byStickyKeyboard©------------------------------------------------------------------It was a beautiful October Texas evening as the warm air blew through the open patio door into the hotel room five stories above the sands of Padre Island. Stacie stood in the bathroom checking herself out in the mirror. She looked sexy wearing the black negligee and her high heel shoes. The negligee had openings in the front that allowed her large breast to protrude out unrestricted by any material. Her freshly shaved pussy was clearly visible from the bottom of the outfit. She turned to her side and proudly checked out the butt plug affixed in her ass that had a white furry tail attached to it. It tickled the back of her thighs as she walked. She was nervous about what was going to transpire once she exited the bedroom. Her husband Jim was in the living room of the hotel with three black men he found for her tonight. Trey and Sean sat on one couch sipping their cocktails while discussing football. Trey who could have been a football player himself was a large muscular man standing at 6' 5" tall and weighed about 250 pounds, all of it muscle. His online profile showed that he had the biggest cock of the three men at 10" long and about 2 ½" thick. He was also had the darkest skin of the three. Sean was the shortest of them standing at only 5' 6" tall, weighed about 180 pounds and had a 6 ½" cock. Terrance sat on the loveseat talking with Jim who was setting up a video camera on the other side of the loveseat. Terrance stood 6' tall weighed 235 pounds with a slight stomach pouch and had an 8" inch cock. He was the lightest of the three, almost mulatto.None of the three men knew each other, but had met with the husband prior to tonight. They sat around sipping drinks waiting for Stacie. Jim had just finished setting up a camera on a tripod when she called out from the bedroom. "Honey, I am ready." She said nervously.Her husband entered the bedroom and admired his beautiful wife in her sexy outfit. She smelled sexy with her body spray. He gave her a passionate kiss then placed a blindfold over her eyes. He held her hand lovingly as he carefully led her into the living room where the three men who had stripped out of their clothes were waiting. The site of Stacie elicited hoots and whistles from the men. Stacie stood still, her breathing heavy in excitement, fear and anticipation. Her face blushed at the compliments, as well as slightly embarrassed that she was standing practically naked in front of these unknown men. Each man approached Stacie one at a time. Although she could not see, she could sense a presence in front of her; she felt the body heat of a man standing before her. The slight touch of his hand on her right breast elicited a sensual sigh from lips. As the hand encompassed her breasts, she felt wet lips touch her cheek which caused her to flinch in surprise. Her hands instinctively reached forward and felt for his body. She touched his stomach running her hands along his naked body before settling her hands on his hips as his fingers lightly rubbed her nipples. A moan escaped her as his lips again touched her cheek. He placed little gentle kisses around her face. His mouth nearing hers, so close she could smell his minty breath and then teasingly moving it away. This unknown man continued to fondle her breast and kiss her face and neck. She had never kissed another man since marriage and she had never planned on doing so, but the erotic situation found her wishing he would just kiss her. Her breathing quickened. Stacie opened her mouth to moan and left it slightly open, hoping, wishing, needing. As if taking her queue the man moved to her lips and she found herself accepting his tongue into her mouth. Her tongue quickly sought out his as their tongues dueled in each other's mouths. He kissed differently than her husband. Not better, not worse, just different, but it was making her extremely horny kissing some strange man she did not know and could not see. She wished she could see her husband's face at that moment.Jim watched his beautiful wife standing with her hands on Terrance's hips with her head tilted up meeting his as they kissed. Her husband thought she looked absolutely gorgeous and found the scene completely erotic. Stacie reached her right hand down to his crotch and found what she was searching for. Her heart raced as her hand grabbed his growing cock and began to slowly stroke it, sliding from the base to the head and back again.Terrance then stepped back ending the brief kiss. As he backed away, Stacie still held his cock and was forced to let go, letting it slip from her fingers when he moved beyond her arms reach.Sean then approached her. He fondled her left breast but instead of teasing her with little kisses, went straight in to her mouth for a kiss. He was shorter so Stacie did not have to tilt her head up. Stacie did not grab for his hips or touch his stomach, but reached straight for his cock and began stroking him. Again after less than a minute, the man backed away beyond her reach. Her breathing was heavy and she was slowly becoming aware of the dampness between her legs.The last man, Trey stood before her. His large muscular frame dwarfed the sexy wife. Stacie's head just barely reached below his nipples. He had to step back in order to lean over to kiss her. His large tongue entered her mouth. If it were not for the blindfold, everyone would have seen her eyes open wide as their tongues embraced as they kissed. His large hand engulfed her right breast. Stacie reached for his cock, but due to his angle, it was beyond her reach. If she had felt it, the size and girth probably would have frightened her.His hand touched her bare pussy and she felt him working a finger into her slit which was soaked from excitement. His finger touched her clitoris causing her to tighten up.As he broke off the kiss and stepped back, her husband came up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders caressing them. He leaned over and whispered in her ear."Are you horny yet my little slut?""Yes." She replied sounding almost out of breath.Jim stepped back from his wife and addressed the men."Gentlemen, this gorgeous woman is my wife and my little slut. Tonight and only tonight, I am sharing her with you."He then turned to his wife. "Babe, these men are here to fuck you, to use your body for their own pleasure. Once they begin, they will not stop until they are done with you. Do you understand?""Yes." She replied almost panting."What do you understand? Repeat what is going to happen?" He asked her, half of him wanting to make sure she completely understood and the other half just wanted to hear her say it. "They are..are going to fuck me and use me for their own pleasure." She repeated excitedly. "That is right." Her husband said. "Now, your blindfold is absolutely not to come off without permission. If you remove your blindfold without permission, as punishment, you will be restrained on your knees and you will suck each man who will use your mouth and throat for their own pleasure, then cum in your mouth, on your face or on your body. Do you understand?" She paused. Do you understand? He asked again."Yes, I understand." She replied reluctantly."So if you understand what is going to happen, the choice is now yours. Tell me you want to stop and we end it right here." He said placing a large pillow in front of her. "Or, if you want to continue, get down on your knees as your signal to them that you want to be their slut tonight. Stacie started kneeling before her husband even finished his sentence. Jim chuckled as he helped direct her knees to the pillow. "Tell them you are their slut for tonight." He whispered into her ear.Her breathing became quick and heavy with excitement. "I am your slut tonight." She said aloud. "Are you ready honey?" Her husband asked."Yes." She replied excitedly, already moving her arms in front of her blindly feeling for a body. "I love you very much babe, so enjoy yourself.""Love you too." She whispered back.The three men approached her with one man standing directly in front of her and the other two on either side of her. She blindly started reaching out around her. The men to her sides each grabbed a hand and placed it on their cocks. Sean was on her left with Terrance standing in front of her. When she felt Trey's cock on her right she gasped. Her finger tips could not touch as she grabbed it. It felt warm to the touch."Oh my god you're huge." She exclaimed. Before she could say anything further, she felt a cock at her lips. Instinctively she opened her mouth accepting Terrance's cock. She began sucking his cock as she gently stroked the other two. As it touched the back of her throat, she gagged. She continued working his cock slowly taking it deeper until she worked his entire cock into her mouth. After a few minutes of sucking, she pulled back releasing the cock as it rose up fully erect glistening from her saliva. She then began sucking Sean's cock to her left. Quickly she was able to take all of his cock into her mouth. While the texture was slightly different, she thought his cock was not all that different than her husband's. She could taste his precum which didn't taste all that bad. All the men could hear her moaning as she sucked."Oh, damn she's good." Sean said enjoying the immense sensations her mouth and tongue was giving him. All the while though, in Stacie's mind she kept thinking of the large cock to her right and whether she would be able to even fit it in her mouth. Eager to find out, she withdrew herself from Sean's cock and turned to Trey. Her tiny white fingers circled around the thick shaft as she kissed his large purplish head and began swirling her tongue around it. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and engulfed his large shaft in her warm wet mouth. Stacie was desperate to remove the blindfold and see the large cock she was sucking and it took all her willpower to leave the blindfold in place.Slowly she worked his cock further and further into her mouth. She tilted her head back as she withdrew his cock allowing her teeth to sc**** against his sensitive skin. She took more of his cock into her mouth and gagged a few times and backed off. The breathing through her nose could be heard by everyone in the room. She pushed further down and paused with his cock at her throat entrance. She bobbed back and forth moving less than an inch in either direction, as if trying to suppress her gag reflex. Then to everyone's utter amazement, she took a deep breath and swallowed at the same time as she pushed forward. The large cock entered her throat filling her completely. Her nose rubbed against Trey's curly pubic hair. She held herself there moaning uncontrollably and proud of herself that she was able to get the massive object down her throat. Her husband zoomed the camera in on her throat showing the small bulge caused by the cock. "Holy Shit Babe, I can see his cock in your throat." Her husband exclaimed.She reached underneath him and fondled his balls as she slowly withdrew his cock. She sucked the first three inches for a while before pushing forward and deepthroating him again. She would pull back an inch or so and then push forward, basically fucking her own throat on his cock. It was the most erotic scene her husband had ever witnessed. She was definitely enjoying sucking his cock. Slurping sounds filled the living room as she continued to suck Trey's cock.After a few minutes, her head was pulled away to pay attention to the other two cocks. She was moaning nonstop as each cock pummeled her mouth. She reached down and squeezed her breasts. Her fingers found her nipples, pinching them hard as she submitted to the face fucking from each man. On occasion she would gag, but the men were unrelenting and she was forced to fight her gag reflex. A fight she eventually won as it became easier for each cock to slide unrestricted into her throat. Stacie pulled her mouth off the cock currently occupying her."I need to be fucked, fucked hard." She said to no one in particular."What do you say Slut?" she heard one of the men ask."Please! Please fuck me." She pleaded.The men helped her stand and Trey suddenly picked her up and placed her over his shoulder eliciting a squeal out of her. He smacked her ass once as he carried her into the bedroom. The men and her husband followed. Trey tossed her onto the bed; she panicked briefly at being airborne before landing on the soft mattress. She felt the mattress flex as someone climbed up between her legs. She felt his breath, before she felt his mouth, kissing her deeply before moving down to her breasts. His soft wet lips began sucking on her tits. She desperately wanted to remove the blindfold. Her breasts tingled at the sucking sensations. The mouth on her tits then moved down her body. She spread her legs hoping desperately to receive a cock, but the man had other plans as his tongue licked her entire pussy from bottom to top in one lick. She gasped as his tongue teasingly flicked along her clit. "I NEED A COCK SO BAD." She begged.Terrance then grabbed her legs spreading them further apart and began sucking and licking her pussy. As he shoved his tongue as deep as he could into her pussy, he would give slight tugs on the butt plug in her ass."OH DEAR GOD!" She yelled as she arched her back. Her hands reached down to caress his head as he relished in her juices. Terrance's tongue licked and flicked at Stacie's clit as she spread her legs even further. She was loving every minute of it and she could feel an orgasm building. "OH MY GOD!" She screamed. "I'M CUMMING!" Terrance continued licking until Stacie pushed his head away from her sensitive lips. He then knelt between her legs and rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit. Stacie kept lifting her ass off the bed trying to get the cock inside her. She felt the head of his cock enter her pussy. Terrance leaned over her body as he thrust is cock deep into her wet pussy, his balls slapping against the plug in her ass."OH MY FUCKING GOD!" She yelled out. The sensation of a cock in her pussy with the small butt plug tail in her ass was sending warm tingling feelings throughout her body. Terrance leaned down and kissed her while he fucked her missionary. Her hands reached for his ass cheeks as she moaned in his mouth. He moved his mouth to her ear and whispered to her."You feel fucking incredible." He said."You feel amazing." Stacie responded. "So fucking amazing."She began rotating her hips to meet his strokes, enjoying the sensation his cock was giving her pussy. Her hands caressed his back and ass as her legs moved higher and wider giving him deep access to her. Stacie's pussy was soaking wet as it clamped down around his shaft. "Ah Fuck! Fuck my pussy hard." She yelled. That was more than Terrance could handle. Stacie felt his cock swell as he made one last thrust and filled her pussy with his warm cum. She could feel the first spurt hit the back of her pussy, then felt smaller spurts sending her over the edge. "Oh God!" Stacie moaned out. "I'm Cumming again!"Suddenly the cock withdrew from her pussy leaving her feeling empty and dripping sperm onto the bed sheets. She moaned in disappointment as Terrance got off the bed. Sean moved between her legs and shoved his cock inside in one thrust. Terrance placed his cock at Stacie's mouth and she eagerly sucked it clean of their combined juices. Sean grabbed Stacie's ankles and pumped his cock in and out of her pussy as Stacie alternated between sucking Terrance and Trey's cock. After fifteen minutes, Sean felt he could hold back no longer."Uh Fuck!" Sean yelled as his cock exploded deep inside Stacie's pussy bringing her ever closer to another orgasm. Sean slowly withdrew his cock from her pussy as sperm oozed from her lips. Trey then got off the bed and walked to the end of the bed. Grabbing her legs, he pulled her to the end of the bed so her pussy was on the edge of the mattress. Trey slapped her stomach with his cock before rubbing the head against her moist pussy lips. Slowly he inserted three inches before stopping. Her body stiffened until she got accustomed to his size. She slowly began to rock her hips allowing the massive shaft to probe deeper inside her pussy. "OH SHIT, SO BIG!" She screamed arching her back. "I'VE DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN!"Suddenly she yelled out. "STOP! I can't take anymore." She had never felt anything like this before in her pussy. It was a full feeling, a very intense pressure that was slowly turning from pain to immense pleasure. "You don't have to take anymore Slut, you took it all." Trey informed her as his cock was fully impaled inside her. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Could she really have taken his entire cock? She had to see for herself."Please Jim, Please can I take the blindfold off." Stacie begged wanting to see the large phallus lodged in her body."No, not yet Hon." He responded. Knowing full well she would not listen."Fuck it." She said pulling the blindfold from her face. She knew what the punishment was but she was so damn horny she didn't care. She sat up on her elbows to watch as the man withdrew his dark cock, her pussy lips hugging it tightly as it slid out. She almost had an orgasm from the sight of the large cock sliding in and out of her pussy. His girth was pushing on the butt plug. She felt like her asshole was also being stretched. She could feel every vein in his cock and had never felt so full.She threw her head back on the bed. "I'VE DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN!" She exclaimed."Oh God!" Stacie said panting. "He's so deep Jim. Thank you, I love you so much."She looked at her husband and saw the look of pure lust on his face. He smiled lovingly at her.Trey flexed his cock, sending vibrations throughout her pussy."OOH!" She let out a low moan signaling another orgasm.Trey leaned down and his tongue flickered over her hardened nipples. She grabbed his head and pulled it up to hers as she aggressively sought out his mouth. She kissed him shoving her tongue into his mouth. Her legs wrapped around his ass, pulling him into her as he thrust in and out. She was lifting her pelvis to allow him maximum penetration.Her husband Jim was watching with his video camera and could not get over how damn sexy she looked from the side as this large black man was pumping into her. Her body was dwarfed by his large frame.Her pussy muscles were tugging along his shaft, desperate to feel his seed shoot deep inside her. Stacie moaned and yelped with joy as her boobs swayed as he fucked her. This went on for a good 20 minutes.Trey then spoke to her. "You ready Slut?" He asked."OH GOD YES I'M READY!" She screamed with desire in her voice. "I AM SO READY!"Trey then arched his back as he roared like a lion. Her pussy gripping his cock tightly, refusing to let it go as it exploded shooting warm liquid into the deep recesses of her pussy. She could feel it flex and jump inside her. "Oh. Oh. Oh." Was all Stacie could say as she spasmed, arching her back off the bed and digging her nails into his hips as she felt spurt after spurt coat the inside of her pussy.She felt Trey's cock soften slightly although it still filled her completely. Sweat covered both their bodies and she looked Trey in the eyes and giggled."You were amazing." She told him.