Tales of a Hustler---Blake

hybristophilia: the fascination to the point of sexual arousal than one experiences towards another that has committed the most heinous of crimes—****, k**napping, murder, etc. or is overall a particular hateful person, like a bully, racist, or career criminal. Through the decades there have been many titles---trick, trade, rough trade,chicken, foot soldier. I guess I've been called them all.Dudes hustle the streets for a variety of reasons. Some say it's just fun. Others have an endless list that basically comes down to money—or other types of favor. For the most part it usually goes down without a hitch. From time to time one side may feel they got the short end of the deal (hence the word hustle, lol) And on occasion, it can get real nasty. That's the tale Im telling you today.This is about the middle of my 'career' as a street soldier. We'll do like Star Wars, then in the next tale, go back to the beginning. I offer this one first because it details what CAN happen when you decide to work the streets. Any of you younger guys thinkin you may want to give it a try, or see what it's all about pay close attention while ur jackin that dick. This story is about 'the one percent'.I had found a pretty kewl bar in the downtown section of Dallas. Kinda dark, and behind another building. It had a back alley entrance door. You pretty much had to know it was there. No advertising, no sign. It was word of mouth and reference. You literally had to meet a current 'member', and then he put ur name on the 'list' to get in the door. They called it simply—the leather bar.Yup lots of dudes dressed up in motorcycle jackets, chaps, chest harness, cock rings—you get the pic. To me that was just a bunch of drag—not really 'into it' I would show up in a tite pair of 501's. Black leather work boots, and a belt. That was it. I had plenty to show off without the need of a cockring to keep me swelled up. I would have a plain white tank top—the 'wifebeater' as it was called back then—but usually had it stuffed in my back left pocket. I just thought it looked 'butch'. Cute word, but I never used it myself. Sometime around the middle of that first summer I learned that in the 'hanky' code that meant you shot a huge load. LOL, well, at least it was accurate .I was hangin up in the 'tree house' It really wasnt a house—more like a balcony built around a huge oak tree. Really kewl—it went up about 3 levels. It was pretty hot in Texas that night---about 90 at 1:00 AM. Leaning on the rail of the balcony, suckin on a bud lite, sweat pouring down from my pits, prolly stunk like a pig, lol.I felt a body come up behind me—only inches from touching me. He put his right arm around me to my face. He was holding a joint. I thought 'fuck it' and leaned forward a bit, and took a long hard pull, I think I sucked down half the dudes joint in one pull. Back then we rolled them pretty skinny by todays average. The dude brought his arm back and finished up what was no more than a blunt. He reached back up, and started rubbing my shoulders as I blew out the smoke and gave a couple of light coughs. He brought his arms around, and started rubbing my belly, from waist to just between my pecs. I loved that shit---it made me week felling big hands on my raw flesh.Finally, I guess testing me, he moves down to my massive bulge, and starts stroking my dick with his fingertips. Slowly up and down, until the rod in my jeans could prolly be seen all the way to Lake Travis.So to get the show on the road, I leaned my head back just a bit, and let out a low pitched groan. I raised my right arm up to scratch the back of my neck, mostly to see if dude would get a whiff of my strong, ripe pit funk. He did, lol. He spun me around, grabbed my arm, holding it up, and planted his mouth rite in it. Licking on the thick bush of my dripping wet pit. I thought he was gonna bust his nut right then. He reached back down to my rock hard boner, and asked me softly “how big is that meat”?I brought my arm back down, and flexed my abs. They popped out like a mountain range. He mouthed 'fuck' barely audible. I simply responded to him '11' “Christ” He said, and then asked “how old are you”? “17” I had for that time period a very high dollar fake ID that said I was 22,lol.You like it down in the back—where it's real dark and shit”. “Ya” I told him. “but lets start out right—I come here for the atmosphere. I just like it. Im totally str8—no bottom stuff. I'll fuck you, or you can put your mouth anywhere you want below the waist”. “OK k I d. Here's what I want. I want you to skull fuck me with that big chicken dick for about 5 minutes. Then I will turn around and you slam my ass with it. When ur done spunkin my ass, the I want you on ur kness, and Im gonna bust, and then piss all over you.“Pretty kinky—but I guess I can handle it” “Good---how much”? I responded firmly “500” “OK lets go” So we proceeded down the stairs, and out the back door. Down the alley a few yards was a dumpster cage behind a resturant. He opened the door and we went in. He closed the door behind us. It stunk of garbage. He handed me the money, and then dropped to his knees. Without hesitation, I pulled out my massive young cock, and as he opened his mouth, I put it in, and went all the way down his throat till his nose was in my pubes. Putting my hand on the back of his head, I went to work, just like he wanted. Fuckin his throat with a full vein poppin 11” cock, I hit it as hard as I could fuck---which was pretty hard. After a few minutes he came off, and asked if he could eat out my ass. I just looked down at him and said “sure”, cause a tongue in my hole just made my dick swell up even more. “I gotta tell ya though—its prolly pretty nasty---been on the streets, and it's super hairy for my age, and haven't had a shower in a week. He just responded—no problem.I proceed to drop my 501's to the ground. Freeballin, so I didn't have to deal with undies—I bent over and grabbed my knees. Dude grabbed me by both thighs, and dived right in to my greasy ripe, hairy hole. His tongue was absolute magic –probing deep in to my hole—munchin my whole crack while tonguing my hole. Fuck how does he do that ??. He picked up the pace, and started lightly grunting—like a pig. I guess he did like a dirty ass :) Suddenly he came off my ass and said in a low huffy voice “I gotta cum” With that he grabbed me by my mohawk, yanked upward and spun me around. I had no time to react—he pushed me down to the pavement, where now I was on my knees. A sudden right cross to the side of my head put me in a daze—ears ringin, and vision blurry. I looked up at him and just said “what the fuck”? Still gripping my mohawk, he pulled me forward, and with three more quick pops to my mouth, b l o o d starting gushing everywhere, It dripped down my chest and belly, and even on to my dick. He knocked a tooth loose. I was in terror. He looked down at me and commanded “now suck it” I worked his head and shaft with all I had. I struggled to stand up, but all I got was another blow to the back of my head. I raised my right arm in attempt to strike him back, but he quickly caught me with his left arm, twisting mine backward and down, to the point I heard it snap. “Ahhh holy fuck dude—what are you fuckin doin”? “Just getting my money's worth k I d”.Still fucking my throat—every bit as 'good' as I had fucked his. The pain of my arm was about to make me pass out—I started getting weak. He pushed down on the back of my head, burying his cock down the back of my throat. I started choking up, and finnaly started to puke up, dripping down his cock and balls. “Ahhh, he said softly—now see—that was just wrong” Without warning, he yanked my mohawk and p u s h e d me back on my haunches into the pavement, with my head now looking str8 up at him from the ground. I never saw it coming as he busted my right eye, and then started pissin in my face, and all over my chest and belly. He pissed forever---must have been a 6-pack all at once. Still struggling, I now was making a concentrated v I o l e n t attempt at escaping. I felt a knee hit me in the stomach. As I let out the best scream that I could, he delivered two more knees to my belly, except in the struggle the last one caught me right in the solar plexis. I gasped as I almost passed out from the pain. He spun me around and shoved my face into the pavement. Jerking my head back and forth—still with a hard grip on my mohawk, it raked the meat off of my chin, and the side of my face. “Ya boi—that is some really fine and tasty hole you got there. I know that shit is gonna fell real good wrapped around my cock” With that once again he yanked back on my mohawk, and shoved two of his long super thick fingers into my ass. He rapidly pumped his fingers in and out of my ass. On finally pulling out, he brought his fist around to my mouth, and gave it yet another pop. As I opened my mouth to yell, he stuck the two fingers from my ass, now covered with my ass funk and juice, and f o r c e d them down my throat. With a few pumps I begin to choke up again, snot started pouring out my nose. He returned his fingers to my hole---this time with three. I was so exhausted that I could'nt eve let out a whimper. He v I o l e n t l y fucked my tite hairy hole with his fingers, as I just fell limp, with no fight left. Suddenly he let go of my mohawk, yanked his fingers out of my ass. He grabbed my waist with both of his huge hands, and with one stroke, shoved his huge man cock into my ass. Mt eyes rolled, as I couldn't do anything else. He started instantly, slamming my ass like a jackhammer. I had no fight, just laying there on the pavement like a prison bitch. Just as I thought it couldn't get any worse—I heard another voice. “What up McKinnly” “Ahh just warmin me up a piece of boi pussy here Johnson”“Dayum—looks pretty fine too. “Looks like he been puttin up a fight, yo” Ya I had to explain a few things to him” “So yo—recon I could get my dick wet in that fine white boi mouth while you heatin up that ass” ?? “Sure man—knock urself out. OR, lol knock his ass out”The relentless fucking of my ass and mouth, now filled with about 10” of thick black cock went on for what seemed like hours. In a daze, barely conscious, suddenly I heard one of them say 'Im comming” Almost in sync I finally felt jizz blowing up my ass, hitting my lower guts. It was warm and gooey, the only good part of the night. At the same time, that big black cock now completely filling my throat, unloaded a stream of jizz with the power I had only seen from me and my lil bro. He filled my throat with hot rancid jizz to the point I couldnt hold it. It tasted like cocaine—prolly crack. It started spilling back out my mouth. Once again snot started pouring from my nose---now mixed with the b l o o d from my beatdown.I could hear the black guy now snickering---”Ya McKinny, that is a fine piece of white boi there. WE could teach him all kinds of tricks” “Ya maybe—he seems pretty tough. But hey—let's get back to the bar before somebody walks buy us wondering what's up with the garbage”.As they both stood up, and zipped up I felt like what seemed one of them un—tying my boot laces. They are some pretty high dollar Caterpillers, so I started kicking, and exclaiming “oh hell no”. That was a bad thing to do. Mc Kinny then rared back his left leg and gave me a very powerfull kick right to the stomach again. I doubled up, clentching, on my side, just whimpering, like a puppy. McKinny responded “Oh, I think so, punk” “come on dawg—let's get out of here”The two started to walk away, but the black dude paused just long enough to give me one last kick to the ribs. I think couple of them snapped.After a minute or so I heard one shout from a distance that if I wanted my boots back, and I though I had the guts left, to come back into the bar and tell me to my face “I want my boots”“We might buy you a burger and beer white bitch”I lay there a few minutes, trying to get my brain back. Not sure yet if I did have the guts to go and claim my boots. I was pretty fucked up.As I lay rubbing my belly and feeling my ribs—they felt sticky. Not just wet from all the piss, but sticky—like jelly. I scooped up and brought up to my face my hand, and staring at it decided it was a big load of nut. In fact—a huge load of nut. The two r a p e i s t had shot on my face, this was coming up from my waist. I looked down and saw that my pants were still open, and my dick still hanging out from when ( I now know) Blake was sucking my dick. Sooooo—was this my nut ?? Had I just popped a nut while I was getting a beat down ??I recalled that day in the sk8t park, when I told my lil bro, Dustin, that only the man in the mirror could declare he was a man. I thought for a moment and decided to at least go back into the bar to clean up my face. I walked past my jeep, and fished out my baseball bat. Sneaking back in the back door of the bar, I slipped into the bathroom to take a piss. As I looked into the mirror at my face, I said to myself ”Hell ya, Im a man”I walked back up to the front bar, and there was sitting the two dudes. I raised up the baseball bat and slammed it down on the bar, instantly getting the attention of everyone nearby. I looked Blake in the eye and said “Gimmie my fuckin boots”He just grinned at me, as if nodding approval. He waved at the bar keep, and he fished the boots over the bar, and handed them to me. I sta at the bar, tying the laces to each other, and then slung the boots over my batterd bruised shoulders. I looked back at Blake, and with a sneer said “where's my fuckin beer “? Blake grinned again, and nuging his black dude friend said something like –damm that white boi does got some balls.As I walked towards the door, I spied a pretty young looking dude at a table with a few others. I tapped him on the shoulder and asked him could he drive a 4-speed. He replied he could, and I commanded him to drive me to a hospitol in my jeep. He jumed up and said “sure”, I think more out of fear than willingness.