Pantyhose in the Men's Room at the Shopping M

Under my jeans I wore two pair of coffee colored ultra sheer pantyhose. I decided to go with two pair of ultras instead of a heavier denier because I know when I have worn two pair at the same time they rub against one another and have created warmth even though they are so sheer. I am seldom without a spare pair and this was the case today. I brought along a pair of nude ultra sheer, the same brand and style as the coffee colored pantyhose.The layered pantyhose had the effect I was hoping for. I was comfortable without being layered in heavy clothing. After shopping for about 2 hours I thought I felt movement across my right calf but wasn't sure as it was so faint and sudden. Hmm, are the pantyhose running? I thought. They were being given a somewhat strenuous workout rubbing against another and against heavy denim while I was in constant motion. I decided I would check on them just before lunch.About 30 minutes later I thought I felt something on the back of my left leg. "They are running" I thought. Before getting lunch I wanted to take my purchases to my car. I put my bags in the trunk and then drove the car to a completely different area and parked. This is just something I have always done in case someone is watching me. I went back into the Mall and after having spent 4 hours shopping I decided to head for the Men's Room to take a leak and check on my pantyhose before getting something to eat.I went into a stall and let my jeans fall down to my shins. I looked behind me and did not see any visible runs. I took a leak and pulled my pantyhose back up. I slipped my left foot out of my shoe and inspected my hosed foot. There were two runs along the bottom of my foot going up the heel and ending mid-calf. I stepped out of my right shoe and found one run also on the bottom of my foot and going over the heel and half way up my right calf. I could see by the abrasions on the nylon that my shoes had worn holes in the hose. I wasn't surprised as my Topsiders have a habit of being cruel to pantyhose.I thought about just keeping the pantyhose on but quickly a kinky thought came to mind. I would remove them, put the other pair on and leave the damaged pair behind in the stall for some unsuspecting man to find. The hose slipped off in a second and then I quickly pulled the new pair on. The "under" or base layer pair remained pristine. After I got myself together I retrieved my ruined hose. I unfurled them and then hung them by the coat hook on the stall door. I took a step back. Anyone who would come upon them would instantly recognize they had been worn. They were stretched out and in the shape of the lower body. I did a quick sniff of the feet. I was unable to distinguish an odor other than leather but I thought if someone was into leather smells it might turn him on. The way the light shown down on the hose the two runs in the left foot were discernable once you looked the pantyhose up and down.I exited the Men's Room and went to get something to eat. Fortunately, the Food Court was just outside the restroom I had used. I sat at a table where I could see men going into the restroom and made myself take my time eating and drinking. After 35 minutes, I could no longer control my strong curiosity to go back into the Men's Room and see what if anything had happened to the pantyhose.I went in and proceeded to the stall in which I had left the pantyhose. I glanced down and didn’t see anyone’s feet. I hesitantly pushed against the door. It opened and I slipped inside. The pantyhose were still there only now they had a couple ropes of cum on them! I removed them from the hook and held them up and it appeared there were four ropes of cum shot across the legs. I immediately got hard and fantasized about having allowed the guy who came on them to do so when I was wearing them. I decided I would leave them behind again only it would be a longer period of time before I would come back to check on them.I left the Men’s Room and began shopping again. The entire time the pantyhose were in the back of my mind and my thoughts raced with fantasies of hot men stroking their cocks with my pantyhose. After two hours I could no longer stand the sexual tension and headed back to the Men’s Room.As I went in one man came out. Surprisingly, no one else was in the room. I headed to the stall and looked on the back of the door. The pantyhose were not there. “Oh, someone took them, someone wanted them” I thought. I admit I was a little disappointed they weren’t there. Just to be sure the pantyhose were really gone I quickly peeked in the wastebasket. They were not in the can. As a result of the pent-up sexual anxiety I need to take a leak bad. Just as I neared the urinals I saw the pantyhose. Someone had pulled the panty over the top pipe and handle of a urinal and d****d the stockings to hang down in front of the urinal. The toe portions hung just a few inches from the bottom rim. I quickly snatched hold of the panty and brought the pantyhose into a stall with me.I d****d them over the door hook and inspected them. Someone had pissed all over the feet of the pantyhose. They were saturated and either that person or someone else had cum on them. I was really fascinated and intrigued that guys would enter a Men’s Room and take the time to cum on them. The heel area of the right leg had a large blotch of cum on it and with several small blotches of fresh cum above it.This had me so turned on that I had to cum. I d****d the pantyhose over the toilet handle and toilet seat and then lowered my jeans and pantyhose. I stroked myself as I looked at my piss and cum soaked pantyhose. Within only minutes I came. I instinctively knew I wanted to add my semen to the hose and so I used the panty to wipe my cock clean of cum. I got myself together and hung the pantyhose on the door as I walked out. I can only imagine the additional cum and piss they received later today. Who knows? Maybe someone decided to take them home. That is what I’m hoping happened. I would love it if someone took them hope, but them on and dropped a nice big load of cum in them. I’m looking forward to doing this again in the not too distant future.