some random thoughts

during this little period, my inner, but somewhat controlled horny urges have been mostlu well self-contained... exploring sexually-related ideas further, alone in my brain, was an excellent distraction. during that reflection, some observations become worth examining further... the last one began with a trip down memory lane... I was enjoying parsing though the various sexual adventures I had with various girls... I was trying to focus my memory around their particular attributes... well at least for the meaningful ones, (the others would have gone anyway)... through the last 20 years of active dating and sexual encounters, I've met some incredible ladies... some of them I've some incredible sexual connections... as the memories returned, a curious thing happened... it was clear that one I remembered through time was morphing with every lady... my original attractions had evolved and sometime completely the memorable appearance of a breast of an early adventure had become more how her sensitive her nipples might have been, or how she moaned when I played with them... it was this analysis that revealed how my arousal trigger points had changed... moving from pure physical attraction to a more cerebral and sensually energy driven... as I got more mature, things like naughtiness out ranked physical attributes... especially when they were tamed and buried... with time my ability to sense their existence got better... and with time the sheer pleasure I derived from peeling their layers and allow to fully express themselves became my new d**g... it was all I was looking for... as time passed, I've learned to derive more pleasure from having the entire encounter focused on her rather than myself... I wanted her to feel that she was all mattered during these encounters... those strong-character accomplished ladies would never let themselves go that easily... they needed to understand and acknowledge how much they needed that release... all their inhibitions would need to be lifted to allow their true sexual urges see the light... and when that moment would occur, to me, nothing else mattered... it was all about her and I just wanted to be there to help her through this new level of release... the more reserved and shy she was, the more the releasing moment would be epic...I am not sure how I gradually evolved to that stage, but my need for cerebral arousal was the main actor in this change... by now, the memorable sexual episodes would need to engage my brain... it needed to be teased way before anything physical would happen... the longer the teasing would last the more the horny energy would build in intensity. and the more explosive the climax be... of course it took a while to tap into this and fully understand... and although many improvised sexual adventures would still occur, my satisfaction was no longer the same... as time passed, I've noticed that personalized visual or written naughty exchanges had special trigger power on me... not videos, either in a described selfie or a random naughty written innuendo... could be super encrypted but digging through it was also fun and finding the perfect response to continue the game would be the start of something else if we manged to mutually to carry it craft fully to the finish line... it was mostly virtual at first, those exchanged could evolve at times, into public encounters... they needed to remain somewhat contained... to prolong the longing as far as possible... the exchanges evolved would need to evolve slowly enough to keep my naughty thoughts engaged and lingering for more... my eyes had also become the gateway into arousing my naughty brain... as I found, visual naughtiness can be captured and communicated in many different ways... some ladies are way better at it than others, that being said, experience and confidence are probably the most useful attributes as the magic ingredients to master this... and the more they oozed them through various channels,, the more I got hooked...I've had acquired a deeper affinity to females in a more evolved way. I've began to pay attention to new traits in them, focus on the more unique ones... the ones that mattered to them, would eventually be the ones to help me peel her layers of taboos and self-restraint... help them discover their sexuality beauty and help them grasp how beautiful it is... was part of the adventure of some of my most memorable adventures... as easy as it can be for some women to tap into their fantasies and openly share them or even brave enough to try new ones, for most women that is not a naturally allowed behavior... the have always kept those urges deeply hidden and simply ignored... but once you allow their brain to connect with them, and allow their expression and combined in a safe environment for them to be revealed, what incredible things would gradually ensue... once unimaginable, some sexual expressions would become possible at first and mandatory later... One specific experience I would like share in more detail captures this perfectly... it was with a girl I dated for a while... an accidentally acquired hobby had unfolded. I had become keen on capturing her sexual beauty through my camera lens, funny thing is that all happened after we had broken up... we had kept a keen friendship alive... it seemed to be easier to openly communicate as friends than partners... as she got more comfortable and she would be keen in indulging me in the ultimate sign of relinquishing control... at first virtually, then more in person... I would melt at her sight, as she moved from self taken stills, to fully offering herself bare to my lens... this had become a an entire new arousal trigger for me... after each shoot, another episode would shortly follow... one where, we would sit together to review the captured stills... it was a way of living the entire episode all over again... the good photos were taking us to the energy of the night... allowing us to tap into the naughtiness of the session... observing her eyes at the first review was special... slowly with each photo our sexual arousal would mount all over again... I would crave her comments on my penis and why she liked so much and I would love to share all the perfection of her various revealed parts... it was so sensual it was an amazing moment....I enjoyed seeing her usual conservative and somewhat reserved self, slowly disappear and leave room for a more open and curious naughty mood... the photos were generally quite good... I would keep them untouched and instead I mostly focused on the surrounding light for the perfect capture... the rule we had set, was only close-ups and no face and nothing that would our identities... as the photo review would unfold, her eyes would become more engaged and her surprised how amazing she looked became evident... with all humbleness (because I am far from being a pro photographer) my pussy close ups had a fine balance of sensual artistic flair while keeping their evident sexually charged nature... as the sessions multiplied so did my increasing lust for them... I loved so many aspects of the sessions... they would mostly be unplanned and would simply occur out of the occasional escalation of sheer desire.... where one would trigger the other's brain's... a light arousal would happen... either through a simple email loaded with timid innuendoes, or a more direct fiery selfie... all virtual channels were open... from the moment the exchange would ignite the fire... that was where we would start playing with each other... the virtual back and forth could last anywhere between a few hours to days on-end before we would allow it to be extinguished by meeting in person... what was needed as that specific spark that would kick start the mental teasing phase... and with her, it was amazing, she knew exactly how to balance it... not to move too fast and slow enough to keep the energy building... the starting point was simply the most important element...once the tease would have lasted long enough to start feeling like torture, we would allow ourselves to succumb for the face to face to happen... and when it did the camera was always ready... I just adored watching her contort in all different positions looking for the perfect shot... I had become obsessed with the natural beauty of her pussy... a pussy that I had fucked so many times previously while dating had never caught my attention in the way it did as when my lens started making it the star of the moment... her pussy was visually perfect and her various morphing states would make her even more beautiful... with the many captures, I had discovered how communicative her magnificent vagina can be... in paying attention, it was divulging her exact state of sexual arousal through a subtle yet visible physical morphing... increased glistening as her juices were harder to hold back, and her outer lips, those incredible lips were the would also appear so well behaved while doing a fantastic job keeping everything hidden behind them... watching them become more plump and more present... going from the politely shut state to a more inviting gradual appearance... as they would partially spread to reveal an inviting void... one that would require a lot of self restraint from yours truly, it was just impossible to resist the urge to jump in and insert my throbbing cock in it... and I will admit, I did fail to restrain myself a couple of times... as the typical session would evolve and I would remain in control of my urges, her desire for a even the faintest touch would become unbearable... her increasing moaning and sexual verbal requests were impossible to ignore... I would feel obligated to cater to her most primal need of the moment... my tongue would always lead the way, starting with a sensual dirty kiss and working my way down, I would move slowly and gently towards my favorite part... the tongue treatment would always start as softly and gently as possible avoiding any direct touch... this was to be the next level of teasing... one treatment to keep on with her senses... finding the right balance between keeping her craving more without frustrating her was an acquired skill... but when mastered, it yielded some incredible results... I had just become addicted to her pussy... between slow and soft tongue strokes, I would feel compelled to step back and pause for a short instant while my eyes would get a reminder of her sheer beauty... her pussy needed its own arousal routine and following it was critical to achieve climax... bypassing any of those would destroy the mood, and trust me I learnt that the hard way... as beautiful as that pussy was, as complex she was to handle and perfectly satisfy... eating her had become such a treat for both of us, I would capture them fon short videos just for her... she would watch them later and see the missing angles she was not able to observe during the encounter... she particularly loved to see the replay how my attentive tongue would touch her... almost trying the synch the remembered sensation with the visual footage... this had become her own visual treat as admitted by her... she would often treat herself to a solo self pleasuring moment while watching those replays... even if I couldn't be there during those intimate moments, their existence was enough to arouse me... I would request that she indulge me with a closeup selfie before starting... my mind would go frantic as I received them fully building the visual sequence in my brain of what was to happen... fuck did I ever loved this... the pussy selfie was also the one indicator that would truly communicate her exact state of horniness... I loved imagining her hands pleasuring that gorgeous pussy... I was always curious about how her fingers moved around and what triggered the various spots... although she had done for me many times, I just knew that the ones she performed solo were probably a lot more intense... the frantic impulses would start from my brain as it would piece it all togetehr, from a mere naughty selfie, it was entirely new way of being sexually charged... and all without a single touch...and this is one example of a new acquired sense of desire... with other partners, there were other types of experiences but all have in one element in common... the memorable ones always started between two naughty brains... and preferably had to last for a bit before were allowed to engage in any gratification... there were obviously exceptions where the urgency of an immediate gratification with certain girls far outweighed any desire to drag it on, basically there some girls that I just need to fuck more urgently... there was typical less brain and more primal physical needs with those... although pleasurable in their own right, my preferred ones always involved a piece of my brain at first.. this could not have been possible 15 years ago, because simply said, my cock had a lot more control over my brain... and that my friends is the thought that took much longer to write than I had originally intended....and if you've read until here, firstly, thank you! and your reward is that the girl can be found in my private albums (referred to as her)... those are merely samples of a much larger collection... which I am happy to share if you ask for them... one request, please comment on your favorite photos and share why... and feel free to comment on this story ad whether you enjoyed reading it... I would love to read your feedback... over and out