My Sweet Reluctant Niece

By billy69boy"Oh, I don't think so, Uncle Billy. Now isn't really a good time," my favorite niece announced sadly, tears rolling down her cheeks. I felt like a heel, thinking only of myself and failing to see the inappropriateness of my suggestion. My darling niece Katy was sitting alone with me in my dining room. Her two young ones were fast asleep upstairs in the guest room. Her husband Jim was not able to make the nine hour journey up north as his work schedule wouldn't allow the time off. My wife was spending the night at her mother's house with her siblings, taking care of the last minute details before her mom's memorial service the next morning. I was left with providing comfort to Katy and her little ones, which was usually a welcomed task. The house was quiet, save for the background music emanating from the speakers above my computer. Katy and I worked on our third drinks in an eerily subdued atmosphere. I sat back in my chair and took in every aspect of her considerable charms: she was a truly natural beauty both inside and out, and I worshiped every fiber of her being. She was 29 years old, but with her lithe, toned body she could have easily passed for someone much younger. I thought about the handful of times we had managed to be intimate with each other. The memories washed over me, and my head spun with naughty thoughts of all we had experienced over the past several years.Tonight, it would seem, would not be one of those special trysts that I so desired. I racked my brain, trying to come up with some novel idea that would soften her mood, and she seemed to sense my efforts; perhaps it was my creased brow, I don't know."Look, Uncle Billy, I know what you're thinking: this is obviously a great opportunity, but…well, with grand mom passing away…" her voice trailed off, and I ached for her as I watched her wiping away more tears. What kind of unfeeling Cretan was I? I felt ashamed of myself as naughty thoughts flooded my mind. I took a big swallow of my Irish whiskey, and Katy followed suit with her Jack and Coke. Our eyes met briefly, but she looked down at the floor:"And besides, I promised Jim I would behave myself up here!" she blurted out. So, that was it, I thought. I knew Jim was aware of how much I loved his wife, but I didn't expect him to issue Katy any warnings. It made me wonder just how much "information" Katy shared with him about our exploits!"Okay, sweetheart, I understand. I am sad to lose grand mom too, I'm sure you know that. And I don't want to get you in trouble with Jim. But I'm wondering if we couldn't come up with some sort of compromise," I suggested rather cryptically. Katy eyed me with proper suspicion as she worked on her drink, waiting for me to continue. All of a sudden, I felt pressure to put my vague suggestion into words."I was thinking maybe we could sort of play, but without physically touching each other, technically speaking," I offered. I felt my voice quiver ever so slightly as I spoke.Unconvinced and frowning, she replied: "Meaning what, exactly?"I couldn't argue with the skepticism in her voice and I knew I had to come up with something that was appealing but not too over the top:"Well, I'd love to watch you…you know, put on a show for me, but no touching each other allowed…" I barely got the words out as I could feel a few beads of sweat forming on my forehead.Immediately, she crossed her legs and then she crossed her arms protectively across her chest. (That was a lot of 'crossing' all at once and it didn't bode well for me, I feared!) Her free leg anxiously swung up and down in front of me. I'm no expert, but her body language seemed crystal clear. I nervously attempted to swallow the lump in my throat as I awaited some reply from her. I was already sorry for even bringing it up. She finally spoke after quickly draining her glass. I was surprised at her words:"Is it all right if I take a shower?" she asked, expressionless."Of course it is!" I blurted out in relief: "You know where the towels and stuff are."Without hesitation, she stood up silently and purposefully strode around me and up the steps. The shower was on in seconds, and I had no idea what might happen next. There were a lot of possibilities, but I doubted there would be any outcomes to my liking. I knew I had a lot of time to contemplate the options, as Katy was famous for taking long showers.I was at least hoping she would come back downstairs feeling refreshed and perhaps a bit more relaxed, and maybe she would be up for a night cap. She did enjoy her booze after all, just like her Uncle Billy. That depended on if she was still even talking to me by then. Ever the optimist, I felt like I had to allow for the remote possibility that she would come down ready to play. So I took the opportunity to sneak upstairs to my bedroom and slip a few play things into a bag and take them down to the dining room, just in case. On the way back into the dining room, I turned up the thermostat a few degrees.I don't know if her shower was extra-long, or if it was just a case of my impatience, but I had enough time to drink another whole cocktail while I waited. Finally, I heard the shower stop. Progress! A considerable amount of silence followed, and I couldn't decide if it was a good sign or bad. For all I knew, she may have slipped into the guest room and climbed into bed with her daughter. But whatever was going on, it was very quiet up there. I was about to call it a night, feeling no pain at this point. My eyes started drooping and I found myself waking up with a jolt after short bursts of snoring. But then, out of nowhere, a game changer: the hair dryer came on! All of a sudden, I was wide awake. Just the image of her descending the stairs with her long hair full and flowing, her curling tresses of dark blonde silky beauty made my whole body come to life. My hopes were renewed, but I didn't dare assume anything. Finally, I heard the bathroom go quiet and the door open. I sat upright at the table as I heard her delicate footsteps silently traverse the hallway and the stairs. When she turned the corner, I felt compelled to rise up and greet her out of deep respect for her beauty. We embraced lightly and she walked past me and resumed her previous position: up against the wall, flanked by the dining room table on one side and my computer desk on the other. I was giddy with anticipation; her thick shiny hair was perfect, and she obviously spent a lot of time with her make-up. But I was also perplexed with the way she presented herself: she wore flannel pajamas, pants and shirt, and over her PJ's she was wrapped up in a long white terry bathrobe tied tightly around her waist, her legs crossed once again."Drink?" "Sure," she replied without emotion. "I love your hair," I said over my shoulder as I made my way to the kitchen. "Thanks," was all she offered. I poured myself another one while I was at it. I brought both drinks in and we shared a silent toast, tentatively clinking our glasses together. I decided to remain silent and see what she would do. After a long sip of her drink, she looked up:"Sorry for taking so long in the shower. I really needed to shave my legs and such. It's been a few days."I nodded graciously, and right away my imagination took off: 'my legs and such'? It could mean so many things…I felt like it best to divert the conversation before putting my foot in my mouth:"Wow, you even make flannel PJ's look sexy!"She blushed a bit and sort of wiggled a little in her seat, seemingly not quite knowing how to respond. Now it was her turn to change the subject:"Gee, it's awfully hot in here!" she declared."Oh, it's because you just got out of the shower," I lied, "here, I'll turn down the heat a little…""No, that's okay, really," she protested."It's no trouble at all," I replied as I went around the table to the thermostat, and bumped the temperature up a few more degrees."You are so thoughtful, Uncle Billy," she responded with the first smile I'd seen from her pretty much all night."It is my pleasure to serve you, my dear," I gushed, in a playful way. For some reason, Katy laughed good-naturedly, as she undid her robe and pulled it down off her shoulders. I got a rush watching her begin to disrobe, never mind that she was fully covered in flannel from neck to ankles. I did take note that her feet were bare, and being the optimist that I am, I took it as a positive sign of possible things to come. I knew she was watching me surveying her completely covered body, and I detected a slight upturn at the corners of her mouth, and a quick sparkle in her eye. She was quite the consummate tease in the most subtle of ways. Plus, she knew how I felt about her and it was easy for her to push my buttons.We came to a kind of impasse; neither wanting to risk the next move, and neither of us quite knowing what to say or do next. Our eyes made contact out of desperation: seeking any means of communication that we could use. It turns out that eye contact can be powerful and revealing, like no words could ever match:"I love you Katy," I whispered sincerely, as I offered her my hand purely out of instinct."I love you too, Uncle Billy," she responded from her heart as she placed her hand in mine. I wrapped my old fat wrinkled fingers gently around her soft delicate offering and cradled it like it was a rare orchid.Silence followed, but it wasn't awkward. It was soothing and calming. It felt like we had entered a zone. Our eyes met again, but there were no more tears like before. Now it was broad smiles and sparkly eyes. "I'd like to see your shoulders," I said gently. At first, she didn't move. I panicked as stoically as I could. Did I overstep? After several excruciatingly long seconds her fingers reached up to her neck, and she slowly unbuttoned the top two buttons of her pajama top. She opened the front a little but her shoulders were still covered. We traded quick glances before she undid two more buttons on her top; blushing ever so slightly. I sat silently, patiently waiting for the unveiling of her smooth shoulders, knowing her breasts would also be partially exposed.But she abruptly stopped before revealing any skin:"So then, how does this go? No touching each other?"It was sweet music to my ears. I could hardly contain myself, but I soldiered on, acting all proper and official; ready and eager to answer any questions she may have:"Yes, neither of us can have physical, skin-to-skin contact with the other. Certain objects may come between our bodies, by mutual consent," I explained in my best straight faced manner. This somehow appeased her enough that she slowly pulled her flannel top open and slid it back over her bare shoulders.At that point, I felt that I had her in my grasp. I had to test my theory:"Unbutton your shirt all the way, and pull it back'" I commanded. She did as she was told, and opened her shirt, revealing a light blue strapless bra top that I hadn't anticipated. The silky material was thin enough that Katy's hard nipples were easily noticeable. Her hands went right to them, and she proceeded to cover her breasts in a vain attempt at modesty. I found her tentativeness to be quite sensuous and innocent, and I reminded myself to take it slowly; no need to rush things. I wanted to tell her to feel herself up: to pinch her nipples and knead her firm breasts over top of her bra. Instead I sat still, remained silent, and waited for her to make the next move. As if it were planned, she slowly began to do just that. I allowed her to entice me on her own terms, and she was very good at it. I got the feeling that she was also enjoying watching me begin to squirm in my chair, as I couldn't take my eyes off of her subtly heaving chest.She seemed to get more relaxed as she continued to manipulate her breasts, and I sensed that she was ready to move on and try something else. At that point, I also wanted to up the ante. I reached into my bag of toys and produced a sharply pointed massage wheel. "Whoa, what's that thing?" "It's a massage tool, used to stimulate the skin and relax tense muscles," I explained, "it's kind of like acupuncture in a way, but without the 'puncture'. "Put your hands behind your neck and I'll show you how it works."Does it hurt?""Not if you are gentle with it. You'll see," I assured her. I began to run the points of the wheel over her bra-covered tits. She was not big breasted, but hers were firm and stood up proudly, especially considering she had breast fed two c***dren.She had no reaction."Feel it?""Not really," she answered in disappointment."Well, you'll have to take your bra off to get the full effect. Immediately she pulled the bra up over her head and dropped it on the table, resuming her position with her hands behind her head. Her torso wriggled in anticipation as I took my place sitting in front of her chair where she was basically a captive between furniture. For now, I placed my open legs on the outside of hers, but that would change later. I slowly and easily rolled the points around on her neck, her chest, her shoulders, and down to her belly. I ignored her now pulsating mounds for as long as possible, and then I moved in closer, eventually running it over her exposed tits, and finally over her nipples. She squirmed against the sensation, which can be intense; rolling over her most vulnerable flesh…well, at least above her waist. Below would be a different story."They itch and they tickle all at once," Katy described the sensations she felt, while she rubbed and caressed each one in turn. All the while, my own needs continued to become more urgent."I love watching you feeling them up and caressing them with your hands," I offered. We both blushed a little. "I'd like to see you put your hand down your pants," I uttered brazenly.A familiar sly smile appeared across her face as she teasingly slid one hand in between her legs and out of sight as she played with her perfect boobs with the other hand. Switching tactics, I closed my legs and spread hers open, while I wedged my legs between hers. I was fixated on watching her hand manipulate her sex, even though her PJ bottoms obscured my view. It was still arousing, and maybe even more so than watching directly. I could detect some deep breaths emanating from my aroused niece as we continued our game of "no touch".At that point, I was totally content with the progress we had made. She seemed quite comfortable putting on her show for me, and I loved every minute of it. We could have stopped right there, and I would have been satisfied. But then my beloved niece decided to take it a step further:"Wow, I'm so hot! Would you mind if I take these pants off?""No, not at all, my dear! Go right ahead. Here, let me turn the heat down a little more." As I got up and made my way around the table to the thermostat, she had plenty of room to take her PJ bottoms off, as I turned the heat up a few more notches.A bit of perspiration was visible on her forehead, so I knew my plan was working nicely."Is it okay if I get rid of my top too?" she asked. It would appear that she had no clue that the thermostat kept inching up instead of down."Yes, of course!"I sat back down and once again placed my knees between her legs. I feasting my eyes on her now naked form, save only for her matching blue thong. I yearned to reach out and run my fingers through her perfect hair, but I dared not do anything against our "rules". I found myself shifting around in my seat, trying to avoid bringing attention to my now full erection. It didn't go unnoticed:"So watcha got there, Uncle Billy? Is that what they call a Billy Club?" She laughed delightedly, cracking herself up."Never mind that for now, young lady," I said sternly, "we can talk about that later." I couldn't help but smile and my cheeks felt flushed all of a sudden. "Now, where were we?"Immediately she put her hand over her thong and slowly ran her fingers over her mound as she looked me right in the eyes. She knew she had me and I was helpless in her presence. She did her best to entice me, even opening her legs wider and running her fingers underneath the sides of her thong, just enough for me to notice that her damp mound was clean-shaven, just how she knew I liked it."It's a shame you can't do this for me," she purred as her index finger traced the line of her labia."On the contrary," I replied. I reached down and she quickly moved her hand away. I began slowly running my finger where she had just done so.Her eyes got huge: "But, but, you said…"I put my other hand up to her face, stopping her in mid-sentence:"The rules said 'no skin-to-skin contact', right?" I reminded her. "By wearing that thong of yours, I am in compliance."She thought about it for a second or two and then she just smiled. I continued running my finger up and down the thin material, being careful not to touch any part of her skin. Now it was her turn to do some squirming as she slid down towards me, closed her eyes and allowed her head to fall back to the wall. I could tell she was already hot and moist just by feeling her pussy through her thong. I concentrated more on her clitoris, spreading the hood and putting gentle pressure on her nub as my finger managed to spread her lips enough to feel the heat emanating from her aroused body.I picked up my massage wheel and ran it gently on the inside of her thighs and her bare belly, and she exhaled deeply, as if entering a trance. I kept getting closer to her sex with each pass, and she didn't seem to flinch. She opened her legs as far as they would go, signaling me to slide the wheel up onto her thong. At this point I could have popped on demand, but I grasped my cock with one hand while I kept working the wheel up and down her slit. I didn't want to ruin the party by ending it with a poorly timed ejaculation. She let out a little moan, but it sounded to be more out of frustration than of ecstasy. All of a sudden, she raised her head, looked straight at me, stood up abruptly and pulled her thong down to the floor. She deftly stepped out of it and sat back down, resuming her previous position; legs spread and ready."I couldn't feel it like that!" she declared matter-of-factly, as she put her head back and closed her eyes again.I commenced my rolling pattern, getting closer and closer to her most sensitive area, careful not to apply too much pressure, lest I puncture her skin. She seemed restless as her breathing grew deeper. She moved her hand down and began playing with her clit as I massaged her with the wheel, getting closer to her glistening mound. As I approached her labia, she spread them with her fingers, silently directing my strokes towards the pinkness she displayed. "Oh, yes! Oh god yes!" she whispered.Emboldened, I ran the wheel up to her hot button and rolled over it, back and forth, again and again as her body lurched and spasmed in front of my eager eyes; her head thrashing back and forth. I didn't stop until her body went limp; motionless. When she finally opened her eyes, she gave me the sweetest, most contented smile I ever saw. But I was wrong about the contentedness part:"Gee, Uncle Billy, that felt really great," she said as she rubbed her pussy, seemingly smoothing it out or something. "It was kind of unusual, for sure…but I, well, I need something more…hey, what else do you have in that bag of yours?"I had almost forgotten about my bag! Grinning mischievously, I reached in and teasingly pulled out something familiar to her: "Fat Boy!" She exclaimed a little too loudly. I had to put one finger to my lips and point towards the ceiling, reminding her that we didn't want to wake up her little ones upstairs. She calmed right down, even as she grabbed the heavy dildo out of my hand. She hefted it proudly, and passed it back and forth from one hand to the other. It was as if she was greeting a long lost friend."Perfect! Oh, Uncle Billy, you sure do know how to please a girl!" She giggled as she hugged the oversized dildo to her chest.With that, she looked at the obvious bulge between my legs: "And what about you?""Don't worry about me just now, Katy," I replied, "right now I think someone has a date with Mr. Fat Boy!" I patted the dining room table and she eagerly climbed on top as I sat at the end of the table between her already pulled back legs. I could tell she obviously didn't need any lubrication, but I gave her the option of getting Fat Boy wet by touching her lips with the considerable head of the dildo. I figured she could either say yes or no. She didn't say anything. She just opened her mouth and started licking it. Watching her take this substantial pole greedily into her mouth was almost more than I could handle.I was sure not to feed it to her too fast for fear of her gagging and then losing her desire and drive to continue. So I held it steady above her face, and she actually started lifting her head up off the table and accepting more and more each time. I knew she wasn't about to try deep-throating it considering its massive girth, but it didn't stop her from trying. She had managed to make almost half of the thick shaft disappear until she started choking a little, and that was it for her. I quickly pulled Fat Boy away, allowing her to regain her composure. As soon as she got her breathing under control she was able to voice her ultimate desire:"Make Fat Boy fuck me now!"I leaned in to watch as closely as I could, and I began to lightly rub the slick dildo head up and down her eager pussy until she began to whimper and whine like a spoiled little girl. Finally she grabbed the shaft and pushed the head in, and then let it go so I could take over. To be honest, I would have much preferred to have given her a vigorous finger fucking and a good licking before bringing Fat Boy in, but rules are rules. I slid the massive toy inside her hot love canal inch by inch, slowly and deliberately, until her body shuddered and she moaned like a woman possessed."More please! Harder!" she demanded. Being the caring uncle that I am, I acceded to her wishes and attacked her sex with deep thrusts, again and again. I found myself sweating from the exertion; either that or it was the ridiculously hot room temperature. She seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the ride, so I stood up to gain more leverage and increase the tempo. It took some doing, but there was my most precious niece lying before me, clutching her knees to her chest as Fat Boy managed to fuck her to the hilt and as fast as I could pump him into her greedy cunt. She rewarded me with an incredibly intense orgasm that had her lurching all over the table, with my hand over her mouth so she wouldn't wake the dead, much less her own k**s.I let her lie and catch her breath as I stripped off my clothes, climbed up on the table and knelt down, straddling her now flattened out body and taking the utmost care not to touch her skin-to-skin. Her legs were dangling limply over the end of the table, and her arms rested across her chest. She opened her eyes to the sight of my full erection pulsating over her face as I jerked it up and down with all my might. Without a word, she opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue as she awaited my ultimate offering. The head of my cock was close to her lips, but avoided contact. With a grunt, I began to pump her mouth full of intense cum filled spasms, one after the other, until I could see my semen pooling in her mouth before she swallowed my hot love juice down in one long gulp. She smiled triumphantly, as I got off the table and held the chair for her to get down as well. As she gathered up her things and put her robe on, I excused myself to use the powder room. I shuddered as I heard a high voice coming from around the corner in the living room:"Mom, could you please turn the heat down? It is so hot in our room!""Sure, sweetie, I'll fix the heat. Now go back to bed," she replied.And then I heard her gasp:"What? Ninety degrees!!"Damn. Busted!