Swim party

Looking at the window on my deck, I had four neighbors wives with their daughters, my wife and three of her friends and their daughters. Of all the women, I had only had the opportunity to look inside one of their panty drawers. They were all busy drinking wine, eating and swimming. I snuck upstairs. Their were three bedrooms that were full of their bags that they had brought and more importantly, full of their clothes that they changed out of. My cock was beginning to rise at the thought of exploring, as the excitement grew.I had to remember what everyone was wearing so I could put panties to faces. The first bag I grab belonged to Shannon. She was a 46 y/o mother of two that had recently decided to take care of herself again. She had amazing tits and now that I had her bra in my hand I saw that she was a 38C. I dug deeper into her bag and retrieved a pair of nylon, pale blue bikini panties. First move is to always bring them to my face and inhale. They smelled sweet and smelled like her. I quickly wrapped them around my cock and gave a few strokes, they felt amazing on my cock. My cock was dripping, so I deliberately smeared some of my precum into the cotton crotch panel. I could have exploded in them but had so much more to explore. I carefully replaced her items and moved to her daughters backpack. She had just graduated earlier that spring and I had watched that body. Her perky titties were 34C and pulling out her little shorts, I found a tiny, black lace thong inside. I looked out the window to see her in the pool as I enhaled her scent; sweet like her mother.The next bag belonged to Cassie, who was Meghan's daughter. She had worn a sports bra under her shirt which was disappointing but her lacey panties were soft and smelled amazing. My cock was leaking cum and I smeared some into her sports bra. To my surprise, as I was rooting in her bag, I brushed across a familiar feeling item and pulled two condoms out of her bag. I looked at the window and saw her bouncing in the pool in her skin tight one piece suit. Some boy was getting very lucky, getting to explore that tight body.I grabbed her mom's bag and opened it up; her scent hit me. She always smelled great and I always inhaled her scent everytime she hugged me. Her silky blue bra read 34B and I could just image her hard nippled in that satin material. I dug deeper and found her matching panties - satin front to covered her pussy and soft lace ass panel. I wrapped that material around my cock and began to stroke. I looked out the window and saw two of girls getting out of the getting out of the pool, water dripping of their tight body and tits and it was too much. My cock erupted into Meghan's panties. While it felt amazing, it was not planned and now her panties were soaked in my cum. I couldn't steal them, because she will want to know where they went to when she changes.I quickly licked my cum off the front of her satin panties. But they were still wet. I looked quickly out the window and ran to the bathroom. I turned on the hair dryer and for the next 4 minutes, I ran from bathroom to window as I dried her panties and made sure they all stayed outside. Finally dry, I tucked them back into her bag; hoping she wouldn't notice they were a bit stiff and crusty from my dried cum.......but part of me hoped she knew. I wanted to explore the rest of their bags but I heard the sliding door open and knew my time was up. But it was a success, knowing what some of the women in my life wear under their clothes.