Shy But Hung

I had to piss and noticed a rest area was just a few miles up the interstate. I pulled in and quickly made my way inside and to the urinal. I had to pee so bad I wasn't paying attention to anyone around me. After finishing, I jerked my hood back and forth (being uncut-I have to jerk my dick a few times to make sure all the piss comes out. I wish I could just shake my dick like cut guys can but when I do that I always have piss left in me when I pull up my briefs.)I went outside and located the map to see how much longer my trip would be. It was then that I saw him. He was probably 28, 5'6", skinny, and nerdy. He was seated at the picnic table and glanced my way. He rubbed his cock through his jeans and looked very nervous. At first I was ignorant to his "moves", but when I looked back at him again he rubbed himself even more and I realized this was a sign. I rubbed my dick back and then walked back inside the bathroom.As I stood at the urinal, I pulled my cock out and started jerking off and getting hard. A few minutes later in walked my friend! Although all the urinals were open, he walked up to the one right next to me. He glanced over and saw my rock hard cock and made a comment of how big I was. He was shaking he was so nervous. He said he had never done anything like this before. He pulled out his cock which was small and limp. He jerked on it a few times and it began to grow. It never got huge but still was nice (about 6"). However, he had the biggest set of balls I had ever seen. He was hung! I could tell he had never done anything with a guy before.I motioned to a stall and I walked in first. I lowered the seat and sat down. In he walked with his dick sticking out his fly. I unbuttoned his pants and swallowed his cock. He got weak in the knees. He didn't last very long at all. He was soon shooting his wad down my throat. I swallowed every drop. He quickly zipped up and ran out like a teenager who had just seen his first nude picture!I sat there cleaning up and realizing I had just given some guy his first (and maybe only) sexual experience! :-)————-I would love to hear from you about your first time. Email me at [email protected] anytime.