Amazon conquerors. Each girl approached her victim, Edward and James stood wide eyed as Tight Skirt and Thong grasped their ass cheeks, pulling them close, the girls pressed against them as they secured a very thin leather collar around their necks, from the collar another thin leather strap was dangled down their naked torsos, it ran down their backs, under their scrotums and back up over their chests and stomachs, where it was clipped back into the neck collar. Attached to the strap was a six inch penis shaped piece of ivory, the young girl warriors pressed these firmly inside the men’s shaven anuses, also attached was a testes cup and small penis collar with a metal ring attached. The girls deftly fitted the cups and slipped the collars on the men’s shafts running them down to the base, the young Amazons adjusted the straps and pulled them tight, uplifting the men’s penises and pushing their testes out to each side. Edward has winced in pain as Thong had inserted the ivory penis inside him, she had worked slowly and carefully, her small hands caressing against his body as she fitted the harness, he felt her thigh boots pressing into his bare legs, her aroused nipples brushing his skin. Thong stood back and Edward feasted his eyes on her. She looked so beautiful, her young head held proudly high, her cheekbones prominent, staring intently at him the doe eyed beauty commanded “Ensure your penis is prepared”. Edward’s shaft was already as hard as iron, he grasped himself and tugged back on himself ensuring his foreskin was fully back. He drank in Thong’s beauty, she was so slim, so lithe, her pale skin flawless, he yearned to caress her small breasts, her tiny erect nipples, run his tongue down her luscious long legs which were wonderful enhanced by her high heeled thigh boots. The purple bulging tip of his manhood pointed directly at her pubic region, the leotard barely covered her modesty, the edges of her shaven vaginal lips were tantalisingly displayed. Tight Skirt was smaller, more buxom and sturdier than Thong, but James marvelled at his beautiful young Amazon conqueror’s stupendous body. Like Edward he stood in a state of full arousal before his girl superior. The minute leotard and thigh boots displayed her body to perfection, he drank in the vision of the young Goddess before him, her powerful muscular thighs, her taut stomach and her big firm bare breasts jutting out conspicuously, how he longed to slide his erect manhood between them. he longed to kiss and caress her all over. He had been in agony as the thigh booted beauty had driven the ivory penis into his anus, but now he had never been so aroused, pre cum oozing from the tip of his swollen erect member as he surrendered himself totally to the most beautiful sexy female had ever seen. All the men were now ready, all fully erect, the topless, booted young Amazons, clad only in their skimpy leotards clipped their leads into the men’s penis collars, they pulled on the leads and arranged the hapless men in a line. The men turned round and got their first viewing of the citadel.To be continued, Part 4 ( the humiliating march through the citadel and indoctrination of the men to Amazon society)