The Job Interview Part 2

After they left I took a shower and put my short robe on as I wasn’t planning anything else for the day and Lisa wasn’t due back until late so I settled down with a cold beer and a smoke to watch a bit of TV. I was on my third beer and second smoke when the doorbell rang, I wasn’t expecting anyone so I cagily went and answered the door, Hello Frank” said Amanda who was now on her own, “I have done your profile and as I was passing I thought I would drop in and show you” she said with a smile. “Oh do come in” I said ushering her into the Smokey lounge, “take a seat” to which she sat on the sofa. She was still dressed the same as earlier and looked nice, “No Ben tonight” I asked and her facial expression was enough, no words were needed. “Nice robe” she said as I sat down and to be honest in the sitting position it didn’t leave too much to the imagination, “Thanks” I said offering her a hit on the smoke which at first she declined but then accepted due to the stress of the day, she took a big hit and nearly choked her guts up, “Fuck be that’s strong” she said taking another, I just laughed as she handed it back. “I guess you’re not having the best day” I said sympathetically, “Fancy a drink” I added and as she nodded I handed her back the smoke and opened a bottle of wine. “Thanks Frank, you are a life saver” she said as I handed her a big glass of wine. She took a big gulp and I could see she was feeling a lot more relaxed and she then went on to tell me how much of a dick Ben was being about her setting up this business and that although me sucking his dick was part of the plan me fucking her up the arse wasn’t and he got really funny about it. “Why should he have all the fun” she asked and I had to agree with her. Anyway, we chatted and got halfway through the bottle and had another smoke and the atmosphere was good, she laid back on the sofa with her knees slightly apart giving me another look up her dress, I was sure she knew that I was looking but made no attempt to hide and she got her tablet out of her bag and fired it up, “want to see your profile?” She asked and I certainly did and she handed me the tablet at my profile page, “Wow!” I said as I looked, it was short and sweet and had four pictures, front view in thong, back view in thong and a soft cock pic along with an erect cock pic and none showed my face but there was a small face pic there too. “Very good” I said with a smile as I handed back the tablet. She told me that although she had a lot of pics to choose from, another of Bens failings as he takes far too many, she thought those four showed me the best as clients can put reviews up she was hoping for some good work from me. I could see that she was getting a bit worse for wear but insisted on a top up such was the day she had had and I was happy to oblige emptying the bottle, I lit up another smoke and as I stood up to hand it to her I could see that she was staring directly at my bulging robe, it was hard to not get aroused with her sitting like she was. She looked up at me, “So Frank, we never did test out your licking skills did we?” and she laid back on the sofa and her legs widened inviting me down, “Leave your panties on” I said as I got on my knees spreading her legs wide.Her panties were tight and already damp as I got my head down and started to lick all around her hidden pussy, “Mmm!” she tasted so good and every time I flicked her little bud she thrust, I put my hands under her arse and lifted her legs up and ran my tongue slowly from her arse hole up her pussy crack and back again, she was squirming as I slowly pulled her panties off and repeated the process only this time I stopped at her little button clit and sucked, “OMG! Frank” she cried out as my tongue sucked on her lips before slowly inching inside her.I gave her the best tongue fuck that I had ever given, making her cum at least twice and her juices tasted so sweet and she was crying out, I eased up and undid the buttons of her dress pulling it out of the way and unclipped her bra, she was now naked laying back on the sofa, her pert little tits standing proud with stiff nipples which after sucking a little found they were very sensitive.I opened my robe and dropped it to the floor before teasing her hole a bit with my cock, as she cried out I slipped easily into her soaked hole, “Oh my fucking god” she cried as I plunged deep inside her.I felt her cunt muscles tighten as I pushed in deep with Amanda gripping my shoulder hard and I quickly got into my stride pushing in hard, she cried out with every inward push and it wasn’t long before felt my balls tighten and my cock pulsate and the first spurt hit deep inside her belly, “OMG!” She cried as she felt the warm sensation deep inside. She gripped me tight as the second spurt hit with her cunt muscles squeezing every last drop from me, I collapsed on top of her and as out mouths met we engaged in the most passionate kiss ever, our tongues searching out each other’s mouths while she still had a grip on my cock. “Wow!” She said softly as I pulled out and stood up and she reached forward taking my softening cock in her mouth making sure she had got every last drop. She didn’t stop and carried on sucking my cock exploring every inch and even put my balls in her mouth licking and sucking and then going back up and down my cock before pulling the skin right back and sucking on the swelling head. It wasn’t long before I was back to full erection and what followed was a very expert and attentive blow job. She grabbed my arse pulling me in close taking my full erection in her mouth and I could feel the tightness of her throat, she was like a baby with a new toy. I lasted longer than I thought but as she upped the tempo I knew I was getting close and as she squeezed my balls I felt myself shooting a hot stream right down her throat. “Mmm” she cried as she swallowed my load, “Damn Frank, that tastes so good” she said softly as she completely drained my balls.We sat and chatted and Amanda sent a text to Ben to say she was staying over due to her excess alcohol and Ben soon replied with an OK which surprised me somewhat but great that she can stay over and I am sure we can make good use of the time.It was then that Lisa came home and came bundling into the lounge, “Hi Dad” she said cheerfully while giving me a peck on the cheek and giving my cock a quick shake something she often does but not normally in company, “This is Amanda” I said pointing in her direction so Lisa turned and saw the naked Amanda sitting on the sofa, “Oh Hi Amanda” she said with a smile making no mention of the fact we were both naked.“Off for a shower, be back soon” she said and went off upstairs. I looked across at Amanda who was sitting there open mouthed trying to make sense of how my fully clothed daughter came in, kissed me and touched my naked cock and all without batting an eyelid.I told her the back story as to how we live and treat each other around the house and Amanda was amazed that we were so open and immediately had pound signs in her eye, “Maybe Lisa could do some work for us”, she said jokingly, “Hey” Maybe you can work together” she laughed and I told her that if she is looking for staff then look no further than my neighbours and she said that was a conversation for another day.We opened up another bottle and it was fun sitting there naked with Amanda, we chatted about anything and everything and I learnt that although married to Ben they actually had separate lives as he was more into guys than her, I think the marriage is just a front but each to their own.Lisa came down from the shower wearing nothing but a little white thong, “Mind if I join you guys?” she asked in a cheerful voice and before I could answer Amanda said, “Of course honey” and Lisa joined her on the sofa.We started to talk about the job that Amanda had offered me and Lisa seemed very keen and interested in what it all entails, “Sounds like its going to be fun Dad” she said with a look of envy, “Stand-up” Amanda said to Lisa, “Lets have a good look at you” she continued so Lisa stood up in front of the sofa where Amanda reached out and slowly ran her fingertips down her body stopping at her nipples before running down further to her belly and then branching out to run down the outside of her legs before running up the inside of her legs right up her thighs and slowly rubbed her panty clad pussy before running up her belly again, Lisa moaned heavily as she enjoyed the sensation of her touch.“Turn around” she instructed and Lisa obeyed, I looked on as Amanda ran her fingertips down Lisa’s back very slowly down her spine and down the cheeks of her arse and down the outside of her legs and back up the inside of her thighs and stopped up between her legs before very slowly continuing up the crack of her arse, I could see Lisa tremble as Amanda turned her back around and leant forward taking each nipple into her mouth and giving a suck.Watching this had made me hard again and I slowly started to rub my cock as I watched Amanda’s technique. She then got on her knees and ran her tongue down Lisa’s belly not stopping at her panty line and going straight down to her sweet pussy licking away at her slit, she then put her fingers into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down while not moving her face that was right there and Lisa’s trimmed bush came into view.Amanda put her arms around Lisa’s arse pulling her closer and her tongue hit the spot like only another woman seems to find and I could see Lisa shaking as Amanda brought her off with her tongue before turning her around and bending her down and licking up the crack of her arse, while Amanda was doing this to Lisa I was happily watching and having a wank which was now directly in Lisa line of vision.Amanda was good and she brought Lisa off a good two or three times before under Lisa’s carful gaze I was bringing myself to orgasm, Lisa could see I was close and gestured me over with her finger.I stood up and wandered over to the bending Lisa and shoved my cock deep into her mouth and I cum straight away as I was that close, “Mmm” Lisa moaned as she swallowed my hot load and shook as she experienced another bone shaking orgasm at the mouth of Amanda.