Sabrina The Tricky Witch Part 2

She woke up the next morning to the sound of somebody yelling outside "SABRINA!", she looked out her window, it was Jack. "Hey Sabrina, good morning, can we talk?" Jack said. "Jack, get the hell out of here, go home" she yelled down. Jack stopped her and said, "I just wanted to say, that when you queered me last night, I liked it, I dont know why because, I'm not queer, but I love you, I love you Sabrina, I dont care if you a tranny, because whatever you are, you're amazing", she heard crunching gravel and the distinct sound of Harvey's car pulling up the drive. "Jack you need to go home now....we'll talk later" She yelled down. With a nod and a smile Jack ran off. She met Harvey at the door well dressed in her linen day pajama's "Hey buddy" She said giving a slug in the arm, Harvey looked back at her confused, "Hey to you sport" He shook his head. She was overcome with the urge to rip his clothes off and fuck him, she pulled him upstairs and stripped, she laid out on her bed, she cracked a toothy grin, "You coming to fuck....buddy?". Harvey didn't need an invitation, he dove right in.She was on her back with her legs spread Harvey was going down on her, it felt amazing, after years he knew exactly what she liked and how she liked it. He used his whole tongue to lick big laps all around her slit, he tongue massaged her labia, one side and then the other, he got the entire area soaking wet and started giving her little kisses over, the kisses turned into little sucks. He turned it to her thighs and belly. As he moved upward he put a finger in her pussy and another in her ass; he started to kiss her all over, breasts, armpits, neck, and a little kiss on her nose. At this point his hand was soaked and Sabrina pulled out his half hard cock and started to stroke it fast. Harvey's balls were as big as eggs and hung very low, she gave them a little smack, just hard enough to hurt, he gritted his teeth and his head went back. They were full of cum and and ultra sensitive, she grabbed his scrotum and squeezed it hard. "Fuck me" She whispered, precum was already beading up on his cock, he slide his hard cock into her well wetted pussy. As he started to thrust, he fucked Sabrina rhythmically, he looked down at her, he eyes rolled back and she passed out, he stopped asking "Brina are you okay?", her body became disjointed and began to contort in unnatural ways, then her head turned with lighting speed, her eyes opened and she spoke "Fuck me lover, your soul depends on it", her voice was daemonic, deep and bellowing, she gave a creepy grin showing all of her teeth. She dug her nails into Harvey's ass and began pulling him into her, she was using him like a sex toy, his cock was pounding her like a jackhammer. When he looked down he saw a red creature with horns and a bifurcated tail wallowing in pleasure, then the creature morphed into the Green M&M, the girl M&M, he looked and saw that he was fucking a chocolate pussy "Ya like candy baby?" The daemonic voice quipped and laughed. The words kept repeating in his head, his soul depended on it, he gave it everything he had and soon he came inside her, but he felt his balls being sucked up into his body, her pussy was draining him of his manly essence. Harvey fought hard and broke himself free of her, when he looked back he saw Sabrina crawling across the bed "Dont you love me dear" she said, laughing "are those balls or raisins?" she cackled. Harvey looked down to see his balls shriveled up and his big cock withered to a nub, he passed out. Harvey woke up to Sabrina wetting his head with a rag, he was naked on her bed, "What happened?" he asked. Sabrina looked at him, "You don't remember? I was blowing you and you came, and then passed out". Harvey shook his head "I could have sworn that I" He grabbed his balls, his cock and balls were normal "Never mind Brina, I gave blood this morning, I must have been woosy that's all" he said. "Are you sure you're okay?" She asked, "No I'm fine Brina, you know I should get back home, you're sweet really" Harvey told her still a bit shaken. He got dressed and went home. Sabrina knew what happened she remembered all of it, but she couldn't control her body, she needed answers.She went down stairs and found Aunt Hilda at the kitchen table, "Aunt Hilda can we talk?" said Sabrina, Hilda nodded and motioned to the chair inviting Sabrina to sit. She explained what had just happened with Harvey and what had happened with Jack. Hilda burst into open laughter a few times, though Sabrina was not amused. When Sabrina finished talking, Hilda mulled it over and said "Sabrina dear, spells can be tricky and they can take on different characteristics, depending on the motivations or personality of the witch casting them, obviously you have some deep crush on Jack and that came through in the spell, put simply you've bewitched him". "But Auntie what can I do?" Sabrina asked concerned. "Sorry dear there isnt much you can do, you've got feelings for this boy and whats worse, is that he has them for you, he already had a crush on you before you bewitched him, Im sorry honey but your in it up to your ears, I see about reversing the spell, but in the meantime you might wanna work out some sort of arrangement with this boy" Hilda said. Sabrina nodded and asked "Okay, but what about Harvey?". " Don't fuck him again until I can figure out whats going on, it may just be residual magic from that transsexual transformation spell or it could be a sex daemon" Hilda told her. "SEX DAEMON!" Sabrina shouted, "Its not a big deal dear, sex daemons are lesser daemons, just close your legs for a few days until we can figure it out, its probably not a sex daemon, but I'll figure it out for sure." Hilda said grabbing her hand reassuringly. "Thanks Aunt Hilda, I've got to go now, I told Jack we'd talk later" Sabrina said with a half hearted smile.Sabrina walked off brooding," Not a big deal? what was aunt Hilda thinking when she said that? Not a big deal, I might have a daemon in my cooch, my beehive might be possessed" She thought. She saw Jack outside cooking "Sabrina! hi, can I get you anything, do you like chicken, Im grilling?" Jack said elated. "No thanks Jack, we need to talk" she said in a clipped tone she pointed to a chair and snapped and Jack sat down instantly, "First things first Jack, Im a woman, not a tranny, I've got a pussy, second I dont wanna be with you, I'm with Harvey and third and probably most important I'm a witch, you know black cats broom sticks, pointy fucking hat the whole nine yards, that dick was magic, us fucking was magic". Jack looked at her smiled and said "Yeah, I'll say". Dumbfounded she said "Jacky boy, I'm a witch, I fucked you for revenge, last night was nothing more than a case of revenge gone awry", Jack looked at her, took her hand and said" Sabrina you've seemed weird as fuck for years, so knowing you're a witch actually explains a lot, its not as out there as it sounds, and anyhow I've always had a huge crush on you, we butt heads a lot but we've always had a thing". Sabrina was fighting the urge to kiss Jack. She was relieved when Jack said "But you're with Harvey, I get that, I respect that, but we could still be friends, you've got grit Sabrina, I like that". Jack walked back to the grill, stopped turned and said "Magical dicks?, you're a tricky witch to be sure".As Jack walked away, she called to him, "Jacky boy, stop, come back", Jack turned around "You could be my thrall? If you want, serve me, service me?" She said then nervously bit her bottom lip. Jack smiled back at her "How may I serve you, mistress?". "You could start with some of that chicken" She said smiling.