Pegged by my GF

She circled his asshole, flicking into the middle every so often, her agile tongue making it slippy. Just as she plunged it suddenly inside, her hands grasped his ass cheeks and pulled them apart, making his tight hole wink open at the perfect moment, her tongue thrashed inside him, thrusting quickly in and out. He'd been waiting, but the sudden wet warmth took him by surprise and he pushed back against her face, she heard guttural noises of lust in his throat as she fucked him with her tongue. He rocked rhythmically, gently allowing her tongue to rim him, the muscles of his ass fluttering with each thrust, opening like a flower to accept more. He wanted more. She withdrew her tongue, lapping his balls, perineum and ass with long wet sweeps. She was soaked, her pussy dripping in fact, she pressed her thighs together feeling the slippiness of her own arousal, the pressure of her thighs rubbing her pussy lips against her clit with each squeeze, she was already spiralling towards orgasm, she held back to enjoy his pleasure. He was slippy, he was opening, she dipped her tongue into his ass one last time and then replaced it with her middle finger, a slow smooth thrust into his welcoming hole, she bent her finger slightly upward, rubbing the front wall, stimulating his prostate gently, an insistent rhythm, turning him on, working him into a frenzy, she caressed the smooth skin between his balls and ass firmly with her thumb, as her finger fucked him, his prostate throbbing between them. She could feel the tightening of his muscles inside, clenching and knew if she didn't stop he might cum too quickly, she wanted to prolong this sensual torture, for him to beg her to fuck him hard. She turned him over, his cock was so stiff the head was shiny and a stream of precum flowed from the top making a shimmering string onto his stomach, she hungrily licked it up, sliding the length of him briefly into her hot mouth, nudging him against the back of her throat while swirling her tongue around him, withdrawing to cool him before he exploded in her mouth. She held his gaze as she wriggled into the harness that held her own hard pale pink cock, his eyes flickered downwards as she rubbed lube onto it, his hand slipped down to his own cock, using her spit, slowing rubbing up and down, cupping his balls, fingering his soft puffy asshole , his eyes back on hers. He was so ready for her.She spread his cheeks wide, his ass open, deep and ready, he wanted her to slide her cock into him desperately, she'd readied him well. She knelt between his thighs and moved a pillow under him to raise his hole to a fuckable level. The tip of her slippery cock nudged his ass, sliding and rubbing, teasing him, he spread his cheeks for her pulling his ass wide, she was in position and lean't her weight gradually forward, easing the head of her cock into his waiting hole, he moaned and tightened around her, he took a deep breath and relaxed as she slipped deeper, inch by inch, allowing him to adjust to the thick length as it plunged gradually as deep as it would go, until he felt her balls against him. She wanted to fuck him hard, to slam in and out of him, to cum hard again and again, her pussy gushing her own juices down over her thighs, but she wanted him to cum with her, she needed to be gentle until he was close. Slow, long thrusts, almost pulling entirely out, then back fully into him again, he wanked himself as she fucked him, he oozed, his cock head was glistening and slippy with cum. The harness chaffed against her pussy lips, every thrust made her clit throb harder, it swelled, the head peeping out and rubbing lightly against the leather, her smooth shaved lips slipped against the surface directly behind her cock, it was like she was fucking him with her hard little clit. Her pace fastened and her breath became uneven, she wasn't sure how much longer she could hold on before cumming hard. 'fuck me really hard, I want all of you in me' he said, she responded by pressing her weight onto him forcing her cock as deep as she could, it was so unbelievably horny she lost control, collapsing onto him as she wildly thrust hard again and again into his ass, he wrapped his legs around her holding her inside him, his cock rubbing between them as she continued to pump into his tightness. She was nearing orgasm her pussy juicy and swollen, he reached up to kiss her panting mouth, his tongue invaded her mouth deepening their kiss. Moaning together, he flicked at her upper lip, he nipped at it. It was too much and she screamed out as her pussy spasmed and she came hard, her cock right inside him, he felt it, pushing right against his prostate, nudging again and again, closer, right on the edge...she sucked his lip, like it was the tip of his cock and he was gone, balls emptying, his ass squeezing her cock and his spurted copiously between them as his hardness slipped and thrust against her smooth soft skin, his head thrown back in ecstasy, his seed covering them both.