Red Wings

Patty was lying on her side when he made his request. Her mouth was filled with his cock, and his left leg was d****d over her shoulder and across her head. She pulled his dick out of her mouth then rested her head down on the mattress as she sighed in exasperation. She had no idea why he let her talk her into this again. "Really?" she asked as he tucked his chin into his chest and fixed his gaze towards her.Patty took her hand off his cock and reach down towards his face. She palmed his forehead and looked down at him. "Uh uh," she said as she pushed his head away from and with a dejected look on her face, continued her thought. "We aren't doing that. You said you wouldn't ask."Guy dropped his head down on the mattress, only inches from her pussy, and sighed. He breathed the scent of her in and sighed some more."I just love your pussy, baby," he said while reaching up and putting a hand on her inner thigh. "I gotta have some."Patty knew this was trouble. Of all the things in the world Guy liked to do, eating pussy was at the top of his list. It didn't matter what the two of them were doing, where they were doing it, or when they doing it. Guy had to have his fill. Patty knew his appetite for pussy was insatiable when they met, but even she was amazed at how much he enjoyed eating her box, no matter what was going on inside it."Dammit, Guy. Do we have to have this conversation again?"Guy just nodded his head while licking the inner part of her thigh, inching ever closer to her honey pot, as she returned a palm to his head and continued to push him further and further away from her cunt. Why she let him undress her and set her down on the bed next to his naked body was still a mystery in her mind. She did love the way he caressed every part of her with his tongue and realized she had dropped her guard, as she always did, but after a handful of talks that made her certain she'd gotten her point across, she never thought he'd ask again."I don't get you," she said as she tried fending off his subtle advances towards her pussy; his tongue inching slowly back up her thigh again and moving down towards her outer lips; the bottom of the string now tickling his chin. "Why must you do this?""It's ok, baby," he said as she felt his tongue inch across the side of her outer lips. "Just let me do it this time."Guy stopped for a moment and made his case. "I promise I won't ask again. Just let me try it this time.""Why can't you be happy getting a blow job like every other normal guy?" she shot back, as she began to get flustered. "You're a fucking mess... My pussy is a fucking mess right now too!"Guy said nothing as he returned to licking her. He moved his tongue up from her outer lips onto her clit and lightly flicked it back and forth. Patty tried once more, using more of her strength to push harder on his head but Guy was having none of it. Between licks of her ever so slightly enlarging bulb, he fingered it and played with it. He gave a short little tug on the string and said, "See. It's not going anywhere... Just let me."Patty looked down at him and saw him smiling. He was looking back at her with a c***dlike fascination and anticipation, as if he were waiting to be granted the OK to go outside a play. Patty sighed once more. She wasn't comfortable with this in the least. This was her third day on the rag—the day when her flow was heaviest—and she hadn't changed her tampon in some time. A quick blowjob then a fast change and she was set, or so she thought. There was no point in continuing the discussion, though. The longer he stayed down there, the more he was going to beg. And it was almost time for "Dancing With The Stars.""Ah, fuck it," she said as she reached for his dick once more. "I'll let you do it this time but just this one time. You got that?"Like a k** in a candy store, Guy went back to work. He quickly put his tongue back on her clit and started running it up and down, getting perilously close to her cotton-stuffed slit. As he worked her, he continued gently tugging on her string, slightly pulling it from its perfectly cinched space in her vagina. Patty got annoyed at what he was up to and shouted out orders. "Stop pulling on the string, you fucking clown! You're gonna pull it out.""It ain't goin' anywhere, baby," returned Guy as he took his fingers off it and massaged her thigh. "See? It's still in there."Patty felt more comfortable once he acquiesced to her request and went back to sucking on his dick. As she rolled her tongue around his head then started working her way down his shaft, she heard Guy begin to sigh and grunt. "Oh god!" he shouted, as he felt her tight suction on his shaft with each deep swallow. He felt her grab and tug at his balls while she sucked, and that only increased the pressure that was slowly building with each passing second."God you are awesome at this!" he said before going back down on her clit.Patty pulled off him for a moment once more and dropped her head down on the mattress. She was breathing heavily and starting to feel flushed. Guy was running his tongue all over her clit and bearing down on it while squeezing and massaging the top of her thighs, sending her into a sensory overload. She could feel the sensation of her vagina lightly contracting. "It's gonna come out," she said in a whiney, yet too turned on to care tone of voice.Guy had been given the green light on this rug munching operation, so ignored her plea and pressed her hips flat on the bed. He reached one arm behind him and did the same to her chest. Once he had he where he wanted her, he d****d a leg over her head and aligned his dick with her lips. He dropped his head down to his chin so he could see behind him, and watched as he lowered his cock into her eager mouth. He then moved his hips up and down ever so slightly, sinking his dick further down her throat with each gentle thrust, until his balls were touching the bridge of her nose.While effectively stopping Patty's complaining by stuffing her with his long rod, he went back to business, positioning his tongue right on her clit, putting him face to face with her quivering slit. He could see the string of the tampon moving around with each little contraction of her pussy, and the small stain of red that had permeated it where it disappeared into her hole. But he kept going anyway, continually licking and flicking, while thrusting his cock a little harder and a little faster, yet still keeping one eye on the saturating string.Patty could feel him further tense and begin thrusting harder and faster. She felt like she was being lightly punched between her eyes as his hardening balls smacked up against the bridge of her nose. She could feel his cock stabbing the back of her throat but couldn't say a word in protest. So she put both hands on his groin and applied some force to stop him from going so deep, while continuing to feel her own orgasm build within her.Patty heard him begin to moan loudly, and with one quick jerk of his hips downward, he buried his cock as far as it would go, then began firing his load down her throat. It came in rapid, but long pulses. She could feel his cock lift forward with each burst, and tried to stop herself from gagging. But it was no use. Guy's dick was buried. His balls were resting on the bridge of her nose and were still contracting. He was too caught up in his orgasm to notice Patty's thrashing about underneath him.She moved her hands towards his abdomen and pressed up as hard as she could, and at the same time, let out a gagging belch of mucus that forced part of his load up with it. The slimy love juice she spewed from her throat landed all over his cock and balls. But Guy didn't care one bit. He lifted his torso up and crouched down on her stomach while Patty continued her coughing, then put his tongue on her clit once more for his grand finale.He went right back to licking and sucking, and after Patty's lungs were cleared of moisture, he starting hearing her moaning once more. He put more pressure on her bulb and could feel it hardening and expanding underneath his tongue. She began breathing heavily and dug her fingernails into his ass. She moaned louder and louder, and the nails dug deeper and deeper as her vagina began contracting. Guy could see that the string was now completed covered in red and rhythmically moving with her contractions. She was getting ready to blow.Guy added more pressure to her clit and tongued it faster while grabbing both her thighs tightly and squeezed them hard. Patty felt the beginning of her orgasm from deep within her and bucked upward, sending Guy slightly forward but just enough for his head to land between her legs. As the crown of his head hit the bed, Patty's vagina contracted violently, shooting the tampon out of her pussy with the force of a projectile. Guy could hear her scream in both ecstasy and horror as he felt something warm and wet smack right onto his forehead then land on the sheets in front of him. He quickly lifted himself up and could see her squirting streams of red while moisture on his forehead began running down the bridge of his nose. The concern he heard in Patty's moans had all but disappeared and was replaced with a sigh of delight as she fully embraced the final seconds of her orgasm.Guy remained on top of her and just stared at the bloody mess between her legs. There were long streaks of blood on the sheets that extended from her pussy to the length of her knees, there were light spatters of blood on both her thighs, and right in the middle of this murder scene was the sopping red tampon, looking like some sort of horrific afterbirth that had just been expunged from Patty's canal. She saw that Guy was motionless so put one hand on his back and said, "Guy? C'mon. You gotta get offa me." She pushed her torso up using her elbows for leverage and reached around his chest. She then pushed him forward and pulled her legs out from under him while saying, "C'mon... Stop fucking with me."Guy remained motionless and continued staring at the sheets as Patty got up off the bed and took one step towards him."Guy?" she asked again as she put a hand on his shoulder and pulled it back towards her, thus turning him to face her. "You don't wanna see it," he said in a monotone voice. The expression of shock on his face and the red splotch on his forehead was all Patty needed to see to shift from a feeling of concern to one of horror. She let out a light shriek and covered her mouth with her hands as she starred at the blood on his face."Don't look at it," he said to her as she just shook her head in disbelief. "I can't help it!" she said in a muffled voice, her hands still covering her mouth."No," returned Guy. "Not that," he said while jutting his head forward, giving her a clue as to what was waiting for her if she was brave enough to look.Patty slowly panned her eyes to the bed and when she saw the atrocity lying before her, she let out a high-pitched scream. "You mother-fucker!" she shouted. "I told you this was a bad idea!"Patty quickly threw on a robe and stormed out of the bedroom. From down the hall Guy could hear her cursing. The sound of her voice got fainter as she moved further away from him, but then he heard rustling coming from the kitchen. A moment later, she returned with a bucket, a scrub brush, a bottle of bleach and an unopened tampon in her hand. She slammed the bucket down on the floor with authority, threw the scrub brush and bottle of bleach at him, and yelled, "You're cleanin' this shit up!"She turned away from him and headed towards the doorway, but before she left him to his own devices, she turned back, threw the tampon at him and said, "Here! You like this little toy so much I got you one of your own! You can play with the string as much as you want!"