Step Mother – Part 4

In this part the story is about their new life in next part you will have too many other real life emotional turns and bumps in the story. Please wish good for these lovers that their life remain happy for ever after. I am not sure how many parts yet to come. Keep enjoying. Do not forget to give comments at bottom and by email at [email protected] first day in the city of Ahmadabad was very hectic; night was very romantic. After their long love making early morning another day, once again they took rest for an hour or so. As discussed earlier, they were ready for temple. They have a pooja room. They have brought their vaishnavi sewa. Today they both performed the “SEWA” to gather. After Raj-Bhog they settled before God. Both had good prayer before God. Mangal Sutra and anklet were put before God while praying for their togetherness forever.Later Prakash did put the Mangal Sutra in the neck of Jaya. Jaya had tears of happiness in her eyes. Jaya could not say anything. She extended her leg towards Prakash; he fixed both anklets in her legs. They finished remaining rituals of “SEWA” and finally they bowed head to toe to God together with their heads touching the floor. They stand up united. Jaya looked at Prakash and said you are such a loving and caring man. I never thought you could be like this.Prakash held her hand and said, come on sweet heart let us go for temple. When Jaya walked the house became live with the music of silver bells of anklets. Jaya was wearing beautiful rich quality sari. It was a tie and dye quality on pure silk. Jaya looked five years younger in it. Prakash was wearing Kurta and Churidar. They looked like newly wedded because Jaya’s henna painted palms and lower arms were prominently visible. Her new pair of sandals confirms it more.When they reached to a famous temple, all men and women were looking at them with regards and gave them way to go ahead for darshan. Here too they to gather bowed head to toe with head touching the floor. The priest gave them prasad. On return from temple both gave twenty rupees to each beggar sitting in the row. They blessed them for happy married life and prosper with k**s and prosperity.When back home, after lunch they were laid in bedroom to gather. They were in bed room dress. Jaya was in single piece of two piece gown with no bra and just panty on. Both were kissing and caressing each other; showering love over each other like newlywed couple.Prakash remembered blessings of beggars. He was facing Jaya he raised himself a little, looked at her and started caressing her face and playing with hair springs of Jaya. Prakash said, darling what protection should we use?Jaya’s face became pale. She was unable to swallow her saliva. Her mouth became dry. Prakash thought did he hurt her feelings or what. Did he ask anything using wrong words? Jaya raised her hand and started caressing face of Prakash; she was doing it to hide her emotions. She held his neck with his one arm and pulled him down. Prakash fell on her with his face nestled at her neck.Their cheeks were getting caressed with each other. Prakash felt her tears touching his cheek. Prakash didn’t move he started caressing her head and hair. He kissed her on her neck. Slowly raised his head and started kissing her cheek. He looked at her and said don’t worry we do as you wish. Jaya started sobbing while crying aloud. It was difficult for Prakash to calm her down.He tried to calm her down by embracing her, caressing her, showering kisses and smooches on her, using nice words like my sweet darling is strong etc. When calmed down little in his embrace. He told her sorry let me bring water for you sweet heart. He went in kitchen and brought glass of water for her.When calmed down, she said that her uterus was removed while delivering Maya, due to complications and this was the biggest reason for her dejection by first husband. Now it was Prakash’s turn to have tears and sob. Jaya calmed down Prakash the same way he did to her. Prakash took her palm and looked at her henna painting. He kissed her palm. He was doing this to control his emotions. He kissed her fingers. He searched his name in painting and kissed there too.Prakash took the glass back and put it aside. Jaya was sitting in the bed with her back resting on head board. Her legs half spread. Prakash went little away from her. Prakash took her one leg in his palm and started moving her anklet up and down to make sound. He raised her foot a little and lowered his head to kiss there. He took another foot and kissed her foot and anklet too. Jaya started playing with his hair.Jaya pushed him to make him lay in bed, when laid she went closer to him. She raised his t-shirt and kissed his tummy. She caressed his tummy and then caressed his belly button. She kissed on his belly button. She pulled down his pants. Prakash opened it properly and removed it fully. She looked at his torso. He has already made tent over there. She caressed him over there along with his jockey knickers. It jerked at her touch and the tent became more prominent. She pulled down his knickers.Jaya started caressing his manhood. Prakash laid himself properly to enjoy the pleasure being showered on him.Jaya brought his cock head before her mouth and kissed it. She started tongue its tip. Prakash was pleased to have such treatment. Blood rushed to his organ and made harder than ever. Jaya’s hair was sometime getting lowered in front of her face obstructing her view. That was making the view very sexy for Prakash.Jaya use to adjust her hair, and while doing that she uses to see at Prakash and gives him a cute smile. Sometime Prakash uses to adjust her hair. Things were getting out of control for Prakash. He could not decide whether to finish in her mouth or to go for missionary or doggie. Prakash raised himself and started caressing Jaya; he said darling let me take charge. Jaya was ready to oblige. She disengaged herself from cock service.Prakash said darling today I want to come from behind. Jaya removed her single piece of nighty and panty. Soon Jaya came on her fours with her ass projected for Prakash. Prakash started caressing and kissing her ass mounds. He aimed himself behind her. He petted Jaya to lower her ass. Prakash slowly started caressing his cock head on her opening. Jaya moaned hmm. Prakash said what happened, I have yet not entered. She said I like it very much. Is it so? Prakash asked.Prakash started caressing his whole shaft on the full length of her slit. Some time caressed his bulb. Slowly he started pushing the bulb in, some time pulling the bulb out. This was making Jaya crazy. Soon she was about to cum. She lay flat on bed with her front pressed in bed and ass little raised. Prakash again adjusted his cock from her back and started playing with her slit with cock head. She was again moaning due to lot of pleasure.After giving ten to fifteen long hard strokes Prakash uses to give four five small strokes and tried to touch her g-spot with cock head while giving slow strokes. That time his cock head uses to touch her g-spot as if caressing it. This made Jaya to miss the edge. She climaxed with a sudden jerk in her body making her shout his name and fell on bed with her front entirely flat. He was still deep in her. They laid like that for quite a long, disengaged to embrace again from front cuddling tight side by side. They drifted to small nap for some time.When they were awake, Jaya started kissing his face, she said, Prakash darling, I feel so sorry that I cannot be mother of your c***d. But, believe me, I will find out way to have your successor, otherwise I cannot live with peace in this or the other world ever. Lastly both indulged in lot of kissing, smooching and caresses. However Prakash made her to understand that we will discuss it when necessary. Both showed lot of love for each other and decided to forget the matter for time being.=========Their routine life settled very well after few days. Every night was their journey to the eternal happiness. Prakash and Jaya both felt like having great time. Their happy life at home brought progress due to his increased efficiency. Their romance brought happiness in their life, which brought glitters on their face.Prakash took utmost care of Jaya. Prakash and Jaya use to move in the city every day after Prakash come from office. On holidays they use to spend whole day in malls and theatres. They visited nearby water parks, gardens, zoo and also places of worship.One day in their bedroom, when Prakash was making love to Jaya while laughing to gather for his recent rise in his company. Jaya caressed his face and caressed his strong shoulders and said my darling is very strong to take any responsibility. Prakash was buried deep in her; his fat cock had become stronger. He caressed her face and kissed her cheeks one after another.Prakash said my progress is due to you. Had you not been angry on me that morning, I would have never come to city for further studies and could not have progressed like this. All my progress is your gift to me. Jaya caressed his bums and said, and I too would have never been happy like this. My life would have confined in the small village as a unlucky widow.Prakash remembered Maya, daughter of Jaya, step sister of Prakash who was innocently route cause of everything. Prakash’s heart was filled with pleasure filled positive memory of few days of his togetherness with Maya. He showered more love over his lover Jaya. Showing his affection and concern he asked Jaya. What is the latest news about Maya, you have never talked about her with me.Jaya’s facial expressions changed, she became little gloomy. Prakash keeping his movement inside intact lowered his face and started kissing Jaya. He held her face and said, sorry darling I again touched some wrong subject. Forget other things darling. I know she behaved very badly and rudely when his ex-father came to our place to stake claim for possession of Maya.I know lastly she was behaving as if my dad is his real father and you are her step mother. She gave you bad reputation in society. But after all she is your own daughter and she is our responsibility. Prakash, I don’t want to remember her. She never came to meet me after that. As her mother I have passed time like a mentally ill patient remembering her.The last blow on my mind was when she did not invite me to be present during her marriage. When we left our native, I came to know that her father in law died and they have not paid dues of creditors and now vanished to some unknown place. Darling, I am her mother; my good wishes are always with her. I have still preserved wedding gifts for her which I purchased specially for her when I heard about her marriage.In case if she is in any difficulty and comes to us for help, I will sure love to be helpful to her. We cannot do anything till she doesn’t meet us and say something. Jaya caressed his face and with her arms around him pulled him to her and gave nice upward strokes and said I am sure my lover will be equally glad to be helpful to her.Prakash gave strong strokes to her and started licking her boobs one after another. While sucking boobs he said, darling never worry about it. I will prove myself when needed. His sucking and his kind words made Jaya to convulse very strongly with her legs moving on bed here and there while giving upward strokes to meet her lover’s powerful strokes.Prakash sent spurt after spurts of his baby making juices with highly active sperms, which cannot prove their worth in this womb. While making love as after play, while caressing her lovingly, he said darling I want to know about all such pains if you have hidden them in your heart. Both embraced each other tight and fell asleep after enough of play in after glow.They purchased a small car. She learnt driving. They never visited their village. Jaya’s style of living and her standard of adorning herself brought changes in her to the extent that, if anybody come from village may not believe her to be Jaya. Prakash use to teach her many new things. He subscribed for female and fashion magazines for her study to improve or correct where ever she required herself.Jaya’s skin colour changed. Glow on her face increased. Same things happened in the life of Prakash, he was no more a simple young man. He started looking like an executive. He was entrusted more responsibilities in the company. Though he was not Managing Director, owner of the company started taking his advice in all managerial and corporate matters.Prakash never introduced Jaya in his professional circle. Looking to his age everybody thought him to be a bachelor. Their residential area was also very posh they mixed with people up to certain level, where they cannot indulge in their personal matters. Everybody use to call Jaya by her name and Prakash with his name.Years started passing fast, many years passed like a dream. They also lived a life others can just dream and can never enjoy. Jaya was some time worried about future of Prakash. On one side she used to think that she will soon be crossing her hormonal changes phase. On other hand she was worried about not having a successor to Prakash. She thought for his marriage but that was going to make her future dark and zero.Once she decided to talk to Prakash. Prakash, don’t you think you should get married? Prakash took her in his arms. Prakash responded are we not as good as married? What about your successor? Jaya responded. We will discuss that at proper time, just now I am happy with you and your love. He also warned her for thinking anything otherwise. The matter was forgotten.==========One day Prakash while love making with Jaya found a lump in her left breast. He tried to observe it more by locating the lump properly and and than press it. Jaya shouted with pain. Prakash was panicked. Prakash told Jaya that tomorrow we have to go to doctor and get this checked. Jaya said, it is nothing, you are unnecessarily making the things complicated. This lump is there since many years. It has never pained. I don’t want to get it checked. It pained because you pressed it more.Prakash knew well how to convince her. He said if it is like that, then don’t worry. I was worried unnecessarily. He started making love to her. He caressed her boobs again and started licking both boobs one after another. Both were about naked. Jaya’s nighty was opened from front, she was not wearing bra or panty beneath. Prakash was wearing his shorts without anything under it. While licking her boob, he was caressing her face in between and looking at her face.Prakash slowly started going downward. He kissed her belly and caressed her curves on sides. Prakash said, since last many days we have stopped yoga, darling don’t you think, we should restart it soon? Hmm, darling I know; while seeing me in yoga dress you become so much romantic that you start caressing and kissing my curves on waists, hip and thighs. So while kissing me there you remembered your morning quota. Now you again want that every morning?Prakash said have you any problem with that darling? Jaya caressed his head and hair, she said, of course I too need my morning share. But getting up early for that after lot of love making like this at night it is really difficult. Prakash caressed her curves and kissed her on her waist and then thighs. His face moved on her curves. Prakash caressed her thighs while licking her hips. He said, Jaya you are poor about size of your hips, but I feel lucky to have such perfect slim and trim figure.Prakash reached to her heavenly treasure of golden gates to heaven, Prakash started kissing all around her triangle. Jaya started caressing his head and pulled his one palm to lock her fingers with his. Jaya widen her legs more to let him give her more and more pleasure to which she is accustomed now, but she everyday feel something new in the way Prakash do it. Prakash started licking all around but still little away from her slit.Prakash widen her lips and took her labia majora in his mouth and sucked them, lot of saliva falling on her while sucking it. Jaya raises her knees upper side keeping her feet touching the bed; that makes her ass go little up. This makes easy access for Prakash. He widened her lips little more and pushed his pointed tongue deeper. Hmm, hmm was the only she can murmur. Prakash touched her clitoris with his thumb and pressed it inside.Jaya was becoming crazy; she pulled Prakash as if saying “come over me”. Prakash came over her but her thumb fixed on her clitoris making her move her head left and right. She was uttering small sentences, hardly one can understand. Prakash understood without saying anything. He adjusted himself on her and held his cock to start caressing her opening with his bulb. He pushed in harder to reach the inner depths of heaven.Once deep inside, he started pleasing her clitoris with thumb and cock inside pleasing her cavity. Jaya was moving her head with excitement and pleasure both at a time. Jaya was shouting, Prakash, Prakash, Prakash. He increased his pace to make her reach new height. She was reaching the climax fast and coming back as if could not cross the finish line.Prakash was trying to hold his climax expecting her to climax first. Prakash this time continuously gave long strokes for longer period, at the same time from clitoris he made his thumb go inside and directly touch her g-spot. That’s it. She crossed the finish line and could not hold, she locked Prakash in the confinements of her arms and legs. Prakash sent spurt after spurt of hot juice in her womanhood. Both spent and fall on each other.They had a small nap after enjoying after-glow of their mammoth hot sex game. When they wake up, Prakash was caressing her face, looking at her face and half of his body resting on hers. Prakash, asked Jaya are you really happy with me? Jaya caressed his back and said, how can you ask me such question? OK, leave it. Tell me have you full faith in me? Jaya said yes why not? If you have faith in me tomorrow you have to accompany me to doctor. OK, my king, I will be with you when ever you say.Next day after getting her checked by a gynecologist they were referred for mammography and later to sonography it was confirmed that she had a lump in her left breast and a sample with needle is to be taken out and send for pathological tests. The reports were in hands of Prakash the other day, but he didn’t tell it to Jaya. He himself went to Oncologist and discussed with him the matter.It was confirmed that she was having breast cancer and it was may be of second or third stage. Doctor told him to come with Jaya after four days because he was going out of city for two days and next was Sunday, so he asked him to come on Monday. More details can be decided after we go for mastectomy. Prakash didn’t say anything to Jaya and wished to let doctor say her everything on next Monday.==========After couple of days Prakash came home with a young woman clad in a beautiful sari. Jaya was astonished to see the woman with Prakash. Her face became pale with negative thoughts. Many thoughts were coming to her mind at a time. She thought her to be a lover of Prakash. She thought her to be a colleague of Prakash. She thought her to be college girl friend of Prakash.She thought about its consequences and also thought about how to face the situation. She thought how to misbehave her also thought how to behave well on surface and then plan something big. Prakash lead the woman to living room. She was looking around the house with exclamation and excitement too.Jaya asked her own mind, whether she is thinking to be owner of this house, that is why her expressions are like this. While sitting on sofa, she said, the house is really beautiful and posh. Yes, we shifted to this house recently otherwise we were staying in rented house. Prakash also took place on the same sofa. Jaya was still in two minds, let them sit alone or sit here to keep watch on them.Prakash looked at her and said come here and sit, he pointed at the sofa opposite to them. Jaya thought, he has decided my place too! Jaya was angry from within and frustrated. She didn’t sit there; she said will bring water for you. She rushed in kitchen. She heard them laughing behind her as if making her mockery. They were saying something to each other but she could not hear them.They were laughing and talking like long time lovers or friends, and still she don’t know her! She heard their laughs with claps, as if both sharing claps giving in each other’s palm. My doubts are real and not imaginary, she thought. She wanted to cry and burst out aloud, she could not do it. She took one big napkin and put on her face and started crying, she can not hold her cries well. She started crying heavily.Her heavy cries were muffled in the napkin. She was unable to stand, she sits on dining chair. She put her head on table. She was crying so much that her nose started running. She was now sneezing and crying both. She tried hard to hide her cries and sneezing in the napkin.When Jaya took too much time, they both came towards kitchen from living room. They were both worried about Jaya’s crying. They sat next to her and Prakash started caressing her. Prakash said, what happened, why you are crying like this. Jaya wiped her tears and stood up. Prakash held Jaya with his arm around her neck and said, come on you need not bring water, come in living room.All three settled in front room. Prakash was sitting alongside of Jaya. He caressed her and said, do you know who has come? Look at her and tell me who is she. May be you can recognise her. Jaya was quiet for some time she looked at her. She was trying to match her face with faces she has in her memory. Jaya looked at Prakash and then again on the woman. Prakash said, just try to remember till than let me bring water for Jaya. Prakash served water to both.Prakash looked at the woman and said you come here and introduce yourself. She came near Jaya and sat near legs on the floor. She held her knees with her palms and looked in her eyes. Mom did you not recognise me? I am Maya. Maya touched feet of her mother and put her palm on her own head. Jaya was sitting like a statue as if unmoved. She was looking at Prakash and some time looking at Maya. Mom, please forgive me, whatever I did before was my c***dish foolishness in the beginning and later it was pressure on me. Please forgive me.Jaya held Maya from shoulders and tried to pull towards herself. Instead, Maya put her head in her lap near her knees and started sobbing. Jaya also had tears in her eyes and still she tried her best to console her. After some time Maya cooled down. Jaya pulled her to sit with her on sofa. They sat holding each other. One arm of Maya was around her mom and another hand holding Jaya’s hand.Both ladies laughed and giggled while talking least important things. Prakash announced that we are going out for dinner today. So get ready soon. Jaya asked, first tell me how you people met and where you met, tell me everything in detail. Maya looked at Prakash and winked an eye and said, that we will tell you after dinner. Will it be OK Prakash, Maya asked. Prakash said that is good idea to keep secret for a long time and increase her anxiety.They went for dinner at a five star hotel’s restaurant. Slow live music was being played from the corner stage with lovely gazals in between. They had nice dinner, after dinner when they were about to leave. It was announced that because today is anniversary of hotel. There will be lucky draw of tables; first prize winner table will get two tickets to New Zealand and second prize winner table will have two tickets to Goa.Prakash said let us go home; we have never been able to win any lucky draw. Jaya said no let us wait for some time and see it. Floor manager moved table to table and wrote numbers of table with names of one person for each table. Prakash said, I am not lucky for draws so write name of Maya. Few people started dancing on the central floor. Jaya asked Prakash and Maya to go for dance. Prakash was in no mood to dance because his mind was busy with worries about breast cancer of Jaya.They all kept sitting there till the draw. Second prize was declared first which went in favour of someone named Suresh Shah. People were waiting for declaration of first prize. There was pin fall peace for quite a while. First prize goes to table number… everybody looked at their table number. The announcer said first prize goes to table of Maya table number 24. Maya covered her face with excitement. Jaya embraced her. Prakash came and he embraced both of them.People started coming to their table and congratulated them for winning the prize. Female were congratulating Maya and Jaya. Male folk use to shake hand with Prakash. Jaya was standing next to them and she also use to reciprocate to feelings of people around. Jaya was happy for her daughter Maya’s good luck. Later they were given a voucher of confirmation for prize, they started for home.Once started Prakash told Maya to stay with them tonight. Maya agreed saying yes, but I have lot of work at home, anyway, I will stay with you people. Prakash tell me how, where and when you met Maya. Tell me I am very much interested to know that. Prakash said, it is a very long story I will tell you all details later. Just now I will tell you in short.Maya had been to my office before some time. She had come to apply for the job of secretary. All applicants were asked to meet me with their application. When Maya came I could not recognize her, the same way you were unable. Actually her education and mental condition were not up to the mark so her application was liable to be rejected.When she herself understood it she started crying sitting opposite to my chair. I asked her why you are crying like this. She told me her story, which was very pathetic. She told me about her husband’s vices and her poverty. Her husband was pressing her to earn money by becoming a call girl. She also said that she was cheated in marriage.I asked her, anybody is with you? She said yes, her husband was there. When she went to call her husband, I thought to give her at least some lower level job to be of help to her. I started to check her application and testimonials properly. I read her name as Maya followed with her father’s name. It immediately stuck to my mind that she must be our Maya. I decided to keep it secret from her.I recalled words from my father’s “WILL”. “Maya is your responsibility”. When I met her husband, I was shaken from within. He looked like drunkard and d**g addict too. When I knew more about him, it was more pathetic. Jaya looked behind. Maya’s eyes were blank. No tears, no feelings as if she is looking at her blank life. Jaya place her hand on lap of Maya on back seat. Maya held her mother’s palm and kissed it. Jaya caressed her face.Jaya had tears in her eyes. Prakash looked at both of them one after another. He thought to cut short the story to save from things becoming more sensitive. He said, I decided to free Maya from everything and bring her our home forever and make her free from all worries. I am sure I and Maya can do it to gather. They reached their home when finished the story.Apparently you have understood that the life is going to change for Jaya and Prakash both. Maya has entered in the life of Jaya today. The story of entry of Maya in life of Prakash is yet not described to you. That will sure come in next parts, but which part I can not tell you just now. Story comes in flash back pieces to make every part more interesting, romantic and emotional for you. If it comes in series as it happens, ========Step Mother – Part 4What did you think of this story??