Swingers Delight

Unlike us they were more old hands at it, our surprise the patients and understanding they showed us. Our comfort grew with each meet but of our behalf we were very active sexually and coved most things a couple could do together. That said butterflies filled our hearts at the start of each play dates. This was no exception, they arrived and she made a beeline to me kissing my mouth hard but sensuality. Such thus far was reserved to far into the night, my Bi cherry ripe and many years awaiting yet not savored. I could feel our husbands eyes upon us and the moisture gathering between my legs as her hands slowly slipped down the grasping my ass. The was no pretense as she was bisexual , in fact they both were. But their willingness to plat straight was clearly stated on their profile nor our connection would of never come to be. I remember her biting my lower lip not allowing me to go anywhere, if she only knew how much I wanted to be exactly there her efforts would of been better placed elsewhere. But playing the part I tugged at her hold, her release only coming with laughter. Turning around I noted our boys fully agreed, the swollen cocks about to bust out. I wasn’t the only one as she made her was to husband freeing his cock and taking it into her mouth. Slow maybe, dead not as I took hers in the same fashion working over his fat manhood. We slowly worked our way to the bedroom leaving a trail of clothing behind up. Worked up it wasn’t long before my first climax shuttered throughout my body. He was quick to take full credit and I do tip my hat but that kiss, her touch and the smell of her hair still rang loud with me. I looked over, her pouting breasts shifting up then down as my husband has his way with her. By the sounds she wasn’t far behind me, oh to taste those delights of her cum filled pussy. My attention now split as an offering of his hard cock still covered in my nectar, at least one pussy that I know it’s taste well. If it’s worth doing then it’s worth doing right as my full attention turns to his purple monster. A bit bigger then my husband and learning to get it all down my throat remains a process but one I’m willing, his loads moans of approval stands as proof. Just then I feel a hand to my backside, I know his touch so well. I shake my butt ass a hint to get to it, fish on the line he slips two fingers inside of me. As I take my borrowed cock in my mouth my ass is filled similarly over and over again. The pace only broken when my husband leans in and asks if that cock taste good. As a sign of our light spirts I take his cock from my mouth aiming it at him. My second orgasm bursted on scene when he actually took it in his mouth! I was dumbfounded with joy, that and now my own fingers attacking my pussy. Eyes peeled looking on as I’m joined by the other female. Light heartedly she claimed to of known it all along, somehow she could tell they wanted eachother. At least I think that’s what happened as just then she pulled away my hand from my primed pussy replacing it with hers. It was like she was reading my mind, know the how, where and when. Then again I don’t think there could be no wrong at the as they sucked eachothers cocks. What didn’t become clear until after I came again I was now fingering her pussy. Bringing my hand to my mouth I sucked off the sweet nectar, heart pounding I feared passing out. A second attempt was stopped by her, taking ahold of my hand and diverting it to her mouth. She kissed me again, the taste of her pussy in both of our mouths. My nose in heaven buried in her hair and she whispered that it was time to go directly to the source. After nearly forty years of waiting I had to be reminded how much I wanted to eat pussy, a shame I’ll never live down, but something I can now work to make up for. I placed my hands on her knees and as they slipped upward my hungry mouth moved closer. By the time I reach the cup of her breast I was nose down into her. For my sake or other reasoning she was moaning loudly, I only took credit as she warned of her cumming just seconds before she did. It was sweet and plentiful which I couldn’t get enough. But that would have to wait as our husbands had been now getting their eyefuls and now our hips in their hands. Close enough we kissed as the boys plowed us from behind, we stopped when the to cum overtook us both again. Getting her though it my husband now took control. Telling me to stay, for her to lay in front on me and as for the other husband to now switch holes. A pussy in my mouth and a cock in my ass was just what my husband had been hoping for, funny enough me too!