Sexting with a twist pt1

Moments later we are in the living room chatting and waiting for J to return exchanging small talk and how's life questions as you do when you receive a message, ping! With a smile on your face you say it’s from J, “what! When is he home and what’s he playing at?” “He has sent me a video” you say, oh ok what video? With that you turn the screen to show me and to my horror it’s me and I’m blowing J off! Oh god no what’s happening! I laugh and say what’s he up to and why has he sent that? To show me your skills you say, oh right well let’s change the story and ask him when he is home?The messages between you continue and I can see you are still watching the video he send as you look at me, I can see the screen light flicker on your face and in your eyes as you watch, I keep looking without saying anything, well not knowing what to say just looking at an old friend watching a video me blowing my hubby, a video that my hubby just sent him, this is so weird, you look up at me with a smile and say “wow that looked so good” shocked I reply with “thank you I suppose” I remember when we all got together and I was lucky enough to have a taster session of your skills you say, I am lost for words so I just blush and get up and go into the kitchen to pour myself some more alcohol. If there was ever a time to have a drink it’s now, god I was annoyed that he had sent that but not enraged, and for it being shown to me was a strange feeling, I get my drink and walk back into the room with you, me wearing an oversized shirt and only knickers underneath after jumping out of the bath, thank god I had already washed and shaved whilst in the bath all I was doing was relaxing when you knocked, I walk into the room with a new confidence, as in sod it I am being complimented so I am going to show off a little, it’s obvious J had this planned, your phone pings again, go on I say what’s he saying now? “He is asking if I enjoyed the cum in mouth video and did she look good?” Well what are you going to put back I say, “me I’m going to say hell yes she is an expert and well attentive to detail and it looked very enjoyable is that ok to put? You ok with me putting that you say, it’s fine by me, it’s you who watched it you put what you want, you type it in and reply,?we both wait for the next reply, you on one sofa me on another, I then realise I only got myself a drink so I get up and walk up to you and take the glass back from you to refill, you look me in the eye and I see what you are looking at again, it’s me spreading my lips and showing off my pussy, oh god my heart sinks, what’s happening? I turn and walk away to refill his glass and click I hear a click and a flash, I turn to you and your taking a photo! Oi you what’s with the photo taking! I say, J asked me to send a photo of what your wearing, did he really I say that’s bloody cheeky he should be here seeing for himself, so I turn to you and say take another and send him this, with that he lifts the phone ready to click as you aim I quickly lift my shirt to reveal my fresh new knickers for the photo, you stop looking at the screen and straight at me and stare, erm take the photo please I say, and you blink and click away, mumbling “some for the wank bank” oh are they really I say you said J wanted a photo, there not for your wank bank lad! I turn and leave, click click click you quickly take the chance to get some more photos.Upon my return I see you studying your phone and ping the messages arrive, “go on what’s he saying” I ask, “he’s admiring your photos and saying you look to have shaved today” you go on to say “and I agree when I zoom in on my screen it is very smooth looking” oh god, I think what’s happening here? My hubby is in a pub and I am here at home half dressed talking to an old mutual friend and allowing him to send photos of me to my hubby! This is so wrong and strange but a little turn on at the same time, then my phone goes ping, it’s a message from J asking if I am enjoying myself! The git, yes I reply and when are you home I don’t know what to say, don’t worry I’m home soon he sends back, as I reply his next message pings up, have you shaved? He asks, arse hole I think but send back you will have to find out later I send back, ping! Send me a photo it reads, sod off I put back, ping! Please just a quick one, go out of the room and take a sneaky photo and send it please, oh god I reply, with that I get up and walk back into the kitchen and quickly take a photo and press send, ping! Nice but I cannot see properly take another and hold yourself open a little, click there I took another and sent it straight away, closed my phone and walked back into the room to you, maybe a little damper but hoping you do not look never mind notice, you looking at your phone and only look up to acknowledge me entering, ping! It’s your phone and a smile forms instantly on your face, oh god what’s that message, you look up and say “that is so lovely” my heart sinks as I say what is? You turn your phone to show my the photo I had just taken! “The Cunt” I say and instantly you reply with “yes it is and it looks so yummy” I don’t know where to look or what to say next, I just look you in the eye then sip from my glass, I need a drink badly lol, ping! It is my phone the message says he really likes what he sees, I read it but do not reply, I look back at you to see you grinning away and at the same time you are adjusting your jeans, so I can see your enjoying yourself, and I imagine J is too where ever he is, your smile does not go away, then my phone goes again, ping! I mean it he really likes you, he wants to see more, I reply with I bet he does! I sit back again and sip more of my Malibu.Ping! Well are you going to show us more? Was the next message, I ignore it, ping “well” I ignore that as well, I see you typing away on your phone so I presume you are chatting to J as well but we both sit in silence just looking at our phones, then ping! This one ready don’t look up and open your legs! Give him a treat and tell me how he reacts! Oh god I feel naughty but I am tempted, I haven’t looked up yet and I am still thinking about it I reply, ping! Go on he really wants to see, give him a treat don’t worry I’m on my way home, I sit and think about it a little more but now worried about any damp patches he could see, I don’t want to give him any extra ideas this is just a bit of harmless play I suppose, with that the phone goes ping! Have you done it? And how did he react, no I reply and as I do I hear your phone buzz so it’s now on silent, you are looking intently at you phone so J must be messaging at the same time, I decide to uncross my legs and turn slightly so I am leaning on one elbow, as I do I slip slightly down into the sofa, in doing so my legs are more exposed and the shirt also moves to reveal more of my knickers, I glance up to see you looking over the top of your phone, who will get the next message, I see you typing again but no buzz from a massage, then my phone goes ping! Wow it says wow he is loving your sight, move again please, so with that I turn the sound off and move again, this time sitting upright, again I look at you as I do, you look very interested to say the least! Buzz! It’s J’s next message, go back he cannot see much now, so I turn and look at you and move again, this time I stand up and turn the fluff the pillow, giving you a good view of my arse, I then sit back down but resting both legs up over the arm of the sofa, your looking but not blinking, and typing away continually, buzz! Are you enjoying yourself? I reply with yes a little, buzz! Yet another message, good and so am I, and from what he is saying so is he! Open your legs a little for him, I look up at you again I know know you are messaging J what I am doing and he is telling me what you want to see, ok I will play along for a while because J is home soon, I go one better and I put one leg down onto the floor.Buzz! Wow what did you do he is going crazy, J wrote, I look up at you and your frantically typing but looking at me as much as you can, I know you can see a lot of me I am at the right angle to show you enough.Buzz! Wow he is typing but it’s all gibberish so he is typing too fast and looking at you more then what he is typing.Buzz! Adjust your knickers, ok I thought so I look at you once again and with one hand I adjust them, straightening them out and lifting to pull them from between my curves, your face is amazing.Buzz! He said he could see your damp spot! Are you wet love? Are you enjoying it more then?, I reply with I might be!Buzz! Dare you slip one hand in? Mm I’m tempted but not sure but as I look into your eyes again I decide, and with that I slide my spare hand down and past my knickers I place my hand down and slide my fingers back all the way up, I feel my warmth instantly, your just looking open mouthed, so I message J asking did I do good?Buzz! You sure did he is going crazy! Show him more! Are you nipples standing out? I take a look and reply yesBuzz! Show him! So I move upright a little but with one leg still on the arm, and stretch my shirt to show you my breasts outline as well as my sensitive nipples.I don’t look up I just wait for the reply,Buzz! God your good he is gagging for you keep teasing him, I look up at you and I can clearly see your tight jeans hiding something and you do not look comfortable, so I message J saying he looks like he is straining to find room for his chappy he might need to adjust it.Buzz! I hear your phone go off, you look up and then begin to reposition your erection whilst looking at me.Buzz! Did you like that, the message said, I replied with yes it must be uncomfortable for him, does he have room now?Your phone goes buzz, I grab my drink and finish the lot, Buzz! The message to me read yes he has room but he needs to take it out, so can he?Oh god I’m thinking what’s next? I get up and go refill my glass again, you haven’t touched yours so I don’t offer, on my way into the kitchen I get the next message.Buzz! Take your knickers off! Wow no I’m thinking now way, but when in Rome as they say, so I slip them off before I walk back in, your eyes are fixed on me, you pick up your drink and knock it back, as I walk over you hand me your glass, I take it but as I do I notice you have opened your jeans and resting on top is your erect cock, I take the glass and smile, and walk away, you have noticed that I had no longer had my knickers on, I pour more Malibu into your glass, before I return I message J asking where he is, after I walk back in and hand you the glass, this time your jeans are around your ankles I do not know where to look.Buzz! I’m home in a few minutes the message reads, good I reply he is half naked,Buzz! So are you lol but how is he half naked, I sit down and look at you and message back, he has taken his jeans off.Buzz! Sit back as you were, so I turned and sprawled into the sofa and opened my legs again showing you so much of me, I notice you move your hand and begin to stroke yourself for me.Buzz! Do you like what you see? I reply yes I suppose it’s nice to see but neither of us have said a word for ages, this is fun but weird.Buzz! Show him more he asked, like what I replied with.Buzz! Touch yourself with one hand, oh heck I replied, I cannot do that I am happy to just watch him.Buzz! He needs help, with that I replied ok but you better be here soon this has gone on enough get here soon J please, Buzz! Touch yourself please, I move my hand across my breasts slowly and then down to my warm, moist and extremely turned on area and slide a finger between my pulsing lips, one hand holding the phone, the other gently caressing myself, I look over to you and you are enjoying yourself one hand grasping on your manhood and looking me right in the eyes.Buzz! He’s stopped texting I take it your entertaining him, what are you doing and what is he doing? I message back saying that you are wanking,Buzz! And you? I’m having a play like you asked, Buzz! How far will you go? Who will cum first J asks, I reply saying that you will cum first and that I am not cumming like this not a chance, and where are you!!Buzz! I’m outside, good I thought I cannot keep doing this no matter how long he is going to be, I look up at you and you are now moving rapidly you look like you haven’t seen a lady in years, the lust in your eyes is clear.Buzz! He likes your video, what video I replied? Buzz! The video of you blowing me off, the video he showed you earlier, would you let him experience your skills.Oh crap how have I let us get to this? My hubby is out, I am spread eagle on my own sofa rubbing my clit in front of a friend I half blew off many years ago, and a person who we have sext messaged for years, who is now wanking himself off in front of me, I need a drink I knock back my Malibu and get up to get another, I look at you as I go and take in the sight of a man who I know wants to fuck me all over and has done for many years and here we are semi naked together with my hubby guiding us through naughty moments.In the kitchen I fill my glass again and knock the contents back in one go again I need it, I’m shaking with nerves and anticipation, I turn and the front door opens it’s J he’s finally home, I look him in the eyes and turn to walk off back into the room, he can see what I am wearing and it’s very little, I walk into the room past my seat and over to you, and stand above looking right down at you watching you pleasure yourself whilst looking right back at me in my semi naked state, I drop to my knees between your open legs, I reach out for your glass and finish the contents as well showing you I had swallowed the lot, I take you hand off your erect penis and replace it with mine, and in the same movement I begin to kiss your tip with my lips, I glide my tongue down and back up your shaft whilst caressing your balls with my other hand, all the while J is out of the room so he has a surprise to come, his last text was asking me if I would but I went one step further and I am doin and judging by the noises you are making I think I am going a pretty good job.I can feel you flexing and shifting as I use my skills to pleasure you, the noises I hear confirm that I am often told by J how good I am and I should not waste my skills so here I am showing off and pleasuring you.J finally walks into the room I hear him gasp he then speaks saying “wow what a sight I told you she was fantastic didn’t I” he asks you, your reply is short it’s simply “wow yes” Your breathing totally changes as do your movements andI know know your about to explode but do I accept it into my mouth or rise up and watch with an eager smile on my face, that way I can see your face as well, I stop and lift off feeling your throb one last time in my mouth, your face is perfection you instantly open your eyes and complain and thrust my head back upon you and at that perfectly timed moment you release a huge amount into my mouth squirt by squirt, pump by pump ten maybe more throbs each one releasing another quantity of warm gooey liquid that should be inside your partner and not my mouth but here we are so make the most of it.After your last gasp and me collecting every drop I look you in the eyes and attempt to smile, you can see what I am doing and smile back looking back at me recovering and patiently waiting for my next move! I lift away sucking as I go and roll the lot to the back of my mouth to control where it goes, I turn to show Him and then back to you and begin to stand up allowing you both to see your load once more but he is still in my rear happily inserting his fingers so I am stuck on own knee with him grinning, it’s inevitable I cannot keep this in my over salivating mouth, I go back down on you and quickly but carefully slide you back into my mouth a begin to slide back and forth slowly applying your load onto your cock as some kind of dirty bj, you look like your enjoying it and what was beginning to go limp once again begin to swell, once all out of my mouth I lick your tip and scoop a small amount back up on the tip of my tongue again I show you but this time I close my mouth and swallow whats left, one last kiss of your tip and job done, and not bad for an old bird I think.I walk out of the room to freshen up thinking that’s my lot and didn’t that go but god I’m wet, I pick my clothes up as I go and put them on in the bathroom, the bathroom door opens and it J, he walks in and begins to kiss my neck and all around, he knows I enjoy that I tell him to stop, I need to brush my teeth so I turn and pick out my brush and apply the paste and begin to freshen up, his hand slips around me and gently rubs my clit as a brush, his other hand grasps my arse and strays back to my butt hole and past it to my soaking hole, inserted fast and well lubed again it’s slipped out and aimed at my arse again, gently inserted again and in time with the clit rubbing swirls he finger fucks my rear hole, I finish brushing wipe my face and relax it’s my turn to enjoy the attention.The hands move and I am led back into the room I am guided in again and pushed onto the sofa, he then aims his cock into my mouth and I willingly accept, this time your watching as you clean yourself up, I look at you as I suck upon him this time, using my usual technique he is soon under my spell, or so I thought you step up and again I am facing two pleasure rods, one in each hand and agin alternating with my mouth one minute passes and both of you are making some good sounds, he stops me and pulls away, he then pushes me back into the seat and he kisses my chest as he lifts off my top and fondles and kisses me all over again, you squeeze my breast as he does and manoeuvre yourself back in front of my face and I begin to blow again, he then moves lower until he is lined up with my pussy, and with both thumbs he parts my love lips exposing me to both, and with one movement he licks intensely none of the gentle build up just full on intense licking and wow I’m moving involuntarily with every touch, I feel like I am going to cum at any moment and I can do nothing, I look down and see him looking up what’s he thinking? What’s happening I think you two seem to know with that he stops and you pull away leaving me open mouthed and panting, this time you move down and begin to feel my juices with your fingers and then your face, tasting me again but gentler and less intense but you speed up as you feel me building up and shaking, wow this is totally different a whole new way and a different experience, I just want to cum but I can hold it whilst floating on the pleasure waves, god it’s good but it wasn’t to last as I am distracted and in a world of intense bodily pleasure you stop and in one move drag my legs down the sofa and place me at your hip height and begin to rub the head of your cock over my clit, just like we have seen in your video I finally get to feel the sensations and wow it’s nice, each pass of your helmet sends a whole new feeling through me, a shock a jolt all pleasure, with that I lay back and relax you take that as your signal and with one meaningful thrust you enter me again all these years later.Wonderful I instantly orgasm as you enter me fully a huge gasp of air and whoosh I’m fully orgasming in a whole different way, a naughty it shouldn’t be happening way but it is and I’m having it, your first thrust is over and your fully home I can feel your pulse inside and you can certainly feel my pleasure waves as a contract and spasm around what you have inserted, me still cumming and unable to look you in the eye as I calm, you enjoy my feeling but slide back out and again flick my clit as you did moments before and again one aim and slide as a gasp in pleasure and back inside fully with that off I go again a whoosh of pleasure and slowly your back out, two or three cock in clit flicks and bang in you go, more pleasure waves, and slowly back out but then thrust and straight back in but this time with an extra push after your fully in giving me a similar feeling as my clit is crushed with the thrust, slowly back halfway out and bang that thrust and the extra deep push just after, this continues and each time you speed up as you do my pleasure waves intense again until I let out an “oh god” and whoosh here cums me yet again this time your cock is covered as a tidal wave of pleasure juices flows from me and past your shaft that’s my body saying god this feels wonderful so let me help with lube, I shudder and jolt my way through this one as I feel you now pounding away without a pause with each thrust I’m in a whole new world of naught sex, natural yes but not love making this is just a rough fuck, something I have missed out on for many years.I then feel it a finger! What’s that and why is it there, oh god that’s my arse! J had managed to put his hand under me as I shook and was using my dripping juices to lube me arse but I didn’t care I was enjoying myself immensely so I let him, one finger then two and whoosh I’m in pleasure zone again but you stop and he stops, erm what you cannot stop ffs get me sorted I say but as you move he steps up and flips me over, now butt in the air and face if the sofa I wait for him to start but a delay? Then a finger and erm it’s back in the butt hole, oh crap in goes one finger then two again I’m soaking so no lube required, his fingers pull out and yours go in, omg again this is so wrong but it doesn’t hurt and I’m still technically cumming so sod it, you begging to finger fuck my are and he inserts two into my soaking other hole so both are playing one in one out and so on, ok it’s different but still fine so carry on I thought, face down I could feel one if you wanking as I was pleasured, oh crap he’s making that stiffer! Who ever it was moved up and both hands pulled away then a tip of a cock took the place of the fingers but then slipped down and into my soaking pussy, thank god! Erm no in it went but out it came and who was it? It’s J I could tell ha aimed again and slipped his hand around to caress my clit as he did he began to insert his cock inside my arse, little by little I am opening and he is entering all the while he is frantically rubbing me to keep the pleasure going and to take my mind off what is happening, then pop the last muscle relaxes and in he slides until all the way home, he stops to feel the different type of pleasure pulse he tells me I have in there, the hand moves and is replace by yours so teamwork is involved, you rub and he withdraws then pump he’s back in, bang bang bang I’m being fucked well anally and it feels good and with someone watching and I don’t care, a few minutes pass and the pleasure increases but he stops fully inside, and asks me to get up? How you Wally your up my arse? Well we did some how and he managed to get himself seated on the edge of the sofa and me on top with him still inside me funny to take part in and funny to see I guess, but we see there I placed my hands on my ankles and then placed them on his knees so I could lift myself to save him from doing all the lifting with you standing there cock in hand watching, strange really but we were in the moment and all enjoying the time.In and nearly out was his cock as each time and I loved the feeling you lower your arm and start to rub me again with your thumb as I tried to ride him both feelings were fantastic so I relaxed and later my head back into his shoulder spooning and trying to kiss each other with the little lip contact we could get and there you were now a different feeling and one I recognised it was you tip again pressing against my clit and sliding past, oh crap he’s going to fuck me and shit I’m already being fucked oh Christ and with that you again begin to enter my soaking hole, stop I say and for god sake you go slow and if I say stop you both stop, with that I continue to kiss J as good as I can, little thrusts from you with him fully inside and not moving, slight insertions then back a little each time more and more of you slips inside, me still kissing but mainly gasping at him and him sniggering back then the pump and signature extra clit crush pump after and I realised you were both fully inside, god I did it and it ain’t bad now get out lol he stated to pull out a little and went back fully in and whoosh a little pleaser wave went through me, oh ok I thought this full feeling is real then, you then slide out a little and stop and go back all the way home, whoosh another fun wave, alternating between you both one in one out you both go to work, I cannot do a thing I’m in your hands or rather your in me, you pump faster and deeper each time and with my position I’m self lubricating, bang bang bang it feels to me one lovely feeling from the front and another slightly different one from the back but together absolutely fantastic, then I notice the feeling changed oh crap I’m cumming again but god it’s different this one is going to be different and with that bang I’m shaking like crazy and you both battle to keep me inline so you could work your magic, wow it’s massive and ultimate intensity like nothing I have ever felt before but with that he cums he could not hold back any longer that combined with my pleasure pulses I managed to make him fill me to the brim, I was exhausted that’s it I’m totally done, now for the hard bit of separating our entangled bodies, you pull out first and wow that feels good then he pulls back and I lift off and all his hot mess drips out of me onto him, I pass him my tip to wipe down as I do he grabs me again and pulls me back into his lap but facing him, I straddle and agree to let him fuck me a little more, again we kiss as a thank you for my great evening, but you take the wrong hint and straddle both our legs and line your self up in my spare hole, oh crap here we go again but this time you have my arse, as we know it’s well lubed I was just cummed in ffs but you don’t care and in you go it takes seconds and your both inside, this time it my time to control the pace as I am on top and facing my lover so with you pulling back out I start to lift up off his shaft then back down and up, as I lift to insert one in one out teamwork again! Not long again until I cannot cope as you drive me back to orgasm, I totally loose my rhythm but you two take over and sort me, I feel brilliant and very full, I then feel you twitch and stretch me open wider so I know your about to cum, I feel him do the same again and somehow I managed to squeeze and grip both of you and control your pleasures until you both gush and grunt as you fill my holes with naughtyness one more time, then knowing you two were sorted for sure I let go and allowed the pleasure to take over me, we staying in that tangled position for a long while as we all recover, what an emotional experience you both gave me I will never be the same again.