My cuck roommate

Now the twist of this was that he was Miki's ex. If you've read my other stories you may have read how I met her. Chris was the married guy she went out with for a few months. We also had a threesome with him later on after I had turned Miki into a slut. So he was very aware of my kinky side.Chris was a horn dog himself, very good at sniffing out horny Japanese women. Just a normal guy; short, a little pudgy, receded hairline but friendly and attentive. Not that it matters but also a little dick. Not overly so but it was a factor that came into play later.The first few months as roommates were nothing special. We worked different schedules and ended up passing each other often and didn't spend so much time hanging out. We also spent a lot of time in our own bedrooms with our women friends. But as time went on we did get to hang out a little, often when bringing home a new fuck buddy. One time that matters to the story was when I met Mako. She was a single mother with a teenage son that was about to go to college. She was super friendly and I could tell really liked Chris. We chatted for a bit and she also added me to her friend list. And that was that. Fast forward a month or two and I get a message from her asking me if I can chat online. We start talking and I find out she's upset because she can't get Chris to settle down. I ask her what did she expect, he's recently divorced and had a history of cheating before. She says the usual "I know but I hoped I would be different." She tells me she had basically threatened him that she would fuck some other guys too. It had back fired as he had told her to go ahead.Now she didn't know what to do. She didn't really want to fuck anyone else. I told her that she had screwed herself and the only way she was going to get any respect back, from him and herself, was to go through with it. So later on that week I get another message from her telling me she met some guy online from the air force base and he was coming to her work place to pick her up. She was having second thoughts and didn't know what to do. I asked her if he was already on his way and she says yes. In told her it would be a dick move to back out now but if she was just nervous. But if she felt she didn't want to do it she should leave. I got no response from that day.Now a couple of days later I message her asking if she's alright and ask about how things went. Turns out the guy had shown up, and since she worked late it was just the two of them there. She fucked him right in her office. I asked her how it was, she said good and that he had a big dick. She said she came a couple of times. I asked her if she would meet the guy again and she said no. She still wanted to be with Chris. I asked her if she had told Chris about it and she said yes but he just asked if she had had fun. She didn't know what to do. She wanted to spend more time with him. She wanted him to fuck her more. She wanted to be the only one he fucked. She didn't want to get blown off when another woman came on the scene.I told her that wasn't going to happen. She should probably find someone else. She says she didn't want that and even if he did sleep around she wanted to be with him. She just wanted more of his time. So I asked what was so special. She said he just matched her, they liked a lot of the same things and generally were a good fit. So I pointed out they were like best friends, in her mind. She happily agreed to that. I told her Chris wasn't the kind of guy that cared about that kind of thing. And he probably didn't care about her that much and that she wasn't going to get what she wanted from him.So I told her if she wanted to get fucked regularly she'd need a sex friend for those times she want getting it from Chris. She complained she didn't want to go through the hassle of finding one and that she didn't want any troubles if the guy wanted to make her his girlfriend later on.I was understanding and offered up my services. She was a little hesitant but asked "do you think it'll be alright?" I reassured her that I knew Chris and he was fine with it. Truth be told he had also talked briefly with me about Mako so I knew he wasn't really into her and that he didn't care if she fucked other guys.She said ok, let's try it but she wanted to lay some ground rules. First, no sex if Chris was at home. She wanted to be with him when possible. Second, she had heard about my past from Chris so don't expect a threesome with her. I agreed and then we arranged our first meeting a couple of days later at a love hotel. The next day I talked to Chris about it and said if it bothered him I'd cancel. He said he didn't care and that was it.On the day I met Mako after work and drove with her to a love hotel. We enter the room and we chat for a little bit. I move in to make out with her and it goes ok for a while. Then she starts to cry. I ask her what's wrong and she says she feels really emotional about the whole situation. If we fuck she knows she won't have a normal relationship with Chris. I tell her if she doesn't want to do it we can stop. She shakes her head violently saying no she wants it. She really wants it, that's why it's emotional. She then gets on her knees without a word and pulls my cock from my pants and swallows it whole. I guess to prove she really wanted the dick.For the most part it's pretty standard sex, a lot of oral to start, 69ing, and then regular fucking. She cries a little bit more during sex but says not to worry and then starts thanking me through her tears. During sex I ram home my dick until it hits her uterus and she grunts with a "unghh, unghh". When she catches her breath she tells me my dick is so much bigger than Chris's. I tell her I know and she says oh yeah, you shared your GF with him. While I slow fuck her I briefly explain what my sex life with Miki was like. "That sounds interesting" she says "but I don't want to do that stuff. I don't have the courage. I'm Chris's woman." I smile and ram home my cock again forcing more unghhs from her lips until she cums. I keep fucking her, getting another orgasm out of her until I finally cum. Afterward we arrange our next meeting and I drop her off at home.A couple of days later, Chris asks me how things went and I say fine. She wasn't bad in bed, I leave out the details about the crying though. He says she told him about our meeting and that she really liked fucking me. But she would only meet me if Chris was ok with it and when he couldn't meet her. He told me to let him know when I was going to fuck her so he wouldn't get in the way. I told him don't worry about it we'll just play it by ear. And that's how it went for a bit. Mako was a trooper getting fucked by us 2 or 3 times a week. She also didn't live that close but she would often spend the night at our place.Then a few months into our strange arrangement Chris went through a dry spell and Mako had him all to herself. Which meant I was out of luck. Now I still had some other women on the side but nothing regular. Mako had filled that role. So I was getting quite horny after a couple of weeks without sex. One night I decided I was going to get some. I knew Mako had the habit of waiting until Chris went to sleep and then going to the bathroom to clean his cum from her. I had stayed up watching TV waiting for that. When she finally comes down the stairs I walk out of the living room and intercept her. I leaned in and kiss her grabbing her bare ass from under Chris's tshirt that she is wearing.She is startled and whispers at me "what are you doing?" I pull her by the hand to the couch and sit her down. She says "no, no, no Chris will hear us." Then she says "his cum is still inside me, do you want to fuck that? " My only response is to spread her legs. I had been sitting in my underwear so it was no effort to get my cock out and place the head against her pussy lips. I swirl it around pushing her lips around getting them to blossom as they engorge with blood. I then sink deep into her. She has her eyes closed and mouth agape as she takes her familiar friend deep inside. "Fuck" she whispers. She looks at me and says "how do you make me such a whore? I can't believe I'm fucking you filled with another guys cum." I finally talk to her between thrusts saying "do you want to stop?" knowing the answer. "No, but hurry up. I don't want Chris do notice I'm gone." I give her the quicky that she wants but was pounding her, trying to make as much noise as possible. She also can't hold back and starts moaning but between clenched lips. I thrust 2 fingers into her mouth and she greedily sucks on them. She grabs my wrist and uses my hand and fingers to fuck her face with, probably in an effort to stop the moans. I finish up and pump a load into her sopping wet cunt. She also came pretty quick. I stand above her and guide her mouth to my cock and she sucks it clean. "This time only." she says to me as she scoots by me to you bathroom. Then heads upstairs to bed.This was the beginning of the end for Mako's rules. A couple of days later during conversation Chris brings up the fact he heard us. I say cool, I hate having to tip toe around because of her rule. He said he felt the same and that he didn't care if I fucked her the same day. So we agreed to put an end to it. We both tell her on seperate occasions that it's not fair to me to have to wait around when neither of us care. It's not like Chris doesn't know we fuck or that she sometimes spends the night with me. If anything it's just making things uncomfortable. She says she understands and agrees to do somethings about it later.Then comes the first night after our talks. Just like normal she waits until he falls asleep and gets up. I'm waiting in my room not sure what's going to happen. I hear the door slide open quietly and look up from my phone. I smile as she walks in naked to my room. I lift the blanket and she lays beside on the bed.I kiss her and massage her breast. She grabs my cock and slowly pulls at it. She stops suddenly and asks "Don't you think this is strange?" "Do you mean not normal? Of course." I tell her. "But what's so great about normal? It's usually a lie anyway." I could see the worry on her face so I continue on. "I get that you're worried about what will happen. But what's so bad about this situation? It's probably not what you were looking for but the guy you want to have a normal relationship doesn't want that. I suggested you move on but you don't want that either. Also let's get real, if you were fine with the sex situation you would have probably just ignored that he was chasing other women. He wasn't meeting your needs regularly enough and that was the problem. And we both know you prefer my cock." She chirped "our sex is just different." "Yeah I know," I said "but when it comes to dick in pussy you prefer mine. I'm not saying you would ever stop having sex with Chris or that you don't enjoy it with him. Besides it's not like women never date a couple of guys at the same time. Am I right?"She remained silent. She had rolled on her side and pushed back into my during our conversation. I took the opportunity to wiggle my cock between her thighs. She opened her legs enough so I could slide into her."There we go. Wet as always. Look," I whispered into her ear, "I get it. You're torn by what you think things ought to be and how they turned out. Things as they are aren't so bad. You get great sex from 2 guys you're attracted to and you get quality time with one of them that you love. It just the way that sometimes the person we love can't give us everything we need. Your choice is do you accept things as they are or do you go out and try to find that perfect guy that wants you."Mako grabbed my hand and sucked on two fingers as her answer.I pounded into her, immediately her pussy squelched as it was already drenched. I could feel the mixture of her juices and Chris's cum leak out of her. "That's so hot. Your leaking everything out." She slammed her ass backward into me to show me how turned on she was. As she sucked on the fingers of one hand I used the other hand to play with her clit. She reached orgasm fairly quickly. I held my dick inside her buried to the root and wiggled my hips around, stimulating her further. Mako didn't have multiple orgasms but she could cum in fairly quick succession. During the half break we were having I decided I was going to put it in her ass. Her ex-husband used to do that but she wasn't a big fan. From the sound of the stories I figured it was more because he was fairly selfish about it and just rammed it in. I went to work on her first, strumming her clit vigorously while I ground my pole around inside her. I bit and nibbled at her neck and flicked my tongue against her earlobe. Then when she seemed ready I pulled out and positioned my cockhead against her puckered asshole. At first she seemed reluctant but as I sucked on her neck she reached back and grabbed a hold of my member to guide it in. I slowly pushed her sphincter apart. "Relax, just let it in." I whispered to her. With my cock slick from her cunt I slid in easily. I fucked her ass with long full strokes, making sure not to go too hard. She played with her pussy all the while. After a few minutes her be convulsed again in orgasm. "Fuck." She cried out. "Why does your dick feel so good? It's not fair." "Do you want me to stop?" I asked her. "No." was the only answer. "Then tell me you love my cock." I chided her. "I love your cock" she said without hesitation. "Louder." I instructed her. "I love your cock!" she almost shouted in a strangled voice almost on the verge of crying. With that I went ham on her ass, pounding away trying to make the loudest slapping sounds possible. I grabbed her shoulder for leverage and just pounded away until I could feel that tightness behind my ball sack. By now she was a moaning mess. My sheets were soaked from her pussy and drool had leaked from her mouth onto the pillow. With a final stroke I buried myself all the way to the root and shot my jizz in her ass. Afterward we made our way to the shower to clean up. During the shower she asked with a concerned look on her face "do you think he heard us?""If he woke up probably. But who knows. You worry too much." I said. She said "by the way when a woman dates more than one guy they usually don't know each other, let alone live together." I responded, "So it's ok to keep them in the dark and manipulate them?" Again no answer. I went to my room and she to his and that was the end of that night.From there we continued on with our little love triangle. She spent half her time at our place and half at hers. Some days meeting only one of us. Sometimes fucking both of us on the same day. Her son was happy as he and his GF got the place to themselves. Mako was satisfied as she was getting fucked several times a week, often multiple times a day. Chris was happy because he got to fuck other women whenever he could. I was happy to have another regular fuck friend, but... I wanted one more thing. Mako had made clear she didn't want to do a threesome. She gave multiple reasons. The two main ones being she didn't want to have to handle two guys at once and she didn't want Chris to see her cum on my dick. She had had an experience with her ex-husband and his friend. They had gotten drunk and used her like a sex doll. So of course she wasn't all that into the idea.I knew Chris didn't care either way. So I decide to make a go at it one night. Mako had come over and was spending time with Chris in his bedroom. I knew they just hung out for a while before actually having sex so I waited for the familiar sounds. After a couple of minutes I stripped naked and climbed the stairs to the bedrooms. I paused at Chris's door, heart racing. Even though we had an open relationship we had never all been in the same room together naked. I took one last breath and slid back the door. Mako had Chris's dick in her mouth and he was finger banging her. She looked up, shock and anger on her face. "I said no threesome." Mako cried out. In response I walked over pushed her thigh aside and sucked on her clit. I could tell Chris had pushed her head down as I heard that familiar sound of dick in mouth. There was no further protest from her.I must have worked her pussy with my mouth and fingers for at least a good 15 minutes. She finally succumbed and came on my fingers and tongue. Chris stroked her hair as she lay there with his dick in her mouth. I looked at him seeing what he wanted to do and he motioned at me to her ass. So I stood up pulled her ass over to a better position for doggy style and wiggled my rock hard dick against her pussy lips. She reached back between her legs and spread them for me. I pushed into that familiar place and held it there for a minute. Chris slid down so he could make out with her and play with her tits. I slow fucked her making sure not to jostle her so she could enjoy her make out session with him. Chris stopped kissing her so he could talk to her. "Do you like his big dick?" he asked. "Yeah." she mewled. "It's filling you up isn't it?" he continued. She just nodded yes. I increased the power of my thrusting causing her to rock back and forth. Mako looked at Chris and and asked "Are you ok?" Her attention had gotten away from him during our fucking and she was worried he wasn't enjoying himself. He laughed it off and said "of course." I continued to pound her from behind and she played with him with her hand and mouth. After she came again I could tell she was tired and laid her on her side. I vacated the space and Chris came over and took up the spot. I lay down on the bed beside her while Chris took his turn in her cunt. He was only half hard to start but rose to the occasion. As he fucked her, I found she was a bit more subdued. Her moans not as loud. Her motions less frantic. I kissed her and played with her nipples. I stood up and had her clean my cock. I went back to kissing her and could taste the tang of pussy juice. Chris continued on fucking her for a while. Finally tiring out he gave up on the doggy position she lay on the bed beside Mako and I as we made out some more. "You didn't cum." I said to her. "I usually cum when he eats me or with the dildo." I looked over to the side table and there it was, a little pink one. "Why don't you get on top of him" I suggested. She rolled over and played with his half hard cock a little then squatted over him as she guide his dick inside herself. She rode him and then leaned forward to kiss him. I took the chance to get behind her and pressed my dickhead at the gap of her pussy by Chris's dick. I pushed in slowly and she screamed into his mouth as I gave her first DP. I took it slow and allowed some time for her pussy to stretch out. She adapted fairly quickly to being stuffed fully. Soon the familiar wetness came as I fucked carefully, taking care not to let my dick pop out.I grabbed her hair to get better leverage and to pull her back into me. "Do you love being stuffed?" I asked her. "Unnggh" was her answer. "Do love Chris?" I tested "unn, yes, unn." Deciding to take it further I asked "do you love me?" She managed to strangle out, "Yes, unn, unn, unn." I reminded her "you love my dick." I could feel Chris's cock twitch under mine. Mako sounded like she was crying a little as she kissed Chris.Soon after Chris's limp dick got fucked out of her pussy and a lot of his cum followed it, pouring out onto his stomach. With one less cock it was easier to fuck but her pussy had stretched out a little. I fucked her in different positions trying to find the best one. We must have gone on for what seemed like another half hour. Chris looked on, playing with himself and sometimes taking pictures. Finally I decided to put it in her ass. With her on her stomach when I placed my cock against the hole she reached back to spread her cheeks. I pushed in effortlessly as her ass opened up to me. It was a tight fit and we both groaned in pleasure. I fucked her that way for a bit then decided to try something new. I got her up on her knees but upright while I sat back in a weird position where I was sitting on my knees and almost sitting on her calves behind her. I could thrust up into her ass if I held my self up with an arm behind me supporting. This way Chris could see almost her whole body face on as I pumped her ass.Chris watched on commenting, "that's hot. I never get to fuck her ass." Mako says "I'm sorry. I love you." to him. I thought I heard another note of tears in her voice. Mako furiously rubbed at her clit as she knelt in front of Chris giving him a show. Her body was a little hunched in on itself with a cock in her ass, a finger on her clit and her pinching her nipple between her fingers. She came soon enough and this time it brought me over the edge as well. Soon after I pumped my seed into her and she flopped forward, my cock pulling out of her and the contents of her ass quickly leaking out as well."I can see why you like to fuck him." Chris joked. She looked at him a little wounded. "I'm sorry. Are you hurt?" she asked. "No, I'm fine. I just like everyone to have fun." he told her. We all hopped into our small shower and she washed us both. I joked at her "you said you loved me" trying to get a rise out of her. I didn't expect her answer, "maybe a little but I still love Chris the most." "Well hey at least this way you don't have to choose." I answered back. We went to Chris's room and went to bed. Had another session in the morning and then she went home.For the next few months things were good. We fucked a lot. Mako got used to the 3p pretty quick, she also got used to Chris playing second fiddle. There were a few times when just the two of them were playing, after he came she called for me to finish her off. When it was the 3 of us she would spend most of the time fucking me.But I think I had created a monster in Chris. It wasn't just Mako. Basically every woman he managed to get was available to me. It became a pattern, he'd pick them up, they'd come over and spend a night with him then he'd proposition them. Some said no, not interested but most were down to fuck. Either with just me or with both of us. I think he figured if they had both of us they'd stick around longer. In any case more often than not he would sit by and watch me with the women. There was a long time when we had many horny women coming by. I kind of wondered if he was bi or something, not that I cared or was interested. But he just seemed to like to watch and enjoyed passing them on. One woman was so happy to switch up she fucked me all night until everyone was passing out, then came to my room to sleep. In the morning when Chris and I were talking before he went to work she literally jumped on me and started fucking me there on the couch while he watched. She didn't pay any attention to him. Although I think she was looking to get knocked up. She kept demanding for me to cum inside her then would make statements like how we would make nice babies.As for poor Mako, as Chris often did, he got bored with the same woman. Or rather his expectations of what he wanted were too high. He wanted a beautiful porn star to marry. But he was more like Ron Jeremy, minus the huge hog. Mako was just an average Jayshree lady. So he was around less and less when she was and it was more just me and her together. One night she spent with me in my roomwhile he fucked another woman in his. I texted him asking if he wanted to swap, hoping he'd show some interest in her, but there was no answer. I heard from him later she had known he was going to have a woman over.Then she started to come by less and less, and she asked me to visit her instead. Finally one night after fucking me in my car, we talked about what happened with Chris. Then she asked me if I was interested in being her only boyfriend. I said I kind of was but I wasn't going to stop fucking other women. I also told her you probably don't want to be my GF. I ask a lot of my GFs. Basically I said what we did with Chris was the bare minimum. I'd probably ask get to fuck other men and women, including strangers in public. She said she understood but couldn't do that and didn't want to meet anymore. For a while Chris and I enjoyed various women. You can see a clip of one in my video section. I also propositioned some of the women I picked up as well, but most weren't interested in him. One Filipina said she didn't mind if he watched. But he flaked on the one time she was willing to do it. Mako did hit me up every one in a while for some cock but it was always just a one off. She had met another guy as well. I teased her about her cheating and she said she was spoiled now and couldn't settle for one cock. She said maybe. I think she was teetering on the edge of giving in to my conditions but was waiting for me to make the final move.In the end one woman finally nailed Chris down. His current wife, Yumi. A BBW who came from a well off family.Yes, as you probably guessed I managed to fuck her as well. She had turned down the 3some but later on gave into my flirting. While she thought she was cheating on Chris, I was giving him the details. Later on Chris had arranged for her to invite her girlfriend so the four of us could spend New Year together. That was the girl Miku who I already talked about, the natural submissive. It was an interesting night. Basically I was flirting with Miku and Yumi would get angry. Chris would also flirt with Miku but didn't get the same reaction. But then I would pay attention to Yumi again and squeeze her tit or ass when no one was looking and her mood would lighten up.Perhaps one guy noticed, an Indian guy came over and started hitting on her until everyone told him to fuck off. We end up at Yumi's place, I knew by now this was Chris's plan and when I had a moment alone with Yumi I felt her up, played with her pussy and made out with her briefly. She seemed happy for the attention but ultimately put a stop to it. In the end though the girls put a stop to all our advances saying "we know what you want and it's not going to happen" so we all just went to sleep.Anyway later Miku and I hit it off and Yumi got in a huff because, I found out later from Miku, she had been thinking of dumping Chris for me. And she claimed Miku had stolen me from her. We figured she was also trying to set Miku up with Chris. Her conniving had back fired on her. Things could have been much better if she had just given in.In any case a month or two later Chris had knocked Yumi up and they were soon married. I had hoped Yumi would come around and that we could maybe do some swapping. I had already gotten Miku ready for that. But it wasn't to be. Chris is now in a loveless marriage and I still hear occasionally. I should have stayed with Mako.Chris was a true cuck. And we should be thankful there are guys out there like him.