Morning surprise

As you open the door to let me in our eyes are instantly connected. No words exchanged... you grab my hand and pull me in close, placing your hands on the sides of my face, you kiss me passionately. I wrap my arms around you and we kiss softly for a long time. I’m feeling your strong back and arms. Mmmmmm Feeling your body heat against mine and your lips now travelling down my neck, my hands slide down your back to your ass. MmmmmmmmWe haven’t moved from the door way. I can’t take a step cause all I want is you. You’ve made me so wet and I can feel a bulge in your pants. Pressing up against me. Omg baby I want you. Your hands slide down my face touching my neck and down to my breasts. You caress them and squeeze my nipples driving me completely wild. I push you back and you’re about to say something but I place my index finger on your lips. Hush baby. I take your shirt off then run my hands down your chest. Mmmmmmm I start kissing your neck down to your chest while i continue touching you all over slightly dipping into your groin.I take a step back and start unzipping your pants. They drop to the floor. Damn baby you’re so sexy. I continue touching your body this time concentrating on your hard cock. I kneel down, kissing your abdomen, down to your inner thigh, as I caress your ass. Pulling you closer. My tongue twirling the head of your cock, running it around your rim and down your shaft to your balls. MmmmmmmI can’t resist and I take you all in my mouth while you place your hands on my head. I move my head back n forth slowly moving my hands onto your shaft and balls while I gag on your cock over and over. You gently pull my hair. Mmmmmm baby fuck me. I start going faster and faster. I look up at you while my mouth is full of cock, I want to taste you. I want you to cum in my mouth. Yes baby. You explode. I swallow every ounce. Damn baby. Fuck me!!! Your knees start to buckle and shake. Yes baby yes! You make me stand up. You pick me up and I wrap my legs around your waist. You kiss me while your hands are on my ass. You walk over to the bedroom. Gently placing me on the bed you roll me over. You take your cock and rub it from the top of my ass down to my pussy. Circling my clit. Feeling how wet and warm I am for you. You place your hands on my hips pulling my knees up while my chest and head stay flat on the bed. You reach down under with one hand and start touching my pussy. The other reaches for my nipple and squeezes. I’m moaning. I want you to fuck me so I tell you “fuck me hard”. You reach up and grab my hand and place it on my clit so I can rub myself while you take your cock and slide it inside me slowly. Inch by inch. “Yes baby yes!!! Fuck me!!” You place both hands on my hips guiding me up and down your cock. Thrusting over and over. Fuck yes!!!!I’m going to cum all over your cock. You can feel me tighten around your cock and you tell me you’re going to cum. Faster and faster. Deeper and deeper. Omg yes baby. I explode all over your cock as you explode hard deep inside me. Your hands squeeze my hips.I let out a loud moan “yes baby yes. Cum for me” Damn!!! You feel amazing!!! You roll me back over. We lock eyes. You lean down and crawl beside me and we kiss. Just touching each other softly caressing and exploring each others skin. Hhhmmmmm I’m wrapped in your strong arms. Mmmmmm I love every moment.