Oh Nancy – Chapter 4 - Epilogue

Freddie slowly stirred from his wonderfully peaceful and well-earned sleeep. He smacked his lips and blinked several times while he sat up and returned to the waking world. He took a deep breath and focused on his surroundings, a dark and initially unfamiliar room lit only by some faint ambient light through the drawn curtains and hallway light entering the room by the jarred door.While he gathered his bearings, he quickly discovered that he was also quite nude under the bed sheet over his lap save for his socks. What he had participated before he had fallen asleeep came rushing back into his mind, explaining his state of undress and his surroundings. He smiled at the memory as something to be cherished regardless of the carnal pleasure that he had experienced.Since the room was dark, he realized the obvious that the sun had gone down, but he didn't know for how long. He reached over to the nightstand and turned on the lap to give him some light. After the light clicked on, he noticed immediately that on the table with the lamp rested his phone and wallet. He picked up his phone and checked the time, seeing that it was just after nine that night. While he had his phone, he quickly checked to see if he had missed any messages, which of course he had from his mother despite the fact that he had called her from the airport as soon as he had arrived to assure her that he had safely arrived. He fired off a quick text message to her to tell her that he was fine and to have a nice evening as a polite way of telling her that he would talk to her tomorrow and let him enjoy the rest of his night.Freddie sat the phone down on the nightstand then looked around to assess the room as he really didn't pay much attention to it other than the bed when he first entered with Jade. His eyes immediately spotted his boxers resting over top of his suitcase along with his outer shirt and jeans neatly folded with the rest of his luggage and shoes sitting at the end of the dresser where the TV rested. He smiled at the consideration Jade showed him which immediately made him want to see the girl he had travelled so far to reunite.He threw off the sheet and walked towards his luggage and quickly slipped one leg then the other into the boxers. He unzipped his bag and reached in to grab an old T-shirt that he would wear to bed out of his rolling suitcase.The visitor for Seattle headed out of the room and down the stairs once he threw on his shirt and kept an eye out for the girl he travelled more than a thousand miles to see. He reached the first floor and continued through the house to reach the kitchen.He spotted Jade at the kitchen sink, rinsing a few plates and glasses before placing them one by one into the dishwasher. She was still wearing his undershirt and a pair of shorts, but gone was the blonde wig, allowing her nearly raven hair to freely fall over her shoulders minus her usual highlighted streaks. He took several seconds to just admire her sweet, simple beauty which was particularly highlighted wearing his shirt that was a tad bit big on her frame even if she filled a good portion of the front of it out. He cocked an eyebrow along with a smug smirk and called out, "Freddie?"Jade looked over her left shoulder and her face lit up with a smile. "Freddie," she sweetly replied, signalling that they were through playing Nancy and Walter. The 'cut-scene' word being the silly label Cat had given the couple in her happiness for their relationship. "I thought I'd be back before you woke up.""Oh, it's okay," he answered while lazily walking towards her. "I think we have plenty of time for that. We fell asleeep pretty early when we… had our nap."She took a few strides to him and wrapped her arms over his shoulders and around his neck. She snuggled her face against the side of his neck and murmured, "It was… I've missed you."Since the fateful weekend where they had met and fallen in love, they had kept in constant contact through phone calls, texts and web-chats, but it just wasn't the same as being in each other's presence and just feeling one another and not just in a sexual manner as their last few hours may have suggested.He moved his hands to her lower back and pulled her tighter against him. "I've missed you too," he answered with a breathy tone into her ear. "I've missed you too."They just held one another, feeling each other's warmth, strength, softness and inhaled the other's scent each missed from the other. Freddie was the first to partial separate with a kiss to her cheek, but holding on to her as he commented, "I see you've been busy since I've been asleeep."She glanced over her shoulder at the dishwasher. "I was just cleaning up everything. We did leave our dessert plates out and half drank wine out.""In our defence, the dessert was quite distracting and delicious and the afterwards…" He devilishly flicked his eyebrows, feeling so free being back around her knowing that she would not think less of him if he wasn't the constant stand-up innocent boy-next-door guy. "…I would say was a little more important… for your class of course. Making sure you're up to date on your studies is always important."Jade licked her bottom lip and giving him a smouldering look with her blue soul peering eyes. "Really, for class?"Freddie slightly tilted his chin up and began in a haughty voice as if he was some smug critic despite the playfulness she saw in his eyes. "Of course, that was the point of the 'acting exercise'. In fact, I thought that was quite the performance."Jade brushed a hand over his shoulder and gently teased the man she had missed over the last few months, "You weren't so bad yourself."He cracked the boyish, loving grin that had driven hundreds of thousands of iCarly fangirls wild—to the point that several dozen nearly tore him apart at one Webicon—then leaned forward and trapped her lips between his lips for a slow, deliberate kiss. She pulled him tighter to her and tilted her head to the side and parted her lips and teased his lower lip with the tip of her tongue which he in turn granted her entry. Their tongues softly danced and got reacquainted with one another while the teens moaned and groaned into one another, stealing a little of each of their breaths.Freddie pulled away, allowing each to catch their breaths. He licked his lips and asked changing the subject while looking around either side of her head, "Anything I can help you with?"Jade licked her lips, savouring his taste before answering, "Nope, I've done pretty much everything. I put the leftovers in the refrigerator and set the dishes to be washed."He grinned and teased her, "I thought you were finished playing the sixties housewife?""Technically, I didn't stop playing Nancy until you said 'Freddie'.""I stand corrected."The teen actress glanced down at his chest, a hint of a smile on her face. "Actually, you were sleeeping so peacefully, I didn't want to wake you up. I really was hoping that I would get done and back to bed to snuggle with you before you woke up.""Well making love to you would do that to me and I'm sorry that I woke up, but I would think the same would have been the same for you."She broke into a grin and confidently reassured him, "Oh, I got a peaceful nap, but you're the one that did most of the 'work'."He dipped his head to the right and smirked, conceding to her point. "Fine, but I feel kind of guilty not helping clean up.""You don't have to Walter anymore and as cheesy as this sounds, you being here is more than enough."He tightened his hold on her and grinned again. "I wasn't playing Walter my dear Nancy-Jade."She softly laughed, sweetly innocently laughed that very few people had ever heard her make then kissed the corner of his mouth. "Okay, if you feel so guilty, you can make it up to me by cuddling with me on the couch until bed."Freddie smiled, more than willing to accept the offer the squash his guilt.The couple retired to the large and high quality couch and well-furnished living room with several additional seats of equal quality with an extensive entertainment system with what some could say was a ridiculously large television. Jade's parents were quite financially well off and they did enjoy living in the style afford to their position as attested to by the furniture and a few pieces of artwork. She picked up the universal remote control and tapped the power button to bring it to life. She turned the television to some random channel.Freddie relaxed back into the couch while Jade snuggled up to his right and allowing his right arm to snake diagonally across her back and hand rest on her hip. He didn't care what was on television as his focus was entirely on the simple pleasure of sitting with her and holding her that he had missed. He missed the innocence of the embrace, the feel against him and smell that enticed his senses. He simply missed the companionship.As the boy from Seattle relaxed and enjoyed her presence, he let his mind drift back to what had transpired between them just hours ago as he did when he woke up, caring nothing about what was playing on the screen. His breath started to deepen and shorten without him realizing as he played back what happened like a movie in his head. It would be cherished memories of their closeness besides the sheer physical, but something slightly nagged at him about the entire event as he reviewed it. As his enjoyed the show in his head, he tried to figure out the enigma that bother him.Freddie so tuned out the rest of the world other than feeling of hold Jade, he didn't realize she was moving until his breath caught in his throat from feeling dainty fingertips wrap around his unnoticed to him hardening manhood inside his boxers. The fingers gave a gentle squeeze before cycling through several slow, delicate strokes. He softly groaned out and relished Jade's loving touch.His eyes were closed, but he could feel Jade lift her head off his shoulder and warm breath against his ear while she whispered in such a tone as if caressing him with her very words, "What are you thinking about Freddie? I know it isn't what's on the screen, so…"He curled his fingers around her wrists, regretfully stopping her. His voice struggled more than he expected, "I was thinking about us a few hours ago and—"She kissed his ear and interrupted, "I thought so. Do you want to relive any of that before bed? I certainly wouldn't mind an encore."Freddie managed to open his eyes and looked to her. "You know I would love to if you wanted to, but I was thinking about something else. 'Little Freddie' waking up was actually an accident."Curiosity laced her voice in asking, "Oh? And what's that?""I was wondering why you wanted us to have that little… 'rehearsal'?"She released him and pulled her hand out of his boxers. Her voice lost the remaining sultriness and answered "I thought I made it clear in my message; I just thought it would help me get back into the character.""Jade?" he teasingly questioned as he could sense that she wasn't being one hundred percent honest with him.Jade sighed loudly and rolled her eyes away. His look wasn't judgmental, but still pleaded for an answer she wasn't eager to give him. "I was honest with you that I wanted to get back into the character and needed your help to do it, but… I…" She lowered her head, letting her hair fall to cover the side of her face.Freddie dipped his head down, hoping to catch her eyes. "What?"Jade kept her head bow, not bringing herself to look into his eyes. "Tori and I have been rehearsing for more than the past week, not just learning a new script—why it's been pretty spotty for us to talk—but trying to get back into our roles of a loving couple… it's felt far more natural than it should, even after our trip to Nozu the first time we played the couple and… it started invading my dreams being so focused on the play. I started dreaming about being Nancy and her as Walter and… they became dreams where we would become erotic—quite erotic then they started turning into me and Tori being intimate."His black haired angel lifted her gaze up to him, fear settling in the depths of her eyes as tentatively meet his eyes and admitted, "I wanted to get rid of them by having the reality with you. I wanted that with you."He saw the shame and easily heard the same in her voice as if she was confessing that she had cheated on him. He reassuringly rubbed up and down her bare left thigh with his left hand and questioned without judgment in his voice, "It's okay Jade. They're just dreams. The mind can put together things we can't believe. After my encounter with a taco truck, I had some pretty wild and crazy dreams when I was first put on the strong pain medication."Jade nodded her head and stared down at his chest, contemplating his word and trying to see it from his point of view.Freddie's expression saddened at seeing that she was struggling with explanation and decided for a different approach, "Are you really afraid that dreaming about being with Tori actually meant something? That there is a little part of you attracted to Tori? Was teasing me about Nancy's fictional friend when we started our 'rehearsal' your way of trying to tell me about it?"The raven hair coloured actress brought her head up and directed a sharp gaze at his soft brown eyes. The mask she put on was that of outrage, but besides the neck brake speed of them coming to know one another over a weekend and over the months of video chatting, Freddie could see through the mask hiding the truth and her shame of it being the truth.He cupped her left cheek and reassuringly brushed his thumb over her delicate skin. "It's okay, I understand."Jade parted her lips, disbelieving his words, and muttered in a breathy tone, "You understand? How can you understand that?"He grinned, holding back a laugh during his response, "I could cut the sexual tension between you two with a knife.""There is no 'sexual tension' between us. That's my resentment towards her and her goodie-two shoe ways of trying to be my friend while she fights back."Freddie half smirked and raised an eyebrow, seriously questioning her assertion. He patiently pointed out, but not in a patronizing way, "The line between love and hate is a thin one and you can easily cross it without realizing it. It happened between me and Sam."Jade rolled her eyes and turned her head for a moment before questioning in a disbelieving voice, "Are you saying that is what happened with my feelings for Tori? The girl that wormed her way into my life, practically took over my spot with me frien—group, could have taken Beck from me with a bat of her eyes or flip of her hair and stole every opportunity from me at school?""You mean the girl that's offered her your friendship, included you in everything not to steal your friends, turned Beck down for your sake and supported you when you were going to perform at the music awards, but you gave it back to her? I think it is certainly a possibility."She cocked her right eyebrow, giving him a soft challenging stare. "Are you defending Tori?"He tickled her sides, drawing a loud, surprise high-pitch yelp from her, determined to keep the mood light and prevent her from slipping into a defensive manner she found herself most of the time when Tori was the topic of anything. He stopped seconds later, allowing her to catch her breath.She looked to him with a pout and mildly annoyed expression. "Freddie…""I was just pointing out the some of the similarities you've seen between Tori and me and maybe point out that somehow you like me, but stay adversarial with her. I actually think…""Careful," she mockingly warned with a raised finger.He wasn't intimidated while wearing his confident smile, actually taking her finger and giving the pad a kiss. "I think you're afraid."Her face to Freddie's eye became an adorable confused expression. "Afraid? Me afraid?""Yeah. I think you're afraid of having to change your feelings towards Tori. You've held so much resentment for her and been so hostile towards her, you don't know how else to act towards her. Perhaps your dreams are some kind of subconscious way of telling you perhaps it's time for it to end in a very dramatic way."Jade glared at him. She wanted to say every nasty thing she could think of for him saying such a thing, but… a gnawing part of her said he was correct. She uttered after several tense filled seconds, "But I love you—"He silenced her with a kiss, a slow and lingering kissed that caused the couple to close their eyes. He pulled his lips away then whispered against her lips, "I know you do. I'm just saying that you have some unresolved feelings with Tori now that things have changed in your life and… if you think there is something to them because they've been sexual… some other feelings you've had towards her before we even met, that's all. Like I did with Sam without realizing it just before we met each other that fateful day. It doesn't take away what we have."The buxom black haired teen couldn't believe her ears which translated into a disbelieving tone in asking, "You're… you're not jealous?"He offered her the boyish grin that she loved and snaked his hands up under the hem of her tank-top to playfully touch her bare skin and answered in a playful manner, "Of course I'm a little jealous, but it lets you know that I love you and appreciate you."Possessiveness wasn't really for them, something that had been different between her and Beck, but simply were without further statement, but appreciation for the other was welcomed.He went back to his first explanation to stress it, "As I said at first, maybe your feelings aren't romantic? Maybe they're just platonic and your subconscious does want you to realize that Tori would be a great friend for you. Perhaps them being sexual was just a way of saying you missed me and your brain mush them together?"Jade took a pensive breath then slowly answered, careful to choose her words, "Okay, I'll admit I may see some similarities between you and Tori, but physically… you two are obviously very different."Freddie thought about her point that they were blatantly different as being opposite sexes. "True, but she's very attractive and with your willingness to be with Cat and Sam, her being a girl isn't a problem for you. As I'm trying to say, maybe your feelings and hormones are all mixing up in some weird jumbling mess?"Her own old insecurities and jealousy flared up, emotions she could understand and handled better than what she was currently feeling about Tori and their conversation. She asked defensively, but not in a cold accusing manner she would have asked Beck when they were together, "Oh, you think Tori's attractive?"He gently took her by the sides and pulled her over to straddle his lap, drawing a laugh from his playful manhandling of her. He rubbed his hands up and down her thighs and truthfully answered, "I find a lot of girls attractive—and so do you, but I'm right here with you. My Jade… my one that I thought I would never find again after Carly and Sam. If there is even an inkling in your mind or heart that thinks that because I can acknowledge that Tori is an attractive girl, then I'd like to tell it that it is wrong. Tori is not going to take me from you… just like she didn't take Beck away from you…" He grinned and spoke in clear jest, "…though she might take you from me.""Don't even joke about something like that."He kissed the corner of her mouth and comforted, "Okay, I won't."Jade looked back at his chest and the couple remained quiet with the television providing the only sound in the room. She shyly began, clearly fearful to Freddie to continue this discussion even with him and telling him that her dreams had really disturbed her, "Okay, let's just say you're right about the part where my subconscious wants me to finally accept Tori as my friend, what do you think I should do about it?"He raised his right eyebrow and questioned to double check, "Do you really want my advice?"His question could have come off as patronizing, but Jade softly bit into her bottom lip, told him that she was debating whether she wanted his true opinion or not. He reassured her, "I won't say anything if you don't want me to speak."She examined his eyes then took a deep breath to gather her courage and ask, "What do you suggest I do?""The decision on whether you want to be Tori's friend or not is of course entirely up to you—as it has always been, but I think you should at least talk to her about burying the hatchet between you two. I don't see why you should be so hostile to her anymore. You're not worrying about her taking Beck from you. You're getting to perform—I will get to see you tomorrow night after all—and I'm sure Mason will sign you any day for a record contract and then you'll be a world famous musician… with all those adoring fans…" His smile cracked with a sliver of fear seeping out to the surface.She had no doubt she would be famous one day and perhaps in the immediate future with recent interest shown in her by Mason as he geared up to make Tori the next musical sensation. He was a man that liked to diversify his investments when it came to musicians and with her proximity to Tori and remembering her audition performance and willing to put her up to perform for his awards show, he was looking in her direction to be another musician under his wing.Freddie had no doubt she would make it as a musician/actress/director/screenwriter and because of that, he did have what he had admitted to her once as an irrational fear about her finding someone in her field to become one half of a power-couple like Angelino and Brad and leaving him behind.Jade cupped his cheeks and her blue eyes looked into his gaze with the intent of looking directly into his soul to convey her feelings.No words needed to be exchange in reassurance that she wouldn't move on from him to some rock star or A-list superstar actor; Freddie would be her man to share her journey of fame and fortune just as she would be when he become a household name from some breakthrough technology that would revolutionize the world.She leaned forward and gently pecked his lips and that was the end of the anxiety and doubt.The actress shifted to her left and pulled her leg back to settle back into her seat and embrace from Freddie. She turned her attention back towards the television, signalling that she was ending the conversation for the time being. He didn't want to push her if she didn't want to talk about it since it wasn't an emergency situation that had to be resolved at that very moment and he had said his peace.Jade picked the remote back up and changed the channel to Chill, perhaps wanting to take her mind off the topic of their conversation with some simple, mindless horror. The attempt to be in vain from Freddie's perspective since while they watched the movie, he observed her from the corner of his eye to see that she was not paying attention to what was on the screen, but lost in her own thoughts. It may have unsettled the blissfulness of them just cuddling together for the rest of the night, but he much prefers her to internally debate something that had been following her for the last few days with her knowing he was literally right by her side if she needed him than to let it continue to trouble her and pretend it wasn't there.They watched television for another hour before Freddie reluctantly reminded her that she had a big day tomorrow and that they should probably get up and head for bed. Jade wasn't too upset from having to let him go as she knew that they would be in each other's embrace for the night. She turned off the television then took him by the hand to lead him. She stopped momentarily to turn off various lights on her way to the stairs. They briefly stopped by the kitchen for her to double check the security system again though she had checked it while Freddie was sleeeping.Jade led him up the stairs where they momentarily parted to bathrooms to take care of their nightly routine stopped by the bathrooms before meeting back in Jade's room. She took the lead again and turned on a lamp by the bed to provide them light for the short time it would take them to reach the bed then pulled back the thin black blanket over the bed sheet. She slipped under the sheet then patted her side for him to join her as she had done months ago when they shared watching their first movie together.Freddie settled back to sleeep on his back while Jade reached over and cut the light out for them then curled up to his right, resting her head on the pillow and his right shoulder. He protectively pulled his arm around to hold her and placed a kiss on her forehead.They settled back into peaceful silence, ready to fall asleeep, but Freddie could still feel they faint bit of tension in Jade as she did over the last hour of snuggling on the couch. He could have been opening a can of trouble that seemed to have been closed an hour earlier, but he had to take the chance."Tell me what you're feeling Jade."Jade stiffen beside him and clenched to him a little tighter. She had kept her feelings closed off to most people except for anger, but she had learned that she needed do that for Freddie. She had wished so many times that Beck would simply listen to what she had to say and not let it turn into a screaming match as he would blame her. Freddie had turned out to be the one to listen, so how could she deny his request to listen to her?"I'm afraid Freddie.""What are you afraid of?""That I'm going to mess this up. That what we have is going to fall apart like…" She hesitated as her next potential words ached in her chest not only for herself, but for him as well because she knew they would hurt him too. "…it did for me and Beck and for you and Sam…"The aspirant actress's words did sting at him for several reasons. Over the course of their relationship, he had gathered bits and pieces of what transpired during her relationship with Beck, making the swooned over teenager not one of Freddie's favourite people. However, he never once besmirched the man himself to Jade in respecting that she once did love him even if she was so hesitant to label her feelings as such. He knew she had hurt in losing him despite her various problems with him even if she had been comforted in starting a relationship with him.For himself, he had loved Carly since he was eleven and thought he would be her husband one day—perhaps her second husband after they couldn't prove he had anything to do with what happened to her first one—and he had ached for the longest time that he would never have a true chance at her. He had given Sam a try and they had shared something special throughout all the drama that was their relationship. He mourned again for what he had lost with his failed relationship with her.She continued, "…and we'll be alone or worst, we could stay together but f0rcing it like my parents. These dreams about Tori are just some sick joke by someone that doesn't want us to be together to get me to doubt us."Freddie took a deep breath and rubbed his hand up and down her arm. He breathily answered, "It's okay to be afraid. I've been afraid that I would mess this up too. We have our histories of failed relationships, but just because they didn't work out doesn't mean that we're not going to work out. I told you I didn't think I'd find love like this again and you didn't think you'd find it either, but here we are: still together these last couple of months and being so far apart. We're making this work and I don't doubt us and from what you've told me and what you're feeling right now, you don't doubt us either."In Jade's mind, his words made sense to her and had driven back those feelings in her heart with his patient understanding and listening, but they wouldn't leave her completely. They frightened her and she could eat away at her soul if she allowed them as her dreams for the last week had put her on edge yet having to suppress them for the sake of the play least Sikowitz pulled something on her and Tori again that in this case would exacerbate the problem she face if they had to become even closer.If she was going to exorcise this self-doubt and guilt buried in her heart, she was going to have to do something about it because she would be damned if she'd let what she had with Freddie be stolen from her, especially by internal feelings. That left one course of action that she was reluctant to take, but it was sound advice from the man she loved. She reluctantly spoke, "Between the play and the dance this weekend, I'll find a chance to talk to Tori and see if we can't… get along better—but I don't want to give her too much time because every second I give her this weekend is a second I can't give to you."He grinned at her consideration and haphazardly replying, "Okay, but you could always wait until Monday? Depending on how you feel of course."She devilishly smirked. "That's not such a bad idea… goodnight Freddie."She kissed his cheek then snuggled her face into the side of his neck and settled, wishing nothing more to have a peaceful night curled up next to her love and free of the dreams that may have been sexually satisfying yet plaguing her for the last week.