One Family's Awakening - Chapter 22

Lucille thought she was going to faint at first. The thought of a group fuck was completely foreign to her. Then she considered that the two young adults would be involved with their respective parents and that sent her mind spinning as well. Then she considered that she had just started fucking her brother-in-law behind her sister's back. But he wasn't a blood relative. Then she considered what she had seen through the window when Keith and Abby were fucking and she definitely wanted some of his cock inside her. Harvey was more enthusiastic, but had to restrain himself until he could see which way Lucille was going to go. He had wanted in Linda's pants since the first time he laid eyes on her and now was likely his chance and he hoped Lucille didn't mess it up for him. So he waited patiently and tried not to rub his cock through his pants as he pondered the possibilities. Lucille finally spoke up and everyone in the room had the knowing smile of those who had seen the light, so to speak, and opened their minds to the wider realm of possibilities."Okay," Lucille started. "For a first timer like me, I don't have a problem with getting naked and even having sex in a small group like this. I am more open minded and horny than most people would suspect. But I don't think I am ready to jump in and fuck everyone the first time around. And I don't want to be the focal point. I want to fuck while everyone else is fucking, too, okay? I don't think I could enjoy myself having an audience just sitting here watching me get laid."Karen put Lucille's mind at ease. "Lucille, no one is ever expected to do anything they are not comfortable trying. As a guest, you can decide who you want to fuck and how and I think everyone here would agree that you could even decide the other pairings. And if you would like to start off by relaxing with a drink or two while you watch someone else get the party started, we can do that as well. How would you like to proceed? By the way, you do realize that you are also committing to total confidentiality about all of this. We don't go around broadcasting our lifestyle and if you choose to join on occasion, you are agreeing to keeping it as private as we have.""I understand, Karen. Thank you." Lucille began to relax and took Karen up on her offer for a drink.Karen took her to the kitchen and allowed Lucille to fix her own drink the way she liked it and she chose a high-proof bourbon on the rocks. Karen smiled. She remembered when all of this got started last year and how she felt the first few times.Lucille looked Karen in the eye and asked, "Do you have sex with your son or do you just have sex with others while he is present?""All this started with me having sex with my son." Karen said honestly, more or less. She didn't want to get into the whole thing with Paul in the parking lot after the dance last fall. She told her about the premature death of her husband and all of the things that led her to this point without making excuses."Does Rick have sex with his daughter, Abby?""Yes."They walked back in the living room. Everyone was still patiently waiting for Lucille to loosen up. She had downed her first drink rapidly in the kitchen and was now sipping on her second one. As she entered the room, she said, "I think I would like to try the following. I hope you don't think me as being too kinky or too...I don't know...just go with it unless you have any serious objections. I would like to have Keith fuck me while I lick Karen and they make out on top of me. I would like to see Abby screwing her dad, and I would, if Linda has no objections, take on Harvey here. I know he wouldn't object to that," she said with a chuckle. "I have to confess, now that I have had a couple of drinks, that my sister and I used to explore our sexuality with each other when we were younger and I haven't done that in years. I want to again."Harvey was shocked at the confession, but it also made him rock hard and he now had visions of he, his wife and Lucille engage in some threesomes of their own.Linda nodded her willingness to give Harvey all he could handle. She had always considered him an attractive man and she already saw what he had to work with on video. Everyone else was totally comfortable with her request and they began shedding their clothes, since they started off half undressed to begin with. Karen and Keith approached Lucille and began helping her undress and fondling her as they went along, getting her juices flowing. The fact that she was now getting shit-faced on the bourbon wasn't hurting her mood either. Lucille noticed the huge cock Rick had and made a mental note that she would like to try that one sometime if not tonight. Linda and Harvey were already making out on the floor and Harvey was smothering himself between Linda's large, firm tits and looked like he was already in heaven. Linda was admiring the thickness of his cock by wrapping her hand around his shaft and gently tugging on it, amazed that her fingers barely touched each other as she grasped it. She knew that was going to feel really good stuffed up her cunt.Abby sat on her father's lap with his long rod poking up between her legs and she had both hands, one over the other, wrapped around his tool and the head of his cock still rose above her hands, red and swollen and ready for action. Lucille laid down on the floor and Karen hovered over her face with her beautiful ass descending toward Lucille's nose so Lucille could slide her tongue into her pussy. Keith was on his knees between Lucille's legs and lifted her ass in the air, resting it on the lap he made as folded his legs underneath himself. Lucille took a couple of minutes to reach down and stroke his thick cock and could feel the veins bulging and starting to throb in her tight grip. She could smell the musky aroma of Karen's pussy juice and her ass as it neared her face and before Karen finished her descent, Lucille watched as Keith reached for his mother's tits and squeezed them in his hands and they kissed passionately. Karen reached down and took his cock from Lucille's hands and guided the stiff rod to Lucille's opening and Keith pushed it forward into her, causing an immediate gasp of pleasure as he made his way all the way into her, reaching depths no one had gone before in Lucille. Lucille put her hands on Karen's thighs and pulled her down onto her face and began lapping at her pussy. Karen let out a similar gasp as Lucille shot her tongue over her clit a few times and then began tongue fucking her the way she used to do her sister. Lucille forgot all about everyone else in the room other than for the telltale sounds of people fucking, sucking and generally enjoying their carnal encounters. Abby was now riding her dad's long staff. His hands were clasping her smaller tits and she had her head back on his shoulder and one arm behind his head and neck as she bounced up and down on his cock. Abby was usually the first in the group to cum and this time was no exception. Her dad knew just what she liked after all this time and he always delivered. Abby came so hard and made so much noise that everyone other than Lucille paused for a moment to watch her shudder and shake and moan through her orgasm. At that moment, Linda wanted her badly and would have her soon, she told herself.Karen climaxed next, amazed at the oral skills Lucille possessed. She tightened her thighs against Lucille's head and her nipples hardened even more in Keith's grasp and she began to hump Lucille's face, soaking it with her cum juices in the process. Linda was on top of Harvey bouncing away and he continued to use his hands on her tits holding them in place, squeezing them together as she rose and fell on his thick pole. Her eyes were closed and she was vertical on his body, moving up and down without using her hands to maintain her position. His thickness was everything she hoped it would be and she had already cum once quietly, but was not far off from a second cum that she was not going to hold back. Just as she began to shriek loudly and grabbed her own tits, tugging on them and bouncing harder, Harvey groaned his impending orgasm and began pumping a heavy load of cum up into Linda's pussy in long, thick jets that began to ooze out of her and down his shaft. By the time he was done ejaculating into her, his cock was coated as were his balls. Linda's motions were now erratic as her body spasms took over and she lost control of herself physically. Harvey had to help hold her on top of him so that she didn't fall off and onto the floor.Rick pulled out of Abby right after her second orgasm and she proceeded to stroke him a few times before he launched his jizz all over her chest and abdomen. In these situations, Abby liked for him to pull out to show his impressive volume and distance he could shoot it and she knew it turned others on to see her rub his cum all over her body. Lucille came, but only Keith and Karen could tell because Karen was muffling her noises with her pussy and ass on Lucille's face. Lucille cried out into Karen's pussy and the vibrations and sudden change of movements of her mouth pushed Karen to another less intense orgasm. Keith knew Lucille came because she clamped down on his cock so hard that he could barely move in and out of her. Her smooth-rough pussy walls locked down so tight that he nearly had to stop until she finished. As she loosened her pussy grip on him, he resumed plowing her until he could hold it no longer and emptied his balls into her. Keith withdrew and moved away so that Lucille could relax and catch her breath. Linda, however, was not going to allow her to relax for long. Linda crawled over to Lucille and, as if to consummate the new arrangement, went down on Lucille and began eating her pussy and occasionally lapping up Keith's cum as it began to trickle out of Lucille's swollen hole. Linda maintained her activity until Lucille let out a wailing orgasm and her climax pushed the rest of Keith's load and pussy walls spasmed. Lucille finally opened her eyes and looked at what was going on next to her on the floor. Keith had climbed on top of his mother and was fucking her as hard has he had just fucked Lucille. The mother-son action set Lucille's erotic regions on fire. She looked over at Rick and Abby, and Rick had entered Abby from behind and Lucille could see the full length of his long shaft sliding in and out of her and she envied Abby at that moment, having readily available to her such a large cock at her disposal any time she wanted it. Linda, was on the sofa in from of Abby with her legs spread and Abby was lapping at Linda's cum-soaked pussy and Lucille noted that the position Linda was in, and the profile of her figure, looked just like the decals many men had on their trucks and car windows of the buxom woman in silhouette. Lucille looked over at Harvey, who was sitting on the floor and she was surprised that he was gazing at her instead of watching the other action going on. She smiled at him and motioned for him to come to her. When he did, she pushed him on his back and climbed on top and quickly sank his cock in to the hilt and began fucking him as hard as she could take it. Each of the men managed to blow their loads a couple of times and the women lost track of how many orgasms they had each reached. Harvey and Lucille announced that it was time for them to leave, got dressed and left the household to continue the party without them.Once they got in the car, Harvey told Lucille that they were going to his house first before he took her home. Lucille had had one more drink before they left and was so mellow at that point that she hardly gave it a thought. If she had thought about it, she would have realized that she smelled like sex, was close to drunk if not there already, and it was not going to look good to her sister when they walked in. But she didn't think about it. She was still at the Johnson house getting fucked like never before in her mind.They arrived at Harvey's house and he discovered that he needed to help Lucille steady herself getting out of the car. The situation was perfect in Harvey's mind for what he hoped to pull off. They walked in the door and his wife, Bonnie, was sitting on the sofa looking at lingerie magazine. That made it even better, although given her lack of interest in sex the past few months, he was surprised she was looking at lingerie catalogs. Bonnie was surprised to see her sister and even more surprised to see that her sister was tipsy. "What the hell have you two been up to?" Bonnie said, somewhat annoyed, but suspecting nothing."We had a meeting with a school family and they served some drinks. Lucille had one more than she should have. I thought it best to bring her here and get her sobered up, maybe have you run her through the shower before I take her home." Harvey said, trying not to lie, but holding back the more damning facts of the evening."Well okay, I guess that makes some sense, but I can't handle her alone and you shouldn't be involved, so how exactly do you expect this to happen?" "Let's get her upstairs and take it from there."Lucille was with it enough to carry one a slurred conversation and objected to taking a shower at her sister's house but didn't put up much resistance. Once they got to the master bath area, Harvey suggested that Bonnie undress first so that she could get in the shower with Lucille. He would leave the room once Bonnie was undressed and then she could more easily help Lucille. Bonnie reluctantly agreed and stripped down. Lucille pulled out of her stupor to see her sister naked and before Harvey could leave the room, Lucille reached out and put her hand between Bonnie's legs and massaged her pussy before Bonnie could move."Just like old times, huh, sis?" Lucille asked.Bonnie stuttered and couldn't find the words to shut off the conversation."Remember how we used to lick each other's pussies when we were younger and finger each other every chance we got? We had some hot fucking times together, didn't we sis?"Bonnie looked over at Harvey unsure of what to say or how he would react."Really?" he said, smiling at Bonnie. "I never would have guessed. I would like to watch that!"Bonnie was torn between being pissed at the whole situation and enjoying her sister's touch as if the last 25 years had not happened and they were back in their teens making each other cum several times a day."Well, if you want to watch, Harvey, just sit down in your easy chair and I will show you how we did it." said Lucille with a drunken grin on her face. She went to her knees and buried her face between her sister's legs. Bonnie was already a little moist from looking at the hot women in their hot lingerie and was feeling more horny than usual as a result.Lucille pulled her sister onto the bed and put her on her back. Bonnie only offered minor resistance. She started to suggest that Harvey leave the room and she would explain later."Nope. I am going to stay here and watch the whole thing. Might even join in." Harvey said with a satisfied smile on his face.Bonnie just collapsed on the bed and spread her legs. She wanted her sister again, the way it used to be, and she gave in to her desires. Lucille proceeded to undress herself while she continued to lick her sister's now wet pussy. Once she was naked, Lucille climbed onto the bed and got in the 69 position with Bonnie and they proceeded to eat each other out until both had cum at least twice. Harvey sat in the side chair and pulled out his cock, stroking it slowly as he watched the sisters fucking each other with their tongues.Bonnie saw him playing with his cock and motioned him over to them. Lucille was on top of Bonnie and her ass was in the air near the foot of the bed. Bonnie was lost in her own pleasure and was feeling hornier and more carnal than she had felt in years. She wanted to see some cock action and waved Harvey over."Fuck her Harvey. Just get behind her and fuck her while I watch. I have wanted to do this for years and never knew how to bring it up. Stuff your fat cock in my sister and fuck the shit out of her!"Lucille spread her legs a little wider and Harvey undressed and walked up behind her with Bonnie's head directly below him and watching the action from an angle she had not seen before. She watched her husband shove his fat cock into her sister's dripping wet pussy and watched as his balls swayed back and forth with each stroke. Bonnie reached up and played with his nut sack as she licked her sister's cunt and occasionally Harvey's shaft as he pulled back on each stroke. The warm pussy and his wife's wet tongue set his cock on fire and he knew he wasn't going to last very long. "Harvey, when you cum, I want you to be a nasty fuck and pull out and cum on my face. Will you do that for me, Harvey?""Of course, if that is what you want. I've always wanted to please you in any way I could. If this is it, you are about to get a cum bath.""Yes!" she said, "soak my face with your cum!"Harvey soon pulled out his cock, aimed it at Bonnie's face, and shot several long jets of cum that covered her mouth, neck and cheeks and ran down her face to the sheets below.Lucille collapsed on Bonnie with her pussy resting on Bonnie's tits. Bonnie gave Harvey's thick rod some tender loving attention with her mouth like she had not done in years. It became apparent that Lucille was momentarily out cold still spread all over Bonnie's body. "Harvey, I hope you don't hate me for this. I think I have some explaining to do..."Harvey cut her off. "Bonnie, I have no problem with this and if this is what you have needed all this time to keep our sex life in good shape, I wish you would have told me years ago. If you are okay with sharing your sister with me, then I am okay in sharing you with your sister. In fact, if you think you need another cock in your life, we can talk about that too.""Right now, help get her off of me and if you have another round in you, fuck me like you did her while she sleeps awhile."Harvey could feel his cock stiffening again and he rolled Lucille over to the other half of the bed and helped Bonnie get turned around. On her back, she threw her legs over Harvey's shoulders and let him fuck her hard and fast until she came as hard as she had on her sister's face. Harvey had not seen her this worked up over sex in so long he had forgotten how good it could be. He was going to last longer this time and he planned to enjoy every minute of it. The kinkiness of having her sister laying there naked while they fucked only made him harder and hornier. A few minutes into his pounding into his wife, Lucille woke up and saw what was going on."Turn over and get on top of him, Bonnie. I want to eat your ass. I remember that you used to like that, too."There were not going to be any secrets, apparently, Bonnie thought to herself, so she rolled with it and got on top of Harvey. Once she got a slow rhythm going sliding on his cock, Lucille nuzzled her face into her sister's ass and began licking her asshole. She played with Harvey's balls as she licked that puckered place and occasionally pushed her tongue into the tight opening to intensify Bonnie's pleasure. Lucille then slid a finger into Bonnie's asshole and began fucking her with one and then two fingers. She could feel the thickness of Harvey's cock sliding in and out of her sister's pussy as her fingers worked the other opening. Harvey could feel Lucille's fingers pressing against his cock as they fucked. Bonnie could feel both and felt full and ready to explode. Her climax came on her suddenly and violently and she made no effort to keep her voice down as she let out all the energy of her cum. Harvey filled Bonnie's pussy with cum and it felt to him like he pumped as much into her pussy as he had shot all over her face earlier. They decided not to worry about showering at this point and fell into bed and slept. Sometime during the night, Harvey thought he was dreaming of getting a blowjob, but it felt so real that it woke him up. The nightstand light was still on from earlier and he realized that he actually was getting his cock sucked. He looked down to see Bonnie slowly working his cock with her tongue and mouth. She realized he was awake and looked up at him and smiled."I think our sex life is going to take a turn for the better, honey." she said with a smile and then went back to work on that thick rod. Harvey relaxed and enjoyed the ride, amused at what appeared to be a major understatement.