Sue's Journey

I first met Sue on an adult chat room. Sue lives in another country and time zone and is a sweet and lovely lady. She is a middle aged wife and mother. I like her very much and we quickly became close. We exchanged many emails and some pictures of each other. Soon we were corresponding on a regular basis. I looked forward to hearing from her and she said that she feels the same way. Our conversations were always very erotic and we explored a number of topics.I soon discovered to my delight that Sue had exhibitionist fantasies as well. I encouraged her to masturbate frequently as she imagined them. I suggested that she try flashing with no panties in a 'accidental' upskirt situations. To my surprise, she did it and quickly grew to like it...a lot. She would flash her hairy, married cunt in the park to strange men and also even flashed on the train. She soon was doing it nearly every day and would relate back to me the reactions she received. The fact that she was a nice respectable married lady, made doing such things even more exciting for her.Sue progressed quickly with her exhibitionism and even let some older men touch her pussy while she flashed. At one point an older women saw her flash her cunt and scolded her about it and asked is she had no shame. Sue laughed and told the woman that she should try it before condemning it.I was both surprised and thrilled with how bold Sue was becoming. Being a woman, she could get away with much more exhibitionism than a man could.Our conversations expanded and I told her about gloryholes and adult theaters of which she had no experience. I told her about how they worked. She seemed interested but understandably nervous. She found an adult theater nearby and I convinced her to just go inside and have a look around as they typically sold toys and DVDs and often were very welcoming to ladies.Sue did this and she said that there was a very lovely lady and to counter who explained how things worked there and pointed out to Sue that there is a theater in the store in which ladies are admitted for free.We discussed it and she agreed to try the theater on Saturday when she was supposed to be out doing the grocery shopping.Sue parked her car and took off her bra and panties so she had nothing under her dress. She had unbuttoned the top and bottom buttons of her dress as well to send the appropriate message. The kind lady at the counter reassured Sue that she was out there for her if she needed anything. Sue told me she was so nervous that she was shaking when she entered the dark theater and sat down. There were about a dozen men there. I had told her that women are rare there and most men are bisexual and there to suck each other. This proved to be true and Sue saw some of the men sucking each other.A couple of men sat on either side of my nervous friend. Another man had lifted her dress and began eating her married cunt. She came almost immediately. Before she knew it she was stroking the two men and soon after sucking then. I had not expected her to go so far so fast but she told me she ended up sucking and even fucking several strange men! I was very impressed for a first time and for a lady who had not been with a man other than her husband for many years.She thought it had only been a few minutes but when she left he little theater with semen on her dress and face, it had been over an hour. The lady smiled and offered her a tissue as she told her that it looked like she had fun in there!Well Sue was hooked and went back to the theater several more times. She was much less nervous now and even got fully undressed and masturbated in front of the men in the theater much to their delight. She sucked and fucked nearly all of the men there too. Sue noticed one man there who all of the men seemed to like because he had a particularity big cock. She fucked this man and she told me it was incredible. She had never had a cock so big and it was amazing.She went back to the theater a couple of more times and became friendly with this man. His name was Bruce and he was married too. His wife believe it or not thought his cock was too big and did not like sex that much. So Bruce ended up in the theater getting sucked off and now he was fucking Sue.Sue arranged to meet Bruce during the week as well as they worked near each other. They fucked in the car park on the hood of his car as well as several other places. Sue loves his big cock and she get so wet thinking about him. She love to tell me all about how hos bog cock felt inside of her and the several big loads he gave her. Of course, I love to read about it!To be continued