Sylvia tries out whoring

We spent some time on the beach. No bikini top can really contain my tits, so I was walking around out there in the sun with most of my boobs exposed, and this bottom that was too small for me. I knew Al liked it, because I could see his erection in his bathing suit. His eyes were just eating me up. What teenage girl would not like that attention from her lover? With all my slutty behavior, I had never done a man Al's age in a motel room. Or anybody in a motel. The whole thing just seemed so sleazy and dirty. I loved it. I had my hand on Al's thigh as he was driving, sliding it up and feeling his boner a little. He was not s*******n, so I knew I could do this stuff without him coming in his pants. This was the fourth or fifth time we had been together since my talk with Rosalie. I liked to talk during sex, and now I was talking to Al."When we get there, baby, I want to suck this thing I'm feeling, Al, shit, I'm dyin' for it. Dyin' to blow you, lover. I love to wrap my tongue around it, Al. You don't eat meat, and your cum tastes so good. Do you like that feeling when you pop right in my mouth? Oh fuck, I do.""This motel thing is making me all slutty. I do slutty stuff baby, I really do, I'm not teasing you. All I want to do when we get there is pleasure you and make you happy. I didn't tell you, but I've been a sex slave before. That means I will do anything, anything you want, I don't care how kinky it seems. You could call up some of your buddies, have them come over here, and everybody could get a piece of Sylvia, and that would be okay with me, but you would still be getting most of it.. I want to fuck your brains loose, did any girl ever tell you that before?"That afternoon at the Sea Crest Motel was a real breakthrough for both of us. I never told Rosalie about some of the stuff.. She said Al would never be part of any pee games? "I got Al in the shower after we had fucked for the third time. I begged him to point his dick in the right direction and to cover me with piss, and darned if he didn't do it. Then he lay on his back in the shower, and I squatted over his face and emptied my bladder on him while he jacked off to the whole experience. I had seen his hard, uncut dick a lot by now, but I never saw it bigger and harder that when my piss was splashing in his face. I had learned Al was a guy who could really last a long time, and then, bounce back pretty fast. Especially for a man in his forties. I had been used to doing teen-age boys, and every woman knows what THOSE boys are like. Sometimes they fucked so fast and came so fast, I just felt like kind of a speed bump to them. They noticed I was there, barely, and just kept going. Almost always, that meant that I was full of some guy's sperm, but I didn't get to come at all. The older I got, the more it pissed me off. Al was not like that at all. Not at all. Rosalie was right. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Al was a lover. He had a really hairy body, and I know lots of women don't like that, but, just like Rosalie's unshaven pubes, his hairy body was a big turn on for me. He had these hairy man boobs. I love man boobs. Sucking on them was a lot sexier than sucking his dick, though, of course, I did him there too. She was right about him being a good lover. . His short, fat dick fit my little pussy just fine, my ass even better. He spent a lot of time with my breasts, went down on me so nice... I was so ready to do both of them. I was making love with Rosalie at my apartment a few times a week, and waiting for her to be ready too. I learned one thing that afternoon. Motels make guys so slutty. You put a perfectly respectable man like Al in there with a s*******n year old like me, and before long he is licking my ass, begging me to piss all over him, all kinds of crazy stuff he would never do at his house. After a while, I was thinking: "C'mon, Al, I'm supposed to be the kinky, slutty one, not you!"Al and I had a great afternoon. Rosalie was right about him and the ass thing. I was happy to give him my ass. He was one of those men who felt better there than in my pussy. He fucked me so good both ways I was walking all funny the next day. Still, it was a good thing I got him out of there when I did.I had never done a fat man before. I liked it. When I was on top...well, I didn't say this to him, of course, but I kept hearing that song "Puff, the Magic Dragon" in my head...I was little Jackie Paper, riding on "Puff's gigantic tail". I'll say I was. Getting fucked and yelling my head off too. When he was on top, it was kind of like Judy on top of me. He wasn't as good a lover as she was, but I had no complaints, really, because nobody else I ever met in my life was like Judy. I've told you about some, not all, of the crazy stuff I did with her, for her, crazy sex stuff she got me to do. I liked Al and Rosalie, but not quite like THAT.When Al got on top, god, he was big, I got the feeling I liked of being pushed so far into the mattress that it swallowed me. These were just my private thoughts, I didn't share them..part of me was not a grown woman yet. Like so many boys and men, he thought because I was fucking him and liking it, that all my thoughts were about him, but it never worked that way for me. I was longing to find the lover I could share these kinds of thoughts with, the silly, goofy ones, not just the super-whore stuff, but I was starting to think I never would. Al was kind of sensitive about the size of his dick. How could I tell him that I really did not give two fucks about that. I thought his "stubby pecker" was the cutest, most adorable dick I had seen in a long time. I wanted to do every kind of kinky thing with it. As I said, when he had it up me, or in my mouth, it was just right. And he knew how to use it, too. It made me happy to get him off. But he was kind of nervous about it, I could tell. As if I was going to reject him because of his size...But there was Rosalie. Things were beginning to stir. She was asking me questions about my time with Al. I had told her I would answer anything, but I wouldn't lie, either."I'm starting to think about the three of us, Sylvia." We had finished a round of love-making, hadn't quite reached an orgasm yet, were catching our breath." I know you're fucking him now, Sylvia. I've never seen this guy so horny. He wants it all the fuckin' time now, a lot more than he did before you came along. "She kissed me and stroked my breasts. "Sylvia, I started having sex when I was sixteen, but I've never had four weeks like this, with you and me so sweet here, and Al standing there with a hard-on every time I come through the door.""Sylvia, can I ask you a question?"Sure""He is kissing you, right?""Yeah, he is.""You are making love with him?"" Yes.""Does he tell you that he loves you?""He is very sweet. He has never said anything like that to me. The only thing he said was how much he loves you. He said he doesn't feel as if he is cheating on you because you and he talked about it.""Yeah, I told him the same thing I told you-Go get it on with little Sylvia for a while. I know you are dyin' for that fuckin' little jailbait whore.(Excuse my language, Sylvia. That is not about you. That is wife language for him to hear. I don't think you are any of that. Well, jailbait, maybe) (laughing)." Just keep the whole thing to yourself, Al. I don't want to know what you're doin' with her, and you aren't gonna find out what's she's doin' with me. Not for a while, Al...""Okay", she said, "Okay, Sylvia, now I'm getting interested.I'm really thinking about being in the bed between the two of you."Rosalie began rubbing herself. I had never seen her do that before."I never thought of myself as the one getting any attention before. I just thought I'd be there with my head in my palm, watching you get it. Now, thanks to you, Syl, I'm thinkin' different. I would like to see Al doin' you. I could touch you, kiss him, kiss your boobs, kiss his dick..lots of kissing. I think I could watch you all kissy with Al, now, though I've got to tell you, that's been a hard one for me. He is going to watch you getting all kissy with me, his dick so hard, and just be there watchin us, with his thumb up his butt. Sometimes. Until I jump on his ass. So now that I know that.....well, let me talk to him about it."" Here's an experiment Iwant to try. I promise I won't get mad. I just want to picture you and him, okay? You and Al doin' some sex. Just tell me about it. I want to see if I can make a sexy feeling for myself out of what you tell me. Okay, somethin' you did with him. See if you can get me to put a finger up or something...""Okay, he took me to a motel out near Ventura...""Yeah? Really?'" He fucked the shit out of me Rosalie, he really did.""Yeah, that's what's been goin' on at my house, too...""He fucked my ass and my pussy...""But especially your ass, I'll bet...""Come over here and kiss me, were so right about him and ass-holes..."Rosalie and I were really kissing now." We stopped on the side of Highway 1. We kissed a lot. He is a super kisser...""Yeah, I know...""I got his dick out. I sucked him a little, but mostly I gave him a handjob..."Did he come?""Wow, did he ever..I got it all over me. It was nice. Rosalie, I wish you had seen it...""Yeah, Sylvia, I would like to see you getting a load from him. I really would like that.""Maybe we can make that happen, do you think?""Yeah, fuck our house, let's find a motel..."We made love the rest of the afternoon. We found some toys that Judy had left me, now that she was going to be a Panamanian mother and house-wife. She decided she didn't need the dildo and the vibrator and the fifteen inch double headed dong, among other sexy toys, so she left them in a velvet lined box for me.Rosalie and I had fun with the dong. We each came a bunch of times. We joked about how we would use it with the three of us. Al had no idea.We went back to that motel three weeks later, to have a our big threesome orgy thing, but it didn't work. Rosalie was really not ready and poor Al couldn't get an erection with two naked women there begging to get fucked. Later, we went out to dinner. We both groped Al underneath the table, and we agreed that there was nothing in Al's pants but boner. We were kissing and laughing and a little drunk and we agreed to try again in a week or two. In the meantime, I would keep doing each ot them, and they would fuck like bunnies when they were home by themselves.In between all the sex, I was trying to finish high school, and keep up with my music. Rosalie, in particular, was taking me to clubs and introducing me to all these artists who were part of experimental music in Los Angeles. Cathy Berberian was a name that kept coming up. She was an American who lived in Italy, but sometimes she came here. Hmmmmm.. She was a singer, a kind of opera singer, but her name had never come up in all my studies. Hearing her, then meeting her, was about to turn my world upside-down.I'm going to get back to you about our three-some, that finally happened, but I want to tell you a little more about musicThrough my dad, I had met and talked to a lot of famous singers and musicians: Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Sarah Vaughm, Andy Williams..lot of 'em. It was 1967, the year of "Sargeant Pepper", the Monetray Pop Festival, the crazy hippie stuff in Los Angeles and San Francisco.It was all over the U.S., but especially here in California.I wasn't into any of that. I was a classically trained musician. I was a musical snob, too. I thought all that rock stuff was so far beneath me.Rosalie introduced me to Frank Zappa. I didn't like him too much, but he did sit down and talk to me about music and stuff. His ideas were interesting to me. He played a weird kind of rock, but he was a music snob, too. His band, The Mother's of Invention, played at clubs in L.A. Iwas really to young to get in those clubs, but Rosalie knew people, and got me in anyway. Somewhere in there, I gave up on my voice lessons, after eleven years of it. Rosalie:" I took music lessons for long time. I was really a student of drums and percussion. The one day, when I was about sixteen, I stopped studying it, and just began to fuckin' do it, you know. Sylvia, every artist is different. I'm not tellin' you how to use your gift. People want to hear you sing, baby. They love it when you get up and sing those Django songs, those Edith Piaf songs, in the lower register of your voice? Honey, you've been working so long on being a colatura soprano, and your teachers hae been pushing that, and I know why, but the other end of your voice is soooooooo beautiful, so sexy....why have you been ignoring that?"Did I mention that I was beginning to fall in love with her?Rosalie kept taking me to clubs, introducing me to people, trying to get me heard. Al wasn't like that. He was more like my dad. He played a lot of music for me that I never heard before. Some I liked, some of it I hated. Then he talked about it. Too much for me, mostly. I really liked Al, he was the sweetest man. We had a lot of sex. I liked that more than his lectures about the history of jazz. Al was a record jobber. His job was to go to record stores all over southern California, check sales for the labels he worked for, refill the racks if necessary, and to try to promote artists on the label to the stores. I learned a lot about night clubs and the record business from Al and Rosalie. Mostly I learned it was run by these gangster kinds of guys. Al wasn't a gangster, but he had to do business with them all the time. They were always trying to squeeze him somehow. His real job was to stand up to these mob guys without getting beat up or even killed. I thought Al was a real "mensch" as my dad used to say.That was a big part of my attraction to him. I loved being a sex slave for Judy, but this was different. Al was out there in the "real world". I didn't call him "master", and he didn't have to put a collar and a leash on me or tie me up or anything like that. I got the same rush that I got with Judy without any of that. He didn't act like a dom to me, though I hoped he would a little more. I would have totally done anything, anything, he wanted, beyond the stuff I did with Judy. I would have whored my self out for him in a minute. Are you k**ding me? He had me dress up in nice dresses, jewelry and make-up to go out with him. He gave me a lot of marijuana and cocaine. When I was with him, nobody questioned my age, ever, even though I was as tall as I am now, one inch under five feet.To be honest, it was hard for me to keep my hands off him most of the time.I wanted to play sex games with him where I had to beg him for everything, but Al didn't quite get that. It was frustrating for me. I was getting laid a lot, but my really kinky side wasn't getting nearly enough attention.I don't know why the three of us had not had sex yet, but I was starting to get quite frantic about it.What I remember best about the sex the three of us finally had together was Rosalie and Al going down on me at the same time, Rosey on my clit and Al on the rest of my puss, and back and forth and all around with that, oh my sweet lord, Rosey kissing on my tummy and Al's mouth on my clit, both of them doing things to my ass with their mouths and tongues. I was high on pot and cocaine, and I just came and came like I was never going to stop.Al must have had a lot stored up in his balls, I don't see how. I was with him two or three times a week, and I always tried to make sure his balls were empty by the time he dropped me off at home.(laughing) He fucked Rosey while I watched, just watched, with my tongue hangin' out. She was raisin' the roof with her legs wrapped around him. After he filled her to the brim ( and a little more), he waited about 30 minutes, and gave me the same thing. Mmmmmmmmmm.......... Even then, it was hard for me to get an orgasm from straight ol' penis in vagina sex, but I sure did that day. He said if Rosey and I would go down on each other, with our pussies overflowing, that that would be a big turn on for him to see, and he thought he would be able to go again. We joked about who was the bigger perv, him for thinking it up, getting himself off by watching us, or Rosalie and I for doing it! But Rosey and I had talked about exactly this kind of problema!It wasn't too long before I was kissing Rosalie with her cum mustache, and she was kissing and tasting me. Mmmmmmmm........ I was hoping that things would move in kinkier and nastier direction, but still: sexy as all get out.That's all I can tell you about that afternoon and evening. It was one of the best days of my young life. I was grown-up enough by now to know that this wouldn't last, and it didn't.Rosalie and I kept our separate relationship going. It made me so happy to be with her, because, she made clear, even though she loved sex with me, she really liked me, too, and even though she was twenty-two years older than me, she didn't treat me like her daughter too much. She treated me like her favorite woman lover a lot. Throughout the year I was s*******n, when I was emotionally cut off from my parents, she was my true friend, my lover, my rock. I didn't get tired of our lovemaking. I never considered myself to be gay, I used the term "bi" or "both", because I found my sexual attraction to men to be just as strong, though formulated much differently.I liked my time with Al, too. loved .....After we had been "dating" for four months, and maybe five or six threesomes with Rosalie-I liked the way they did that, it was a special treat, Al said, like any other treat, we couldn't have it every night.Al began to hint that I might like to try something with him and another man. As I said before, little s*******n year old Sylvia was so taken with Al, that she would have stood on Sunset Blvd in Hot Pants two sizes too small, a halter top, fishnets, a fishing pole and a net for three hours every night! Also, I couldn't get Al to quite go where I wanted to go. So his hint was not even an idea quite yet, but it began to form into one in my mind."C'mon", I thought, "I've had sex with men and boys I hardly knew before.Doing an older man along with Al might be hot. Maybe we'll go someplace cool, different from where Al takes me. Maybe this guy is kinkier than Al is".....all this before we had ever talked about making it a real thing.. Well, the hints turned to talk. Now and Al I were t talking about how I would like to have two men fuck me. I told him I had done it before, but it was always at some party or orgy that I went to, usually with Judy. Except for the other Al(yummy! I thought), the boys were always younger than me and I took over. I had never been alone, naked, in a motel room, ready to fuck some guy I had only known for ten minutes or something. I told Al that I wasn't sure I wanted to do it.Al dropped the subject, kissed me, said he loved me and that everything was fine. I had the feeling, I don't know where it came from, that things weren't so fine at all.Three weeks later he took me to a fancy party that his record label had. Rosalie did not come, so there I was, in a gown, with a ton of cleavage, walking around this party on Al's arm. There were a lot of men there, and a lot of women that didn't look like anybody's wife. Al was walking me all over, introducing me as his "friend" who "is an amazing singer" and "you've got to hear her", but he also had his arm around my waist and sometimes he would stop and kiss me, kiss me so everybody there noticed it. People were drinking something I didn't like, and putting coke up their noses without hiding it very much. People were friendly, I guess, but mostly the men were just kind of "checking me out".I kind of understood what was going on, I mean, I'm sure I was the youngest woman in the room, but still, it felt strange. I don't ever remember so many men doing that"check-out" stuff with me, kind of hittting on me, too, making these jokes, I guess, about my red hair, my boobs and the shape of my ass, with Al, standing right next to me, holding my hand, with a big smile. I didn't know how I was supposed to respond to that. Rosalie was making love with me when I wasn't with Al, and when she talked to me about my body, I felt great, but this was really different. I was getting a lot of attention, which I love, but this party made me feel icky, but I couldn't tell exactly why. Al was very positive about everything, said I had done a good job of making important contacts with all these people "in the business", but he wished "I had been more friendly."I didn't know what he was talking about. We had sex after the party at his friend's house, a fancy place near Laurel canyon. I was upset. I had sex with him but I couldn't come. Didn't even get close. Al was so nice. He was concerned that something was bothering me, but I couldn't quite name what it was. He gave me some really nice pot to smoke, I relaxed. We had sex again about two hours later, and I didn't have any problem coming this time. I felt so good to have him hold me after sex. He was really the best at that.Later, much later, he was taking me home, and he brought up the idea of a threesome with another man again. He made it sound so nice, and I was feeling so lovey with him, that I said yes, I would try it, but he was the man I really wanted to be that way with.Al put his arm around me as I slid across the seat and I got as next to him as I could.I'm a small woman with a big appetite. I had been having sex with only two people for several months. From the age of thirteen,even before I lost my virginity, I was used to having more variety in my sex partners than that. Al and Rosalie were wonderful lovers, that was not the problem. I was the problem.I tried to tell Al about what I needed. He thought I was asking him to find me random men, but that wasn't quite it.When I talked to Rosalie, it was so different.We were talking after sex." Rosalie, I love you so much. You are the best lover. If I say something to you, will you promise not to get mad?""What is it baby? Hell, yes, I'm your lover mama, that is such a fucked way of asking me anything, Sylvia, I'm already mad. Tell me what you want to tell me. If I get mad, we'll deal with it, capiche?"In my life, people, my parents and teachers, had always catered to my brand of bullshit, but Rosalie was having none of it. That, just by itself, carried a huge erotic charge for me. even though I would get all pouty when Rosalie spoke to me like that. Not today."Okay, here's the story. I'm used to having more lovers than two, Rosie. Before we met, I was fucking boys and men....and girls, but not so much...all over town. Rosie, I'm not getting enough..."Rosalie came back, right on the beat:"So what do you want to do about that?""I want some different lovers, Rosie""Are you tired of eating my pussy, Sylvia? We're not married,baby, though I really like you. You are one sexy little girl. I love making love with you. Love it."She kissed me. "Sylvia, let me ask you a question. Do you want more dick? I do, I totally do. We could bring some of that in here,dear, and I'm not talking about Al, either.""Sometimes, I like boys that are my age or even younger, Rosalie, 'cause their cocks are always hard, and I can get them to do what I want. When I'm with Al, I call him "daddy" and he pretty much controls me. That's okay for the time I'm with him, but...""Do you want me to find some young stuff for us, or are you gonna do it?"Wow. She was really talking to me like a grown-up." Let me do it, Rosalie..."" You know I don't care about cock size. Tight muscles and tight asses and a boy who can follow simple instructions and has an idea of how women's bodies work would be the best, honey. I fucking love this, Sylvia. Can we play with that double dong today?"I want you to think back to the story I told you about how Rachel, my little sister, and I lost our virginity to the same darling boy at (well. almost) the same time when I was fifteen, and she and her boyfriend were thirteen? Yeah, that boy. Michael. I'd known him since I was six or seven. We were never serious lovers after that crazy afternoon, but we always kept in touch. Because I was that kind of a girl, we had fucked a few times since then, but I only thought of him in a kind of affectionate way. He had grown up into a boy with a beautiful body, the sexiest ass, but he wasn't super confident. I didn't worry about that, because, as far as he was concerned, I was. I thought he might be the perfect boy to share with Rosalie. Fucking with him was not at all like sex with Al, and I thought Rosie might like it. Unlike Al, he was not very big, and his body was muscular and smooth. This was another situation that wasn't so much about the dick for me. I liked to touch him, to get him naked and run my hands from his shoulders, down the sides of his body, across his hips and his ass cheeks and down his legs as far as I could go. If he was on top of me, between my legs or someplace where I could touch him, I could give myself the sexy shivers doing that. He had these blue eyes that drove me nuts when he was between my legs, looking in my face. Like all boys and men, he was sure I was after his cock. He had a nice cock, and I liked to play with it, but that wasn't quite it for me. I liked to get him in my mouth when he was soft, and make him hard, and I like to see his dick all hard jutting out from his flat belly. He thought I was so slutty because I liked to suck his balls, but that wasn''t slutty to me at all. I just thought he was so cute, and that was part of the sex things that I liked to do with him. I wan't shy about calling him. I asked him if he wanted to go out for coffee. Most boys who know me see that as an invitation for sex. It wasn't always, that was a stupid exaggeration, but this time it was.Michael was sixteen. It had been three or four months since I had seen him. I was sitting in Doggie Diner with him, just talking, nothing sexy. I had forgotten, or maybe not realized, how cute he was from the teeen-age boy perspective. I don't usually respond to 'cute' that much, it's not a big turn-on for me, but! I'm sure he had no idea that I'd been fucking this 42 year old balding, hairy man-and his wife! for the past three months, and I wan't about to tell him, either. Michael liked science fiction and I did too. He started going on about this radio he was building from a kit, and movies he liked. He said he was learning fencing. He didn't care too much about cars and sports, the major pre-occupations, along with pussy, of every hetrosexual boy his age in southern California, and some of the gay boys, too. For once, I didn't try to dominate the conversation. We had known each other for a long time, we had seen (and fucked) each other's nude bodies, and we were relaxed with each other. I began to get that feeling again. Looking at him across the table, half-listening to him talk, I really wanted to kiss his mouth. He wasn't the best kisser in the world, but I felt about kissing the same way I felt about dick didn't have to be perfect to be okay, especially if the "I want to kiss you" feeling came from me. I wanted to do a lot more than kiss today, but my feelings at that particular moment were just about getting him to stop talking so I could get my mouth on his. Even though we had had sex several times, we didn't talk about it much. He brought out a different side of my personality, because, you know, if you read this far, that when I start talking about THAT , I can go on and on. But not with him. I had grand plans for Michael, though, which I did not share with him right away.Right now, I just liked him so much, I just wanted to get a smoochy with him. I restrained myself in the Doggie Diner."Michael, do you want to come see my new apartment and listen to some new music I got?"I didn't have to make my sexual invitation any more explicit than that. First I wanted to kiss. Then other stuff. On the way over to my place, I began to roll some other thoughts around in my mind. This process, I don't know what the word is for it, is sometimes a real delight for me, especially if I'm comfortable with the boy and the stuation, like I was today. A lot different than with Al. We were sitting on the bus, knees bumping, holding hands...I know, it sounds so innocent after some of the crazy shit I had done, but that was fine with me. "Nobody is keeping score" I thought to myself. I put my hand on his thigh, not too far up, and leaned my body against him on the bus seat, and kissed his cheek. He turned his head and put a kiss on my mouth. Right away, the instant he kissed me, I had the strongest erotic pulse go through me. All I could think about was how good it felt when he was between my legs with his smooth body, and I could rock my hips backward and my legs around him, squeeze him a little, feel him respond. I didn't really have the penis-in-vagina thing in my mental imagery at that moment...just the delicious feeling of his body and mine wrapped around each other.I was ready to have him before we got off the bus.Michael was special. In my house growing up, there was a lot of casual, non-sexual nudity. My dad was blind, of course, and who saw what part of whoever was of minor importance to him, my Asberger's sister Rachel would not wear any clothes at all until she was about eight years old. my mom had a beautiful body and between her blind husband and two little girls, she really had the freedom to be without clothing a lot without upsetting anyone. I was the only k** in this weird family who seemed to know what clothes were for, and I was dressed all the time...well, most of the time.Michael is my cousin's cousin through a divorce, or something like that. He was a little bit of a throw-away k**, if you know what I mean. As I was growing up, I saw my daddy without clothes a lot, his big man's penis and all that. I don't remember thinking too much about it, except noting that he looked different from me and mom and Rachel.Micael was the first boy I played "doctor" with, the first penis I touched, the first erection I saw. my parents knew about our "sex" play, such as it was, but they were really relaxed about it, didn't freak out, just kind of tried to re-direct me. Me, in particular, because I was much more curious and assertive about this business than Michael was. I remember my parents trying to explain this to me when I was seven or eight."Deborah, she'll grow out of it...all k**s do this stuff..." Little did he know his darling little red-haired girl would be fucking men more than twice her age when she was s*******n, and enjoying it.All the counselors and shrinks I saw for the rest of my life were convinced that Daddy had abused me when I was little, and I had just stuffed the memory back so far that I couldn't recall it. All I have to rely on is my memory. My daddy was the sweetest, kindest, most loving parent any c***d could want. He never tried to touch me sexually, he didn't make jokes about my body.He was a little detached, and I know I hurt him terribly with that sex thing with mom and Rachel, but, no, I don't care how many **** counselors tell me I'm so slutty because I was sexually didn't happen that way. My mom was a beautiful, sexy woman. She didn't abuse me either, but, to be honest, I'm sure I was influenced by her. "No", I told the counselor, "That's not the same as abuse. Not even close..."The very first penis that I touched and rubbed and played with and kissed! till it was erect, whatever that means for a seven year old boy, that penis was attached to my friend Michael. I was planning to play with that penis again in a few minutes.I liked making love with Michael, even if he didn't rock my world. I'd been having quite a lot of that kind of sex with Al lately, and now, Al was trying to set me up with other men, in a threesome with him, of course, but still, it felt weird to me and I hadn't decided if I was going to really do it yet, even though I had told him I would.I just wanted to do Michael the way we had been doing it, me giving him a blowjob or a handjob so that he could cum fast, something sexy that I could think up to do with his cum to get him really turned on, and , when he bounced back,get on my back, get him between my legs, and just have him ride my little pussy as long as he wanted. I hardly ever came with him, but I liked to do it with him anyway. Is that weird?But today was different. He was on top of me, and I kept having pictures of him and Al trading places while they were fucking my ass and my pussy. I had pictures of Michael fucking Rosalie while I rode her face. I thought about his cock popping out of her and right into my mouth. He was lasting a really long time today, and I was getting excited. I began to feel as if I might come, and then I started coming and I was grabbing his arms and yelling in his face. I am not usually like that during sex, and I had never been like this with him before, but bless his heart, he didn't grab for his clothes and run out of the room. He just kept a steady rythym, not pushing too hard, that was driving me insane.I knew what I wanted, though with all the sex I'd had, I had never spoken to another lover like this:" Michael, you are so good... please, keep going baby, don't stop, don't stop, oh my god...get in my ass, baby, get the lube over there, put some on your cock.......get it up my ass, baby. " I was so overcome with lust,my voice had dropped about three octaves."Oh yeah, motherfucker, in my ass...."Michael wasn't super powerful, but he was a good lover. He rode my ass, and I rubbed my pussy and clit like a mad woman till I came that way."Get back in my pussy, baby, oh yeah come on.."I had never fucked anyone like this, not with all the lovers I'd had since I was fifteen. It was not hygenic, it wasn't safe. In the moment, I didn't care about that. Michael fucked me, switching from my pussy to my ass and back that way untilI had come so many times I was dizzy and was breathing like an asthma attack.I knew I had gone over my own personal line this time. On top of everything else, I came so hard, I thought he must have gotten me pregnant.I gruffly threw him off me."Michael, that was crazy. Get off me, get out of here, go home...I'm not mad at you, baby, I just can't take any more..."And that was the first time I ever said that to anyone.I was out of my mind. I cried and sobbed for three full hours.I grieved for my relationship with both my parents, my sister, Judy, all the selfish thoughtless tricks I had pulled on people, I didn't know what to do about singing, Al, Rosalie or anything else. Now I had just crapped all over my friend Michael after fucking him like a total crazy woman. And I had gotten myself knocked up, too.My life was shit. I was shit.I just stayed there in bed until it got dark, and I didn't turn any lights on. I didn't sleep and I just laid there in the dark until I saw the light break through the window about 6:00 a.m.I didn't do much for the next three days. I went to school. School was not much fun for me now, even though I was and had been an honor roll student since third grade. Judy was gone, and, because of my sexual reputation, I was pretty much shunned.not quite as much as before, because I wasn't the only girl by any means who was having sex, but I was the one who was singled out for the "slut" remarks and insults. It was strange, because there were lots of girls there whose appearance, clothes, and language said "slut" a lot louder than I did. But it was not fun. I looked at the boys there, the football boys, that other girls were gushing about, tried to imagine how it would be to have sex with them...couldn't do it. Couldn't even bring it up in my imagination.Usually, that was fine with me, now, it made me feel even much of a weirdo could I possibly be?After a week, I called Michael to apologize. From his perspective, I had nothing to apologize for. He didn't come right out and say it, he was never that way, but I could tell from his voice: I had given him the fuck of his young life. I was relieved to find out he wasn't angry with me. I got my period right on time the next day, so I thought " Maybe I'm not pregnant after all...."But I was still really troubled. I'm a woman who likes to maintain control. I'm a performer, so even when it seems that I'm not in control, I totally am. Totally. I lost it with Michael, and that hardly ever happens to me. When it does with sex, like this time, I freak out like a virgin who has given it up for the first time. I am sure I am the filthiest whore on the planet. I am sure nobody loves me. I don't know where you can go from already being the filthiest whore on the planet at age s*******n, but I'm sure I'm going to go there. I have a little seizure thing that I've had since I was little, no big deal, if I take my meds for it, which being the control freak that I am, I always do. I had been noticing, with all the sex with Al and Rosalie, that I was getting mini-seizures that only I knew about sometimes now. That was one of the things that happened when I was with Michael that I didn't even want to admit to myself. Without telling anyone, I decided to increase my anti-seizure meds a little. . I decided I had better call Rosalie.A week later I was sitting with Rosalie in a cafe in Huntington Beach, just two blocks from the ocean. I was so glad to see her. I was trying to act like a mature woman who happened to be her lover, so sophisticated about it all, which might have possible if there were any level of maturity in my personality. I was trying to fake it, but I was a needy c***d. I had lost my mommy, daddy and my sister and my best friend somewhere and I didn't know how to find them. Smoking unfiltered Camels, sipping a cocktail she had bought for me. When I was with her, nobody ever questioned my age, even though a club owner had told me (to my face) that I looked like Pipi Longstocking with big tits. I was trying to explain to her about my plan to introduce her to Micheal, assuming that this 42 year old woman wanted a threesome with me and my sixteen year old friend. I hadn't managed to actually bring the subject up with Michael. I was still waiting for the horrible vaginal infection I knew I was going to get from the crazy sex I had with him to appear. I thought that when it did, my sex life would be over. This was another subject I chose not to discuss with my lover.Rosalie wasn't talking about two somes or threesomes or sex at all today. Cathy Berbarian, was a name she kept bringing up. She was performing at UCLA and Rosalie had tickets for us. She wanted me to be excited about it, but I had to fake that. I've had to fake a few orgasms. It always gave me a shitty feeling. Now I was faking again. Rosalie was pretty sharp. I think she had faked her share. She looked at me kind of strangely, didn't call me on my crap right there, but she wasn't real chatty after that, either.She invited me back to her house to swim in her pool and to hang out some...I thought we might have some lovemaking, too, but her mood was a little sour, I thought. "You want me to get in bed with you and a sixteen year old boy? Sylvia, am I hearing your right? That's crazy. People go to jail for that stuff.'..she did that blowing cigarette smoke up in the air thing she did when she was exasperated.'Okay, my dear, this is what I want you to do. Al's gone, he won't be back for a few days, we have the house to ourselves...take off your clothes, go out and jump in the pool. You are wound so tight, baby, so fucking tight..."She stroked my hair and put her cheek next to mine.."I want you to do that. I have a friend who does massages. She is Japanese. She can really do it. She likes to get sexy with me too, Sylvia. Why don't you relax, I will call Mizokou. Let's just be lovers, we got all day. When Mizokou goes home, I want you to to tell me why it would be a good idea for me to take on a sixteen year old boy for a lover..."I know you want me to tell you evey detail again, Tom, do you like to listen to my stories and play with yourself? (laughing)...never mind, I already know you do. That's okay with me, I like to be able to make you feel that way. But this time, I don't know, I'm going to make you use your imagination a little bit.Al and Rosalie had a nice little pool right off their patio. It was all fenced so the neighbors couldn't see much. They were out there butt-naked all the time. I was so frazzeled, I was happy to have a drink with some gin and lemonade and ice, smoke some of Rosalie's pot, and jump all nakey in the pool.I was out there sunning myself, getting my pale butt cheeks a little sun, trying to get all my worries off my mind, not suceeding too well.A stocky Asian woman came over to say hello, She glanced at my naked body as I got up to meet her."I am Mizukuo", she said put her arms around me and gave my cheek a kiss. I had grown up in California, I had known lots of Japanese and Chinese people. Not one woman had ever acted like this. I wondered if she was drunk or something, but she didn't act that way. Rosalie was laughing."Mizzy, tell her, come on..."" I didn't mean to startle you. I am Japanese, but my family has lived in Brazil since my grandfather came there, so I am more Brazilian than Japanese. In Brazil, that is how we always say hello, with a liitle kiss. Do you like it?" As I got older, I began to treasure those kinds of moments."I am going to give Rosalie a nice massage. If you like, you may come and watch, or if you wish, enjoy yourself in this lovely pool...I think that a massage would be good for you , too, if you want.."She touched my neck and shoulders."How old are you?""s*******n""I can feel, just one touch, your body is too tense for someone so young.. Please, if it is okay with Rosalie, will you join us? You are not embarrased to see her without clothing? Do not worry about me. I have seen the bodies of many, many women."It was so subtle. Rosie was on her tummy, then on her back. Mizzy was very throrough. I was there, watching, looking at a magazine, thinking about my own problems, when I heard Roslaie's breathing hit another pitch. Mizzy was kissing her breasts and fingering her. It happened so fast it was like a magic trick. Mizzy spoke to me:" If seeing this is exciting to you, you may touch yourself. I will not be offended or embarrassed. This is so healthy for a woman's body. She is not having to please a man now. Rosalie, it is so different, yes? Men in Brazil are lovers, with their hard dicks all the time, but many Brazilian women like to get away from them sometimes, and have lovely moments like these. It's just so good for our minds and our bodies..."