Project Phaggot

“Yes, Auntie,” asked the rising the seventh-grader.“I’m gettin’ ready to go to work. Reggie is comin’ in tonight. He’ll be here in a couple hours.”“Okay!”“Don’t be going out. Stay in the house.”“Yes, ma’am!”“See you in the mornin’!”“Bye bye!”Shortcake, whose government name was Rylan Lewis, went back to playing Fortnite on the second hand all-in-one computer. He shot a rival and grinned. He was the son of two addicts. His mom was currently in prison and his father had been shot dead. His Aunt Sunny had taken him in two years ago. They lived in a d**g-infested, frightening high rise project building. Shortcake heard the front door slam. He exited the game and went over to his twin-bed. He raised the six-inch mattress and retrieved three pill bottles. He opened them and took one from each. He placed them in his mouth then grabbed a cup of Kool-aid. He swallowed and went off the tiny bathroom.Shortcake douched. Then, he hopped in the shower. The water ran over his dark-yellow-brown, pudgy, butterball frame. He lathered up with a dollar store brand lavender-and-vanilla creamy body wash. Thanks to the testerone blockers, conjugated estrogen, and chicken pills Reggie Carter was supplying, Shortcake had oval, budding titties and a soft, round physique.Shortcake turned off the faucet. He toweled off and rubbed cocoa butter all over his delicately, rotund legs, ass, and torso. He heard his prepaid cell phone ring. He rushed to his bedroom and accepted the call. “Hi, Reggie!”“Hey, Shortcake,” the scruffy baritone voice said. “What you doin’?”“I just got out the shower.”“Good! Good! I’ma be there soon. You been good?”“Yes, sir!”“See you in a minute!”Reggie climbed into the back of the taxi. The 44 year-old was an over-the-road trucker. He was married to an icy church lady with whom he had two daughters. The five-foot-nine, stocky, plum-skinned man loved sex. His prudish wife was an annoying, acrid bitch that disliked sex. Reggie had no choice, but to turn outside of his marriage for satisfaction. The broad shouldered man had a few cuties in his rotation. There was a big booty ghetto diva in Cleveland. There was a juicy ass bougie broad in Little Rock. Then, there was Sunny out in Riverside. For the past three years, he had been messing around with a white trap in her early twenties who lived in Daytona Beach. Her name was Destiny. She kept her hair permed and dyed in a toffee color. This gave her straight tresses a curly, textured look. Destiny also took suntanning pills in addition to the hormones. Her skin had darkened from a pale white to a rich, olive complexion. Reggie enjoyed fucking the wannabe Black gurl very much, but nobody turned him on like Shortcake. As the driver neared the building, Reggie placed another call.“Hey, daddy,” Shortcake answered in an effervescent, breezy voice.Reggie knocked on the door. Shortcake answered wearing a neon orange cami and some stretchy black panties with the slogan ‘SPANK ME’ emblazoned across the back.Reggie licked his lips as he tossed his camouflage duffle bag on the floor. His pupils dilated as he took in the vixen before him. He rubbed his goatee and remarked, “That ass gettin’ thicker, baby boi!”“Do you like it,” checked the middle schooler who had been held back a year due to truancy a few years ago.“Hell yeah! Want a drink?”“Please!”Reggie dug through his bag and took out a fifth of brown liquor. Shortcake had disappeared to the kitchen and returned with two plastic cups. The grown man poured a bit for each of them. They sipped as Shortcake switched to his bedroom.“I’ma wash up real quick,” Reggie shared heading the bathroom. He handed the bottle to the sissy.When Reggie entered the Shortcake’s room, the boi was on the bed gulping down some more of the whisky. “You want this dick,” the naked Negro asked.“Yes, sir,” cooed the youngster. “You’re so sexy!”“You like,” Reggie inquired making his meaty pecs bounce one at a time.“I really do!”“Well, suck on this dick then, baby!”Shortcake moved to floor. He opened his heart-shaped mouth. He slid his rosy lips along the 8½-inch shaft.Reggie tilted his head back and groaned. “Dammit, boi! You suck the best dick!”“Thank you,” Shortcake murmured with a mouthful of beefy prick.“You want this cock in your ass, boi?”“Mmhmmmm!”“Then, bend over!”Shortcake tooted his behind in the air. Reggie snatched down the boyshort panties. He spread the generous ass cheeks and spat on the clenched brown hole. He massaged the spittle in with his massive fingers,Reggie slapped Shortcake’s butt crack with his rod. He began to push in.“Owwwww,” wept Shortcake.“Shut up and take it, bitch boi,” demanded the brute.“Yes, sir!”“You’re my li’l fuckin’ cumdump faggit! Take this dick, slut!”“Ooh, daddy! Fuck me!”“Yeah, faggit! I’m have you shittin’ my nut for days!”Reggie pounded with furor.In the next apartment, Claudette Sanford was asleep and wearing earplugs. Her three adult, ex-con grandsons were smoking weed, drinking, and playing dominoes. They were joined The oldest, Monty, was beating his brother, Rocco, and his cousin, Moe. They were joined by a friend called Rocky.Rocky slammed down a double five and yelled out, “Twenty-five!”“Fuck,” Monty lamented.“Y’all hear dat,” Moe asked.“Hear what,” checked Rocco.“Oh, shit! Yeah,” Monty confirmed.Through the paper-thin walls, the foursome heard the squeals of an eager bottom and a dominant nigga.“Fuck this faggot ass, daddy,” whined a cutesy, feathery voice.“Gimme dat young pretty faggit butthole, bitch,” roared a firm, booming authoritative man.“Oh my god, Reggie! I love your big dick!”“Yeah, sissy! Take dis big dick in dat shit hole!”“I love it!”Back at Claudette’s, Rocco announced, “Dat’s dat li’l punk gettin’ his back blew out!”“Yeah,” Moe agreed. “He look like he can take some dick!”“Sound like it too,” added Monty.Rocky nodded. “He sound soft as shit. Remind me uh dis fag I used to fuck in county.”“Fah real,” Rocco inquired.“Hell yeah,” Rocky started. “Slim Puerto RIcan fag. Pretty as fuck too!”“Dis bitch over there thick though,” Monty informed their homeboy.“Shit, I like ‘em thick too!”Shortcake was riding Reggie now.“Bounce on that cock, faggit,” ordered the trucker.“Oh god! It feels so good in my boipussy!”“Yeah, punk! Fuck my dick!”Eventually, Reggie belted out loud as he nutted deep in Shortcake’s asshole. He spooned with the sissy boi until 6:00 a.m. He got up and got ready to head back to his truck. He kissed Shortcake on the forehead and said, “I got a load back this way next week. I’ma fuck you real good when I get back.”“Yes, sir,” yawned the femboi.Sunny returned home having missed her boyfriend. She was tired and passed out on the bed within minutes.Just before noon, Shortcake ventured out of his bedroom. He was hungry. There was nothing he wanted in the fridge. He looked on the counter and saw a note from his Auntie. She had scribbled that he could take this money, ten dollars, and go buy a pizza. Shortcake smiled and went to get dressed.Shortcake emerged from the public housing unit in a yellow graphic tank top, light-wash denim shorts that flattered his corpulent patootie, and navy slip-on sneakers. He pressed the button for the elevator and rode down.Shortcake ventured into the courtyard with his juicy ass swaying. Monty, Moe, Rocco, and Rocky were smoking cigarettes. “Hey, y’all,” smirked the jiggly bottom boi.“Sup,” replied Monty.“Yo,” Rocky chimed in.“Hey,” Moe said.“Hmmmmph,” grunted Rocco.“I’m just going to get a pizza,” Shortcake shared.“Oh snap,” Monty grinned. “Get one for us too!”“Y’all got some money,” the boi asked.“Yeah,” Moe produced six bucks from his pocket.“I’ll be back soon!’“You bettah be,” Rocco warned.“Hell yeah,” Rocky concurred.Shortcake came back with his egg-shaped boi titties bouncing. He carried two hot-and-ready pepperoni pizzas. The niggas from earlier were still in the courtyard.Rocky smiled. “You back. We can go up to my spot.”They all crowded in the elevator. The men pressed around Shortcake. They varied in height from five-eleven to six-four. Their skin ranged in color from caramel to dark chocolate. They were all slim-built with athletic bodies. “How old are y’all,” the chunky sissy asked.“Shit! We grown,” announced Rocky.“Why it matter,” Monty inquired.“I was just curious.”“We in our thirties,” advised Moe.“Yeah! Dat good,” checked Rocco.“Works for me,” approved Shortcake.They went into the apartment and started eating.Rocky had a devilish look on his face, “Let us see dem chesticles!”“Yeah,” whooped Rocco.“What,” purred Shortcake.“Pull dem titties out,” clarified Monty.“Yeah, faggit,” added Moe.Shortcake slipped out of the tank top. He started bouncing. His boobs were shaking.Before long all four dicks were out and being put in Shortcake’s mouth on a rotating basis.Rocco went in first. His nine-inch dick stretched the punk’s pooper.“Fuck me,” whined Shortcake.Next, Monty shoved in his ten-inch tool. He fucked Shortcake with no mercy.“Oh my god,” shrilled the sissy.Moe got his chance. He thrusted with all his might delivering a his eight-and-three-quarter inches hard and fast.“Damn, this dick is so good,” cried the pussyboi.Finally, Rocco got behind the sissy. He went ham with his 9¼-inch rock hard manhood.“I love this,” bellowed Shortcake.The four grown niggas used Shortcake’s big, rotund booty for the rest of the afternoon.When Shortcake left, his pussyhole was leaking loads of nut.