Ms. Flower’s Initiation

I direct you lay down on your tummy and then use the controls to lower you head while lifting you beautiful ass. I adjust the exam table so that you are completely exposed to the waiting room window and all the other patients, physicians and visitors. Ten i gently I touch your exposed pussy and anus. You are so wet you are dripping onto the paper table cover. I start to rub your wet lips and ask you if it is normal for you to get so wet. You whisper “yes” but I want everyone to hear so I tell you to speak louder. Your voice shaking, you say loudly “yes, doctor”. Then I tell you I will be inserting objects into you and ask if that is okay. You respond “yes”. I say “yes what? I need you to say it loudly what you want done”. You breath hard and exhale, your pussy has a steady stream of woman juice flowing. “Do or insert anything you want into my ass and pussy.” You say loudly. Everyone has their eyes glued to your examination.Then I ask, “Even with your parents and coworkers watching and listening?”Your voice has an indication of panic and fear as you lift your head. My parents are watching?!”“It’s okay, little flower. Your mother has an appointment after yours. I’m going to start my digital examination now.” As I slip f finger between your wet lips, I can feel the heat of your cunt and it’s scent is heavenly. You raise up slightly and push back so I am in you as far a possible. I hear you moan as you exhale. “My mommy is going to have you do this to her?” “Yes my little flower. She has a standing weekly appointment. Now try to hold still for a minute as in insert my other fingers into this your hot pussy. “. I place my left hand on the small of your back to hold you steady but also hold you down. As I start to gently insert my three middle fingers into your opening pussy you wiggle a little. “You need to hold still for this examination. I need to get the restraints to hold you still.” I move around the side and wrap a strap around you hips, holding you firmly to the table. “Doctor, I can remain still. I promise”. “My beautiful little flower, this is a long, long procedure and I don’t want anything to go wrong.” I take your right hand into mine. It was under your face on the table and I am sure you smelled the scent of your cunt juices as i hold it. You moved your face closer to my hand.You blush when I state that your scent is that of flowers. Then I guide it down to the side of the table and snap the restraint to your wrist. You try to wiggle but the strap holding you to the table is heavy and tight. I take your left arm and move it down on the other side. You try to yank it away when you hear the door open. “Nurse! I’m not sure...”. But you immediately stop when you feel a hand on you ass and hear your mother say “Honey, you need to follow the doctors directions.” You try to lift and turn your head to see your mother. “Mommy? Is that you?“It’s okay baby doll. Just relax and do what your told to do. It is always difficult the first time”, your mother says. “But mommy, he’s has me so exposed! To all those people...and to you!” Your mother starts to gentle rub your bottom while I continue to move my fingers up and around the lips of your cunt. “It will all be okay. Although the waiting room is pretty full and they are all watching your examination. You can’t say you don’t like it honey. The stream of juices from you is forming a puddle on the floor.” “But Mommy, all those people will see my most secret parts. They will be watching me become deflowered in all my holes.” “I know honey. None of them mind and they think you are very lovely and brave. Even your best friend, Claudia has flown in and is watching you intently and knows how brave you are to be so exposed.” My hand feels your cunt juices thicken and drip on the floor when you hear your friend is watching. I take the opportunity to move three of my middle fingers into your slit. You groan and say, “Mommy, he has my pussy full. I can feel him wiggling his fingers inside me. I’ve never felt anything like that”. “I know,” your mother replies. “Oh, look at who has moved closer to the window. It’s that nice gentleman from the university you are so attracted too.”“Oh God. Not Roger! He’s watching me too. I am so ashamed and embarrassed. But You can’t keep from letting your natural instincts take over to rut. You begin trying to push back in my fingers so your pussy gets stimulated more. “Relax little flower,” I say. Don’t fight it. Just let me continue my testing.” I begin to move my three fingers in and out steadily. “Mrs. Flowers, would you please hold the basin under her and near her cunt so that the juices are caught? We will need those later on.” You feel you mother moving a plastic basin under your exposed cunt. “That’s great Mrs Flowers.” Your mother responds, “I hope it’s okay that my daughters pussy juices are on my hand and fingers.” I tell her, “It’s okay. Now if you could hold part her pussy lips so I can begin to milk her clit.” You immediately drop your head to the table and say “you’re going to milk me? In front of my mother?” “Oh yes,” I respond. “But I am also going to be working your squirt button so you completely empty all your cum juices into the container your mother is holding.” You moan, “Mommy, do i have squirt button?”“Yes my little girl, we all have a magic button. Even i have one.”“Is he going to teach me where my squirt button is?”Just then i feel the bump in her cervix. When you exclaim “Oh my god. Oh god.” I knew you had an extremely sensitive button. Everyone on the room heard your juices dripping into the container.Then Claudie strokes your hair and announces to everyone that she will be milking your nipples at the same time. “And, you know you can’t release that squirt until you are granted permission.”“Okay Mrs. Flower, you can release her pussy lips. Now take your finger and gently slide it along my hand and finder. When you reach the end of my finger, feel for the bump.”“Oh mommy!” You gasp when she begins to rotate her finger around your squirt button. “Oh mommy, what you are doing to me is so nasty and i am so naughty to enjoy it do much! Claudie is pulling and twisting my nipples! All those people watching me getting milked! I don’t think i can hold back much longer mommy. It feels like i have to pee! ““Do not cum you nasty slut! Your mother tells you firmly and loudly. I will not tolerate you being so disrespectful.” It must have shocked you because you try to hold perfectly still. “We have all been through this many times here! This is just your first and the doctor must also examine your little butthole at the same time”.I watch you clinch your stomach muscles to hold your cum in. The room fills with the steady drip-drip-drip of your pussy juices.