With a silly looking smirk on his face he looks into the dining room to witness a plate of food sitting at his usual dining spot and across the table laid an empty plate sitting in front of his wife Edith. Edith lifted her eyes only to glare deep into Jim’s then crossing her arms and blurted out “where fuck have you been.” Jim very coyly replied “I got off work early so I decided to stop The Bird for a few beers and I guess my few beers turned into few to many. Edith I am sorry but you know how it is when you get talking with the guys you seem to lose track of all time.” Edith still sitting and her face slowly turning red shouted at him, “fuck you, you bastard I was there earlier to have a beer with you and you were not there and nobody had seen you today. So now where the fuck were you.” Jim not expecting Edith to go to the pub was now caught as to what to tell her his mind began racing for a lie. Then he quickly retorted, “I went to the casino and I know you don’t like that so that’s why I said I went for a few beer.” Edith with a not very pleasant look on her face walked right up to Jim with her nose almost touching Jim’s when she suddenly stopped for a couple of seconds the roared “You fucking bastard you have been eating and fucking someone else’s cunt again. Haven’t you. Your face reeks of cunt juice. Who was it this time?”Mary” replied Jim sheepishly “That fucking bitch you know I don’t like her, let alone you shoving your cock into her cunt.” Yelled Edith and continued, “Get in the living room and get your clothes off and wait for me.” “Oh no Edith you are not going to?” asked Jim “Yes, now that you have been bad you have to be punished.” “Please Edith I promise to be good I don’t want to be spanked.” Begged Jim. “Fuck you, you cunt eating bastard now do as you are told.” Ordered Edith. Edith abruptly turned and headed upstairs and Jim quietly went to the living room to begin removing his clothes. As Jim was undressing the pleasant vision of what had transpired earlier with Mary began to race through his head. Mary worked with Jim and had just recently divorced. She now was on the prowl for cock to fill her pussy and with her and Jim working so close together she now was trying to hit on him. Today was an abnormally slow day and Jim and Mary were able to get into conversations on items not relating to work. As the day wore on Mary suggested that they take off from work and go to her place for a couple of beer. Jim thinking the idea was good agreed with her and off they went. As Jim pulled into the driveway he could admire as to how cute her brick bungalow looked not to stay how neat and tidy the yard was with an assortment of flowers and shrubs. Mary was waiting in the doorway for him and led towards the living room telling him to make himself comfortable. Mary returned shortly with a couple of beer and some appetizers and sat down on the chair across from Jim. The conversation was primarily about family and their past lives. During this time they had managed to put back 3 beers each when she offered another. Jim glanced at his watch and thinking it was time to leave agreed to another before he had to head home. This time when Mary returned she didn’t go to the seat across from Jim but sat down beside Jim on the sofa. As they talked some more Mary was letting her hand ride on Jim’s leg. Jim weakened from the beer felt himself begin to tingle with what she was doing and began to wonder if she was just being friendly or was advancing to get some cock. Jim glanced at her in a different way and noticed that her tits were of average size but the nipples were now hardened. Jim also could feel that his cock was slowly beginning to stiffen. Jim being a little uncertain about where she was going decided to push a little by bringing his arm up around her neck. Mary did not reject the move in fact she let her body snuggle a little closer to Jim’s body. Daring to go a little further Jim let his hand slip downwards to rest on her tit. Mary let out a low moan of satisfaction and Jim continued to caress a little stronger without any rejection in fact Mary’s hand had now risen higher to a resting position on his cock. Feeling her hand on his cock did nothing more but make it rise to its fullest. Mary moved her head to look at Jim in the eyes when suddenly their lips crushed together in a passionate kiss. The kissing continued as Jim opened her blouse and slid his fingers under her bra pushing it up to bare one of her tits. As Jim was caressing her bare tit Mary had her hand working on Jim’s belt and zipper when suddenly out sprang Jim’s cock fully erect. Mary backed off from the kissing and slowly looked down at Jim’s fuck stick and then wrapped her hand around it to allow her to gently and slowly stroke it. As Mary was stoking it she slowly began to work herself off the sofa and position herself kneeling in front of Jim’s rock hard cock. Lowering her head she engulfed his cock and ever so slowly worked into her mouth till her tongue could touch his so sensitive balls. She worked her mouth slowly up and down his cock making it even harder. While she was doing this Jim leaned forward and stretched out to feel her cunt through her slacks. As he rubbed his hand on what now were wet slacks at the cunt she lifted her head from his cock and said “take me in the bedroom and fuck me and fuck me good.” Together they stood up and holding hands they headed for the bedroom. Once inside Mary wasted no time getting her clothes off in fact she was bare before Jim. Jim looked at her body as she stood facing him only to notice how pert her tit nipples were and lowering his view to a cleanly shaven cunt around her pussy lips and a tuft of pussy hair left just above her clit. Mary climbed on the bed and lying on her back spread her legs wide and with her fingers spread the lips of her cunt saying “eat my cunt, make my cunt cum with your tongue, kiss it, love it, and eat me now!” Jim moved over her so he could lower his lips to her glistening fuck hole. His tongue moved closer and began teasing her by licking the area around her cunt hole and clit when she reached down and grabbed his hair forcing his mouth against her hot cunt and started to yell “eat my cunt, eat my cunt, make me cum on your face, ‘eat me eat me now.” Jim’s tongue darted into her wet cunt and let his tongue curl upwards to come in contact with her ever so erect clit. Whisking his tongue quickly on her clit she began to tremble and scream that she was cumming. Jim alternated between her clit and sliding his tongue into her cunt and she managed several orgasms of which he lost count. Jim turned himself around to position his cock at her mouth so they were now in the sixty-nine position. Jim began pumping his cock into her mouth while his tongue continued to work on her clit. Now he decided to insert a couple of fingers into her cunt and she went totally ballistic with shaking and constant repeated orgasms. Jim now beginning to realize that the treatment his cock was getting in her mouth decided that he better fuck her before he came in her mouth. For the next hour he fucked her in every position he could think of while she moaned groaned and screamed that she was cumming and to fuck her hard. Jim now was out of control and not able to hold the load of sperm that was building up inside him that he just had to release it. Jim now utters” Oh baby I can not hold out any longer I have to cum I have to fill your cunt with my cock juice.” Mary replies “No I want to taste the man who has fucked me so good. I want you to cum on my face and in my mouth.” Jim now hoping that he can make it lifts himself upwards and with cock in hand aims it towards her face and with two strokes he begins shooting his load the first squirt hitting her on the side of the nose, her eye and eyebrow, the second squirt goes directly into her open mouth then the remainder didn’t miss her mouth as she engulfed the head around her lips. The remainder flowed out of Jim’s cock onto her tongue. When finished Jim removed his cock and she slowly let the back and placing it in front of him orders him to kiss her feet while she was tugging on the cock lease. Jim abides with her wishes and kisses her feet several times. “You fucking bastard when you kiss my feet you must do it with sincerity and you failed.” Yelled out Edith as she almost savagely began to whip Jim’s ass again. Reaching for the cock leash she begins giving it several tugs and questioning him “Are you going to keep eating strange cunt or are you just going to concentrate on mine?” Then “thwack” as the paddle struck his ass again and again “thwack” on his ass again. Jim winced again pleaded “Please don’t strap me any more, please baby I won’t suck any one else’s cunt just your cunt baby.” Tugging the cock leash and raising her leg to the coffee table she orders “Kiss my cunt now you fucking bastard.” Jim lifts his head up towards her cunt which is still clad in leather from her out fit and places his lips softly on the leather giving it a gentle kiss. Edith pushes him back, growling “I said kiss my cunt not my out fit now get down there and undo the clasps and kiss my cunt properly.” As Jim moves back to her cunt Edith gives yet another jerk on the cock leash causing Jim to groan in slight pain again. Jim realizing that his hands are still in cuffs had that sudden fear on how to undo the clasps. Pushing on the back of his head Edith yells “Kiss my bare cunt, suck on those cunt lips.” Jim brings his open mouth to one clasp and with his teeth bites down and pulling backwards releasing one clasp. Jim repeated the operation on the other clasp causing the leather flap covering her cunt to drop free giving access to her juicy cunt. Jim thrusts his head forward beginning to kiss her cunt. Edith grinds her hips on his mouth and with the whip, lashes out at him saying “Taste that cunt taste it good and don’t forget where you got that taste.” Edith now pushes him away and with a loud “thwack” the paddle comes down hard on his ass. “Okay stand up you cunt eating bastard.” Orders Edith. Edith releases the wrist cuffs and cock leash from Jim giving his now hard cock a couple of slaps as she does so. Edith proceeds to sofa and lays down on it with one leg raised on the back of the sofa and the other on the edge with her foot resting on the floor. Rubbing her cunt she orders “Get down here and eat my cunt now and I mean now. You better do a good job in fact better than you did on that piece of cunt earlier.” Jim stunned a little just stands there looking at her when Edith bellows out again “Down here, down here now and eat this cunt and make it feel good.” Jim moves down as ordered thrashing his tongue and lips wildly over her cunt, ass and clit and all the while Edith is moaning saying “Eat me, lick me, and make me cum” repeatedly. Jim continued eating her cunt not daring to stop till she said so when suddenly Edith blurted out “Fuck me now, fuck my cunt with that big cock, fuck me hard and fast.” Jim moved up and thrust his cock into her deep and hard repeatedly feeling her cum several times. Edith now let loose meeting his thrusts causing the tempo to pick up when she screamed “Shoot your cum in my cunt, oh fill my cunt, I want your cock juice.” Jim pulled backwards to a point that his cock came out of her cunt then made his final lunge stopping at the end releasing a load of hot cum of the walls of her cunt. Hoping that Edith was now satisfied lifted himself up till he was standing in front of Edith when Edith said “Not so fast you fucker, look at the mess you have made of my cunt now get down here and clean it up.” With obedience Jims goes back down to her cunt and licks in an upward motion drawing that cock and cunt juice into his mouth. Satisfied Edith now gets up and looking at Jim saying “That was good, I enjoyed that did you?”“Yes very much so” replied Jim “And I can hardly wait to fuck a strange cunt again.” Edith stammers “Me too but remember it is my turn next to be on the end of the whip. So keep your cock in your pants till I get fucked.”