Revelations Pt.6

The suddenness of the question startled Danny and it showed on his face. "Am I that transparent?" asked Danny, with amazement written all over his face.Paula threw back her head and gave out a melodious laugh. “Remember, I'm a psychologist. I'm trained to read into the minds of my fellow human beings," she continued with a twinkle in her eyes. The next thing Danny knew was that he was baring his soul to her. He told Paula how his wife's affair was revealed to him when he opened a parcel meant for her by mistake. He explained his anger and disappointment over his wife's refusal to see her acts as betrayal of their marriage vows and his current predicament on which was the best course of action to take as otherwise they had had a happy marriage of thirty odd years and were proud parents of a couple of k**s who were doing well in their life and chosen profession and had also been blessed with grandc***dren and promises of more to follow. "You love your wife, don't you?" asked Paula. "I did, and I guess I don’t know how I was so blind. It's ... it's just that how could she have done this to us? I asked her whether I was leaving her unsatisfied and she said she has always been satisfied. If I were to accept her words, then why? Why did she have an affair with her boss?""How long did you say your wife had worked for him?""Twenty-seven years continued to be with them throughout her career in Dallas.""And this affair happened during the last year of your stay in Dallas. So, it happened in the twenty sixth year and lasted until she moved to Huston with me to be closer with the k**s and grandk**s.?""So she says. But like I told you I had caught them together a couple of times during parties at her bosses place and they did seem to be kinda standing close together, whispering, replied Danny his mind going back in years to that party at Harry's place when he had seen them standing close to each other in a dimly lit corner of the patio, seemingly rubbing against each other. "You say she had worked for Harry for Twenty-seven years so it's quite natural that they would have quite a few common topics to talk about related to their office work and staff. So those whispers may not be that naughty after all," replied Paula thoughtfully. "But those pics and CD's tell their own tale," replied back Danny grimly."That's true. But she stopped the affair once you guys moved to Houston and you've never had a reason to doubt her fidelity or commitment to your marriage," rationalized Paula.Danny pondered over her reply before replying. "Let me put it this way, I never had a reason to doubt her commitment to our marriage way back in Dallas and look where we are today," he replied sardonically.Paula nodded her head in agreement as she put her empty glass down. The bottle was near empty and they both were pretty drunk. It was the drinks and the ambience that had pushed Danny into revealing his internal turmoil to his new-found friend. Now that it was out in the open, he felt better as though his conscience had been relieved off some guilty feelings. Paula shifted closer to Danny before continuing. It was cold outside, and the warmth of their bodies pressed close together felt nice. "Look at it from her point of view. Perhaps she had got a closure to something she had wanted to bring to an end, something that she too knew had gone too far and threatened her marriage. And what would she have gained by telling you about her affair with her boss? She would have just ended up hurting you and her family. Think about it from her side, Danny. She's not a serial cheater, something like that could never have been hidden forever. So, what you are looking at is a onetime affair. Your wife had been associated with her boss and his wife for almost three decades. Such a long period of association definitely brings about some feelings of trust and friendship, and she being a woman had soon realized that after his wife's death, what her boss was missing and hurting for from the inside was that special bonding between a man and woman that normally comes when the man and woman have spent a number of years together. It comes naturally and perhaps that was what slowly cutting Harry away from his familiar world. Oh, he could have had relationships with some women he may meet, but that special something could not so easily be forged."Paula paused and looked closely at Danny to see whether he was with her. On seeing that he was listening to her attentively, she continued with her professional analysis. "And Danny, this is where your wife came in. Other than his wife, she was one of those few select persons with whom he had been associated for a long time. She had also known his wife pretty well. That again made her someone special in his eyes, although he may have not acknowledged it himself. But your wife's womanly instincts homed in on the problem and the possible solution and, well the rest we all already know."There was now silence in the room, broken only by the crackling of the fire in the fireplace. Danny ran over the pointers put up by Paula. He didn't like her professional rationalization but he had to admit he couldn't find any fault with it, especially if the woman concerned didn't think that sleeping with another man for a possibly good cause didn't amount to breaking her marriage vows."Look Danny, the final decision is for you to make, but just how much damage can a six inch something piece of human flesh do to a marriage by being at the wrong place? Please don't get me wrong and I'm not trying to defend your wife's actions but we all can make a mistake, at work or while driving. But that does mean we should condemn the person for life. The Lord has given us the power to forgive. Remember here that no one is asking you to forget anything. But yes, forgive we can if we have that strength in our heart and mind. Now the strength in your case will naturally flow from the beautiful marriage the two of you have been so fortunate to have had. You have two lovelies grown up k**s and grandc***dren too. So, think about all that I've said before taking your final decision."Danny sat quietly. He had no reasons to believe that Dawn had ever been unhappy or unsatisfied with him in their thirty-year-old marriage. And she was no serial cheater, of that he was convinced. But he felt hurt and humiliated. He remembered coming home from Houston and attending a couple of parties where he had also met Harry. That bastard had never let it show on his face that he was fucking his wife. He had always greeted him like a friend whom he was seeing after a long time. I bet the two of them had fucked just hours before he flew in thought Danny bitterly, the anger again coming out and trying to gain control of him. That fallen General's mistress had also reportedly attended many parties along with her husband and the General and the husband had been seen talking together like old acquaintances. I bet the General was laughing inside while talking to the cuckold, thinking about his naked wife below him as he impaled her on the bed with his cock. And Dawn? What had she been thinking when she saw him talking to Harry at those gatherings? Comparing them? Comparing the size of their cocks and their love making techniques and becoming wet and horny?Paula did not try to intervene and let him instead wrestle with his thoughts. She knew she had given him a lot to ponder about. She knew there was much more to his wife’s afair then Danny knew, and she felt it had gone much longer than he knew and had problems his wife was continuing to deceive him. Paula knew she liked this guy way more than she should, and the k**s liked him too. So, she needs to let him know how she feels, and he has people in his life that welcome him in their life and arms. She snuggled closed and placed her head against his shoulders. She let her right-hand rest against his chest, her fingers playing with his thick hairy growth. "And Danny," she then softly said in an attempt to finally get his attention."Uh?""Thanks for saving my daughter. It's nice to be around people who care," she continued and then leaned closer and placed her lips on his. It had been some time since Danny had been intimate. He had not had sex with his wife since the day the courier had arrived at their place. He had used the five sisters to relieve himself a couple of occasions, but since coming to the cabin he had been practically leading a hermit's life. He found himself responding to her embrace. His tongue seemed hers as they kissed and hugged each other. Her body was soft and warm ... so very inviting. Danny found himself getting harder. As they continued their embracing, Paula's hand inadvertently slid downwards and touched the base of his shaft. Her eyes opened in surprise, but she made no attempt to remove her hand. "Oh Danny, I believe you find this forty something mother of two genuinely attractive," she finally said impishly."I ... I didn't mean ... of course you're beautiful ..." stuttered Danny as he tried to extricate himself from the embarrassing situation, he found himself in. Paula cut short his explanations by planting her lips back on his while her hand continued to be where it was, at the base of his swollen cock. As they continued kissing, Paula slid her forefinger on the underside and then pressed her thumb forward to touch the tip of her forefinger, thereby perfectly encircling the base of his erect manhood."Uummm ...," moaned Paula in appreciation of the girth of his swollen manhood. She then gently pressed his shaft's base with the forefinger and thumb encircling it, her tongue all along playing with his. Danny began kissing Paula's face, first the right cheek then the left. Paula kept her eyes closed, enjoying the feel of his lips on her cheeks. Her hand slipped down to grasp his balls. She took them in her palms and squeezed them ever so gently. He hadn't had a release in days and his sac was full of his seed. Paula then moved away a bit and in one swift motion removed the blanket covering them to reveal his hard and erect circumcised cock. For a few moments she gazed lovingly at the erect manhood. Her eyes took in the red knob with pre-cum coming out from the pee slit. She had still not taken his cock in her hands."Lie down," she whispered huskily, her tone clearly betraying her emotions."Paula, we really shouldn't be ...""Hush, don't speak another word," she replied as she moved closer to his erection which was by now sticking straight up like a flagpole. Paula wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft and then squeezed it, making his red knob bulge further. The touch of a woman on his cock felt nice and he could see some more pre-cum oozing out. Slowly she began moving her hand up and down his shaft. She then took the pre-cum in her fingers and spread it over his knob and shaft making it slick and shiny. By now Danny had closed his eyes and was enjoying the pleasurable sensation being generated.Then just as the sensation was reaching its peak, she stopped and released his manhood. Danny opened his eyes and saw Paula removing her oversized T shirt. His eyes locked on to her firm pair of breasts with their taut nipples begging for attention. "You like my boobies, Danny?" she asked seductively. "They gave their precious milk to my two c***dren," she continued, her hands teasingly moving over her nude form. She took her taut nipples in both her hands and began pulling them suggestively. "Come Danny, take my titties in your mouth and play with them, they are all for you," continued Paula in an aroused tone.Danny moved closer and pushed Paula down on her back and began raining kisses all over her body. He licked and sucked her nipples until they were swollen, red and erect. Paula moaned and squirmed beneath him as he began kissing the base of her neck. Then she started pushing his head towards her pussy, making her wish very clear. With deliberate slowness Danny licked his way down. He sucked and tugged at her labia. He even rimmed her teasingly, not really licking her ass so much as just getting real close. She started mewing as he did it."You like me kissing your ass do you?" "You have no idea." She cried out when Danny finally connected with her clit. He deliberately and very softly licked her clit and in between sucked her clit between his licks. Paula came with a screeching scream of delight. Danny then released her clit and moved between her thighs and pressed his cock against the slit of her cunt -- and he didn't move. Then he began playing his bulbous knob up and down the opening to her treasure trove. Paula began breathing hard. "Inside! I need you inside me. Fuck me, put it in me -- now!" she gasped out. By now she was slightly incoherent. Danny inhaled the scent of her womanly arousal as he continued to play his knob up and down Paula's slit.Danny badly wanted to enter her but suddenly he found himself faltering and asking some questions. "Wouldn't this put him in the same boat as his adulteress wife? Why was he copulating with another woman when he had a wife waiting for him back at home? In his younger days, in the course of his work-related activities, he had met quite a few women with appealing personality, some of them had even shown and hinted for a deeper friendship. But he had never seized the opportunity so to say. Then, why now? Revenge fuck? Yeah, is that what was this was all about? Did he intend to humiliate and hurt his wife and somehow get even by his one-night stand with Paula? But then, his wife's affair had lasted for almost a year and might have carried on for God knowns how long had they not relocated to Houston. And what about Paula? She was a good woman and a great mother. Was it right of him to use her as his tool for avenging his cuckoldry?"Danny began to wilt as he struggled to come in grips with his demons. He saw Paula looking at him with a questioning look in her eyes."Paula, I'm sorry, but I'm a married man and I don't think ..." This was all he could manage to say before Paula reached out and pulled him down next to her. She had a funny look in her eyes. "It's alright Danny, I understand," said Paula as she pressed her body to his and placed her head on his shoulder. For some moments neither spoke. Then Paula rolled on top of Danny and placed her lips on his. The feel of her soft, hot body pressed against his felt good. Danny put his arms around her and pulled her closer. They continued to embrace each other for some time "It's okay baby I understand," she whispered once again before falling asleep with one leg thrown across her lover, her breasts tightly pressed against his body. For some moments Danny stayed awake. It had been quite a day and evening too. He felt good and much better than he had been for the past few weeks. "Why did he feel so relaxed when nothing had really changed?" thought Danny as he ran his hand up and down the bare back of the sleeping form of the nude woman besides him. He had known her for just a couple of days and here he was sleeping with her. "Yes, nothing had really changed. Or had they he had a warm loving woman in his arms that actually desired and wanted him. Try as he might, he just couldn't ignore that elephant on the rampage in his mind. His wife had had an affair with her boss and he still couldn't decipher the why of it. According to his wife it had nothing to do with the two of them, it was not an affair but more of a healing touch. And neither could he decide where to go from here. Shit man, thirty years of togetherness is a lot of time, with a lot of sweet memories ... and some bad ones now. The next morning, they got up early and cleaned up the room before the c***dren woke up. By the time the k**s made their appearance, there was breakfast on the table with both Paula and Danny freshly bathed and ready for the day. He had taken a liking to Paula's k**s and the feeling was mutual. Beth took up the seat next to him during breakfast and was soon talking mile a minute. It was as if they had known each other forever and not just for a few days. Her brother interrupted her every now and then with playful jibes to which Beth stuck her tongue out at him and immediately resumed talking with Danny. It was a close-knit family, perhaps drawn more closer by the sudden passing away of their father. Perhaps having a man in the house seemed to temporarily fill the void created by their father's demise. From the corner of his eyes Danny saw Paula looking at him in a rather thoughtful manner. "It's morning time and no doubt the shrink in her has resurfaced," thought Danny light heartedly. It was finally decided that they would visit the lakeside in the morning instead of the afternoon so that Danny could then go back to his cabin from there.On arrival at the lakeside the two teenagers immediately rushed off leaving the two of them alone. They made themselves comfortable near a crop of rocks where Danny laid out a blanket on the grass. Danny looked closely at the woman sitting next to him. Paula had put on the ear phones and was listening to some music on her iPod with her eyes closed, her head shaking gently to the music. She was wearing faded jeans and a simple white top which clung to her curves. "She's intelligent, a good mother and a very committed woman," thought Danny, mesmerized by the rise and fall of her bosom in tune to her breathing. He felt his manhood strengthening. She was his type of woman and his body was acknowledging the fact in the most normal manner. He silently wished all the best to the three of them as he doubted that he would see them ever again after today. He planned to leave early next morning. He really hadn't made much progress in resolving the issues in his personal life and he figured it would be better to return home.