RV Camping Part 1

Kim is a redhead she had on a halter top which wasn’t doing a very good job of hold her huge breasts plus her nipples were sticking thought like bullets and a pair of short that were way too small you see her camel toe no problem. Like I said before I had never really noticed how sexy she really was. This was the first time I had seen her dressed like this. There have been times when she was in as swimming suit but it’s just something about when it’s your friend’s wife that you don’t really notice. Kim came back out she brought some shots for use and more beers. She came and sat next to me on the picnic bench. She asked me if I thought that she looked sexy dressed the way she was I almost choked on my drink. I could feel my cock getting hard and I think she had noticed it also because I felt her hand on my shorts. I looked at her and she just smiled and the next thing I knew we were full on kissing whit her tongue down my throat. I pulled away and looked at her she had the biggest smile possible I also noticed how much longer her nipples had gotten. She told me to go check to be sure Jill was out and she would check on Dave. When she came back out she told me we were going to take a walk. We grabbed each had another shot and headed off hand and hand. As we walked I asked her what the hell was up she told me that Dave and her had talked about seeing if Jill and I would like to play around and maybe swap partners. It seems that they had done this before with some other friends and really enjoyed themselves. I told her I was more than game but didn’t think that Jill would ever go for it. As we walk along we come to the bathroom and showers Kim tells me she wants to go into one of the shower stalls so we can get naked. We put in the combo for the lock and entry there are 3 stalls so we go into the last one. Before I can even get the door locked she yanks my shorts down and has her hand around my cock which is so hard it hurts. I undo the button on her shorts and undo them she doesn’t have any panties on so I push them down to find one of the sexiest pussies I had ever seen with nice full lips and just a tiny fire red landing strip. She is already on her knees with my cock at her lips so as she opens her mouth I pushed in a little at a time until she took all me down her throat. I ran my fingers down to her love nest which was already soaked. I slid my middle finger in and she pushed against my hand so I put in a second one then a third until she was moaning around my cock. She was sucking me like a vacuum cleaner and I could feel my balls starting to tighten and knew I won’t last much longer. I was almost slamming my fingers in her when all of sudden she squirted all over my hand which I had never seen before. That was all it took for me I told her I was going to come and asked her where she wanted it and she told me down her throat not to disappoint her I let go and fill her full. After a while I got soft and slipped from her mouth that’s when she told me that she had only came that hard once before and I told it was awesome to be able to do that for her. I hadn’t even seen her tits yet but had felt them with my other hand when getting her off so I told her to take her top off so I could see them. She pulled her top over her head and I got to see just how great they were nice round and still without any sagging even after k**s. I took each nipple in my mouth and gave them a quick suck. We had walked about 20 spaces from where we were parked so I told Kim that she needed to walk back topless to which she said fine but you have to do it naked so I said you too then. So off we go naked when we had walked down there were quite a few people still outside since it was so dam hot but as we walked back we only saw one group of people and they were so drunk that all they did was whistle As we walked back Kim told me that Dave and her had hoped this would work out just as it had and that in the morning I was to act like I had a massive hangover and just wanted to stay in bed. When we got back to the RV's we kissed and when inside our spouse’s still out cold.The next morning I did just as Kim had said I told Jill that my head was killing me which was true but just the other head. Jill came and told me that Kim wasn’t much better off then I was which mad my cock twitch. Jill said that Dave need to run to town to pick up something he had forgot to bring and that he had asked her to ride along with him. Now it was starting to make sense why Kim had told me to stray in bed with the fake headache. I was laying there watching Jill get dressed and she just slipped on a short little almost at the bottom of her cute bubble butt cheeks and cut pretty low in front you could see a lot of breast which happen to be 34C much smaller then Kim’s but still nice and firm after our c***d was born. She loves to have her nipples sucked and they will grow close to an inch when she is super excited. I was surprised when she pulled out one of her tiny thongs and put them on I love her sweet little butthole which I love licking because it drives her wild. As I watched her all I could think of is what Kim had told me about trying to get us to play with them and I wondered if this was part of the plan for Dave to take her to town and try to make his move. It was almost noon by now Jill came back in from outside and said that Dave and she would be back in a couple of hours and she hoped I was feeling better by then. I heard Dave’s car leave a not more than five minutes later there is a knock on the door and in walks Kim in her bathrobe with a huge smile on her face. Kim tells me that the plan is working and that Dave is going to see if he can get Jill to open up to his sexually advances while there out. Kim asked me if I had ate anything of course with a huge smile on her face when I told her no she said well we might as well have some brunch because it will be a while before those two are back. She tells me to throw on some shorts and come over to their RV. I pull on a pair of shorts and head over my cock is already hard so there is a tent in front which I’m able to hide while I walk over there. I knock and walk in which is standard for us all to do. Kim calls out from the bedroom to come get something to eat. As I walk into the bedroom I find Kim spread eagle fingering herself. I strip off my shorts put my arms around her I squeeze her so tight that her tits are pressed in to my chest. I feel her nipples getting hard. I kiss her neck and start moving down to her nipples. As I kiss them I tell her how horny she makes me I lick down her belly. I stick my tongue in her belly button she squirms. I then lick my way south she is moaning softly now. She tells me to turn around so she can give me a take care of me while I pleasure her. I turn around and she takes my cock slowly in to her mouth. I spread her legs and pull them up so I can wrap my arms under them I love this position. I love to eat pussy this way. She is working my cock in and out it feels so good. I lick her slit from top to bottom she is now humping my face as she came. I lick down to her asshole and start to rim her she is pumping my face now. She tells me to get on my back so she can finish me off. We roll over she sits on my face I shove my tongue in her pussy as far as I can and she rides my face hard then squirts flooded my mouth. She starts sucking me going slow at first then soon she is slamming my whole cock down her throat. As I start to throb she takes my cock all the way down her throat. I cum and cum she takes the whole load. She rolls over turns around and kisses me as she shares cum with me. Kim tells me that she had wanted to do that for a long time but was afraid of what might happen. I told her that I wish she had because she gives a great head. We lay there for a while then decide to go to the pool and wait for Dave and Jill to get back. We put on our suits and headed down to the pool it was crowded so we found a couple of chairs and kind of just crashed out. Here’s what happen on the trip to town. As Dave and Jill rode along Dave was asking all kinds of things about Jill and me. The longer they drove the more the question got more interesting. Dave asked Jill how many guy’s she had been with and she told him that I was popped her cherry which is true. He then asked her if she had ever thought about what it might be like to have sex with someone else and she turned red and told him maybe a couple of times. Dave noticed as they spoke that her dress was riding up higher and higher and he was having a hard time not staring at her breasts which were doing a great job of bouncing in her dress. Dave also notice that she keep trying to not get caught looking at his crotch which was growing. They got to the store to pick up the supplies they needed and some more beer. Dave said let’s get some more JD so if we decide on doing shots tonight well have it. Jill bend over for the beer right in front of Dave and he got a great shoot of her tong and perfect buns. Dave was walking behind Jill watching her ass just hoping everything was going to go the way they had panned. While they were in line to pay Dave rested himself against Jill’s backside knowing that she would be able to feel how hard he was. Jill was liking the feeling and was pushing back herself. Dave really wanted to slide his hands up under her dress but thought better of that idea right there anyway. They paid for the items and took them to the truck. Dave asked Jill if she would like to get a bit to eat and she said sure. Not sure if they wanted to eat each other at that point but I’m sure it was on their mines. They found a deli and ordered lunch. As they sat and ate Dave could not take his eyes of Jill’s breasts and she was enjoying the feeling it gave her. After they were done they walked back to the truck playing grab ass. Once they were on their way back Jill turned and sat with her back against the door and one leg folded on the seat. At this angle Dave was staring right at her tits and could almost make out her thong under her dress. This just made Dave hard as he could be and he was pretty sure Jill could tell and was teasing him. Dave started asking more questions like how often we had sex and what her favorite positions were. Jill thought her face was going to bust she was so flushed but told Dave that we had sex at least once a week but that we always had super great sex in the RV. Dave asked her again what position she liked most she didn’t think she could blush more as she told him that it was reverse cowgirl because I always would stick a finger in her backside and it made her cum the hardest. Dave noticed as she talked she also spread her legs a little wider to where he could see her crotch and it looked like her thongs had a wet spot on them. Jill also noticed that besides Dave being hard that there was also a wet spot on the crotch of his shorts which was because he didn’t have any underwear under them. Jill was feeling herself start to let go and asked Dave about his and Kim’s sex life. Dave told her that they had a great sex life and that they had talked about trying swinging but weren’t sure of course this was a lie but Jill didn’t know that. Jill asked Dave what he like most and he told her that he loved it when he would do Kim in the ass while she rode one of her huge dildos which always made her cum hard. Jill was trying not to smile but she was loving talking this way. Dave hit a huge bump in the road and one of Jill’s tits fell out of her dress. Dave couldn’t take his eyes off it until Jill yelled at him to watch the road. Jill’s nipples were hard as pebbles and she was getting soaked more and more. Jill raised her hand and started playing with her tit rubbing the nipple and moaning softly. Jill sat back on the seat then scooted up against Dave and as she did Dave slide his hand into her dress and played with her tit. Jill was starting to really lose it now and reached over and put her hand into Dave’s shorts she was surprised as to how big he was a little shorter than me but a lot bigger around she had a hard time fitting her fingers around him. Dave started squeezing her tit harder and she was rubbing his precum all over the head of his cock. Dave was having a hard time driving and told Jill that they needed to stop until they could pull off the road. By now they were almost back to the RV Park so Dave said that they would have to wait until they had a chance to be alone. Jill agreed that was probably a good idea. When they got to our spaces they each went to their own RV's only to find the notes we left telling them to meet us at the pool. Since it was only around 2 they knew or hoped we would be gone a while still. Jill whet in our coach and as soon as she was in the door she had her finger in her twat which was soaked and starting to leak down her leg. Dave also as soon as he was in his coach he dropped his short and was stroking his cock. Jill saw the note and was so excited all she could thing about was getting over to Dave and Kim’s coach before we got back. Jill went to the bathroom pee and washed up her mess then thought what the hell why waste another pair of panties they will just get soaked anyway so off she went to find Dave. When she got to their coach only the screen door was closed she thought she could hear Dave moaning so she flung open the door image the look on both their faces when Dave had his hand wrapped around his cock. Jill was about to leave when Dave said could you please finish me off. Jill didn’t know what she should do turn and walk way or kneel down and finish him off. Now Jill can give a mean blow job and she loves the taste of cum so Dave was about to really enjoy this. Jill took him in her mouth and he was already throbbing so about 5 times up and down and he blew his load down her throat. Dave hadn’t noticed that Jill already had her fingers in her twat. Dave was trying to reach her swaying tits that her dress barely keep contained. When Dave finally went soft Jill stood up. Dave got up off the chair and told Jill to take off her dress and lay on the couch. Dave is surprised to find Jill shaved. Dave kissed Jill on the lips then headed south stopping for a quick nibble on each nipple which were of course hard as could be. Next he licked down to her belly button for a second but he had something more on his mind and wasn’t to stop without it. Dave used his finger to spread Jill’s lips which were much smaller then Kim’s but soon he found her clit coming to life. He used his tongue to lick and suck her clit until it looked like a tiny dick which happens when she is in her please fuck me mode. Dave reached up and pinched her nipples at the same time he licked her clit and she was squirming all over Dave could hardly keep his tongue on her clit. That’s when he remembered that she told him that I would finger hers ass and how she would cum. Because she had come so many times and was dripping all over her and the floor that Dave was able to slide his pinky finger in her ass. Jill bucked and let go squirting all over everything when she squirts she will soak everything. Dave was choking on the mouth full he had just got but was able to shallow it. Jill told Dave no more I’m just too tired but that they had better clean up the mess and get to the pool it had been an hour already and they were afraid we would come back and catch them. Jill started to wipe up the mess she had made and Dave said he would do it while she whet and changed into her bathing suit. Dave really wanted to leave it to show Kim. They headed to the pool to meet up with Kim and I. When they got there they were all smiles and I saw Dave wink at Kim so I was pretty sure something must of happened. Jill walked over and gave me a kiss and it tasted kind of salty Hum.Well folks you will have to read Part 2 to find out what happened that night.