On Board

I was walking the back desk after dinner to get some peace and an older guy I had seen on board a few times was leaning by the rail.I said hi and he said that I looked bored-so rightI acknowledged that and he said he had seen me in the pool."A good looking guy like you shouldn't be bored"Laughing "Well I am"He leaned closer and took my hand and placed it on his groin."Maybe I can helP"I could feel his semi erect cock which wasn’t very long but very thick. He pressed his hand over mine and startedkneading again."can we use your cabin?"I asked. No as he his wife was there. I could feel him hardening as well as my cock erecting.But if you don’t mind to give me just a blowjob I know a place.”"After been heated up and being so horny and the feeling of the semi erect cock of Rick I agreed. Sowe started for a short walk and found a place near a locked hatch.It was dark but the ambient light I could make out his face and he could see me. He reached for me and pressed his lips on mine. After a long and juicy kiss he whispered “Suckmy cock.”I went down on my knees and opened his trousers and pulled them down. In this dark I nearlycouldn’t see anything so I had to fumble for his cock. It was still soft, not very thick but already some 5 inches long. Istarted to lick his balls and slowly moved to the head of his cock. When I reached it his cock was semi erect andpointed in a slightly curve down. I opened my mouth and took the head in. In my pants I felt my cock stiffening. Mytongue played around his cockhead and my lips pressed his cock just behind it. I felt his cock grow in my mouth andgetting harder. I went down on it inch by inch. Thanks to the curve of the cock I didn’t have to gag as the cock wentdown my throat. Rick started to moan. When I pulled back I tasted his first drop of pre-cum. Both of my hands werearound his cock and still more than just the head was left. I started to run circles with my tongue from his piss slitoutward until I reached the bulging and hot edge of his cock head. My tongue went down his cock till I reached hisball sack. Sucking his balls I started slowly to jerk the long shaft.Rick was constantly leaking pre-cum. Under his moans he pressed out “Suck me, please, suck me.”I let his balls go and went licking the running precum off his cock up to the head and slowly engulfed the throbbingmeat. When I slowly lowered my mouth over his hot rod Rick started to moan a bit louder “Oh yes, oh yes, oohhh…..” Ifelt the long shaft easily go down my throat. Than I started my back and forth motions on thick throbbing cock. Slowlyin the beginning but speeding up by the time. After 10 minutes of constantly sucking the hot tool Rick’s breathingwas getting shorter, his whole body started to tense. He was ready to come.I put more pressure to my lips and after a few motions he erupted under suppressed moans. H e squirted 5 loads ofhot jizz directly down throat. I pulled back a little and got 3 more squirts on my tongue. The taste was fantastic, a bitsalty and creamy but also sweet and fresh. I never had his taste before.After I licked his shrinking cock clean he pulled me up and gave me a hot and deep kiss.Than he pulled up his trousers and with a “Next time we meet I have to fuck you!” he left. Just than I not iced that I hada throbbing hard on in my pants. I would have liked to jerk off but suddenly thought the place might be not that safe.So I headed back to my cabin..On the main deck a steward in uniform stopped me and said "I could see what you were doing?"I was shocked as it was pretty dark."Don't worry would you like to make a new experience?” with this Said move his hips slightly back and forth.“Always, but there a some experiences you can’t get in the open space.”“Your right, especially here . But I know a place that is private. Do you like to see?” He stoodup and signed my to follow him.In the cool dark of the cabin Said turn around and took off his shirt and dropped his pants. He had a hairless body of an athlete and a wellproportioned cock that visibly grew longer and thicker. He started caress his cock. I couldn't believe my luck. After ashort time Said’s dick poked out horizontal. It must have been at least ten inches and much thicker than Rick’s. Hetook a step forward, pushed me to my knees and the tip of his dick to my lips. I licked it with my tongue. Thecircumcised cock was surprisingly sweet tasting. With a hand behind my head, he pushed me down on it. I opened mylips and allowed the head to slip in, licking the fleshy tube as it slid deeper. Said layed his head back and groaned.even longer and harder. When he started moaning I knew I was doing things right. I tried again to take more of him, butI couldn't get his thick pole down my throat without choking.Said pulled his cock out, which snapped straight up to slap against his abs. With a smirk he said, "If you want theexperience of all of this, you're going to have to take it up your ass."“I definitely would like this experience, but, please, take it easy. You are very big and my ass is very tight”“I will take care and we both will have fun” and than Said started to remove my clothes. When he removed my briefsmy already hard dick flopped up to my belly.“As far as I can see you already have fun” he commented and moved me to his mattress and laid me on my back. Saidgot on the mattress, slid between my legs and raised them to his broad shoulders. Than he spat on his cock and onmy ass to lube it all and started the process of entering me. He pushed against my ass hole with steady pressure as Itried to relax. Slowly bit by bit his cock head entered my ass hole. Finally, with a quick stab, he pushed the last of thehead into me. I gave a gasp in surprise. Said stayed motionless for a while to allow me to get used to it. Than againslowly he pressed into me, inch by inch. When I felt the soft skin of his ball sack I knew he was in. I couldn't believe hehad gotten that monster in me.Again Said stayed without moving that I could get used to him. He just started to move when the door of the cabin wasopened and a guy in uniform entered. Said and I froze in shock. That guy spoke to Said in Arabic and after a shorttime I felt as Said relaxed. He told me that this guy was his colleague to whom he had told about our first encounter.He had just left before we both met the second time. And when his collegue has him speaking to me he waited to seehow it would go on. And now he wanted to fuck me. He hadn’t has an ass for a long time and was yearning for an assfuck. So he hoped that I gave in. Otherwise he would call the Captain and that would be no fun for all. When I nodded inagreement he stated that he fucks now and Said could have me afterwards. So Said removed his softening cock witha soft plop.The guy just opened the white pants he was wearing .His cock was already hard and had an average size of about 6 inches. He ordered me in to doggy position kneeledbehind me. He spat on his cock and entered my ass in one move. He gripped my hips and started to move. Verysoon I knew that he was knowing what he did. When he started with long slow strokes he sped up with shorter ones.He rotated his hips and changed the angle of his in and out movements.Soon I was leaking pre-cum and started to moan. He gave my prostate that good a massage that after 20 minutes Iejaculated without any touching of my cock. And with the spasms of my sphincter I sended him over the edge. Hestopped fucking me and his hole body went rigid. Only his pulsing cock was pumping his hot jizz into my ass. After aminute he pulled out his still stiff rod and said something in Arabic to Said. He ordered his clothes winked at me with asmirk and left.“He said that you have a hot ass” Said translated for me from the corner he was sitting in. “It looked like you enjoyed itas well.”“I really did” I confirmed. “I would lie saying no.” A bit exhausted I dropped on my back again. “This really was anexperience.”“And are you ready for another experience?” he stroked his tool which was getting longer and harder again. “I think youare loosened up enough for me. And already lubed.”“Come on than but start easy. You are still much bigger than that guy.”When Said came over his cock was nearly as hard and long as it was when he started to fuck me the first time.And he was right, his cock slid into my ass much easier. But still I had to breathe a bit harder when he was in totally.“Now I will see how hot your ass really is.” Than he slowly started to move. He bend forward, placing his hands by myshoulders and bending me double with my legs on my chest and ass in the air. Looking down my body, I could see hisdark shaft spearing my white ass. He started with short slow strokes which became longer and longer. The feelings ofhim moving through me were like nothing I'd ever felt before. It was intense. Very soon both of us started to moan.Than his movements became shorter and harder. I thought his cock was even getting longer. He reached areas wherenobody has been before.All my feeling and thinking was focused on my ass. I concentrated on squeezing my ass as he moved back with hismeaty tube and could feel inch after inch as it slipped from my ass. On his way in I relaxed, feeling the pressure as herefilled my guts with his massive tool. It was great. After some time I changed to squeeze my ass on his in stroke. Thischanged his moaning into grunting.After several minutes I loosened my squeezing and let him just come in and out but only to start the squeezing again.This brought him even higher. I could feel his throbbing meat in me getting thicker and longer again. His breathing gotshorter and intermittent. Than he withdraw totally just to shoot several squirts of his hot jizz over my head giving aloud groan. Seeing him shoot his load out of a now 11 inches tube I started to come as well.After what might have been 12 squints of cum he collapsed onto my body. When our breathing returned to normalSaid smiled at me. “You really have a hot ass. I never felt my cock as welcomed as in you ass.”“And I never felt filled up as with your cock. And you know how to use your tool.”“Yes, I learned it from my father. You had the pleasure to enjoy him right before me.”he said with a very dirty grin.