The Maid

and the owners hired many servants to help out in the household. There was a young woman named Alice that lived a troubled life in herc***dhood. Her parents kicked her out into the streets, because she was atroublemaker and they could no longer take care of her. So Alice didanything to have clothes to wear and food to eat. This meant she got intotrouble with the law. So she spent many years in prison. Every time shewas released from prison, she would go back to her old ways and be sentback to prison again. At the same time, there was a wealthy landowner named Mr. WilliamClark. He owned a large mansion and was always looking for more servants.He provided his servants with there own living quarters, food to eat, andeven a small wage. So he was very generous to his servants, but he alsowas very strict and demanded a lot from his servants. The warden of the prison always was in contact with Mr. Clark, becausehe was always in need of servants. Since Alice had been in and out ofprison so many times, a judge and the warden decided to give Alice one lastchance. If she decided to work for Mr. Clark as a maid, and he kept heras a maid, she would not be sent back to prison. If Alice did not stayedemployed by Mr. Clark, then she would spend the next twenty years in theworkhouse. Alice was such a troublemaker for the prison, that they were willing toprovide Alice with a maid's outfit, and drive her to Mr. Clark's mansion.She was told that Mr. Clark demanded a lot from his servants, and he was avery strict man. The warden also knew that Mr. Clark wanted to have all of his femaleservants very clean and well shaven before they arrived. So before Aliceleft the prison, she was given a long bubble bath and she was closelyshaven throughout her whole body. The maid's outfit was very skimpy, andwas very short. Alice liked the fact that it had an apron in front, togive her some modesty. As she was driven to Mr. Clark's mansion, she was surprised that it wasway out in the countryside, and there was nothing but farm fields aroundit. Once they arrived at the mansion, she saw that it was comprised of manybuildings. The driver stopped at a very tall building with large pillarsand many marble stairs leading to the front door. A man dressed in a dark suit walked down the stairs and opened the cardoor. "Hello. You must be Alice, the new maid. Follow me into the house.Mr. Clark is expecting you." So she followed him up the many stairs and was amazed at the interior ofthe house. It had very polished dark floors and walls. Overhead was avery large chandelier with lots of small glass pieces. The furniturelooked no one had even used it, and everything was so bright and clean. The butler had her follow him unto a room with a very big fireplace, alarge desk, and many chairs nearby. There was a man, sitting in a chairbehind the desk, and he was smoking a pipe. His back was towards her, soshe couldn't see what he looked like. "Mr. Clark. Alice, the new maid is here." The butler said. "Thank you." Mr. Clark said, in his deep strong voice. "You may gonow." "Yes sir." The butler said. Mr. Clark turned his chair around to look at her. He was dressed in avery fine looking black business suit with a white shirt. "Alice, I knowall about you with your troubles with the law. I hope you will serve mewell as a maid." "I hope to, Sir." Alice said. "I do not want to go back to prison." "Well first I want to inspect you, to make sure you are able to serve asmy maid." Mr. Clark stood up and walked over to a small couch in the room.Alice noticed that he was a big man that stood over six feet tall. "Comeover here and stand in front of me with your hands on your head." After Alice did so, Mr. Clark said, "Did the warden have you preparedbefore you came here?" "Yes he did." Alice answered." Mr. Clark reached behind her and gave her two quick swats with hishand. "Be sure you always refer to me as `Sir'." He said. "Yes, Sir." Alice replied. "If you want to stay here as my maid, I want you to only speak whenspoken to, or if I give you permission to speak." "Yes, Sir." "And I expect you do everything I command you to do without question. Otherwise, you will be sent back to prison." "Yes, Sir." "Now raise your skirt and apron up in front." After she raised her skirtup he touched felt her through her thin black panties. She wasn't used toa man touching her like this and squirmed about. He reached back again and gave her two swift swats with his hand. "Nowstand still, or I will send you back to the prison right now." "Yes, Sir." Next, Alice had to hold herself perfectly still while Mr. Clark reachinto the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. "Step out of yourpanties, then spread your legs apart. Also, keep holding your skirt andapron up and out of the way." Now Alice was very embarrassed. She didn't think that she would beinspected like this. Next, she felt his fingers on the freshly shaven area above her sex. "If you are going to be my maid, I will expect you to stay clean andcleanly shaven all of the time. I expect this of all of my femaleservants, and they can help you with this too. Now be sure and keepstanding still." Then to her surprise and embarrassment, she felt his fingers between thelips of her sex. She wasn't expecting this and stepped back. "I guess you will need to learn how to obey me." Mr. Clark said. "Butfor now, stand in front of me with your legs spread apart." Next she felt his fingers between her sex lips again. "I'm surprised atyou." Mr. Clark said. "You seem to be a little wet already." "I am sorry, sir." Alice said. "I am not used to a man touching me likethis." "Now turn around and lift up the back of your skirt. I want to checkyour bottom." "Yes, sir." "I use corporal punishment to correct my servants when they makemistakes or don't obey me. If you are going to be my maid, are you willingto be punished like that." Mr. Clark said while feeling her nice roundbottom. "Yes, sir. I don't want to be sent back to prison." "Good. I want to make sure we have that understanding. Also, when youare inspected or disciplined, I also expect you to keep your legs spreadapart. Now take off the rest of your maid's uniform so I can finish yourinspection. By the way, I will have the main housekeeper come in here andmeasure you for a new maid's uniform." After Alice was totally naked in front of Mr. Clark, he had her standstill while her felt her breasts and checked her between her legs again. Then he pulled on a rope and rang a bell three times. A woman walked intothe room. "Jane, this is Alice the new maid you heard about. Please measure herfor several new maids' outfits. I will keep working at my desk while youdo that." While Jane was measuring Alice, she said, "Mr. Clark is very good tothe entire staff. He gives us our own private space to sleep, all the foodwe can eat, plus he has me sew not only the uniforms, but also casualclothing to wear when we aren't working. He also gives us free time off,and even a little money to spend. You just need to be sure and call him`Sir", obey his every command, and pay attention to details when doing yourjob." "I am happy to hear this." Alice said. "I was once in trouble like you, and now I am so glad I work for Mr. Clark." Jane continued. "I think I have some maid outfits that will fitAlice right now. I can bring them back and make sure they fit her, as soonas you are done with Alice." "That would be great." Mr. Clark said. "I will need to spend some timewith Alice first. But before you go, will you pull down your panties, bendover and lift up your skirt." "Yes, sir." After Jane bent over and spread her legs, Alice could see that her baredbottom was red and it had some fresh marks on it. "You see, Jane wasgetting lazy and not completing her work on time. So I gave her a goodspanking yesterday." He smacked her a few times on her bare bottom. "Doyou agree you deserved it, Jane?" "Yes sir! Thank you for spanking me." "Now go and fetch those maids' outfits for Alice." Mr. Clark went overand sat on the middle of the couch and said, "Alice, you didn't obey myevery command so far, so I am going to warm you up with a hand spanking. So come over here and bend over my lap." Alice knew she had to please Mr. Clark, so she d****d herself over hislap. She felt his large hands first feeling her bare bottom and thenspanking her. "You are very forgetful, Alice. Be sure you always spread your legswhen you are being disciplined and for an inspection. Also, whenever Icall you into this room to be disciplined, I expect you to voluntarily lieover my lap or bend over for your spanking. Do you understand, Alice?" "Yes I do!" Alice answered. "Alice, you forgot to answer with `Sir'. So after I am finished withyour hand spanking, I am going to introduce you to another room in thehouse." "Sorry Sir." Alice answered very fast. "You will be even sorrier when you see the room". Mr. Clark said. Hecontinued to spank Alice until her bare bottom went from a pale white topink to a red color. "Now stand up and follow me into the next room." Mr. Clark opened another large door in his office and had Alice enterthe room first. She was very surprised at what she saw. The walls werefilled with various paddles, whips, riding crops, canes, and variousspanking implements. In the middle of the room were many wooden pieces offurniture, in shapes like she had never seen before. "This is where I discipline my servants when they deserve a more severepunishment. I hope you are less forgetful once you experience a small doseof a more severe discipline." "I will do a better job of remembering things, sir. You have alreadypunished me enough." Alice said. "Alice, you have a lot to learn. First of all, never question whatpunishment I have deemed appropriate for you. Second, always obey mewithout question." He led her over to a padded wooden horse. "Now bendover this for your further punishment." "Yes, sir." Alice replied as she bent over. Next she felt the tapping of a riding crop on her inner thighs. "Remember, keep those legs spread apart." "Yes, sir." She felt embarrassed again, because now she was totallyexposed to Mr. Clark again. "I am going to first give you several swats of this wooden paddle withholes in it. I expect you to count each one and say `Thank you' after eachswat." Alice wasn't expecting anything like this, but since she didn't want tobe sent back to prison, she meekly answered with "Yes, sir." Then SWAT! This really stung her bare exposed bottom. "One. Thank you, sir." "I hope I don't have to bring you into this room again. So I expect youto do your job and not be lazy." SWAT! "Two. Thank you, sir." "I hope you work out so I don't need to send you back to prison." SWAT! "Three. Thank you, sir." "Now stay in position. I want to introduce you to the cane." Alice's poor bottom was really hurting, but yet she felt very warm andnice. "I want you to count each stroke and say `Thank you' again." "Yes, sir." Next, she felt a tapping on her tender bare bottom, heard a strangewhistle, then Crack! It felt like a hundred bees had just stung her, in a straight line. Alice quickly stood up and grabbed her poor bottom. "Never stand up like that again, during your punishment. Since youforgot to count, that stroke will not be counted. So bend over again andstay in position." "Yes, sir." Alice slowly bent over the padded wooden horse andremembered to spread her legs wide apart. "See, you are remembering things better already. You spread your legson your own. Now this will be stroke number one again." Alice felt the tapping again, the whistle, then Crack! Although it stung as much as before, Alice said, "One. Thank you, sir."She was proud of herself, because she stayed in position. Tap, whistle, Crack! "Two. Thank you, sir." "You are doing a good job during your first punishment session. Inormally give a minimum of six strokes of the cane, but since this is yourfirst time, I will give you only three strokes. So be sure to count andstay in position." "Yes, sir." Tap, whistle, Crack! "Three. Thank you, sir." "Now stay in position, until I tell you to stand up." Then she felt himfeel her sex again. "I see you are even wetter then before. I feel likeyou may be one of my very naughty maids." Alice didn't realize what effect this type of punishment would have onher. But she stayed in position, totally exposed until Mr. Clark said,"You can stand up now." Then he escorted Alice out of the special punishment room, and rang thebell three times. Jane quickly entered the room with Alice's maids'outfits. Poor Alice now had many mixed feelings about what had just takenplace.