The bad prank that turned good part one

Anyway a week later my friends told me that they had a surprise for me. I was immediately questioning their motives. But they subdued my curiosity and said that this surprise was legit. So they told me that I needed to be at this hotel Friday night and that there was a room awaiting for me for that night. There would be a note in that room that I would have to follow. All that week I tried to get info out of them...all I could get out of them is a name Candy.Friday night came up and I was hesitant...I almost decided to ditch my friends surprise for me. But they were my friends so with a sigh and a shake of my head I opened the door to the hotel room. The room was a nice room...anyway I read the letter and seen the blindfold. The letter said," please take off your clothes and lay down on the bed...then put on the blindfold on and when your ready say the word Candy three times. So I sat on the bed which was quite comfortable and questioned what I was about to do but then I was about to have sex with a beautiful woman I hoped so I took off everything and did what the note said. There I laid there naked, blindfolded and soon to be hard. I said Candy three times and I heard the room door open and shut. No voice was spoken but I did hear clothes coming off. So I started to have a dirty conversation with the person named Candy...meanwhile as my hands stroked my hard cock the person just sat at watched me.So I was soon about to get a surprise because the person in the room wasn't a woman but it was a guy...he was a year younger than me...dark haired and good looking. When he came in the room and saw me laying there and took off his clothes his cock sprung into action. I found out later that he worked down with the map of the stars people and he saw me and my friend's friend who worked down there was playing a prank on him. So a double prank was going on.Meanwhile there I was still not knowing what was going on stroking myself waiting for the woman named Candy. All of a sudden I felt a pair of lips press against mine...they were soft and yet different than any woman I kissed before. So we continued to kiss passionately...our tongues began to find each other and make love. Man this was hot my mind said. Still the person said nothing as I fell into the person's kiss. Finally the person's hand grabbed my cock and slowly took over the stroking. It was different as my mind started to ponder but then I was now horny and I didn't care. Then the person's mouth left mine and begin to kiss down my chest pausing to lick and suck my small nipples. The person then kissed, sucked and licked slowly across my belly. All of a sudden the kisses stopped...I moaned don't stop. Then all of a sudden the hand that was rocking me stopped and what I was about to receive was gonna change my opinion about a lot of things. I felt my cock and the person's mouth collide...I instantly arched my back feeling the sensation hit me. Slowly the person's lips slid up and down my cock shaft...teasing my head with their tongue. The person knew what they were doing that's all my mind cared to know at the time. As I felt and heard the sucking and licking my moans filled the room. I was wanting to cum in this person's mouth! Just then the person's mouth took my balls into it and sucked them deep...I almost exploded then! I spoke out to the person..."Please make me cum! I need to! I would soon but the availing of my mysterious person was about to be would I react when I find out that I was getting a hot blowjob from a guy?Anyway I felt my cock come out of this person's mouth and a body slowly move up to mine...I felt something hard cross my cock as the person's body laid on top of me. We began kissing again....tongue kissing until the person pulled the blindfold off of me. There I was eyes to eyes with another man...I looked down to see his cock on mine and I looked up at him again. We paused for a moment and eyes closed as we kissed again. I said to him who was on top of me...make me cum! So our passion exploded as he began grinding and sliding his cock over was so hot as my cock gave into his and soon our balls would rub too. I grabbed his ass as he was really going onto me. Just then he got up and grabbed his cock and mine and began stroking and rubbing them together. Fiercely he pounded his cock and mine up and down with his hands...we rubbed heads several times which drove me crazy. There was my cock finally cumming and then his cock followed was so hot watching his cum spurt all over my cock. Then as his body crashed upon mine again our cum soaked our balls and our cocks...we then once again looked into each other's eyes and then kissed deeply.The double prank was far from and him was just getting started for soon I was gonna get fucked by another man...with his inflatable butt plug soon his cock would opened me up too new sensations and a cumshot in my be continued.