The Villa in Italy

About 5 years ago I had just started working for a hospitality company managed by a good friend with branches throughout Europe and North America. The business locates high end properties for rental and then puts together a team of staff for that property to look after the paying guests. The service starts at about $15,000 a week so the clients tend to be very wealthy and use the service on a regular basis. We have offices in London, Paris, Barcelona and Berlin and each year a representative from each branch was sent to seek out new properties and people to work in them. There is already a close-knit community of properties out there and the owners are keen to get theirs on any lists. This was my first time representing the company and was sent to Italy to see 3 properties, 2 of which already have a staff in place. When I arrived the first afternoon I was greeted by a company limousine at Leonardo da Vinci (Rome) airport and taken to the 1st house which is in central Rome. I went around the property taking photos and talking to the staff as I filled in one of our property review sheets, all pretty dull. I was then taken to the next property in the suburbs of Rome but it was all closed up and despite the best efforts of my driver to ring the numbers we had nobody arrived. We then went out of the city towards the coast to see the final property, which was also the same property where I would be staying. It was near a town called Ostia. The driver got me there without any dramas and I was very glad of the strong A/C in the Mercedes as the heat outside was getting higher. We pulled up having been given access through the large iron gates by the armed security guard. A pretty, young Italian maid opened my door and welcomed me in excellent English with a very strong Italian accent. I guessed her to be 23 or so with short dark hair, olive skin and a very trim figure with small firm breasts (probably just a B cup). She introduced herself as Cadera and immediately started to tell me of all the benefits of their property; such as a local private airfield suited to small jets, close to the beach, stables close by and private secured grounds. I was shown around the house and I completed my paperwork that included a long list of luxuries: sauna, steam room, indoor pool, well-appointed gym, games room with snooker table, Jacuzzi, outdoor pool with glass sided infinity wall and gleaming marble clad public areas. The gardens were also perfectly manicured. As we travelled around the property I was also introduced to Mary, a German girl who was a cleaner and general assistant who was also wearing a maids uniform. She was larger than Cadera, with a fair few extra pounds (who was I to say such a thing) her large tits spilling over the top of her uniform. Her face was very pretty with flawless skin and her blond hair pulled back tightly in a ponytail. She too spoke excellent English. Last of the staff on duty was Stephano, the 50 year old chef with slick back hair and huge beer belly that strained against his pristine chefs jacket. His English was very limited but he seemed keen to impress me and I was keen for him to do so as it was 6pm and I’d hardly eaten all day.Cadera showed me upstairs and gave me the ‘gizmo’ that electrically worked everything in my room from lighting, curtains, internet radio, TV with 600 channels and call button for assistance. I settled into my room, opened up my lap-top and started to go over the two forms I’d completed today, adding my own opinions about the two properties. About half an hour later the chauffeur came to my room to confirm when I wanted him the next day (I think I was supposed to dismiss him sooner but it’s not that usual for me to have a chauffeur on call) and left me his mobile number.The German girl, Mary then knocked on my door to check I was settled and to inform me dinner would be in about 5 minutes if that was ok. I quizzed her on a few things relating to the property to update on my laptop and, as I typed, I asked her not to be so formal for me. We chatted some more and she said she was from Bremen. I was captivated by her sparkling blue eyes and when I got a chance to I checked out her curvy body. I now guessed those tits to be about 36D’s. I finished up the section about the infinity pool and followed her down to dinner.I ate a magnificent 5 courses of food prepared by Stephano that included salad, pasta, rice, lamb and a chocolate brownie type thing then went for a wonder about the grounds. This included going down the path that went alongside the glass screen of the infinity pool which was all lit up allowing you to see inside the pool very clearly. On my return to the villa I passed Stephano as he climbed into his Alpha Romeo, waving to me as he drove off. I went into the open space of the main lounge and played with the 50” TV for a bit and found an episode of CSI New York I’d not seen so settled in. About 5 minutes in Cadera came in with a sheepish look on her face as if she wanted something. I said she could dispense with the pleasantries for me as I wasn’t very important and was already sold on the property so she’d get excellent feedback. She relaxed a bit and I said for the next two days of my stay she could wear casual clothes if she preferred and all I needed from them was an 8am wake up call, breakfast of eggs and toast and whatever Stephano decided to prepare for dinner. I didn’t bother asking her to tell him to go easy on his dinners as I know the type and he would have seen it as disrespectful of his skills.She asked if she and Mary were ok to use the spa facilities, unless I wanted to use them. I did feel that I could do with some pampering and said it was fine but that I too fancied using the sauna and pool tonight. I saw her face fall as if I was saying no, so I reaffirmed it was fine if they didn’t mind sharing? She perked up and said that the sauna takes 30 minutes to get up to temperature so she would let me know when it was ready. Being the sad Englishman I am I didn’t see where this might end up going but it was from this point on that my stay improved 100%.I watched the end of CSI and went to my room to get ready only to realise I had only brought my suit, a set of smart casual and 4 changes of underwear with me, no bathing suit. I settled on not doing the swim after all and took one of the ludicrously soft towels and wrapped it around myself. I suppose I should tell you about me at this point because things like this don’t usually happen to people like me. I am 36 and a widow (long story) with two boys at boarding school. I am well sorted financially thanks to a payout in compensation but love my work which keeps me busy. It is sufficiently flexible to allow me to look after the k**s whenever I can. Physically I am 5ft 10, a bit overweight but not hideous or anything with a very average penis of about 5.5” hard (6” on a good day…..). I haven’t had many sexual experiences beyond those with my wife and some mostly poor efforts in my late teens and early twenties. However, my insecurities over my penis size are long since gone and I have since decided to not give a shit about it. It is what it is! I got over it by forcing myself to visit nude beaches whenever possible, which has worked well for me.So, wrapped only in a white towel and wearing a pair of the provided white slippers I made my way down to the lower level where the indoor pool, sauna and steam room are. It was quiet down there all but for some soft Japanese style acoustic music twanging away in the background. I moved around to see if I could hear either of the ‘maids’ but peering into the rooms couldn’t see them. It was then that I heard a shower start up out of sight. The sound made me aware of an additional area I’d missed before. It was an open plan area of shower-heads down one side and another area room beyond with a pair of massage tables. I continued on to find more shower heads on the opposite wall with a very naked Mary stood under one showering herself. Her nakedness caught me unaware and I dipped back around the corner before she saw me. Despite being overweight she wasn’t fat by any means and carried the extra very nicely, her soft skin shimmering in the water tanned and clearly devoid of tan-lines. Her large breasts were very firm and the nipples appeared to be hard with a conical appearance that I had seen in porn before and found to be very erotic. Because of how she was stood I couldn’t see between her legs but I was already stirring down below and my cock began to grow a bit.I was a bit lost as it was unexpected to see Mary naked so I wondered back to the stairs where one comes into the area, waiting for the shower to finish. After about 3 more minutes the water stopped and I made a show and a racket of coming into the room so she would hear me coming. She peered her head around the corner, saw me and smiled before going back out of site. Another few seconds passed and she came out into the main area with a towel wrapped around her which was only just long enough to cover her pussy, a well tied knot sitting between her heavy breasts. She said hello and thanked me for letting them use the facilities as normally it is strictly off limits when there are guests at the property. She said she was going to use the sauna first and I was more than welcome to join her, as she said this Cadera came into the room through a door marked ‘Privato, Fornisce di personale Solo’. Cadera was wearing a skimpy white bikini and carried a towel over her arm. She smiled at me as she went into the showers and began to fondle the water as she fiddled with the temperature on the taps. She then pointed to the showers area and said I could shower there. I told her I was naked under the towel and she gave me a quizzical look then moved under the stream of water. I was feeling confident thanks to a list of things in my favour: being the client, Mary had showered naked, I could use the opposite bank of showers so as to only expose my backside and my dick was at a semi state that meant it was just about an acceptable size if seen. I moved over and hung my towel, showering naked not 5ft from this beautiful young woman. I kept my back to her as she finished up her shower and as her sloppy footprints left she said she'd see me in a moment. I took another minute under the broad headed shower and rinsed off thoroughly before making my way to the sauna.I peered through the small glass window of the sauna and saw the girls sat on the left side. It was quite a small sauna as you’d expect. About 7ft deep and 5ft wide with a bench down the right and a two tier bench on the left. Cadera was still in her bikini, the towel hanging outside next to the entrance and Mary was wrapped in the towel as before. I sucked in my gut instinctively as I entered and their chatter stalled, then continued in Italian that seemed to be going at a thousand words per minute. I sat on the bench opposite and slowly leaned back onto the padded vinyl back supports, tensing at the idea they may have been cold against my back. They finished their chit-chat with a little giggle then focused their attention on me.We chatted for a good fifteen minutes about what I was putting in my report and how the staff were graded, would I tell them their score, did I like the meal etc. As we talked I quickly noticed that Mary’s legs were parted and were allowing the odd glimpse between her legs. I could tell there was no bikini briefs or any other underwear there and had to make efforts not to get caught looking. Thankfully both girls seemed to enjoy leaning back against the step of the upper seating on their side and looking up, seemingly with their eyes closed as they relaxed. I soon had a major erection going on and even for me I felt the towel tenting in front of me. I kept checking myself out to see, moving the outer edge of the towel to make the bulge look like part of a crease. At one point, and whilst still sitting with her head back, Mary moved her right leg up a bit to scratch her ankle and BINGO. Her mound came into my full view and I was able to confirm that she was a genuine blond; her mound was slightly redder than the surrounding skin with wafts of fine blond hair showing. It looked like she kept it well groomed but that it had been a week or two so needed a touch up with the razor. No sooner was it shown to me than it was gone again, the motion of putting her leg down closing her legs tighter together than they had been before.I was now getting a good sweat on and the conversation was slowing as the heat made us all a bit drowsy. Mary moved and sat in a new position, her bum further back on the seat, her upper body leaning over as her hands and elbows took support of her chin. She looked at me and continued to move the conversation forward, asking me about my wife having clearly clocked my wedding band which I still wore back then. I explained my story as briefly as possible and within a few seconds had Cadera sat next to me with one hand on my shoulder, another on my thigh. I asked to move the conversation on and they wanted to know how I kept myself busy and my history with this job. I told them all about it and despite the moment passing, Cadera still had her hands on me (not that I was complaining) which had the effect of reinvigorating my erection.What with the heat of the sauna and Cadera’s soft touch distracting me I accidentally let it out that I liked to go to the naturist beaches near me in the summer to relax. Cadera immediately told me how they too went to a nude beach all the time. Capocotta nude Beach was just a fifteen minute cycle ride away for them and they went as often as they could, going on to say that a few of the guests who stay at the villa come there because the nude beach is so close. Cadera suggested we all go if there is time in my stay. The thought of this made my hard-on flinch and I know they both saw the towel flinch in front of them, particularly Cadera who gave a little smile.As far as women went I was now far beyond my usual comfort zone. I was horny as hell and had I been more confident would have been trying to bed one or both of these women. As it turned out though things were changing and we all three knew it. Mary said that as a naturist I was allowed to use the villa naked if I wished, as they have others who already do. I managed to stammer my way through a bit of conversation that explained how I was not a usual customer and that I wasn’t always comfortable with my nudity. They said I was in Europe now, not stuffy old England and that I should just do what makes me happy. I said I might and Cadera suggested it was fine if I wanted to be naked in the sauna, her left hand seemingly edging towards the knot in my towel. I laughed and said I would but I had a bit of a problem, trying to make out it always happened to me in saunas. I don’t know if boundaries had now changed massively but Cadera said it was fine with them, gesturing to Mary to confirm the fact. Mary reiterated that I was as good as a paying customer and should do what I felt comfortable with.By now it was if they were daring me to show them my penis knowing full well it was at full erection. This was a whole new experience for me and despite the professional in me saying to calm down, my balls were screaming at me to show these two hot twenty-something’s my cock! I gave them a chance to revoke checking they were sure then pausing as I thought perhaps they wanted to offer extra ‘paid for’ services which wasn’t what I wanted. I tentatively broached the subject but Cadera slapped my shoulder and laughed saying that I really was an Englishman and should stop being so silly, perhaps even thinking I was joking?My heart (and dick) were pounding and the tension in the room was tangible as I stood up and fiddled with the knot of my towel, stalling unnecessarily at the thought of their reaction to my dick. My heart skipped a beat as the towel fell unceremoniously to the floor, my hard (as it had ever been) dick springing up and down a couple of times with the motion. I stood there unsure of what to do next for a few seconds then lowered myself back to sit down, moving my hips forward so that my dick didn’t get lost in my podgy bits. I looked down and saw I was as big as I can ever remember, my foreskin stretched back off the end of my dick head exposing the engorged tip. As I sat back Cadera put her hand back on my thigh and said that I had done well, whatever that was supposed to mean. Mary grinned and she openly stared at my cock. When Cadera saw this she asked me to ignore her friend, saying that she’d not seen much hard cock of late because the Chef only worked in his kitchen and both the pool boy and maintenance man were gay.With my exposure complete and the presence of Cadera’s hand ensuring I kept fully hard I plucked up the courage to ask if they would be stripping off too. Cadera, who was now clearly the influential one of the pair laughed again and suggested it was not very professional for them to be naked with guests. Despite my disappointment at this I was enjoying this situation more than I could have ever imagined. I had seen and read CFNM stuff on the internet and knew it turned me on a lot but I never in a million years expected to actually partake in such activity. We chatted more openly and the girls told me of all the sexy things they had seen at the villa over the last two years since they started. They told of how more than half of their male guests had deliberately flashed them or blatantly exposed themselves, some even offering thousands of Euros to fuck them, but both made it quite clear they would never prostitute themselves. They told me of one male guest, who they knew to be ‘connected’ but weighed about 25 stone, who had 5 beautiful woman brought over and when the limo arrived they all got out already naked. She laughed at how many sex toys were found lying about when he left, including a Polaroid of the man tied up with leather straps, a huge dildo in his arse, a girl sat on his face and another sucking him off (she showed it to me later and it was hilarious and a bit creepy at the same time).All this sexy talk had my cock throbbing and a couple of times I had found my hand creeping closer but I’d managed to stop just before I started jerking off. As Cadera told the stories she flapped her hands about a lot, knocking into my hard cock on three occasions which felt electric but she didn’t bat an eyelid as if nothing had happened, hardly like she just touched the hard penis of a man she hardly knew whilst telling him sex stories. Like I said before, I was loving it and my whole being was scared and thrilled at the same time with my hard cock literally jumping about in front of me as I tensed and released the muscles in my groin inadvertently. As it bobbed about Mary let out a little laugh and Cadera stumbled in her story telling for a moment as she looked down and smiled. She then said in a joking way to keep my little dicky still as it was distracting her.After another ten minutes of this I could take two things no longer. Firstly my dick was the hardest I think it had ever been in a decade and I was worried it would burst it was so pumped up and sensitive; secondly the heat from the sauna was getting the better of me and I wanted to leave despite the scene about me. I said I needed to cool off so began to stand but Cadera pushed on my thigh to stop me saying I must let her finish the story she had just started. I accepted but told her to be quick as I was hot.She had already explained in her story that she was down here in this part of the Villa. She went on to say she peered into this sauna one day when the villa wasn’t occupied to see the maintenance man jerking off the biggest dick she had ever seen. She made a size between her palms of about 15 inches and I called her a liar, so she reached down and said it was probably ‘up to here’ placing her palm a good 5 inches above the tip of my dick motioning it to have been more like 11 inches. She followed it up by saying it was just such a shame he was gay. I wanted to quiz her on dick size but the heat really was getting to me so I stood and made for the door Mary and Cadera hot on my heels. I came out into the cooler air without my towel so turned to retrieve it, only to see Cadera holding it tightly. On seeing me look at it she said I would no longer need it, but I was worried either the pool man or maintenance man were about. Mary said they were long gone though.I looked at the small indoor pool and took a step closer but Cadera put her hand on my shoulder and said the outdoor pool was much nicer and also that we should shower first. Shower I thought was good as Mary would be exposed again so I wondered towards the showers and stood where I had before, my dick still pointing to the sky. Cadera stood right next to me under the next shower head and I began to rinse off, giving a shudder under the first few drops of cooler water before the warmer water made its way through. I rinsed off then took a handful of liquid soap to wash off the grease I’d ejected, starting with my shoulders and going down, avoiding my groin to do my legs. I was still worried about being too sexual or that I had misread the situation so avoided touching my dick and looked to see Mary who was not with us yet. Cadera was watching me shower and it was at that moment my dick almost exploded from built up tension and desire. Cadera took a handful of soap, came over to me and, without asking permission, started to soap up my cock and balls. I was in heaven and leant forward to grab her breast in a moment of lust, but she deftly twisted slightly making me miss, then squatted down to continue washing me, my dick not 5 inches from her face. I just let her do it and within 30 seconds knew I was close to coming, warning Cadera of the fact. One hand was stroking me up and down with the faintest of contact being made, the other rubbed at my pubic area, base of my dick and my balls as they swung about beneath me. I was getting seriously close and she quickly stood up and moved behind me so that her tits pressed into my back. Quickly her hand grabbed back at me and began to stroke hard but slow. Her hand only moved about an inch forward and inch back but it was slow, firm and meaningful. My orgasm seemed to take an age to arrive and lasted forever as I fired a huge rope of cum in front of me. I had instinctively squatted slightly and thrust my hips forward which allowed me to shoot about 2 meters in front of me, followed quickly by another two huge strings that went half as far. Cadera gently bit into my shoulder as she milked out a load more of my spunk, all of it just oozing out and over her hand. I had such a strong orgasm that I had felt a little feint after and leant against the cold tiled wall as water splashed over me from the shower. Cadera wiped her hand on my chest hair to get all the cum off it then took another handful of soap to wash her hands. I looked at her with a huge smile but she was ignoring me and more interested in cleaning herself up. It was the greatest hand-job ever and as my dick began to soften I manned up and began to wash myself off, struggling to get the sticky spunk out of my chest hairs. I told her how nice it was and she looked at me with a sly smile saying that she just couldn’t resist. She was hoping I would have jerked off for her and, when I had ignored my own dick, she decided to take things into her own hands, literally! I was now clean, euphoric and naked with a very red penis that had shrunk back to half size but still much fatter than my usual soft state. Cadera put a towel over her shoulders and said to follow her up. It was a little odd following her about the house totally naked as she remained in her bikini but I loved it so much I wanted it to be like this forever.Out by the pool the air was quite chilly and I could feel my balls retreating. Cadera laughed and made a comment in Italian, something like ‘romperi coglioni a qualkuno’ but my Italian is non-existent like I said. I toed the water and it was very warm so looked for the step in. As I walked that way Mary called my name and I looked around to see her in a bright pink day-glow micro bikini. It barely covered her ample breasts and also allowed the odd few hairs visible above the waistline of the bottoms. She had an iPhone in her hand and asked if she could get a picture with me, handing it to Cadera and standing beside me without waiting for my answer. I was not really ready for this and instinctively covered up as the camera flash blinded us. Mary punched my arm and told me I was a baby for covering up but I said only if she was naked too would I allow it. She laughed, said maybe later, then grabbed my arm and pulled us both into the pool.Cadera joined us in the pool and we swam about for about twenty minutes, during which time both girls dived under and grabbed at my cock and balls in a playful way which was enough to get me hard again. I was still fired up but the whole scene was playful, yet with a sexual undertone. I began to question Mary as to why she had decided to put on a swimsuit all of a sudden seeing as how she was naked (under the towel) in the sauna. She questioned how I knew of her nudity and I told her how I’d caught a glimpse of her pussy when she had scratched her leg. She stopped messing about and looked at me. She called me a dirty old pervert and told me how rude it was to spy on a woman wearing a towel who clearly wanted to remain covered. She appeared deadly serious and looked at me sternly as we stood in the shallow end, the three of us standing in silence, my hard penis just breaking the surface from time to time as the motion of the water went up and down. The silence lasted a good five seconds during which I thought I’d fucked up again; only to be called by them both as they burst out laughing, those five seconds added enough emotional trauma to start me losing my hard-on. Mary then went under the water and removed her bikini bottoms; then closing in on me motioned that I was to wear them in place of her as a punishment. She dragged them up my legs which was not that easy under the water and up to my waist where, with some difficulty, she grabbed my cock and balls and unsuccessfully attempted to cover them with the narrow pink fabric. Despite not having the biggest package she couldn’t get it all in so gave up. I don’t think it helped though that her movements were making me fully hard again.At this point Cadera started to leave the pool and sat on a lounger to dry off. Whilst doing this Mary proceeded to remove her pink bikini top, releasing those truly magnificent nipples (most of the heavy breasts having been unhidden by the skimpy top already). Once off she swam behind me and tied it into place leaving her naked and me wearing a ridiculously small bright day-glow pink bikini. She took my hand and we walked out of the steps onto the deck area where Cadera began to laugh at me almost uncontrollably. I saw why as I looked down to see I had the top of my cock pointing out of the waistline of the bikini bottoms and my balls hanging either side of the crotch material, not to mention my man boobs looking massively under sized in relation to the top of the outfit.I took a good look at Mary who was toweling off and making no attempt to cover up her perfectly naked body, the curves and roundness of her shape fitting her nicely, the slight pudginess adding a cuteness factor to her look. However it was those nipples that had my recently used dick back to bursting point again. I since found them to most commonly be called ‘puffies’ in the world of porn but have noticed that they are rare on both blonds and ‘bigger’ girls. The cooler air was making my balls shrink back up again and I asked for a towel again. This time Cadera said she’d grab me one and I saw her looking at Mary’s iPhone. I knew immediately what she was thinking and just said no, thankfully she resisted because I wouldn’t have put up too much of a fight. Whilst Cadera was off Mary commented that I must be dying for some release. I told her Cadera had kindly helped to fix that in the shower earlier and Mary suddenly looked cross again, only this time it felt more real. On her return Mary started to talk in Italian with Cadera who looked at me a couple of times as Mary went on at her. It seemed to me that Mary was cross she’d missed it but I could be wrong, like I said my Italian is non-existent.It was now about 10:15pm and Cadera said she was off to bed and that Mary would look after me now. She walked off sheepishly like a naughty c***d who’d been told off. It was the one and only time that Mary showed any empowerment over Cadera. Mary finished drying then suggested we have some wine to help us sleep. She was now seemingly happy in her nakedness as she wondered to the kitchen leaving her towel behind. The villa was a perfect temperature inside and as we entered the kitchen Mary said she’d better have her swimsuit back. I was about to start taking it off but she quickly came over and did it for me, her pendulous breasts knocking me and pressed into me more than was necessary making me believe we would be fucking soon enough, those perfect nipples as hard as pebbles as they took one final graze across my arm.Mary took a bottle of white wine from the wine cooler and popped the cork in no time at all, appearing in front of me holding two huge glasses of wine of which one was handed to me. I took a large swig of the drink and knew immediately it must have been an expensive high end wine. Mary ushered us into the large open lounge area and grabbed one of the complex touchscreen devices used to control everything. She expertly dimmed the lights put on the TV with a fake fireplace playing, lowered the d****s and put on some classical music. She pointed out one of the oversized arm chairs for me and I sunk into the soft velvety chair with my glass of wine. Mary came over and sat across my lap but sideways on to me, the large chair allowing her buttocks to slip between the arm of the chair and my naked outer thigh. She swung her legs over so that they covered my upper legs and they hung over the opposite arm of the chair, her left breast almost hanging on my shoulder. She stroked my shoulder with her free hand as she started a conversation about how she ended up here in Italy, how she became fluent in four languages (she also spoke Russian) and how she had big plans for the future. I was still in awe of this young woman and I was now growing again; soon my dick was pressing firmly at the base of her thigh, which she seemingly only noticed once I gave an involuntary prostrate flinch (making my hard cock stab at her leg). She just turned to me and gave me a knowing smile. She had been chatting away for over fifteen minutes when she realised we both only had about a quarter glass of wine left so she poured hers into mine and leant back to place her glass on the floor. In doing so her pelvis came up and it gave me a perfect view of her pussy and the wafts of blond pubes that set it off nicely. As she fell back into place she had shifted a bit which meant my cock was now pressed into my chest. She asked if she had made me uncomfortable and without waiting for a response, she reached between her legs and pulled my throbbing cock up and between her legs. It was situated now so that my cock was only 6 or 7 inches from her pussy which was now better exposed, her legs naturally falling a little further apart. Once she had positioned my dick she began to idly fondle it but continued to tell me of her life story which was by now just a haze of words. I had instinctively moved my free hand around her back and was able to stroke the side of her brest and could just reach the nipple with the tips of my fingers. I caressed the underside of her brest as she began to actually jerk me off. As her stroking became more defined she stopped talking and just looked on at what she was doing with her hand on my cock. She asked me if it was nice and I just grunted in the affirmative and nodded my head. I wanted to have a play with her beautiful pussy but had wine in one hand and my other arm was trapped behind her. She was in total control and she even leant forward to take a sip of wine, getting me to hold the glass for her to keep my hand occupied. There was no place for me to put the glass down and I sensed this ploy was a deliberate one. As you can imagine I was nearing orgasm in no time and felt I should warn her of my imminent explosion. She just said to relax and let her take care of me. I did as I was told and relaxed in position as she expertly sensed I was coming and slowed down the strokes to a snail’s pace but not so that my orgasm would die totally. I shot a huge stream of cum into the air which landed on my chest and her leg. Mary squeezed in delight as a second squirt oozed out followed with a shallow stream of clear liquid. I impressed myself in the amount I shot considering it had been only a couple of hours since I'd cum before, must have been down to sheer hornyness! Mary wiped my cum all over her own legs, even wiping it off my chest onto her legs as my dick shriveled up and I caught my breath. Mary took the wine glass and downed the last of the wine before jumping up and asking if I needed anything else before I went to bed. I was still in a bit of a stupor and was almost sad to find out that was to be it for the night. However, I did realise it would probably be more than I could manage to have a third orgasm. Mary was soon gone and I made my way to bed totally exhausted and a little confused as to what had gone down tonight. Two hand jobs from sexy girls ten years my younger and one of the most exotic nights of my life! Day 2I awoke the next morning with a throbbing erection but decided to leave it alone for now. I had two more nights here and didn't know what may happen with these two sexy girls over that time. I'm not a teenager any more so I knew I needed to pace myself. I took a quick shower, dressed in my suit and went through for breakfast. Mary greeted me and showed me where breakfast was to be taken. In the corner of the dining room was a door that was now propped open to reveal a staircase. You could go down to the parking area or up to a place I'd not yet seen. Mary led me up the spiral staircase, deliberately wiggling her rear in front of me. Twice she looked back to see if I was checking her out, which I was, and she smiled down at me. The staircase opened onto a small roof terrace with a table, BBQ, service table and one of those propane outside heaters. I sat under the sun umbrella and looked at the surrounding view, including the ocean off to the west. Mary returned with three plates of food, freshly prepared by Stephano, which include cold meats, fruits and a hot one with scrambled eggs on toast with bacon. I munched my way through a good breakfast alone with my thoughts, most of which revolved around the previous afternoons events. I heard a car arrive downstairs and Mary came up to check I was finished and inform me that my car was here. When I stood up to go back down I realised I had my second erection of the morning. Normally I would have done my upmost to hide it but decided I would let Mary know just how horny she had made me. She noticed immediately and just grinned as we went back downstairs.I left to do three more inspections of other properties and did my work as best I could with my brain still swimming in the previous night’s antics. All three properties where magnificent, one in particular was simply breathtaking. It was a modern built castle that looked like something out of a fairy tale, including moat, drawbridge, towers and suits of armour in the halls.By the time I got back to the Villa it was nearly seven o'clock. I was starving and pleased to see that Stephano had created another magnificent meal, which tonight included an avocado salad followed by a fresh fish dish with roasted potatoes and vegetables. Mary served me professionally throughout and I guessed it was to avoid Stephano knowing what she got up to with me the previous night. I played along!I asked her about where Cadera was and she told me that she had gone down to the beach for the day as it was her day off. I decided that I wanted another sauna to take away aches and pains from today's long journeys and a hard day’s work. I told Mary that I was going to go and get changed and take a sauna and was quite happy for her to come and join me if she was able to. I went to my room and got changed out of my clothes and collected a towel for myself, wrapping it around my waist. I went downstairs to where the sauna was and took a quick shower, washing away the top layer of grime and sweat from my body. I guessed that Mary had been down already to turn the sauna to the correct temperature as when I opened the door it was just perfect.I sat down naked on my towel in the sauna and laid back on the side with the single bench, taking in the heat and relaxing. I had probably been alone in the sauna for about five minutes when there was a tap on the little window in the door. When I looked up I saw Mary smiling at me with a little thumbs up showing. She disappeared but came back about two minutes later opening the door and strolling in as naked as I was. Her pendulous breasts swayed gently as she moved across the room and sat on the upper bench opposite myself, sitting with her bum further forward than you would expect, her legs parted wider than was normal. I got a perfect view of her pussy and noticed that she had taken time to trim it. She had shaved around her opening and tidied up a wide landing strip up top. As she sat there with her legs apart I felt myself begin to grow hard and had to sit forward a little myself to free things up. Mary smiled at me and neither of us tried to hide that we were openly checking each other out, plus I swear Mary made a little motion with her mouth as if to lick her lips.We sat in silence for another five minutes just looking at each other and relaxing in the heat, taking away the worries from the day. I said to Mary that I could see her handiwork and that it looks good. She pretended not to know what I was meaning but very quickly she smiled and it was clear that we understood each other. Mary suggested that I take a closer look at her handiwork and it was all the invitation I needed to come and have a good look at her pussy. I stood up gently and came across so that my face was at the same level as her pussy. Mary Opened her legs even further and this caused her lips to open slightly which allowed me to see glints of moisture. I Could not be sure if it was just moisture from the heat of the sauna or whether it was her pussy juices bubbling, but it looked very inviting. I moved my head ever closer and she made no effort to stop me as my tongue came out and connected with the tip of her clitoris. She shuddered at this first contact and it gave me a real thrill to know that it was me doing that to her! I was now kneeling on the lower bench seat doubled over with my head buried between Mary's legs giving my best efforts with my tongue. Unfortunately the heat was getting to me buried in this heavenly place and my knees were starting to hurt on the wooden slats. I soon had to come up for air and stepped back down onto my own seat with Mary making noises that clearly let me know that she was not happy I stopped. I apologised and suggested we find somewhere a little more comfortable to go to but Mary said she wanted another ten minutes in here. I sat back a little, my hard on throbbing and bobbing about in front of me as I caught my breath. Mary lifted both her feet onto the bench beside her buttocks which had the effect of opening her pussy lips further apart, her folds glistening with sweat and pussy juice. She moved her right hand down across her breast, down her belly and lingered her fingers across her opening. Her index finger traced the outline of her pussy three or four times then stopped at the hood of her clit where it stopped. I was transfixed on this sexy woman as she started to rub herself in front of me, the smell of her sex lingering in the air and around my mouth. Mary began to openly masturbate in front of me without holding back even a little. Within another five minutes she was begging to moan, pinching at her engorged nipples with her free hand and dipping two fingers into her hole from time to time to lubricate her actions. I found myself gently stroking myself without even having made a conscious thought to do so, my eyes still transfixed on this hot pussy not five feet away from me.I had forgotten about the heat for a while but I was now getting uncomfortable but desperate to see Mary get herself off. Fortunately it was only another minute and Mary started to reach orgasm, her whole pussy pulsing and convulsing. I even leant forward for a better look as she came so hard that she squirted out two little streams of liquid that wet my shins and feet. I had heard of female ejaculation but had never seen it before and it made me so horny! I needed to cum myself but also needed to get out of the sauna and told Mary as such, but I think she was in her own little world as she recovered from her orgasm. I stood up and leant over to give her dripping cunt a kiss which made her flinch and squeal a little, pushing her sex into my face and soaking me. I thanked her for the show as I left for a cool shower, my erection bobbing about in front of me.I left the sauna with my dick still throbbing and walked around the corner to take a shower, realising but not bothering that I had forgotten my towel. I stood at the first shower head and let the cool water spray across my body, my skin reddened with the heat. I was stood there a good few minutes before I heard Mary start up her shower on the opposite wall. I took another minute under the water with my face pointing to the faucet and my eyes tight shut. I then heard voices so came out from under the water and turned around to see an unexpected sight. Under the other shower was a woman I did not recognise and Mary was to one side, wrapped in a towel, talking to her sternly in Italian. The other woman looked to be about my age and wore a conservative blue two piece swimsuit, her figure was good but matched her age with a little extra tummy and skin that looked a little aged from the sun. She kept looking at me as she spoke to Mary in an equally hostile voice for a bit when I suddenly realised that my hard dick was still pointed skywards. I spun back and covered myself with my hands quickly and Mary then spoke to me. She told me that this was Angelina who worked here as a massage ther****t on a part time basis and who claimed to have permission to use the pool and sauna this week as no guests were booked in. Mary said she was supposed to check in with her or Cadera first but hadn't bothered and had just come down anyway. I asked her to apologise to Angelina for my nakedness and erection which she did, only for the pair to burst out in laughter afterwards. I asked what the joke was and Mary said that Angelina said she'd seen plenty of hard dicks in her time and mine was nothing special. I looked over and she tried to hold back a smirk as she said "So sorry sir, so sorry."It was now a little awkward so I told Mary I didn't mind her being here but that she'd have to accept my erection as it wouldn't go down. Mary winked at me and translated to Angelina who smiled again, said something to Mary then said, "Thank you sir, no problems, no problems, good for day please." It was a load of gobbledygook but I got the message. I felt emboldened again so began to wash myself off, gradually turning back towards Angelina who I now wanted to look at my hard dick. She obliged me as she too washed herself and we continued to do so without looking away from each other. Mary said she would be back in a minute as she needed to check Stephano was all done and left us there together. It was still strange as we had no common language and here I was soaping up my hard cock and low hanging balls in front of a woman I'd never met who was only wearing a swimsuit. I think the previous night must have desensitised me to this sort of thing and I felt confident in front of her. Angelina tried to ask questions in very broken English but it wasn't much use and in all honesty I think she was just trying to ease the situation. As I looked at Angelina I realised that she was actually pretty sexy. Her short dark hair matted to her head suited her and her body was nice with curves in the right places and what I guessed to be C-cup breasts hidden behind the swimsuit, it's design showing almost no cleavage. I was still horny as hell and thought I should perhaps leave else I'd need to jerk off here and now; a risky thing to do with a stranger I felt.I went over to the racks and took another towel and wrapped it around myself, taking another to dry my hair and torso. As I was doing so Mary returned and dropped her towel to take a shower. Surprisingly she wore the same bikini I had worn the previous night and was not naked as I had presumed. The two women continued to chat away to each other in Italian at what seemed like 5000 words a minute, their chatter only interrupted now and then but little laughs. By now I was dry and my erection had subsided somewhat but I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do now as both women were now drying themselves off as well. Marry looked over and said that Angelina was very sorry and it was just a little mix up with another chap called Mr Motta whose name I recognised as the manager of the property. Mary went on to say that Angelina was happy to offer me a massage if I wanted and asked that if it was good I made sure to note it in my report. Mary was clearly pushing me to accept the offer, telling me how good Angelina was at her job, how she had had many of her massages and that she always felt better afterwards. When I admitted to having never had a proper massage before Mary then became insistent that I get the massage, stating how it was an experience I might never forget. I looked over at Angelina who was now dried off and smiled, giving a thumbs up. Angelina came over to me, took my hand and led me to the adjacent room where I had seen the massage tables yesterday, opening the door in front of me. When we went in it was pretty warm in the room but figured I would get used to it pretty soon. Angelina wondered off to get some bits and pieces from a side room. Some soft acoustic music started up and Angelina came back wearing a sort of short sleeve lab coat. she had with her a cloth which she used to cover the closer of the massage tables and the pillow which she left to one side. She pointed to the table and said something in Italian which I assumed was to ask me to climb onto the table for the massage. As I approached the table she stopped me with her hand and pointed at the towel around my waist, shaking her head to denote that I should lose the towel. Since she'd seen me naked and hard already I had no qualms in dropping the towel and being naked with her again.I climbed onto the table face down, putting my face into the ring thing and reaching down to rearrange my cock and balls into a more comfortable position. It wasn't long before I saw Angelina's feet come by and a small towel placed over my buttocks, I say small because it felt to be only five of six inches wide. I soon felt her oiled up hands on my shoulders and the next fifteen to twenty minutes flew past as I relaxed into it. I was close dozing off when she stopped on my back and shoulders to move onto my ankles and lower legs. To do what she needed she had to separate my legs slightly and began working on my left leg. She spent about five minutes on the leg, working her way up towards my buttocks, then moved onto the other leg, repeating the same but this time her fingers went a little higher on the inside and at least four times brushed my balls or the tip of my cock. This of course had the effect of making my cock start to grow again, it already a little engorged from earlier and the effects of simply being massaged. Angelina bent my knee upwards and lifted her knee under to support its weight as she expertly worked on my thighs and upper legs.After another five minutes she removed the towel, pointless as it was, and worked on my buttocks, spreading them several times which must have exposed my puckered hole to her gaze. She re-oiled her hands and I felt the excess dribble down between my buttocks which was followed soon after by Angelina's finger tips as she continued to work on my buttocks. She allowed her fingers to dive deeper and it wasn't long before I felt a finger breach the outer edge of my anus, it retreated and returned penetrating into me about a half inch. This 'ass play' was all new to me and it took me another three dips of her finger to relax enough for her to sink deep enough to touch my prostate. She massaged my prostate muscle which effectively pumped up my dick, engorging it back to full erection but leaving me in discomfort because my dick was squashed under my thigh.Angelina stopped and took a step back from the massage table. I could hear her doing things but had no clue what it was. For a brief moment I thought she was going to shove a huge dildo in my arse or something but what she actually did was to brush something over my well-oiled skin. It felt a little sponge like but was a nice, if somehow oddly erotic, wafting over my naked back and legs. This only lasted a minute or two before she shuffled about in the room and when her feet reappeared in front of me she said something like, "You turn now."I slowly, and with what felt like excessive effort, managed to flip myself over. As I turned Angelina ushered me to move down a little, pulled off the face rest from the table and replaced it with a sort of narrow headrest pillow attachment. As I lay back into position and wriggled my body to get comfy I was suddenly very aware of my very hard dick swaying in front of me. I noticed Angelina taking a seat behind me and soon she was working on the tops of my neck and shoulders, her hands pushing forward towards my nipples. Despite the soft music it felt very quiet in the room, particularly when Angelina's hands crossed onto the thick hair on my chest making a shallow rasping sound. I noticed my hard dick flinching regularly without my intended input and put it, along with the glistening moisture on my cock-head, down to the prostate massage.Soon Angelina stood up and went to the other end of the table where she started to work on my shins and lower thighs, again spreading my legs a little for better access. As she got higher on my legs she began to brush my balls with her nails followed soon after by them knocking the base of my dick. She did this motion that had her getting higher and higher up my legs with the end of her strokes and she was taking tiny little steps closer to me. By the time her body was level with my groin her hands were all over my cock and balls. Not jerking me off but riding over the top, squeezing at the base or manipulating my scrotum. I kept looking up to watch what she was doing but kept hearing her say "Relaxes" (which I was sure meant lay back and relax).All this attention from Angelina and the visions of Mary stroking her pussy still in my mind meant that I was really close to coming without a full stroke on my dick having taken place yet. She did check with me that all was good, some off the cuff comment such as "You like?" Me just offering up a whimpered grunt of satisfaction to denote the affirmative. Angelina moved onto the other leg which gave me a chance to calm down a bit which was good as I knew that if she even looked at my dick in the right way I'd blow my load right then. This time she worked a little faster and made it to my dick in less than half the time but she had hardly touched my cock or balls on the way up like before. She was a master at realising when a guy was going to cum I guessed and, following a quick pause to apply more oil, took my cock in hand. Angelina stroked my cock in long slow strokes, agonisingly slow in fact, and I found that I started to buck my hips a little to try and get more motion in. Angelina slapped my thigh and said "No!" I relaxed again and watched her face as she expertly worked on my dick, her eyes moving slowly from mine to my dick and back. Angelina's tongue was slightly out and to one side of her mouth as she slowly wanked me off, generating ever more frustration in my balls as the urge to cum only seemed to edge closer for a second then back again. I couldn't tell you how long this lasted but I am guessing it was 5 minutes, her other hand now gently massaging my balls that were tight to my body. I let out an involuntary groan followed by a "Pleasssseeeeee," and I saw a big smile on her face as she gave in to my demand. She held a tighter grip and increased her pace only slightly but it was enough for me to begin to feel it. This was a long deep orgasm that seemed to take an eternity to go from the initial point of no return to my eventual release. I groaned and gripped at the sides of the table as I let go a huge orgasm, my cum flying in a long arc and landing on my cheek, followed by a second glob that hit my chest and a third that hit my belly button. I knew I had been loud but didn't care in the slightest as my orgasm subsided and Angelina's strokes slowed to a snail’s pace, my remaining cum trickling over her fingers into my pubes. I flopped back exhausted, my mind washed out and my dick physically throbbing.Angelina disappeared for a second and returned back with her coat gone and her swimsuit defying her modesty thanks to two hard nipples pointing out of the fabric. She took my arm as she helped me off the table causing the cum on my face to trickle down my chin onto my chest. I hobbled over to the showers and began to rinse off and quickly found myself back to full strength but with a relaxed aura about me. My dick was reddened from the attention and still puffy despite my erection having now subsided. I finished my shower and dried myself quickly. I went to the sauna and saw Angelina sat in there naked, her body hidden in the mist and sat as far from the door as possible. I felt I needed to say thank you so slowly opened the door and stuck my head in. Angelina had her legs crossed and covered her breasts with her arm as she heard me enter but gave me a smile none-the-less. I thanked her as best I could with our language barrier and she nodded to me with a smile which I took as an understanding. I left her in peace and went back upstairs.Nobody was about but I found a bottle of wine, some olives, cheeses and breadsticks along with a note from Mary stating that if I needed anything to press the intercom twice. This was a dilemma for me as I was unsure if it was just a note or some kind of invitation so decided to watch some TV and ponder what I should do next. Despite considering myself to be quite tech savvy I couldn't get any of the English channels up on screen so was happy to have a genuine reason to speak to Mary. I tapped the buzzer twice and waited a while for Mary who showed up dressed in jeans and t-shirt. I apologised for disturbing her and she said it wasn't a problem at all. She asked me how my massage went as she showed me how to operate the satellite TV and I knew she knew I'd had my happy ending. She seemed keen to get away so felt happy that I knew her intentions and left her to it, flopping down to watch TV and catching the start of Die Hard 2, the airport one. I drank, nibbled, watched John McClane kill bad guys and went to bed.Day 3I slept like a baby and woke up feeling totally relaxed yet bursting with energy and ready to face the day. I went upstairs and was greeted by Cadera who was busy in the kitchen doing odds and ends. Today was my last day and I would be gone tomorrow so assumed she would have lots to prepare for the next group of paying guests. She was friendly and chatty from the second she saw me. I went to go onto the roof but Cadera said it was still too wet. Turned out there had been a thunderstorm over night and I had slept though it! I was given the same cold breakfast as before but this time my hot meal was eggs Benedict, my absolute favourite!As I ate Cadera asked about my plans as she was hoping to get the afternoon off once she had done all the preparations for the family arriving tomorrow night. I explained that I had one last property to visit and would be back about 1pm. I went to on to say that I was happy for her to do her own thing but she said I wasn't supposed to be left alone so she would go to the beach another day. I felt awful and said I too would like to go to the beach and would be happy to go to the beach when I got back so that she could go as well. Cadera smiled and immediately agreed to my proposal, saying she would drive us down when I got back and that she'd set up a picnic with Stephano for my supper. My driver arrived and I went off to see the final property on my itinerary about 45 minutes up the coast. I was glad of the A/C in the Mercedes as it was already pretty hot, even for ten in the morning! The final property was a bit of a disappointment due to the lack of facilities I'd come to expect; but the location atop a hill was impressive and it was primarily aimed at people who liked to ride horses. I was back in the car by noon and on the drive back I thought of our beach trip and how nice it would be to have the afternoon relaxing. I typed up my notes in the car so as to get it out of the way and we pulled into the villa just before 1:30. I confirmed my flight details with the driver for the following morning and went in to find Cadera and get my things to go to the beach.Cadera was sat waiting on me dressed in a skimpy black bikini with a see-through sarong type thing over the top. I hurried through to get things for the beach, only to again realise I had no shorts, trunks or anything else similar. I asked Cadera if there were any spare such items or lost property but she said there wasn't. I was at a loss and told her my situation. She was initially a little cross but suggested we use the naturist beach and I would be fine that way, pointing out our previous conversations and situation. I was of course fine with this and had actually been hoping to use the nude beach Mary had mentioned when I first arrived. Cadera suggested that I simply strip off and wrap a large towel around and she would grab some of the pool mans flip-flops that he leaves here. She said she'd packed beach mats lotion and a picnic so I wouldn't need anything else.I did as Cadera requested and was back up in no time. She took us down to the garage and we climbed into the Smart car which was loaded in the boot already with the beach bits. It felt very odd leaving a house in just a towel and flip-flops with no wallet, watch, money and most of all clothes. It only took us five minutes to drive to the car park near the beach and Cadera explained the beach pointing to where the naturist beach started, where the showers and toilets were, the unofficial 'gay' section and where you could get an ice cream. She was in full tour guide mode for this and once done asked if it would be ok for me to help with the bags for the beach. There were two larger bags with towels, mats etc. a picnic bag and an umbrella. I was given the two larger bags and Cadera took the umbrella and picnic bag, as well as a third smaller bag which she said had her personal stuff in.We took all our bits and headed down the path towards the beach. It was probably 200m to the beach and another 300m to where the notices for the nude beach were. It was very hot and I asked Cadera to put lotion on my back and shoulders before we left which she was happy to do, stating how she had put hers on at the villa. Her soft touch on my shoulders was quite sensual and by the time she was done there was a slight tenting in my towel which I hoped she wouldn't notice. We picked up the gear and set off down the uneven path to the beach. I could see the beach was s**ttered with people, but being a weekday it wasn't that busy really; but it did get busier the closer you got to the naturist section. Three cars had just pulled into the parking area a group of young adults got out making a noise, laughing and messing about. There were about 10 of them of which 7 were female, all wearing short shorts and T-shirts, the guys all in three-quarter length board shorts.About100m down the path I felt my towel start to slip a bit but being naked underneath I had made sure it was doubled over and tight so wasn't worried about it at all. That said I kept stopping to check it which Cadera thought was hilarious, calling me a little scaredy cat. By the time we were 50m from the beach Cadera was starting to get annoyed with my stopping and the group had now caught up with us. When I  stopped they too stopped and you could tell I was frustrating them. As we approached the sand of the beach I felt it begin to slide again and Cadera saw I was about to stop so she put the umbrella under her arm and yanked my towel away, leaving me completely exposed and not even on the naturist part of the beach yet. She hung the towel over the top of my shoulders and told me to keep going and that we were nearly there. I was a little embarrassed at my situation and the group were laughing and giggling at me, my backside now right in front of them.It felt nice walking along naked, my balls swinging gently as I walked onto the sandy beach and turned right towards the naturist beach. Once out of the confines of the path three of the young woman from behind us ran past and once a few metres ahead turned to look at us, or rather me, their giggles now less stifled and one of them fell over, seemingly from her fits of laughter. Cadera had a huge grin on her face as we re-passed them and trudged on slowly, the soft sand hindering our progress.We walked the 300 metres to the start of the nude beach during which time most of the females took a chance to look me over, grinning at my nudity. I was way out of my comfort zone, or at least I should have been, but I was okay with this and actually quite enjoying it. Usually on the nude beaches I went to I would set up near a female (not to perv over her but to make me feel in a mixed environment) and just relax. If I were to go for a wonder I would often cover up with some shorts or something. Here though I felt both relaxed and anonymous so was quite happy strutting my stuff. We only made it about another five metres past the sign marked; "Spiaggia Naturista" painted on a large protruding rock before Cadera decided this was a good spot. I suggested that perhaps we should go in a little further as this part of the beach had few nude people and a fair few clothed. Cadera said it makes no difference and in Italy it's not uncommon for people to be nude on any beach so I should stop worrying. I actually was past caring and wanted to set up as it was hot and the gear was getting heavy. I was also worried about getting sunburn on my cock and balls! Either way Cadera ignored me and began setting up our little area.It was a sandy beach but this section had rocky areas, including a sort of slab of rock washed smooth by the ocean, which Cadera used to lay out our bits whilst I was tasked with planting the sun umbrella. There was barely a wisp of wind in the air so it sat nicely shading the picnic basket and other bits and pieces. We laid out the two padded beach mats that doubled over at one end to form a pillow, or you could turn over to create a more upright position. Once Cadera was happy she removed her sarong and readjusted her skimpy black bikini allowing me a brief glimpse of nipple before looking for the sun oil. I next got to see the outer folds of her pussy and I am sure it was deliberate as she was knelt to one side of me and her feet were touching my hip. She leant forward to search inside her bag, her buttocks at my face level and the thin sheen of black fabric barely covering her two holes. I of course began to react as nature intended and started to get a hard-on from this view in front of me. By the time the two large bottles were found I was at half-mast and began to sit forward in an attempt to hide it.This situation had made me become more aware of my surroundings as I didn't want to offend anybody or get in trouble with the law. To our right was a nude couple in their early twenties, both part of the "beautiful people" you see in Italy. The guy had a six pack and above average cock, she was petite with perky little tits and slight frame but very pretty with fine black hair up in a bun; higher on the beach was another couple but older, probably 50ish. He was very tan with a thin white beard and slight belly but again a big dick whilst she was tall and slender with large 'fake' tits that pointed up and a well-groomed pussy. She looked high maintenance and had a very fancy concertina type picnic bag that looked expensive. They had a small privacy/wind break up behind them and she was reading a glossy magazine so I couldn't see her face. There was also a single guy in his fifties with an obvious white patch. He didn't look to have gone nude too often and was down near the water looking up at the petite beauty who wasn't bothered he was on his belly ogling her pussy. This guy was taking a keen interest in Cadera but I think he realised she was keeping the bikini on for now. The next nearest people were another 40-50 metres away on the nude side and there were clusters of people for quite some way off. On the clothed side I was pleased that there were no k**s about; slightly above and behind we're a group of six university aged youngsters, four boys and two girls all in swimsuits but one of the girls was topless, her tits hidden as she lay on her front for now; below them and almost directly to my left were two other women in their twenties in bikinis, both pretty good looking and nice figures; below them were three youngish lads who looked to be 15 or so and who were in shorts and T-shirts whilst an older woman looked after them. She was 5 metres away from them laying topless on another exposed rock reading but would bark at them in Italian when they started to make too much noise. She looked to be early-forties, she kept herself fit but had a few extra curves that gave her character, a real MILF. She was quite attractive with short brown hair C sized tits and a nice tan. Beyond them on the clothed side were sporadic groups of young adults and couples but oddly, for me at least, it was quieter than the nude section.My scan of the beach had distracted me from Cadera’s perfect ass and I was sitting at half-mast which, when I shifted onto my side, made it look like it was laying on my thigh. Cadera stood up and smothered herself in the oil. Both the group of young lads to my left and white cheeks to the right took notice of her as she bent and twisted to smother her front in oil. I had to look away or I'd have been hard as nails! She then lay down on her back and handed me the oil. I hadn't spoken hardly at all since we got here and I asked, with hope, why she wasn't stripping off totally. She berated me as an old pervert and said she often did but never with clients. I tried to play the, "I'm not a client!" routine but it was a waste of breath, she smiled at me then replaced her large sunglasses and lay back to soak in the sun. I picked up the suntan oil and stood to begin my application aware that, whilst not hard, my dick was pointing out in such a way as to show some arousal. As I poured some into my hand the MILF barked again at the lads and threw a tennis ball their way. They jumped up and ran off down the beach away from us playing a kind of tag-ball game. I began to smother my legs and torso, following up by the detailing of my feet, ankles and the like so as not to burn. I noticed the MILF drop her book and look in my direction without a care that she was blatantly looking at me as I oiled up. I noticed white cheeks was now facing away drinking beer and eating something so nobody else could really see anything of my front but her and, if she was looking through her sunglasses, Cadera. The two twenty-something’s were now both face down and looking away from me. Legs and torso done I took another good squeeze of oil and began to smother my cock and balls being careful to not miss a single square millimetre. MILF’s stern face broke into a sly smile as I did this. I was only looking at her from the corner of my eye but she seemed to enjoy my oiling so I continued to oil my dick beyond the necessary. I was horny as fuck and my dick was now pointing out at 90 degrees and I didn’t care. I let it sit there for MILF to see as I did my arms and face but kept dropping a hand down now and then to rub my cock and/or balls. As I’ve said before I’m not massive in the dick department but felt empowered anyway and kept up the oiling as long as was possible before it got weird. As I began to sit I instinctively turned my head towards the MILF who looked me in the eye and smiled, her sunglasses being held up by one hand as she gave a little wave with the other. I smiled back and lay down, a chunk of rock now hiding her mostly from my view but she could still see me from my ribs and down I guessed. I realised I had now grown a full on erection and was casting a shadow so lifted my knees up to hide it instinctively.With my mind racing with the thoughts of today and last few nights I tried to relax and enjoy the sun. I guess I was a bit of a meercat as I kept looking up and about me to make sure nobody was staring at my hard cock which just wouldn't go away. About 45 minutes passed and finally my dick had subsided and I was beginning  to relax when Cadera's phone went off. She spoke for a few seconds then sat up and started looking around, eventually her sight line catching on something and she began to wave her free arm about. I thought it might have been Mary but couldn't see her in the direction Cadera was looking. I soon found out who she'd been talking to though. A group approached us, 4 women and 2 men all in their mid twenties. They were all dressed for the beach but had 'nothing' showing. As they got within a metre or two Cadera jumped up and did the whole double cheek kiss with them, yapping away in Italian at a million words a minute. They stood chatting then Cadera introduced me, telling me to stand up and say hi. I felt so exposed being the only naked person as each person was introduced and a hand extended to shake, I was aware that everybody was looking at me and eyes darted to my flaccid cock that was seemingly shrinking away in embarrassment. Once the introductions were done they began to set up their stuff to our right above the naked couple and I sat down hoping to see some hot Italian ass! They spoke a lot as the women lay out towels and beach mats in a semi-circle whilst the two guys stripped naked. I don't usually look at guys but took a quick check of the 'competition' to see how bad I would look amongst the guys. The taller one, Max was free of all body hair below the neck and had an average size penis which looked a little small compared to the rest of him, muscles and a faint six pack. The other guy was quite short for a man, hairy and solidly built with broad shoulders, but it was his huge penis that was most obvious. It hung low and I'd guess it was about 9 inches and fat with a curve to the left even though soft. Both had obvious tan lines so it was clear the nude beach wasn't the norm for them.  At least I have a fairly even skin tone from my nude beach visits in the UK. I kept an eye on the girls waiting to get to see them undress and soon enough they began to strip. This was great until I realised that, like Cadera, they were only going down to their swimsuits!Cadera told me that these were her friends who she shared a house with when she first moved to this part of the country, going on to say that they still got on but there had never been any relationships amongst the group. I asked why the girls weren't naked and the guys were and she laughed, repeated my hushed question loudly to the group (in English which I found out all of them had a good level of) then just said, "arghhhhh, poor Tony doesn't like being naked for my friends." The girls then all began to chat away about the guys like we weren't even there. Comments were even made about my cock, Cadera defending it a little and stated how it wasn't half bad when 'angry'. About 30 minutes passed with me just catching a nice tan before anything interesting happened.One of the girls, Anna, came over to me and sat right by my side to start a conversation. Anna was quite plain looking with an OK figure, OK looks and was wearing a very modest red bikini with matching bum-bag. She was nice enough as she quizzed me on where I lived, had I been before etc. She had a strong accent so I had to concentrate to hear above the others chatting away which meant I had to keep asking her to repeat.  After a bit though this was annoying her so she stood and put out her hand, asking me to walk with her where there would be much less noise. I stood up and reached for my towel to wrap around but Cadera was on the case and grabbed the towel away under the pretence of needing it for something. I knew that she was just testing me though so I thought 'what the hell' and went along with Anna. I was still relying on the confidence I had felt when I first arrived at the beach earlier but for some reason I now doubted my own mind.I had noticed the woman (MILF) took notice as I stood and made no effort to hide her gaze, I wry smile creeping up the side of her mouth as she did so. I flinched instinctively as Anna seemingly reached out for my dick which made some of the group laugh, only for me to realise she was after my hand to hold. She led me off down the beach by the hand, Cadera telling me to have fun and not get into any trouble. We headed north up the beach hand in hand, me naked, her in a red bikini. It wasn't overly busy on the beach but a majority of people were naked, often in clusters then areas with few people. It felt liberating, scary, sexy and fun all at once as we paraded down the beach together for the world to see. Most of the women who saw us gave us a big smile and one woman even nudged her man to allow him to see. at first I thought they were smiling at my little pecker but I soon realised it was the contrast of my nudity to Anna's clothed state. Anna continued to ask me boring questions as we slowly walked along then, out of nowhere, asked how big my penis was in a matter of fact way, a huge grin on her face. I said I had never measured it (lie), but she called me out saying I must have some idea. I ummed and arghed like I was Hugh Grant for a few minutes then eventually, after some on-going nagging from Anna gave away my secret. "Right now about two and a half inches but almost six inches when hard." I said trying to sound cool but failing. Anna made no comment and moved the conversation on like it was of no consequence to her and we chit chatted for another 5 minutes as we went, now treading in and out of the surf which slowed us down to a crawling pace. I had initially been a little embarrassed as we went, particularly with the attention we were getting but I was getting over it and just held my head high as Anna guided us slightly deeper into the surf. My balls were now getting a constant wash over with cool sea water and I could feel my balls contracting, they had been hanging low from the hot sun, so I tried to edge Anna closer to the shore (she was on the beach side me the ocean side). Anna sensed what I was doing and resisted at first so I said it was a struggle walking in the waves and she stopped to look at me, letting go of my hand. I looked at Anna who had a huge smile on her face which a smarter man would have understood faster. She leant in and shoved me hard sending me crashing back into the surf, my attempt to hold my balance actually sending me in deeper before my legs finally got taken from under me and I went crashing under. I got thrown with the wave forward and got dumped onto the sand sprawled on my back before the next wave grabbed me back into the surf. This continued twice more but with lessening ferocity before I found my legs and crashed up high enough to be safe from the next incoming wave.I lay there sprawled spread-eagled in the mix of wet and dry sand catching my breath, my vision taking a moment to adjust back to the bright sunshine. I then looked up to see Anna holding up one of those yellow 'sports' mini camcorders pointed at me. I expect any video she got would be blurred because she has laughing so hard and wobbling about on the sand. I looked down to see there was some extra shrinkage now and felt a little self conscious but decided to big it up and get on with it, any dignity I may have had was going to have meet me back in England! I asked Anna to stop filming and she laughed it off saying she wouldn't show anybody as I put up my hand like a celebrity in the tabloids trying to cover the lens. I stood up and rinsed off the sand from my body in the sea as Anna continued filming me. I don't know why but I did bark a little at her that I had asked nicely for her to stop and she stopped, an over exaggerated frown on her face. She put the camera back into her bum-bag and we continued on down the beach as I considered whether or not to get Anna back and throw her into the sea. We made it to an outcrop of rocks that thinned the beach down to about 10 meters of sand sandwiched between rocks and the sea. The rocks had been washed smooth by the sea and there were quite a few people laying out on them with others sitting on the sand and using the rocks to prop them up in a sitting position. As we continued I noted in my mind just how close to them we were, then I realised none were nude, not even topless so I stopped and said to Anna we should turn around now but was told we were going for ice cream and pointed to a little chalet about another 100m down the beach. I said I would wait here for her so as not to upset the locals but was told nudist people came to the chalet naked all the time and the locals didn't care. My embarrassment was now at maximum as Anna led me by the hand naked past all these people on the beach as they looked on. But for one topless woman it was a nudity free zone, except for me that is. One woman saw me, sat up for a better look, nudged her two friends (also women) and they too sat up. They unashamedly watched us approach and pass by smiling to Anna who smiled back. The exposure was electric for me and I felt a mild twitch in my balls as we got into the short queue for the ice creams.Anna ordered six tubs of ice cream and handed me 4 of them, two balanced in each hand then paid, took the other two and we headed back, the 3 women from before, all attractive thirty-something's, did the same routine and watched as we passed, my arousal now growing as was my cock which was sticking out and hovering above my balls. You could tell I had a semi going as we walked back along the beach and this time I got the smiles from the women. My Britishness prevented me from smiling back though and I continued at a good speed to where Cadera and the others were. Anna kept telling me to slow down but my excuse was that the ice cream was melting, holding back from telling her I needed to get back before I had a full on erection.Anna caught up but I hadn't realised just how far it was as we trudged through the sand. My biggest problem was that with both hands just able to keep hold of the ice cream I had no way of covering up if my erection started to get obvious. I eventually saw the group ahead as Anna started to talk again but this was odd. She was saying how the heat of the beach made her pussy wet and that she couldn't wait to get home so she could press the shower head against her clit. I was almost as surprised by her knowledge of the English language as I was by what she was saying, her sudden switch to a phone sex operator! She didn't let up saying that she would even like to have my cock pressing against her open pussy and ram her hard like she hadn't been fucked in a year. Of course her words had the effect she was hoping for as my cock, which I had managed to keep control of thus far, was now doing its own thing. I tried to ignore Anna as she spoke of shoving a dildo in her ass as I fucked her tight pussy with my hard cock but what chance did I have? As we neared Cadera and the others I let Anna go ahead so her body would shield me and just hoped none of the others around would notice me as my erection was at full tilt, my foreskin stretched back to expose my cock-head to the sunshine. Anna saw what I was doing and turned to me, gave a sly wink and grabbed my hard cock, dragging me along. The whole group were laughing and unless I dropped the ice cream I was stuck and unable to do anything about it. My brain was awash with thoughts of sex again as Anna led me to each of the others in turn to give them an ice cream and I realised there was none for the guys. I said to Anna we didn't have enough ice cream for everybody and she said she had forgotten about Cadera and I. Not to worry she said and let go of my hard cock allowing it to spring up and slap my belly before wobbling to a stop. Anna handed me her ice cream and spoke to the two guys in Italian, who looked at each other before she started to speak in an aggressive tone towards them. They eventually stood up and Anna went off back to the ice-cream chalet, this time a naked guy either side of her as she took them by the hand. I meanwhile had forgotten I stood naked and hard for all to see. I moved back to my spot and in doing so exposed myself to the MILF who must have been watching it all play out as she gave me a little clap as I sat down. I smiled at her coyly then lay on my belly to eat my ice cream, tucking my hard-on under my belly. I got a laugh from all the girls as I had to reach under and readjust it a couple of times.Cadera did the honours and reapplied sun lotion to my back and buttocks for me when I made the comment that I thought I might be burning. She took extra time on my buttocks and got a laugh from the girls when she pressed her finger into my ass, making me flinch as I wasn't expecting it. It was just a quick and shallow dip then she smacked my buttocks, twice on each side, commenting on how I was naughty. My hard-on, which had been subsiding, perked up again but I was still hidden so didn't have a care in the world. I relaxed and nodded off.I'm not sure how long I slept but I was woken by fits of laughter from the girls. I looked up to see Anna dragging the two guys along by their cocks which appeared to be hard. As with me they did as they were told and eventually sat down facing the girls with their hard dicks pointing up. Both tried to cover up in some way but following some terse words in Italian from Anna they soon let themselves be exposed again. My back was now toasting so I turned over and switched the beach mat to let me sit up on it. When I looked to my left the MILF was stood there not 3 feet away staring at the proceedings. She smiled at me as she checked my dick then went back to watching the other two. I noted that the short hairy guys dick seemed no bigger hard than when soft, just pointing up which sort of made me feel better. The MILF asked Cadera a couple of things then left with a huge smile on her face. I wondered where this was going but beyond their exposure nothing else happened and eventually they lost their erections. The women had taken so much glee in the guys nudity and exposure but showed nothing themselves which I found to be so odd at the time.By now it was nearly 4pm and the group of Cadera's friends had to leave. The guys packed everything up as the women went for a paddle in the sea and when the girls returned they let the guys have their clothes back. They all came and gave me a kiss and a pat on the buttocks before saying their farewells and walking back up the beach to the car park. As I watched them going I noticed the MILF trying to get our attention and Cadera soon waved back to her some kind of response. Cadera then told me that she was hoping one of us would put lotion on her back because she wanted to tan her back but her k**s were not back to do it. She said to let us know when she wanted it done. I knew right away where this was going and said to her that I guessed I had been volunteered and she just shrugged her shoulders and nodded.I was past caring and the woman was sexy so why not. I stood up and again went for my towel but Cadera pointed out that the beach was now so quiet it wouldn't matter if I strayed over a few meters and basically refused my towel to me. I had come this far so just hoped she would be ok with my nudity and I guessed from her previous actions she would be fine with it. I went over and she smiled saying something in Italian which I didn't understand. I said I was English and she smiled again pointing to the sun oil and then her back. I gave a cheesy thumbs up to her to acknowledge I understood and then grabbed the oil as she turned onto her front. As she organised herself she rolled the top of her g-string so it was thin as possible and had the effect of the material disappearing into her buttocks. I started on her shoulders and slowly worked my way down with generous amounts of lotion making my way towards her g-string. As I reached her lower back I had to kneel up over her and shift down a bit. As I did she spread her legs open to expose her buttocks and allowing me to see right down between her legs. The thin material leaving nothing to the imagination as her pussy had gobbled up most of the material and her hairy sex was glistening nicely. I continued to oil her up but kept it as decent as I could based on the way she was exposing herself to me. As I went to move down her legs she reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks as wide as she could, her legs opening a fraction more at the same time. I had a great view of her now and she just said, "More, More!" So I poured more oil into my hand and went to town on her inner thighs and buttocks. As my fingers neared her pussy I would stop and repeat. The third time I did this she arched her back and the top inch of my index finger slid into her with ease making her moan gently. I took this as a green light for access all areas and moved the fabric to one side trapping it between her leg and mound. She didn't resist so I went for her pussy again and two fingers slid in to the hilt with ease, the base of my thumb ramming into her clit. I looked up to see if anybody was watching but nobody was so I carried on fucking her with my fingers. She let go of her ass and I used my spare hand to give myself the access and view I wanted. I went at her for a good minute or two then I felt her hand on my cock. First just tapping at the head but eventually her whole hand went around it and stroked it carefully, her motions limited by the positions we were in. I was fully hard, again, the view I was getting doing the trick without me even noticing. Another minute with my fingers and the woman started to push back harder and her moans got louder and closer together. This was amazing. Here I was finger fucking a hot MILF; whilst getting a hand-job from her; whilst kneeling naked and hard on a non nude section of an Italian beach. She soon had her orgasm as I focused my thumb on her clit, her own grinding doing much of the work. I slowed down my motions and soon she was wriggling to get them out of her, followed by a sloppy squelch from her as my hand came away, her juices literally covering my hand. The woman now focused on me and I was getting very close to my orgasm as she slowly wanked me off backhand style. I realised that if I came I would be shooting all over her back which I felt might be considered rude, all be it hot as hell, so I tried to move but she gripped me tightly so that I couldn't go anywhere. Instead I let out little moans and made it clear I was going to cum and this didn't stop her either so I stopped caring and relaxed as it hit me and I groaned, perhaps a little louder than I should have being in public, shooting my load over her back. I didn't have a huge load but two thick globs that landed and pooled in the small of her back, the rest oozing out of me as she slowed her hand movements down to carefully milk the last of my cum. I could tell she was an experienced giver of hand jobs by how she finished me off and carefully set me free, grabbing a small towel to wipe her hands which she then passed to me and I cleaned up her back.Having finished up I sat back on the sand and she looked over to me to smile. "You go now......" She said in her strong accent. I felt used! I said some kind of a thank you, being the polite Brit that I am, and slumped back over to Cadera who asked if I had done a good job. My dick was very red, still swollen and the end still had dribbles of come hanging from it. I was spent. I hadn't had so many orgasms in such a short time since my Honeymoon. I sat down and Cadera got out the picnic for us to share. I wasn't that hungry but did the best bearing in mind how good Stephano's food was, munching down on breaded risotto balls, cured meats and avocado salad. I downed a litre of chilled water and felt completely sorted. Cadera asked me what the woman's name was but I had no answer to give. I was going to go back over to ask taking Cadera to translate but I saw the k**s returning with their ball so left it at that, laying back down to relax again having reapplied sun oil to my reddened cock.At 5pm Cadera said it was time to leave as she had to take over from Mary at 6:30pm and wanted to get back, have a swim in the pool and get cleaned up before she did. We packed up together and once done I realised Cadera had packed away my towel so I asked where she had put it only to find out it was a deliberate mistake and that she wanted to keep me naked back to the car. The beach was much quieter now but there were still a fair few people about and I counted 5 clusters of people we'd pass just to get to the path. I told Cadera I was reluctant but she said that if I did it I would get a reward. She quickly told me how much fun she had had with Anna today ordering us naked boys about. She went on to tell me how when I was away getting ice cream, they had got the guys playing Frisbee so they could watch their dicks flopping about, particularly Marco who, it now turned out, was the short one with the big dick. She also told me he loved to be naked for women and would always end up naked at parties or if there were beach trips.I conceded and grabbed the gear so we could head back to the car. I was used to my exposure as we passed several couples on the way to the car, most of whom just ignored me but the last group was 4 girls who I recognised as the ones who followed us down the path at lunch time. I don't know why they had come up here by the entrance to the path but they sat there smoking, staring at me as we approached. By the time we were 5m away from them they were clearly taking delight in my nudity and one of them brought up a cell phone to snap my pic. She did it I am sure even though she pretended to be moving her phone about looking for signal in the way that people only really do on TV. I looked at Cadera next to me and asked if she had seen it too but she either didn't or feigned ignorance about it. We made our way up the path to the car and I was happy that we didn't see anybody else until we were loading up the Smart Car which I used to shield myself from onlookers. My brain seemed confused as on the one hand I was enjoying my nudity but at the same time the Englishman in me kept telling me to cover up!Driving back to the Villa was a little odd being naked but I really was just accepting of what Cadera wanted and my male ego had me wanting to impress this sexy young woman. We parked up and I helped her to take in the bits to the villa as the fatigue from laying out in the sun all day caught up with me. I wondered out back to the pool for a dip to cool off, simply jumping in at the deep end and allowing myself to drift along on my back, the comparatively cold water cooling my sun swept body and making me feel a little euphoric. I moved over to the steps and sat there mostly submerged in the water relaxing. Cadera came out with a glass of white wine which she placed carefully at the side of the pool before disappearing again into the villa. I took a few sips of what I could tell was a top end Pinot Grigio and continued to relax in the shallow end of the pool, my thoughts telling me it doesn't get much better than this! Five minutes later and Cadera came back out but she had changed into the worlds skimpiest bikini. It was pale blue and there were two tiny oval pieces of fabric just large enough to cover her nipples held in place by what was little more than string around her back and neck. The bottoms were equally as small and was a triangle not really big enough that started less than an inch above her clit and was held in place by the same string as the top. When she passed me I could see that she did look naked from behind as she caught me watching her, I was sure she was swaggering her hips more than necessary for my benefit."I like your swimsuit!" I remarked as she stepped into the water and sat next to me but 3 steps up so that the water was lapping just below her all but naked tits. I questioned why she hadn't worn it to the beach and she just said that she would look ridiculous in it amongst others. I then quizzed her on why she even bothered wearing anything at all bearing in mind how little it left to the imagination. She said that it was that last bit that was left to the imagination that she liked, that I didn't need to waste time wondering about anything but for her pussy and her nipples. We sat chatting for another ten minutes before Cadera took her swim, doing length after length at a fast pace. Once she was done she drifted back over to where I had been watching her, the last five lengths of back stroke having made me hard from the view of her jiggling breasts. She gave me the briefest of hugs and swaggered out of the pool, this time affording me a perfect view of her barely covered pussy and ass.I did a few lengths of my own and by the time Mary came out to check on me I was very tired and need of comfy sofa and some TV. Mary was dressed in a casual T-shirt and baggy track suit bottoms, a look I've always liked, casual yet sporty. I slowly came out of the pool, heaving my weary body out of the water towards Mary who had grabbed a large fluffy towel which she held out widely between her outstretched arms, the towel sitting low enough that the fabric of her T-shirt was stretched across her bust and it was clear to me she was bra-less. It was only at this point my own nudity was apparent to me, my mind cringing as I knew the cool water had made my balls all but disappear into my body.Mary wrapped me up in the towel and told me that Stephano was gone but if I was hungry she could sort out a snack. I asked if there was any bread and cheese and she smiled saying she'd get some and would I like some company as she was going to have some too. I wondered into my room where I saw my suit had been hung up and my shirt laundered, pressed and hung alongside in the wardrobe. I took my robe and tied it closed, slipped into some of their 'throw-away' slippers and made my way to the lounge. I fiddled with the TV until I found BBC World Service showing an episode of some crime drama and fell onto the large soft sofa. I laughed to myself how tiring it can be not doing very much when it's hot! 5 minutes later and Mary came through with a large tray of bread and cheese. 3 breads and several cheeses all neatly presented on two slates together with a bottle of olive oil and some kind of sweet chutney on the side. We both dug in and chatted about my day at the beach with Cadera and her friends. Mary was quite amused at my description of events saying how I was very reserved and should have relaxed by now. I caught her eyes aiming unashamedly at my crotch where my manhood was totally on display, the gown gaping open from where I had dragged myself to the edge of the sofa. There was little point in covering up so I just got on with our snack and continued to tell Mary about my day. Once we were done Mary took the left overs away and returned with another bottle of Pinot Grigio, slumping onto the sofa next to me. As we watched the end of the TV program Mary leant into me and rested her head on my shoulder, linking her arms onto mine. It was nice and I had to consciously resist the urge to flinch away from this younger woman that I hardly knew "cuddling in". The news came on so I found the remote to find another channel, eventually settling in on a Bond movie. It was half way in and I'd seen it many a time but it was easy watching. Mary made a comment about liking this film too (it was The world is not Enough) so we settled in quietly to view 007 save the world.As we reached one of Bonds love scenes I felt Mary reach across my thigh, gently ease open the gown and take a hold of my semi hard penis. Ever since she had leant into me I had been getting harder and within a few seconds of her taking hold of me I was hard as granite. I slipped my hand behind her and slid it under the waistband of her trousers and realised she had no underwear on. As she slowly stroked and fondled me I moved position slightly, this made it was easier for her to get at my cock and at the same time allowed me to get an angle that allowed me to caress her buttocks. Her skin was soft and smooth, I stroked all over, both cheeks, eventually allowing my fingers to drop into the crease of her mounds and trace down towards her anus. I eventually was stopped by the elastic of her tracksuit bottoms being fully stretched which restricted the movement of my arm. Mary realised what the problem was instantly. She reached around, moved my hand out, grabbed the waistband and dragged it off her buttocks roughly. She struggled to achieve it one handed so wiggled her body to assist in removing her bottoms until they had made it past her womanly hips. From there they were easier to manage and she wiggled and kicked at them until they hung at her feet, the elasticated ankles stopping her from easily disrobing. She reached down with her free hand and pulled them away until with one final kick the bottoms were flung across the room and I had full access. I was still amazed at the softness of Mary's skin and I felt very manly as my large rough hands stroked across her lower back and buttocks again. This time though I was unrestricted and eventually my fingers eased to her puckered little anus, the slight change in texture grabbing at my finger as is slid across. I traced around its edge then continued to run my fingers up and down the full length of her butt crack. I hoped to be able to reach to her pussy, but at this angle my arm wasn't quite long enough so I decided to go in search of her perfect breasts.I knew she was bra less as I had seen them swing slightly as she'd walked about and her pert nipples had been easily visible through the thin fabric of the t-shirt. I wrestled my fingers in slowly until I had a firm cupping grasp of her magnificent breast, my index finger rising to find the engorged puffy nipple which in turn made Mary shudder. I was throbbing, harder than ever and Mary was clearly aware of my arousal. I think that coming just a few hours ago was working in my favour; otherwise I'd have blown a load in Mary's soft fingers. Mary was now just tracing her fingers up and down the underside of my cock allowing my arousal to calm a little and prolong the orgasm I was building to.We finally took a moment to look each other in the eye and followed it up with a long meaningful kiss, our tongues gently meeting but not a frenzied tongue lashing, it was more intimate than that. I released myself and took her chin in my hands as the kiss went on and her arms went around my neck. The kiss lasted forever and once we finally parted lips I heard Mary make a satisfied groan of pleasure. Mary stood up and pulled me up and out towards my bedroom. I shrugged off my dressing gown and slippers and entered the room naked, jumping for the bed and twisting my body to watch Mary. She put on a show of removing the T-Shirt, her magnificent tits pulled upwards with the shirt then cascaded out as the friction of the material lost its battle and let them go. She stood there posing for me for a few seconds as I took in her womanly shape, her curvy body was perfect to me and her wispy blond bush had been trimmed since I last saw it.Mary swaggered over to the bottom of the bed and climbed onto the end like a big cat stalking its prey. She slowly crawled towards me as I lay back in expectation of her skin making contact with mine, anticipating the electric feeling I knew it would cause. When her face came level with my cock, which was now pointing skywards, she slowly tilted her gaze around it. It was like she was inspecting her prize and I felt it twitch under her warm breath before she closed in for the kill! It wasn't a blowjob like you see in porn, but again more sensual than that, as she kissed it softly from top to bottom with a mix of tiny kisses that barely touched and others that were wet and forceful. She traced her tongue up and down the underside and I gave out my own involuntary groan of pleasure. I wished it to last forever but she stopped and got me to shuffle down the bed a little, eventually repositioning herself so we were in a 69. Despite my age this was my first 69! It had always appealed but it had just never happened for me and I felt overwhelmed as Mary's pink and gaping pussy edged towards me, her juices glistening invitingly. I moved in and traced my tongue around her sex to gauge her shape and taste as she continued to stimulate my cock by tracing her tongue over its head. I darted my tongue around her clit as it edged out from its hood, occasionally dipping it deep as I could into her hole. I kept it up well and the distraction was helping to hold back my own orgasm which amazed even me at this point. There came a point when I was rolling the tip of my tongue around her clit, barely touching it when I felt her press herself against me. Her soft buttocks crushed at my face and she stopped working on my cock. I guessed I must be doing a good job as I heard muffled screams, followed by whimpers followed by her jolting her pussy away from me, the orgasm of her pussy muscles clear in my view and the combination of our juices trickled into her wispy blond landing strip.She threw her leg over and moved around so we were facing each other. Mary's cheeks were red and she looked flustered, but a wry smile at her mouth and a twinkle in her eye made me feel confident I'd done the trick. She rolled onto me and came in for another long kiss seemingly enjoying the taste of her sex on me. I had a newfound confidence and took a commanding role as I twisted her off and under me, my dick now ready and just inches from its goal. Mary reached to the bedside table and scrimmaged blindly in the drawer until she came out with a condom. "You don't know where I've been!" She said with a naughty wink. I hadn't thought of safety but she had me bagged and ready in seconds, then grabbed my lower back with one hand and guided me in with the other. I rammed home I one motion and it made Mary gasp out loud. I stopped there in place for a moment taking in her perfect moist tightness with the tips of her nipples resting against my chest.Once both settled we began to fuck each other with perfect thrusts as Mary and I found a rhythm quickly. It was hot yet sensual throughout and I kept going beyond what I thought I would have as I desperately tried to give her a second orgasm. Despite my best efforts I eventually hit the point of no return and slowed my thrusts to prolong the sensations. Mary sensed my impending orgasm and squeezed her pussy muscles even tighter, her hands gently caressing my back as I finally let go in a cascade of a****listic grunts and groans. Each thrust of my hips slower than the last until the pleasure began to turn to pain and I had to stop, locking my elbows so as not to collapse on Mary. I muffled a conflicting sentence of gratitude, lust and apologies as I panted from the physical exertion. She kissed me then pushed me upwards and away. My cock came out with a squelch and she heaved at me until I was kneeling over her widespread legs and reddened pussy. My condom felt heavy at the tip and I carefully discarded it, tying the end in a knot to avoid a spillage. Mary then lifted her legs high and over so that her knees were up around her ears meaning that she effectively spread her ass and pussy open. I had a perfect view of her beautiful puffy hole and I just stared at it glistening and winking at me! She then hooked her arms under and around and pulled her pussy wide-open letting me see her most intimate folds up close. She then used both hands to stimulate herself by rubbing around her clit with two fingers of one hand and poking at her pussy and anus with the other. It was like my own private porno as Mary really went to town on herself. I watched intently for about two or three minutes that meant my erection barely faded as I got horny again from this intimate show from Mary. I sensed her orgasm as her nipples went harder and her breathing became erratic. Mary bit at her bottom lip as she came for a second time and I watched her face as the pleasure left her with a subtle grin on her lips. Her pussy twitched and her ass convulsed in and out; her fingers relaxed and finally she went limp; her legs falling away naturally.Mary gestured for me to lie next to her and we embraced with a kiss. We got comfy and pulled a sheet over as I spooned her and caressed at her breasts, eventually falling asleep together. Mary woke me early the next day with a tray of breakfast. We chatted and I ate before showering and dressing to catch my flight. It was slightly odd for me as I felt we had a connection but I was too confused to mention it. By 5pm I was home and my adventure was over, 3 days I shall never forget and a week later Mary got in touch keen to come and see me. Joy.