Our first night at her mothers

We got back together on a blind date. I had been asked to come along by a mate I was working with at the time. His girlfriend wanted to go out with him, but also bring along her friend as well, and 3 made for an awkward date. At the time I had no idea I would be going out with someone I used to see some 5 years previous.Well we hit it off again, and a week or so later we were dating on our own.She was only 23, and me 5 years her elder, but I looked more like a young 23 year old.As I lived with old fashioned, strict parents, who were both ill, you kinda have to go along with the rules, no matter how old you are out of respect. You know the type I mean, shoes off at the door, sit in separate chairs, no kissing etc in the house!. There was little chance to explore each other this time round, and boy had she filled out!I have to say though, Jayne's family were much more progressive and open than mine. Jayne would tell me how they would wonder about the house, in just underwear or less, both of them known for just walking in no matter where you were, or what you might not be doing or wearing, or not. Not that that bothered me, as an ex rugby player, I had been seen and caught naked in some well dodgy positions, and if they knew what I did about their daughter they may have been more worried but for different reasons. However she was still their little girl even at 23 and protected her as such, stopping at the house on our own was not an option, so we had only managed the odd grope here and a feel there in our efforts to get to explore each others bodies again.. It was then with some surprise I was asked if I would like to stay over that Xmas only 2 weeks away. I accepted knowing they had a small box room to stay in, at least I would get a drink that night and not have to drive!We went to my parents first thing on Xmas day to open presents etc and I was quite shocked by the very feminine black open lace bodice, holdup stockings and sheer camisole that they bought for Jayne. It rather showed off, or would, rather more than the items I had bought her, and my outfits for her were pretty daring I thought….(she later wore this outside in our garden for pics. See some of them in the gallery)We arrived at Jayne's parents dropped my overnight bag at the foot of the stairs slipped of my shoes and went into the living room for pre dinner drinks x3. The normal Xmas dinner part 2, followed with a different glass of wine with each course, coffee and brandy for after dinner and topped off by a large scotch or few, and I don't mean pub measures for any of them, as we sat in the chairs ignoring what was on the TV that night,.Everyone seemed much more relaxed after that and following another couple of drinks at 9pm we were all very merry and getting less inhibited in the hot living room, my shirt was now out of my trousers and several buttons undone, Jayne's father’s had taken his off along with his socks.. Jayne’s thin white top was out of her shorts and the top 3 buttons undone giving me the odd flash of her white bra.It was time to open a second lot of presents. For me some socks, smelly’s, some boxers and a large bag tied with red ribbon. “Hope your not offended, but we think we know you by now” her mother said handing it over.As I cautiously opened the neck, and pulled out the contents. Inside was what looked like a Ann Summers waiters outfit white cuffs, black elasticated dicky bow and a pair of black nylon mesh boxers with a pouch for the crown jewels to tightly fit into. On it was printed “Tug for service” a pair of white ankle cuffs and black sheer socks that looked like shoes. There was also a bottle of lube and a 24 pack of condoms. I felt myself go slightly red as I saw them and left them in the bag. Why I should I don't know, maybe it was the first open admission that I could have sex with there daughter?Smiling I said thank you.“Hope you get some fun out of it, and make sure you use the other items in there” said her father, his message was clear.“What other items you got in there then Ian” asked Jayne smiling as if she knew.I pulled them out and showed her, unwrapping the seal off the condom packet and emptied them back into the bag. “ a few spares” I replied.“Dad…...Really…...are you trying to embarrass Ian with those….he brings his own you know”He quickly stared at me. “I'm not a virgin, 3 years in uni saw to that daddy so don't look so shocked”3 years in Uni...your having a laugh I thought to myself, I know for a fact at 17 she was having sex, lots of sex.“Try it on then” said Jayne, pulling off my socks.“No I don't think your parents want to see that, what have you got?” I said trying to change the subject.“Best check if it's a good fit” said her mother smiling, as was Jayne. I got the feeling I was being set up here but go with the flow its Xmas.I slipped off my shirt and slipped on the cuffs and dicky bow.“ And the boxers please” chirped Jayne.“Yes lets see the waiter in full” her mother replied. Her father smiled “If he shy leave him alone, its for their fun not ours”Well I wasn’t going to take that……“No its OK I just didn’t want to cause offence to you that's all, I'll go slip it on, happy to show the goods and I will be cooler”With that I slipped into the passage dropped my jeans and underwear and slipped on the boxer, fitted my bits into the pouch, and slipped on the socks and ankle cuffs. I checked myself out in the mirror, well I certainly filled out the pouch with my balls, that was clear to see, but the boxers were far more revealing than I thought they would be, the double mesh in the pouch hid my shaven balls to some extent, but the single layer was clearly showing off my sizeable cock in the tube printed with “Tug me for service” but I think that's the whole point of it!I confidently walked into the room and have a twirl, to whoops and laughter from the girls, but in good faith, my ass very clear to see, and my ball moving about as guys balls do, the tube started to expand with excitement. I sat down, “Dam good idea, I will join you” her father said “it is hot in here”, and removed his trousers. I didn’t feel quite so out of it now.Jayne opened several presents of skimpy bra and pants, some stockings which I approved of wholeheartedly, a thin expensive looking white bikini which I'm sure if wet would be see through, and was also handed a red bag.Inside were a pair of furry handcuffs, some very sexy looking stockings, black seamed and very sheer, with a matching bra and a pair of sheer panties with a built in split down the centre, and tied closed at the sides in a red satin bow. A box of batteries came out, followed by a rabbit dildo which she brandished about with no shame, fitting the batteries in it, and tested it out on her nose and her mothers to fits of giggles.“Thought you could use it when Ian is not about, laughed her mother”“Chance would be a fine thing mother, with you two just walking in on me like you do, I can imagine dads face watching me with a rabbit and moaning in pleasure” replied Jayne. We both knew what she meant.“Yes, well it's only natural a young girl playing with herself, I have one you know”“MOTHER….stop… we don't want to know thank you….I was on about you walking in on me and having no privacy.”“Arr, we were talking about that, your father and I, so whilst were not as prudish as you think, you are still our little girl, but it's time you lived your own life and we treated you as grown up woman. So whilst you were out this morning, we replaced your single bed with another Xmas present, a double, so you both may as well start using it use it, if you want too? We are not forcing you too, but it won't be the first time will it”“No it won't be the first, or last time for sure” I blurted outJayne looked speechless at me for a second before hugging them both.“So we going to see one of your outfits then?” I asked hopefully“I can show you what Ian’s parents got me shall I” she disappeared and we could hear the bags rustling.Jayne walked in her holdups, bodice, and camisole, together it look very respectable but sexy.“ give us a twirl then” said her mother. Jayne obliged, then took off her camisole and did another twirl. I could feel myself getting harder as you could see her breasts clearly in the lace as it stretched over them in two wide strips to below her belly button and her nipples stuck through it like little switches. The crutch was how it fastened and it had a very high leg line reaching up to where the shoulder strap stopped there was not a great deal it covered but I could not quite see her fanny in the patterns.Jayne's mother went into the kitchen and brought out some nibbles out eventually arriving back in just bra and panties, commenting she felt over dressed. As we laughed, joked, and had another drink, I'm sure it got hotter or it may have been the alcohol taking effect, the result was Jayne slipping off the shoulder straps and grabbing a towel to dry off her bare breasts and chest. I was not used to this open nakedness in front of parents, especially ones that were meant to be old fashioned. They appears suddenly very modern as Jayne's mother followed her daughter removed her bra and dried herself off.Another couple of drinks and it was time for bed.We closed the door behind us and Jayne flopped onto the new bed bouncing on the mattress pulling out her black outfit. Off came the stockings and camisole and on went the black bra and panties. She stood up in front of me. “ what do you think?”For the first time in a long time, I could see her clothed but nude, the material hid nothing her breasts and nipples clear to see her panties tight on her shaven mound, her lips parted and wet.She walked over to me and we kissed briefly before she sat on the corner of the bed and leaned back on her elbows.“Mmm better without the cuffs and socks I think” I removed them, and the dicky bow, slipping onto the bed in just the boxers.We cuddled and kissed for a few mins, stroking the hair at the side of her face, sliding my hand down her side, over her thigh, up over her belly, and back to her hair taking car not to touch her breasts. I nibbled on her ear, and blew warm air down her neck, watching her nipple firm up and change colour. My fingers rubbing slow circles around her breasts, before a gentle flick on her erect nipple had her smiling and moving about.Her hand slid down my belly under the elastic hem and into my boxers lifting the fabric letting my cramped cock slide out of the tube and stand firm.“your all wet and sticky, why?”I slipped my hand between her legs rubbing a finger up her open crack in her pants. Wet and warm was my reward.“ Maybe it cos I'm excited to be lying with a sexy young woman dressed in sheer clothes showing me everything, who has a beautiful, shaved, wet pussy, knowing her parents are just downstairs, listening, waiting to hear us have sex or something”“Mmm your right you can see almost everything of me, and I can't see you anywhere near as well”She sat up, grabbed the boxers and with a little lift from me pulled them off over my ankles to the floor. My cock sat up proud and hard as I sat further up the bed.Her hands slipped behind her and undid the clasp on the bra, letting the straps slip slowly off her shoulders. She gently removed it off her breasts dropping it on the floor before rubbing her hands over herself squeezing her nipples between her finger and thumb.She crawled back up the bed towards me and we kissed before sliding to my side and kissing my shaven chest. To be fair we had both taken to shaving ourselves for years, without knowing it, and only my arms had any growth.As we listened to movement up the stairs and along the landing, into the bedroom, then the bathroom, back to the bedroom, we ignored them. I took the time to bend down and suck on her nipple, her hand on my head pulling me in harder onto her breast as her nipple firmed to a hard standout button, her other hand rubbing up and down my cock.Sliding my hand down her side I found the bow on her panties and pulled on it, smoothly it undone and I flicked it back, leaving her pussy exposed and very open for fun. Jayne lifted herself up and I pulled on the other bow under her, it slipped undone and the wet panties were in my hand.Sliding her leg over mine she guided my hand, free of her panties, to her wet pussy where 2 fingers slid up her. We kissed long and deep, her tongue and lips pushing me back onto the headboard, my cock being wanked slowly. Jayne turned round and knelt over me, slipping her mouth over my cock and sucking me deeply, she arched her back downwards, giving me a wonderful view of her wet pussy and ass. I licked her pussy and carried on to her ass hole as I parted her cheeks, rimming her for the first time, she appeared to enjoy this as I pushed my tongue harder into her ass hole as she relaxed a little. Licking a finger I pushed into the opening and slid in to my second knuckle, moving it in and out slowly, that was received with no complaints, I slurped up her fanny with my tongue. She was now licking my hard, fat 7" shaft and taking my head deeper and deeper in her mouth.Could this get any better? Yes it could......A quick knock and the bedroom door opened, there stood Jayne's mother naked as if to justify the intrusion.A shapely woman, who also shaved below.“Is the bed OK? Do you need anything?” she automatically blurted out, stepping into the roomShe looked for several seconds, it may longer, I was pinned down by Jayne who never moved or stopped licking my hard shaft, mind I don't recall removing my fingers from her ass hole either. Our eyes met as I licked Jayne's fanny, I paused for a moment, then carried on licking and flicking Jayne's fanny still having eye contact with her mother. We had not invited the intrusion, and she was not going to interrupt us if Jayne was ok with it. Her hand slipped between her legs and gave herself a little stroke, then another, and a few more.Jayne lifted her head but carried on wanking me."Its nice and comfy Mum, come and try it, we don't mind. She took another step closer, Jayne climbed off me leaving me naked in full view with my hard on.“No I best not with your father next door, I guess not" she said, walking backwards out of the room she closed the doorJayne turned looking at me, “I’m so sorry about that, force of habit she has, she just has to look, see what the boyfriend looks like, she will do it again, she can't help it you might be in the shower next time and she will pop in and use the loo. She don't mean anything by it, in fact it's more of an acceptance thing!If you don't want to stopover again I understand.”I pulled her astride me, kissed her, and held her breasts, licked each of her nipples, and pulled her onto me.“I'm not shy, you know that from years ago, can you see me being worried about that? Actually I think your mother would have liked to have joined us if your dad was not about! maybe help you sucking me off?""You wouldn't would you?" "Sure I would, have you both looking after me, you know I like sex, lots of sex, I like taking nude pics and having sex on video, you were in the first ones after all. I would love to be having sex with you, sharing it, and sharing you. I'm happy to trot around your house in boxers or nude if your mother wants to check me out, she can watch me fuck you, she can join in. I think she would like that, I think she would like to join in to be honest. She keen enough to get nude in front of me. She not going to put me off you.Now it all depends on you really, are you suddenly going to be shy?, or are you the uninhibited girl I love, keen to be photographed and recorded, and make our sexploits public. I'm being honest with you, that's how it would be, you decide.”She climbed off me and rummaged in her bag bringing back her handcuffs. Fixing one on my wrist then round the bar on the headboard and to the other wrist then off into her handbag and out came her camera. "I'm game to be posted and exposed if you are" she cocked her head to the side. I smiled and nodded.I was snapped tied up, she stood over me offering up her pussy to be licked, which I lapped up and was snapped. Handing me the camera and pointing in the general direction she posed by my cock, then slipped her lips around it and started to give me a blowjob, I tried to keep the noise down but it must have been heard as I jerked up and down as she sucked me off. I kept clicking the camera hoping I was catching the action, my toes curled the veins in my neck stood out and she pulled out pointing my cock at me as I fired off up my chest and on my face, 4 loads pumped out of me, then she slipped her lips straight back on me sucking me clean and getting me hard again.She took a condom out of the packet and rolled into my red hot cock, it was so sensitive now I jumped even as it as rolled down to my balls.She sat astride me, lent forward and kissed me, biting my lip, and slowly slid down my body till her pussy slipped onto my cock head sliding up and down a couple of times, it felt nice, and warm, and she sounded really wet. Wiping my cum from my chest and the side of my mouth onto her finger she offered it to my lips.“suck my fingers”As I sucked and licked them, she collected more of my love juice and gave it to me.“How fertile are you” she whispered, licking the top of her lip. She sliding off my cock, pulling off the condom and dropping it to the floor.She lent forward and kissed me and slid bareback onto me and started to grind herself onto me.I could hear snoring from next door and started to rise up as Jayne sat down, we were soon into a rhythm, but the headboard was banging against the wall. We stopped and listened. Still snoring could be heard, we started again, Jayne forced her breast into my mouth and I sucked and bit on her hard erect nipple, she moaned in pleasure, and started to pant as my toes curled. Seconds later I shot off up her cunt, followed by 4 more loads. She slipped off me and turned off the light. We fell asleep in moments.Several hours later, I was woken up by the clink sound of a cup of tea being brought into the room. I opened one eye with effort in time to see a naked male ass leave the room, and a naked female standing at the door and looking in.I reached for the tea my arms would not move, yes I was still in furry handcuffs and stark naked on the bed, dried cum all over me and used condom on the floor, Jayne was nowhere to be seen.A few moment later in she popped from the bathroom drying herself off from the shower.“I guess I'm in trouble this morning with everyone being found like this, and last night?”Jayne freed me from the bed and I drank my tea,“Your not in trouble with me, but it depends how you act now I think, there downstairs doing breakfast, I would get a quick shower and trot down with the towel drying yourself off and see if there is anything you can do to help, there not dressed yet so your fine as you are. Just act normal and stand your ground…”Well this was far from normal to me but there you go.I trotted down drying my shaven head.“Morning can I help?” I chipped confidently, I walked to Jayne's mother and went to give her a kiss on the side of her face, patting her father on the back as I passed. “Thanks for the drinks last night, a really nice night with you all chatting” I planted my kiss and stood up.Her father looked at me sternly, “ Are you not embarrassed looking like you did this morning? and now?”“Embarrassed with what bit? Not sure what you mean?Was I embarrassed by being woken up by a nude guy bringing me a cup of tea?, or his naked wife standing looking at me from the door, or the fact your daughter and I made love last night, including cuffing me naked to the bed you bought for her, and told us to use? Or the fact we are all stark naked now.....no not embarrassed by that at all, but I am sorry about the used condom on the floor we should have at least put it in the bin”I stood there confident but not arrogant still drying myself.A long moment of silence.If there is one thing I have learn, in times of crucial decision making, state your case and, keep quiet, he who speaks first loses. I stood there towel at my side, as naked as they were.He laughed and held out his hand for me to shake which I did.“ You will fit in here just fine, I wish I had a camera this morning, you looked so peaceful cuffed to the bed covered in dried cum. You know your meant to fill the condom with it, not shoot it over the bedroom or up my daughter!”“Yeah sorry about finding me like that and you not having a camera, but I was kinda tied up at the time, I'm sure there will me more opportunities to get that photo again if i'm still welcome? I'm happy for you to take the snaps, I just want to make your daughter happy, and I'm not going to say sorry for doing that.We laughed, that was 29 years ago, and now she is my wife. I chose well I think, and you can see some of our pics in the gallery's.We eventually got our own house, and to this day still walk around naked in it, even when her mother visits, the garden is private and in full sun most of the day, we have a nice mattresses for the decking, and it takes 3, as does our Super King size bed.....!!!