My Wifes First Black Experience Chapter 11

The guys started to leave and all that was left was Ty, and Tam down stairs guessing Simon up stairs was getting his birthday present !I poured the guys a whiskey from my stash and we said cheers as Julia walked in the snug looking abit worse for wear . I said ok honey? She said yeah but i think i need to give my pussy a rest for a bit ... I said come here lets have a look and i slid a finger in and got a nice glob of spunk on it and i licked it clean. I said babe your fiilled with cum still !The boys said Julia you been amazing all the guys are talking about you being so hot and want to come back .. She said well it was nice to get so much cock and attention and cum ....I asked where Simon was ? She said he had fell asleep drunk.. I laughed and said did he manage to unload in you for a final time before he did ? She said no he fell asleep ! we all laughed and Ty said come here baby i think i might have one more load i can fire out before i am spent and he sat her on his lap and pulled his cock out and she bounced on him as we watched. Tam was wanking his thick cock when Ty came in her she got up and went to sit on Tams and bounced on him.. Ty pushed his cock in my mouth to clean up which i did and Tam unloaded in her and she got off and stuck her pussy in my face for more cleaning , i dont know how much spunk i have drunk that night a lot i thought ! I cleaned her up and she went to bed. Ty and Tam stayed up a bit longer before heading off and we all went to our sepertate rooms that night all worn out....I slept in well past my usual wake up time. I looked at my phone to see it was past 8am and got up to head down stairs for a coffee.I made a coffee and headed to the back garden for some air and a smoke. It was a beautiful day and i started checking my phone and had a quick look at the videos i had taken of the previous days party, there was some really good footage.My peace was disturbed by Ty who pulled up a chair and said hey how yo u doing ? i said yeah ok bit delicate he said he was same sitiing in his briefs clearly with an erection. I said why are you so hard he said horny hangover Jon i need to get rid of this some how .. I laughed and said let me finish my coffee ! I was actually hoping Julia would appear and she could sort his erection out for him.... As i finished my coffee Tam appreared and sat with us and said same Ty your rock hard and Ty said he was horny as hell coz he was a bit hung over and Tam said yeah hes a bit like that....I went inbetween Tys legs as he sat in the chair and rubbed his huge erection in his pants and pulled them down and his cock was as hard as it ever had been and i pulled back his foreskin and took him in my mouth he started fucking my mouth which was hard as its so big Tam was playing with his fat cock as he sat watching. I knew Ty would never cum from me sucking him and Ty told Tam to rim me and he did . He pulled down my pants and started licking and fingering my hole. In no time Ty was entering my hole pushing his length in me and i was taking it ok and he was fucking me as good as he ever had just pumping me to get off and so he could cum.. Ty sat in front of me and i sucked and licked on his more manageable cock and soon Ty spunked in me deep and it felt a big load of his cum .. Ty pulled out and Tam went straight in afterwards. Tams cock stretched my ass muscles wide always with his sheeer girth but it always felt so good as Ty sat in Tams chair and i licked his lovely cock clean.As Tam was pounding me Ty started to piss in my mouth and on my face ( a new one on me ! ) and i tried drinking some and sucking it as he pissed. It was a lot of piss and dark yellow in colour and quite musty.Tam pulled out and wanted to cum in my mouth which i was more than happy about and he spunked in my mouth and i swallwed it and cleaned his cock and he tried to piss too and started pissing in and on me.When he was finished i wet to gram some towels and cleaned up .Nice i said guys as i stood there with my rock hard cock , Tam kneeled in front of me and sucked me really nicely until i spunked in his mouth.Ty came out with more coffee and said he had to go soon and Tam asked him for a lift home .. I said see you soon guys.Julia still wasnt up nor was Simon so i decided to go to my office to do some work.A couple of hours later Julia came in the office and said how tired and hung over she was and couldnt remember everything that happened. I said dont worry a lot of it is on camera ha haShe said u better show me later.... I said sure.She went to the kitchen and Simon appeared and i could see he was rock hard too . Simon could never hide the size of his cock no matter what he was wearing but when he was hard its an imposibility to hide as he is so big.I said is my wife not going to take care of that for you ? He said i hope so Jon i am so horny this morning.. I Took hold of his cock and gave it a nice sucking and He said u want it in your ass Jon ? I said see if Julia wants it first...He wandered down the hall with his ridiculous huge cock swinging in front of him and moments later i heard her moaning clearly getting a seeing to off him .. I wandered down to view her lieing on the sofa legs spread wide and him buried deep in her fucking be cont.