Mom and Africans

During the winter it was hard to watch mom getting fucke d because of food and snow, the party's mom, dad and John had continued regularly, some times at some black guys home but mostly in our rec room. One spring evening when I was 16, John came over to talk to mom and dad, asked where I was and when told I was upstairs doing homework, he started telling them about a black man at his office that was from Zimbabwe and was a gynecologist there, but here he had to take several medical courses and state boards before he could practice med. John said the really hot thing is he has several friends in his community that are in the same situation, heard mom ask is that for me then John continued, I could hear thru heating vents, said he asked this man if he was losing his skill by not being able to examine women, he told John yes. I had slipped down the steps and as I peeked around corner saw mom was sucking John's dick as I watched, I got hard quick and started jerking off as I had figured out by then that mom was one he'll of a cock sucker because some men would stop to see dad and mom would suck them off. Anyway John said he asked what type Drs his friends were, was told 2 were like him, GYN's , 2 were gastrologist's, and 3 were internal medicine, he said his idea was to let them examine mom, he had asked the man if he had ever examined a married white woman and when he said no, none of them had John asked if they would like to? The guy got excited and said they would, but doubted they could control them selves with a naked white woman. Mom pulled her mouth off John's cock and asked and you said? As John pushed her mouth back onto his dick he told them what if she was willing to let you and your friends examine her and then she would service all of you, then John said now the good part, after showing him a picture of mom in heels,thigh highs and shelf bra with nipples fully exposed the guy told him he and his friends are very well endowed, all more than 10" , very thick ,he and 2 others are close to 12" very thick and all are as they were born. John said he asked you mean uncircumcised ? And he said yes, when John said that saw moms cheeks hollow and John groan as he filled moms mouth with cum, then she swallowed which made me start cumming on step carpet. Dad suggested inviting the man and his friends here and see how it goes, John agreed and mom asked this saturday? Which made dad and John laugh and John say you are such a cock hound Millie, then said he will set it up. Thursday evening John was back here, mom had just showered and had on a short ribs and nothing else, I was pretending to be asleep as it was 9:30 so mom just Sent downstairs in the robe and her high heeled slippers, heard John say now your going to have to suck me off coming down dressed like that, dad laughed said why do you think she did? I moved to top of stairs and heard John say it was set up for Saturday night, he would bring 4 of the men in his van and get this, they are bringing an exam table stirrups and all. I heard mom moan so I eased down steps and peeped, mom was sucking John's cock and dad was fucking her, John had his head back with eyes closed and told dad Don t ever move away, I'll die without Mills sucking me off. Next day at school I told Travis and Jerome what was going on Saturday night, both got excited said they will be here, told them bring blankets as it would be cool and I would crack window before I went to grandparents. Saturday came and I had a hard on all day, just thinking about watching mom fuck these big dicked Africans kept me hard. When I got back to house Travis and Jerome waved me down, said look at this when I did I saw a table with I guessed what John had called stirrups. Then I saw not 4 but 5 blk males, 1 looked to be our age and the others around dad's and John's age's, though the window wasn t open too much, we heard 1 of the Africans saying this is my oldest son and he wants to be a Dr like me, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to see a white woman and participate in the exam. Dad laughed said ok then to John a surprise for Mille, young cock. We heard the red room door open and mom came downstairs, dressed in a button up dress with 5" heels, what looked like thigh highs and could see her nipples were hard, then a look of surprise as she saw the young blk. She walked into room and dad took her around introducing her to the Africans, each one looking at mom's tit s and smiling, the younger one could only stutter as she shook his hand and hugged him. They talked a while, mom sitting across from them and showing a lot of leg,then the Dr that worked with John said shall we get started and mom asked what's first, he told her to get undressed and lay on table, mom smiled walked over to the young one and asked if he would help her, started unbuttoning her dress as she walked to table, we could see that all then ,dad and John included had hadrons. When she was beside rabble she turned smiled and dropped her dress, all 5 Africans gasped and stared, mom had heels, blk thigh highs and shelf bra on and nothing els, asked young blk to help her into table, as he helped he let a hand brush her nipples then as he put her feet in stirrups let his hand slide down her legs to bare thigh. There's mom laying on table, feet in stirrups, pussy fully exposed and 5 African males starring at her cunt. John's friend was first to move, he moved a stools between moms legs and sat on it, then we watched he spread her cunt lips and called his son over, told him see how pinkeye is, watch as I run her clit, when he did she shivered and her nipples got harder when he told son to hold her vagina lips open I think he came in his pants, when he had her lips spread, the Dr told him watch how I spread her open and used four fingers to open moms cunt. He then told son to hold her lips with 1 hand and insert two fingers in her and spread her futher, we heard the other 3 men grown then the Dr looked at dad, said I think we are going out of control, I don't think we can continue like this, dad told him you have her cunt spread, see if your cock will go in. As we watched the Dr dropped his pants and rubbed the head of his cock on mom's cunt then started to push in,I saw a movement and mom was rubbing the front of young blks pants, she pulled him to her, unzipped his pants and took his cock in her mouth, as she sucked the young cock the Dr was fucking her with long deep strokes mom was moving her hips around and pushing up to get his cock deeper, I thought mom is one fucking cock loving whore, I think that was the first time since I started watching her get fucked that I wondered what it would be like to fuck her too, the k** was moving around so his balls were laying on mom's forhead, then he released something and her head moved down so she was looking up at his balls while taking more cock in her mouth. I looked and dad, John and the 3 Africans were naked, I was amazed at the size of their cock's and the length of their foreskins. As we watched cum started leaking around the k**s cock and moms red lips,heard 1 of the Africans say this is how he wants to examine white women. As the k** pulled his dick out of moms mouth one of the other Africans stood over her face and let just his foreskin in her mouth, mom sucked on it and could see her toung slip inside it and move around head of his dick. Finally the Dr fucking her started cumming deep in her cunt, he had lifted her feet into his shoulders so he could go deeper in her. When he slipped out of her cunt she motioned for him to move beside her head, when he did she slipped cock out of her mouth and took his in it. We watched her suck his cock clean and it was covered with cum, then another African got between her legs pushed them high and wide and slid his dick up her cunt, the other Dr had gotten his cock back in her mouth and his balls were d****d over her eyes, the African up her cunt pushed her legs further back and motioned the one in her mouth to hold them, looked over and dad and John were naked and jerking cock 's while filming. When moms feet were beside her head and her legs were spread wide, Dr fucking her pulled his dick out of her cunt and let cum leak out and down her ass crack, then with his wet, cum covered dick he started pushing up her ass, mom wiggled her As s around but the good Dr got the head in and pushed more cock up her ass, soon mom was pushing back moving her ass hole up and down the Dr cock fucking her self on it. While this was being done to her, the other Africans stood beside her head getting cocks sucked, the three of us watched for another hour as the 5 Africans fucked all holes. Once they were exhausted, dad got drinks for all and they sat talking, mom sitting on the lap of the younger blk and he playing with her pink nipples. It was decide d that in two weeks they would meet here again with the rest of the Drs.. Mom was squirming on the k**s lap then she swung her left leg around and reached and guided the k**s cock into her cunt again, from where we were watching moms legs were spread wide, her thigh highs sagging and as she leaned back against the African boy he reached thru her arms and cupped both her tit s and started twisting her nipples. We watched as mom raised her legs bent them at her knees and used her hands to pull her thighs back against her tit s fully exposing the thick, long, young black cock sk**ding in and out of her cunt. John moved in front of her and guided her mouth to his cock, we watched her bright red lips wrap around the head and her cheeks hollow as she sucked on it. We watched and jerked off as cum started leaking out of moms mouth and the African boy shoved his cock balls deep and started cumming in her cunt. Once all the guys the Africans ,dad and John were fucked out, mom walked to each African kissed them then walked up stairs, we could see fun slipping down the inside of her thighs and on her cheeks. The 3 of us had cum at least 2 times and we took off with plans to meet Monday at school.Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android