Peeper in the back garden sauna

When I arrived I was shown the garden and told that I should just get on with the job. I could see the room were they did the keep fit as it jutted slightly into the garden and had huge glass windows across it and a ceiling that must have been about fifteen feet high. Next door was a small summer house that led into the large room. The job was about a week in when Dee asked if I could take her to Mags’s house as her car was in for a service. I agreed as I said I could do a couple of hours measuring up and then take her home after, killing two birds with one stone. It was a cold summers night and I dropped Dee off and went straight around to the back of the house. Although it was a dark winters night the garden was quite well lit from light spewing from the large room and summer house, neither of which had any curtains. After about ten or fifteen minutes I saw about ten women walk through the large room into the summer house; where I suddenly realized it was being used as a changing room. Feeling a bit pervy (as you do) I decided to have a peek and sneaked up and hid behind a hedge and watched as they all changed into their keep fit gear. I got to see a lot of tits and sexy bodies in only tight panties as they chatted and changed. By now I was getting quite hard as I watched my wife, tits out, chatting with the others. They soon were ready and went into the large room where some heavy bass music pumped out and they did there thing, quite sexy in itself as all of them have good bodies and all are wearing tight fitting spandex stuff. I then decided to do some work, but away from any eyes as I didn’t want anybody to know I was there as they might have thought I was being a peeping tom. About an hour and a half later the music stopped and so I went back to my hideout to watch them change again. This time I got to see more as they all stripped down completely before taking it in turns to go into a small room behind that must have had a shower in. It was strange watching all these sexy women wondering about naked. Then one of the younger girls pulled out a women’s porn mag and they all huddled round like schoolgirls. Although I couldn’t hear them I could hear them laughing and giggling. I think then that Dee realized I might be watching as I saw her glance around the garden but she didn’t see me and went back to chatting with her mates. I then realized that I was about to burst and pulled out my cock and wanked to a fairly rapid orgasm, all the time my eyes wondering from body to body as they changed into their clothes. I then went to a part of the garden well away from the two rooms and made out that I was working and looked very innocent as Dee and Mags came round looking for me. I think she noticed straight away that I had seen them but didn’t let Mags know. As we drove back home Dee made me tell her all that I had seen as she rubbed herself. When we got in we couldn’t get enough of each other and shagged like it was our last in the entrance hallway of our house, Dee whimpering to three orgasms before I shot my wad up her gorgeous cunt. This continued for a couple of weeks with me getting a good eyeful of lots of gorgeous girls and then Dee and I would shag like rabbits for hours afterwards. However, as the weeks went by I noticed that the numbers were dropping off until on the forth week (which also happened to be about my last day working as the gardens were almost finished) there was only Dee, Mags and two other girls. I did my usual but the show was very dull (compared to usual) as they all seemed to get ready very quickly and there wasn’t any playing about by the girls. As we drove home I found out that the other girls had gradually started going to aerobics at the new sports center in town that had just opened. This meant that the others felt the numbers were too small to continue. As we shagged that night I jokingly suggested that the girls should get their men to come, that way I might still be able to see them all naked. The idea was only a joke and the following week, which was to be the last Dee put forward my idea to Mags but said that it was her idea. I didn’t know about this ‘idea’ of hers until the next week when Mags phoned to say that it was on and that she would see me later. It wasn’t until I relayed the message to Dee that she told me that my idea had been very popular with the other three. I was very nervous as we arrived and were led into the house. Everybody was very friendly and we all kind of knew each other as we chatted in the lounge until everyone had arrived. The count was seven; Dee & Myself, Sandra & her husband Dave, Laura & her boyfriend James and finally Mags, her old man hadn’t been interested and had gone night fishing. I think we were all surprised, but intrigued to find out that Mags had decided that we would all change together in the usual little room. At first everybody was shy but once Mags had casually removed her bra to put on her top we all managed to be a little more liberal, although Dee’s tits were the only others to come out it was quite erotic watching them changing down to their underwear before getting dressed into their gear. The girls all wore their usual but us three men must have looked quite funny as I was wearing my rugby gear, James wore his football strip and Dave wore a baggy track-suit. We went at it for over an hour and it was quite obvious that us men weren’t half as fit as the girls who looked very sexy all sweaty and wobbling about to the music in their tight leotards. I was glad when we were finished and was ready to collapse, as I think were Dave and James. We were all chatting away as we drank our Lemonade and generally warmed down before we all headed into the summer room to get changed. The idea of seeing the girls naked and up close had gradually drained from my mind after all that exercise but the thought was back and I realized that I had a stonking great erection. I sat their pretending to get my breath back as we changed when Dave said that we should leave and let the girls shower and come back when they were finished. I was glad at this as my erection could have been quite embarrassing but Mags wasn’t having any of it and said that we were all adults and have seen it all before to which nobody disagreed (I didn’t know if it was because nobody wanted to sound like a killjoy or because the sexual tension in the room had engulfed us all). As I got undressed I was desperately trying to lose my hard on but once I had seen Laura bend over right in front of me to remove her panties and leggings in one foul swoop I knew I was beaten, her pussy lips pouting at me briefly before she stood back upright. I looked around to see that all the girls were completely naked and wondering about but all three of us men were sporting hard-ons as I could see the others sitting, like me, trying to hide them. Mags also saw and teased us saying that all the girls had seen an erection before and that we shouldn’t be shy as it was only natural. As we conceded and removed our last bits of clothing I looked over to see Mags pull a magazine out of her bag. Thinking it to be her one I had seen a few weeks before I figured it was of men, but I herd Sandra gasp as she saw it and realized it was a hard core Scandinavian mag. I was called over to look at this woman with three cocks inside her, the girls giggling as they watched my hard penis wafting about. As I moved over I felt a hand on my cock and saw that Dee was stroking me, the ice was now well and truly broken and Dee, Sandra and Laura ordered us guys to do to Mags what was being done in the picture. We didn’t need asking twice as Dave man-handled her to the floor before kneeling over her face with his six inches rubbing against her lips. She opened wide and took most of him into her mouth. James then sat on her tummy and positioned his dick between her large breasts and pushing them together started to tit fuck her. lastly the other girls ushered me to her now gaping pussy and Sandra eased my cock into Mags’s hole. She was so wet I went all the way in before finding my rhythm with long hard strokes. Laura then stood in front of me, her completely shaven fanny offered to my willing mouth, my tongue going to work on her bullet hard clit. We were all going at it, I was about to come myself when we heard somebody shout out Mags’ name. Mags looked up at me with a look of surprise on her face, as well as having a cock in her mouth that she spat out to tell us that her husband was back early and that if he found us like this he would go ballistic so we all went to get dressed like a bunch of k**s who had been caught doing something they shouldn’t. Mags put on her robe and went out to meet her husband at stop him from coming in on the rest of us. Once we were all ready and looking innocent we went out to say good-bye to Mags as her old man would have seen our cars in his driveway. As we met Mags’ husband and said good-bye we drifted into the driveway to leave. By the time we got out Laura and James had already left but Sandra and Dave were waiting and invited us back to theirs for a few drinks. We all gave each other knowing looks as Mags’ and her old man waved us all good-bye. We followed Dave back to his house in an up-market estate only a mile or say away from our own place. We all went into their front room and Dave offered us drinks as Sandra sat on my lap and started to rub me all over. I took one sip of my scotch then Sandra said, ‘That’s your drink, now for some fun!’ She clamped he mouth on mine and we kissed each other deeply, probing each others mouths. When I came up for air I saw that Dave was sat in an armchair with my wife kneeling in front of him with his dick in her mouth. Sandra jumped off my lap and pulled her dress over her head to reveal her naked body underneath. She then started to strip me of my Levi’s and T-shirt before pushing me back so that I was lying down on their settee. Sandra then straddled me, Mags’ pussy juices still visible on my cock head. Sandra was so juiced up and horny that she sank straight down onto me in one slow movement. She then set the pace as she ground herself down onto my throbbing cock squeezing me with her expert muscles. Dave meanwhile had spunked over Dee’s face and she was wiping it off with her panties. They then stripped each other off and Dave pushed Dee onto the armchair to return the favor and started lapping at her dripping gash. As Sandra ground herself onto me, a look of absolute bliss on her face, Dave said he was having trouble with Dee’s pubes and wanted to know if he could shave her smooth like he did to Sandra every night. Dee just giggled and smiled over to me as she agreed and Dave led Dee by the hand and they disappeared upstairs. I then put my full attention back onto Sandra by pulling her towards me so that I could suck on her hard nipples. She enjoyed this as she stopped grinding so hard and switched to subtle movements of her hips and squeezing with her pussy muscles. I was now close to coming and told Sandra who just put her arms around me before she started to whimper and dig her nails into me. This set me off and I let go my own orgasm filling Sandra with my hot spunk, as I filled her up she screamed out into my ear before going limp and snuggling up to me as my softening dick swished about in the mixture of our juices. After a few minutes like this Sandra suggested we go and check out how Dave was getting on shaving my wife. As I followed Sandra up the stairs I could see my come dribble from her gaping hole, aided by the fact that she was deliberately wiggling her gorgeous arse in my face. As we passed the bathroom we saw shaving foam and such all over the place. We walked into the room just as Dee was screaming her way through what she later told me was her third orgasm in as many minutes, Dave’s expert tongue doing the business. As he stood up I knelt in front of Dee to check out her freshly shaved cunt, the first time I had seen her without her curls. Her reddened lips were all pouty and covered in her juices and Dave’s saliva. This sight had me hard again in seconds and I jumped straight onto Dee as Dave and Sandra fucked on the bed with us. This continued all night and has done many times since. Dave now comes over twice a week to freshly shave my wife before checking that he has made a good job with his tongue. We have also just booked a holiday together at a naturist park in the south of France.