Taking Risks - Chapter 2

"Mike, use my shower. I will be there in a few minutes. We have time for a quickie before your dad gets home."Mike was instantly rejuvenated. His cock instantly hardened in his shorts and he nearly sprinted to the upstairs master bedroom and shower. He had pretty much assumed that last weekend's road fuck was a one-off thing and would never happen again. He couldn't believe his good fortune.He had never been in his parents' shower. The floor was smooth pebble and the walls were granite panels. Everything was in a tan and brown color scheme. It had two individual shower heads and one overhead, large rain head. The shower was large enough to easily fit four people if one really wanted to get kinky in there. Along one wall of the shower was a built in bench for Sylvia to sit on when shaving her legs or just enjoy the steam of the shower and relax. He was just finishing up his shower when his mother opened the shower door and stepped in, wearing nothing but a big grin. She flipped the latch on the door. She had it installed to keep the k**s from walking in on her or Frank when they were younger. The glass doors were opaque so all a person could see from the outside was a silhouette.Mike began lathering his mother's body, paying most attention to her nice, round ass and then her massive tits. "We don't have a lot of time, so fuck me hard and fast, son. Your dad will be home in less than an hour."Sylvia's pussy was already soaking wet. Mike lifted her and pinned her to the wall. She guided his rock hard cock to her pussy and he buried it in one stroke. She let out an immediate squeal that could have been heard throughout the house if anyone else was home. Mike started pounding her wet cunt with furious strokes and as she suspected, she quickly built to an orgasm. She let out a never ending stream of squeals and moans as she came and involuntarily clamped down on his cock with her muscle spasms. That sent him over the edge and he unloaded stream after stream of his hot cum deep into her pussy. He let her down gently, but she was not ready to stand on her own. Mike sat on the bench and lowered her onto his lap and his still hard cock. He lifted and lowered her repeatedly as her eyes closed and her head rocked from side to side in her euphoria. She finally regained herself and set her feet on the shower floor and took control of the fucking. She had a series of small orgasms and was close to a massive one again when Frank walked into the bedroom, announcing he was home. Sylvia nearly panicked. She stopped fucking Mike and stood up. "Why are you taking a shower this time of day?" Frank asked.Sylvia thought quickly, "I thought we might go out to dinner when you got home, so I wanted to shower, wash my hair and shave my legs.""I guess you forgot this my once a month night at the club for poker night with the guys." Frank reminded her. "Yeah, I forgot, honey. No big deal. Mike and I will eat something here and then maybe go to a movie. I need you to do me a favor though. I have the wrong clothes for going out with Mike. Go to the laundry room for me and get my sun dress off the rack next to the washer.""Okay, I will be back in a minute." Frank was annoyed, but figured it was the least he could do considering she always took his poker night so well.After Frank left the room, Sylvia hustled Mike to his room. He dried off enough to avoid leaving a trail of water drips to his room on the hallway floor.Moments later, Frank returned with the sun dress."You know I will be late, so no need to wait up for me." He reminded her further. "Yeah, I know the drill. Eat at the club, play cards, drink too much, stumble into bed and pass out. As predictable as my period." she said sarcastically.Frank rolled his eyes and got in the shower himself. Sylvia hated the sun dress, but she was committed to wearing it now. That was the only way she could think of getting her husband out of the room so she could get Mike out of their bedroom. Because of her huge tits, the sun dress just hung on her like a tent and did nothing to highlight her glorious figure. She didn't bother with a bra or panties for the moment. Frank paid her very little attention as he dressed and headed out the door.Sylvia returned to the kitchen and put a frozen pizza in the oven for her and Mike. Soon after, Mike arrived in the kitchen wearing a clean t-shirt and a fresh pair of nylon shorts. He clearly wasn't wearing any underwear underneath the shorts. His semi-hard cock was tenting in his shorts, making an obscene sight. Like mother, like son, Sylvia thought. Neither were wearing any underwear and both were horny as hell. Mike assumed the fun was over as they sat down to eat. His mom suggested they take in a movie and he looked to see what was showing. There wasn't much that either was interested in, but his mother was strangely insistent that they go. They picked one and headed for the theater.They arrived at the theater, bought their tickets and found seats at the back of the theater. The movie they had selected had been showing for quite a while and there were only three of four other couples there sitting closer to the front. Once the movie started, Sylvia lifted the shared arm rest between them so she could snuggle up to her son. He put his arm around her shoulder. He noticed that the shoulder straps were tied in little bows to hold them in place and he played with them absentmindedly. Sylvia rested her hand on his thigh and leaned over to him and whispered that she was not wearing anything under the dress and that once the movie got going and the crowd was complete, he could play with her a little. He smiled and his cock twitched. She felt his cock swell and grabbed a full handful of cock meat and squeezed repeatedly. He untied the bows on her shoulder straps but did not pull the dress down to expose her. "The crowd is small enough, I think I am going to blow you. What do you think about that?" "I think you should get started as soon as possible, so that I have time to eat you and then fuck you before the movie ends."Sylvia pulled his cock out and he slid his shorts down to his knees. She lay over face down in his lap and wrapped both hands around his rigid meat. She wrapped her tongue around his cock head and got it good and wet, then began slurping on it like a popsicle. He tried to muffle his moans to avoid drawing attention to them if the movie hit a quiet part. Mike pulled her top down to expose her huge tits and began squeezing them lustily as she sucked more and more of his cock down her throat. She was sucking hard and he was struggling to contain himself. He continued to play with one tit and reached under her dress to feel her round ass and slip a finger into her pussy. Now she was moaning on his cock as she sucked. Sylvia shifted to her knees in front of him, looked lustfully into his eyes as she again took his cock deep in her mouth and began to suck harder and faster. She played with his balls with one hand as she stroked with the other as she continued to bob up and down with her mouth on his shaft. Mike rested his hands on her head, not to get leverage or to aid in thrusting, but just to feel her thick, beautiful hair in his hands as he watched with love and respect and she gave the most magnificent blow job of his life. He was getting close to cumming and let her know with a little tap on her cheek. She bore down, squeezed his nuts and sucked harder, but with slower strokes. he threw his head back and shot a thick, warm shot at the back of her throat. Sylvia struggled to keep up with his rapid-fire spurts. His cum finally subsided and she lifted her mouth off of his cock and smiled as a dribble of cum ran down the corner of her mouth. He wiped it off as she pulled up her dress. Sylvia took her seat and looked around to make sure no one was approaching and lifted her dress and scooted forward on her seat so that he could easily get to her pussy. He dropped to his knees and she spread her legs and d****d them over his shoulders. Mike wasted no time getting to work on her clit, licking and sucking on it. He slipped a finger into her wet pussy and she was groaning loudly in spite of her best efforts to control her noises. Sylvia put her hands over her mouth and even bit on her finger to muffle her orgasmic sounds. Mike shifted his technique and began tongue fucking her and used his thumb to rub her clit. That was all it took. Sylvia began convulsing in orgasm and squirming in her seat as wave after wave of her cum overcame her. Sylvia slumped in her seat, trying to catch her breath. Mike used a napkin to wipe her juices from his face and took his place next to her as they relaxed a few minutes.Once Sylvia had recovered, he lifted her skirt and pulled her to his lap and inserted his cock into her pussy as she sat on his lap facing the movie screen. As soon as he was in, she let out a squeal she could not control and a couple of people looked back to see her sitting on his lap. They looked at each other, smiled and one pointed back at Mike and Sylvia and said something to each other and resumed watching the movie. Mike had his hands all the way up her dress to play with her huge tits without exposing them to anyone who might turn and look. Her nipples were as hard as pebbles and he tweaked them, intensifying her pleasure as she rode his hard cock. She leaned forward to get some leverage so that she could get maximum penetration and drive back on his cock with each thrust. She grabbed the back of the seat in front of her and pounded back on his cock at a feverish pace. Mike grabbed her hips and thrust as hard as he could to match her pace and intensity. Sylvia came again - harder than before - and gritted her teeth to avoid drawing anymore attention to herself than she already had. Mike felt his balls begin to roil and his cum begin to travel up his shaft and erupt into her pussy as if he had not been fucked in a week. When he pulled out, cum ran down his shaft and down his mother's legs between her thighs. She rubbed them together, smearing his white jizz into a clear film over her inner thighs. She sat next to him and he retied the bows at her shoulders. They left a few minutes before the movie ended. When they got home, they headed for her shower again and cleaned the cum off of each other. It was nearly 11 pm and Sylvia figured they had another couple of hours before Frank got home, shit-faced and ready for bed. Sylvia was ready for a slower, more easy going fuck...on a bed...with a little tenderness...some kissing...and then a good, slow fuck. She got exactly what she wanted. Mike had been gentle and treated her like a lover and they fucked slow and easy for over an hour. Sylvia got off several times and Mike filled her pussy with cum once and was getting ready to unload in her a second time when the front door slammed shut and his dad started climbing the stairs."Oh fuck! There is no time for you to get to your room. Hide under the bed. I'll tap on the side of the bed when the coast is clear for you to head for your room." Mike rolled off of the bed and crawled under it just in time to see his dad's feet stagger into the room. Sylvia had managed to slip on an over-sized t-shirt she normally slept in and pulled a satin sheet up to her waist. Frank fell twice trying to get his pants off and finally managed to get all of his clothes off. He crawled into bed naked. In spite of his drunkenness, Frank had an erection and he pulled Sylvia up close, pressing his cock against her ass. He reached over and grabbed a large tit in his hand and squeezed, tweaking her nipple. She was already in a state of arousal and reached behind her to feel his rigid cock. He was modestly endowed and she had never had any complaints. He normally pleased her and she was willing to make him happy tonight, assuming he would soon pass out and the potential crisis would be averted.Frank mumbled something about wanting a blow job, so she peeled off the t-shirt and went down on him, sucking his cock slowly. She was positioned so that her knees and ass were near the edge of the bed. Mike heard the familiar sounds of cock sucking and slipped out from under the bed at the foot. He looked up and saw his mother's ass and decided that he would up the ante. He knew his dad would not be able to see him, so he rose up and buried his tongue in his mother's pussy, tongue fucking her while she blew his dad. Sylvia nearly panicked, but had no choice other than to go with it. She moaned and Frank moaned. His dad was on the verge of passing out, but was with it enough to maintain his erection and groan with pleasure as he enjoyed getting his cock sucked. Sylvia rarely blew him anymore, so he wanted to remain coherent enough to enjoy popping off in her mouth. Mike ate his mother's pussy with fervor and could taste his cum mingled with her pussy juices. He moistened his finger with the juicy mixture and surprised her by sliding his finger into her asshole. The combination if finger fucking her ass and licking her clit sent her into orgasm and she hummed her climax onto Frank's cock. That was enough for Frank. He shot a month's worth of cum built up in his balls into her mouth and Sylvia did her best to swallow all of it. As she let his cock slip out of her mouth, Frank rolled over onto his side and went to sleep without even saying thank you. Sylvia collapsed on her back next to him. He was facing the wall with his back to her. Mike crawled around to her side of the bed and peeked over the top of the mattress. She saw his head rise above the mattress and grabbed and handful of hair and gave it a firm tug, making him wince in pain. "What the fuck were you doing? Do you want to get caught? It's one thing to have someone see us at the theater. It's another thing to have your father catch me fucking you." She whispered the lecture and Mike just smiled. He looked over at his dad, who was now snoring. He pulled his mother over to the edge of the bed, turned her to face him and spread her legs and shoved his cock into her, fucking her hard and fast. She put her hands over her mouth to keep from waking Frank with her pleasure sounds and her son fucked her hard and fast. She was turned on by the situation of getting fucked by her son as her husband lay next to her oblivious to the whole situation. She came yet again, overwhelmed by the erotic scenario playing out on her bed. Mike leaned over and braced himself by grasping her big tits as he continued pounding her pussy. Mike was getting close to cumming and felt a rather strong orgasm building in his cock and balls. When he could hold back no longer, he decided to pull out and as he did, he stood and stroked until he shot stream after gooey stream of cum on his mother's tits and abdomen. She was surprised at his approach, but enjoyed watching him shoot his cum all over her. She rubbed it over her tits, and smiled at him as he headed for the door and to his room. She wished he would have stayed for another round, but decided she should not push her luck any more than she already had. She rolled over to Frank and started to play with him, hoping to coax another erection out of him and maybe one more fuck before sleep overcame her. as she began to play with Frank's cock, she wondered how she would work out her next mother-son fuck.