Tales of a Hustler---The Ambush

Life of a hustler was not as simple and gravy as it might appear from the outside. It wasn't always 'wham bamm thank you mamm'---quick nut and a quick $50. Most hustlers went hungry during slow times. Some would suffer withdrawals---either from smokes, or some kinda of dope, In the winter some would go cold, and hungry.These times would cause lots of them to resent to things they wouldn't normally do. Eatin ass, drinking someones piss---were pretty disgusting things for the mostly str8 bois .Even takin it up the ass for some was a no-no---ain't happening. In the summer, long periods of rain could keep you indoors for days at a time. Here at 'Taz House' we were the lucky ones. Due mostly to my success in film, and the high dollar clientele, we lacked for nothing. TV, good food, little junk, closeness of the bois. I paid all the bills, and we had dropped the dues. I did hold on to the tips for the 'house boi', it was only fair. With a weight bench, and a couple of bags set up in one of the rooms, I made sure each guy worked out at least once a week. Keeping trim, and strong kept you desirable on the streets. Our 'territory' was pretty small by comparison. Only about 4 square blocks. Turn over was worse than fast-food. Rarely did one stay past one season—which was really a good thing. Kyle had hung around now for the 3rd season for him. Even Connor had moved back home with his parents, and I think went back to school. Not sure who finally got to him, but good for them.I relied more on Kyle now to handle the new bois. Giving them the speech, and the rules. Somehow he had them calling him 'boss' , and 'yes sir' It was cute I guess. Hell, I think he had them about scared to death, lol. It was one of those rainy days—in fact the rain was relentless. No hanging out today---and too early for the pool halls. We had 7 in the house presently---five of them had his own room, and the last two were bunkin up for now. Mostly just lazing around, watching TV. It was the 'old days' to anyone reading this—video games and internet hadn't been invented yet. It was pretty much just TV, or cards. Sometimes the bois would invite some of the guys from other crews—I mean fuck, we weren't gangs after-all. Some of the bois would just drink all day, or get high, finally passing out before supper. Well, at least they were safe, and inside.An internal investigation had led to the firing of Officer Jamirez, and Officer Johnson from the beating they gave me last year. I got word to them that I had nothing to do with it, and hoped they believed me. I suspected it was Dustin—he never got over it, and never let go. But, I never asked him. His love for his big bro was deep---and never ending. So, anyway, the rain was really coming down now. I think we had a flash flood watch. There was a knock at the door. Tommy jumps up to answer. I heard a scuffle, so I look out the door of my room. Ho fuck ! In come 3 dudes bustin in with guns, “Eveyrbody out---here in the middle” “Nobody plays hero—or your dead” I walk out into the commons, still pulling up my jeans, and buttoning them up. One dude asked who the head fag was. I raised my hand, but explained there aint no fags here—who are you and what the fuck do you want? “Ill ask the questions home boi---str8 dudes selling ur ass on the streets ?? ya—fag”. “Aight”, I continue, so what do you want”? “So you the big dick” “Um do you mean the biggest dick, or the head of the house “ The guy just stared at me—I think it was too complicated for him. “OK, Ill make it easy—Im both” The dude went on with “Ya---I see why they come for you- pretty boy--nice bod homie” “lthanx , but I ain't ur homie” “All right—enough chit-chat. This everybody ?” I respond “ya---4 of us here—one's at work—down at Whataburger” “Good enough. So which one is the best cocksucker” The guys start flashing eyes at each other—fearing they were about to be f o r c e d to service the guys with guns. We still didn't know who they were, or what they wanted. “Im not sure we can answer that—they all do pretty good” The gun dude responds with “not good enough---you 3—you decide who's gonna suck some dick” Ricky held his hand up--”I'll do it, fuck it” The dudes laughed as the head dude pointed with his gun towards me. “Over there fag”. Head dude—stand up—loose the jeans” I did as they told me—so far no one is getting hurt. “Little fuck—get over there, on ur knees.” As I shed my jeans the gun dudes have a few whistles, and cheers---”damm dawg—nice piece. Bet you can do some damage with that” As Rick got on his knees at my feet, one dude walked over and put the butt of his rifle on his back--”aight fag, get the dick in ur mouth—and work him up good. We want to see a hard on in 2 minutes” Ricky grabbed my dick, and swallowed as much as he could. It truly was a big dick. He worked my dick like a hungry dog, getting me boned up—which he did a good job of. I guess about a minute and half I was boned up pretty hard. Ricky came off my dick to show the gunman his work. They were impressed—and then pointed to one of the other guys, and just said “alright—your turn. Tommy came over, and like Rick dropped to his knees, and swallowed my 11' of hard jock cock down his throat. His mouth felt good—velvet like pussy. He grabbed my balls, gently pulling them down, while tightening his lips and the upstroke to my head. I had already started leaking fuck juice—the boi was good.The gunman pipped in again “aight fag—good enough. You last boi—your turn”. Without any resistance, Cole came over, and took his place as the others had. Grabbing my enormous hard on, he licked at the pre-cum oozing out of my piss slit, and then gulped me up down to my pubes. He squeezed my dick head hard with his lips—thinking, I guess as soon as we get this over, the sooner these guys would leave.But it was far from over. As one of the gunman walked over to us, he put his hand on the back of Cole's head, and grabbing his hair pushed down and pulled up as Cole continued sucking my swelling cock. As he laughed he looked at me and asked “Is he doin it right Mr. big cock.”? “Ya” I responded--”he's doing fine”. After a few more gulps of my dick, the 3rd gunman finally yanked Cole off my dick, and tossed him over back in the middle of the room. “So, big cock—who's the best”? “They all pretty good—not much difference” “Naa homeboi—that aint gonna work—pick one”. Each of the gunman now pointed a rifle at each of the 3 bois. “Aight—aight--Kyle--he's the best” The gunman replied with “excellent—that wasn't hard now. So Kyle wins the cocksucker contest. Now—you got two left—choose another”. Not sure where we were going, so I just chose Cole, simply because he was bigger than Tommy. “Ahhh nice choice—like um wit a bit of meat on them, huh “? He motioned for one of the other dudes, and he walked over and grabbed Cole by the throat. “Over here bitch”. He pushes Cole over to the coffee table, and pushing down on his shoulders, puts him on his knees. “Not, lay over the table” Cole lay his belly, the chest on the coffee table, and hung his head over the side, between the table and couch. “Your bois are smart, Mr. Big Dick” I look at the gunman and offer “my name is Matt” He responds with “Well alrighty then Mr Matt. You still got a good hard---now fuck him---fuck him hard”. I hesitate, and then ask the gunman “dude, it's a really big dick. This is 11” here. Could we get some lube—I dont think he can handle it”? He thought for a minute and walked over behind Cole. He bent down some, checking out Cole's ass hole. He smiled, and said “yep—that's gonna be some tite hole” You—little fuck, get some lube” Tommy looks at me, and I say to him “nightstand drawer, by the bed” Gunman motions with his gun for Tommy to go get the lube. One of the other gunman follows him into my room. He comes back with the bottle of 'Slick” --aka slicky juice, and stands behind Cole. Placing his fingers behind Cole's balls, he raises the bottle about shoulder high. He squirts a pretty good trail of lube down to his ass crack, then begins to run his fingers up and down Cole's ass crack. I notice he inserted his middle finger a couple of times to get him well lubed. Good--he's gonna need it.“Aight—that's good. Yo fag boi—you ever took a dick that big”? Cole replied, with his voice shaking “no sir---bout 8” the biggest I ever had.” The gunman lights up and smiles “that's just fuckin excellent—-then you should enjoy the fuck outta this “ ! He flashed his look back to me, and then said "get to work Mr. Matt—and hit it hard". I grab Cole by the waist, and placing my cockhead against his greasy hole, popped it in to the hilt. Cole let out a yelp, like a puppy. I paused for a moment, then rared back and slammed into him again. Not hard as I could, but enough to make him cry out---for the show, and to make that smacking sound on his ass. “Oh that's fuckin good, Mr. Taz—now speed it up——make him cry—or little fuck here gets it.” He had grabbed Tommy now, and was holding a 9mm at his temple. I started freaking out. I step up intensity on Cole's ass, fucking him now pretty hard—in and out about one stroke per second. Cole was whimpering now—I know he was having a hard time taking all of my hard donkey dick. “That's better dude—ya lots better. But step it up—make his ass cry. I whisper to Cole--”sorry dude” and rared back and slammed into Cole in Rapid succession. I hit him hard—like a client, and he started crying out. I must say his ass was awesome, and he was causing me to get close. The gunman pushed Tommy down, and told him to get under Cole, and get his dick in his mouth. Tommy did as told, and started sucking up Cole like a hungry a n i m a l. He motioned for Kyle to come and sit on the couch, and grab Cole by the hair, and plant his dick in Coles mouth. Kyle did as told, grabbing Cole by both side of his head. He rammed his dick in and out of Cole's mouth, as I continued to slam into his ass. After a few minutes, I look up at the gunman, shaking, and said to him “dude, Im gonna cum—it's cumming fast dude” The gunman said “great—pull out and shoot it on him. I did as he ordered, and gave the gunman quite a surprise. As I shot the first rope clear iver Cole's head—it hit the gunman square in the chest. I pulled hard on my monster, and made the second rope fly even more—catching him right in the face. The next three volly's left a trail of thick jock goo all down Cole's back. Cole started crying out again, now him saying “nut—nut—nut”! The gunman was stunned , just looking at my load sprayed all over him and Cole. With no further orders, Cole nutted off in Tommy's mouth—a pretty good load himself, as his goo started leaking out of the corners of Tommy's mouth. Tommy swallowed hard, getting most of the nut down. All that was left was Ricky now—still fucking Cole's mouth like a machine. Finally, he followed suite, and started exclaiming his eminent release as well. The gunman, now composed—ordered him to pull out, and splash in Cole's face. He did as ordered, and squirted 5 shots, right between Cole's eyes. Not as big a load as mine, but it hit hard—you could here it splat. Finally, the gunman got up and walked around between me and Cole. He checked out my load of jizz across Cole's back---5 unbroken ropes of thick jock jizz. He smiled at his buds, and said “fuckin empressive—huh”? He grabbed Tommy by the hair, and ordered him to lick up my junk off of Cole's back. Tommy earnestly did as told, glancing up at me as he sucked up my junk. I think he was telling me he liked it :)Finally the gunman ordered the two back to the middle of the room. They sat down and the gunman ordered me to sit on the floor as well. He waved his rifle at the other two, whom only now I noticed had pulled their cocks out of their fatigues. They were pulling them pretty fast. Both walked over to me, and one voiced “Don't spill it” I opened my mouth to accept the load from the two. Together they both shot into my mouth. The two of them together didn't amount to as much as either of my bois---especially me.Finally spent—the two zipped up. Their jizz was bitter, as I swallowed it down. They had been drinking—lots--it had a whisky taste. Without another word, the three gunman made their way back to the front door. They escaped, and disappeared from the parking lot. The four of us stood around staring at each other with our mouths open. No one seemed to be hurt. No one knew anything to say. I just look over at Kyle and say "mutherfuck dawg---you got some fine ass". Everybody kinda grinned at him. We never found out who the gunman were—and never saw them again.