Miki and her sister

This is the story of how I came to suspect that Miki would be a great partner in bed. Not because of what she could do, but because of her open attitude. This is the story of our first 3 some, that we had with her sister.Early into our relationship Miki and I really hit it off. She was living with her sister, Saiko, at the time we started dating. And since we spent on average 5 days a week together, half the time was at my place but half the time at her sister's. Almost every night we were fucking as well. You know how it goes with new couples.So that means late night showers before going to bed, bumping into her sister occasionally as well with only a towel to hide my manhood. And from our brief hallway chats I'm sure Saiko was aware of the going-ons in Miki's room. Everyone was friendly overall and while I wouldn't say Saiko and I were friends at that point, we definitely got along well enough.Soon enough Miki and I decided that we wanted to live together and that she would move in with me. She had been looking to quit her job anyway. So she moved in and found a new job. We were fairly happy and enjoying the life of a young couple. Now Miki and Saiko were fairly close sisters. Saiko would come over a couple of times a month and we'd all hang out. Saiko was also fairly flirtatious. At first when I met her she was just nice but as we all hung out together she became more and more friendly, in a touchy felt kind of way. When I mentioned something to Miki she said she was just like that. So I didn't think too much of it. Especially since it seemed to level out at friendly touching.However after Miki moved in with me the level of contact started to slowly increase again. Now this is me looking back at it with 20/20 hindsight and at the time I didn't think too much about it. But the touching became more repetitious and lingering. Generally in situations where I was distracted playing Xbox or watching TV. It just became a thing we were all used to Saiko doing, hands on the legs or her head in my lap.After Miki and I had been together for over a year Saiko asked us if we wanted to do a winter/Christmas get away with her. I thought it was a good idea so the two of them went ahead and made plans.The trip was going to be a few days long and we were going to do it as a road trip. Since they had done all the planning I offered to drive the entire way. It was going to be about 6 hours or so just to get there.The day came and we left mid afternoon and started driving across the country. We had to cross the mountains from the East to the West and ended up in a snow storm by chance. It slowed us down quite a bit and we were worried we wouldn't get to the hotel on time. They called ahead and were able to confirm the reservation, so there would be someone there to let us in.The girls were tired at this point and they took it upon themselves to take turns resting in the back seat. Saiko volunteered to sit up front first since Miki had been up front most of the way. That way Miki could stretch out.So when we next stopped to get gas they switched spots and Saiko sat next to me. Soon enough after starting off again she ended up leaning on my shoulder and then a while after that she put her head in my lap. I rested my hand on her shoulder...At that point, it'd be hard for anyone not to not think of anything sexual. Even though we were used to Saiko's being touchy feely it was still hard not to imagine doing something with her. And with Miki asleep in the back and Saiko's breast within easy reach I was very tempted to squeeze it. I also had a semi hard on which was urging me to do it. But with my focus on the snow and being unsure if Saiko was actually asleep or just had her eyes closed I decided not to tempt fate. Eventually we arrived just after midnight at the hotel and went to our rooms and crashed out.The next day they had got up early and let me sleep in, but we went out to see the sights and did the tourist thing. We had a nice dinner while on the way to the place we were staying at next, a ryokan. That meant sharing a room together. For those of you that don't know, a ryokan is a Japanese style hotel. Usually one big tatami room with amenities and futons in a closet. Things like bath and toilet are shared though. Kind of like a bed and bath I guess, just Japanese style. Anyway, this time there were no beds and just futons on the floor in one room we all shared.After we had settled into the room the two of them went to the onsen attached to the ryokan. I followed shortly after but since it was segregated bathing I was in no rush as I'd be by myself. Of course, even though I went in after them I got back to the room before they did.Now the one thing about staying at a ryokan is they give you a robe which you're supposed to wear instead of your outside clothes. And if you do go to their onsen as well, when you get out to go back to your room it is quite common to go commando under that robe.So that's what I did. After I went for a quick dip and returned to the room. Once I was comfortable back in the room I cracked open a beer and turned on the small TV they had. I spread my legs and let myself air-dry.After about half an hour after me the girls returned. While the robes were not thin enough to see through, I could see they were also not wearing anything underneath. I had covered myself up at that point of course.They sat down at the little table with me and opened some drinks and we snacked a little and chatted. But soon enough we all decided to call it a night and pulled the futons out and got ready for bed.Miki and I pushed our futons together so they were side by side. Saiko was on my other side, not close, but not so far I couldn't reach her...Surprisingly I fell asleep fairly quickly. However I don't think I was asleep that long, as I was awoken when Miki reached under my covers and grabbed hold of my hand. Somewhat half asleep I reacted to the show of affection with a quickly rising erection. I rolled on my side to face Miki and put my other hand under her covers. I stroked her arm and made my way up to the opening of her robe. I slipped my hand inside and went straight for her nipple. I could feel her squirm a little under my touch. I knew she would already be wet from my stimulating her, so I reached between her legs and sure enough found her cunt had become slippery to the touch.Soon after getting together I had figured out how to push her buttons. I could make Miki cum within a few minutes fairly regularly. I guess like any good boyfriend should do. Because of that I think she felt an obligation to give back as much as she could. And this night was no different, she quickly grabbed my cock and stroked it. She had become used to my constant advances and was always willing to respond in kind.Now I was quite aware that Saiko was next to us and I had no idea if she was asleep or not. But I didn't care at all. I reached up my hand from Miki's crotch and touched her gently behind her head. Without hesitation Miki moved underneath both our covers and greedily took my cock in her mouth. However with me on my side she was having trouble getting much of my cock in her mouth because of our positioning. So I rolled to lie on my back to make it easy for her. Miki had always been an enthusiastic cocksucker but if I'm being honest her technique was nothing special. Often she would often spend 10-20 minutes at it trying to get me to cum without luck. I never told her but I had been sucked off by some really truly great cocksuckers before her, so she was against a tough standard. However her enthusiasm would turn me on immensely even though I usually wouldn't cum. She would suck me until I got turned on enough that I just had to stick my cock inside her. And this time her sister was lying next to me an arm's reach away. I couldn't help but think of getting Saiko involved somehow. I looked over and she had pulled her covers up over her head and turned away though. Obviously in reaction to Miki and me. I could tell Saiko was typing away on her phone, so I knew for sure she was awake. That put a grin on my face. I knew Saiko was listening, so I purposely thrust my dick to the back of Miki's throat so when she pulled her head away it made a slurping sound. I grew bolder by the minute, thinking about her sister listening to us. Not being able to stand it anymore I reached out and grabbed at something. A shoulder maybe. I massaged it as Miki worked my shaft and sucked my balls. This went on for several minutes. I gave up on Saiko as she didn't seem to respond to my touch. I pushed the back of Miki's head on to my cock and face fucked her slowly for a bit. Miki got on her hands and knees, still under the covers, to suck my cock better. I took the opportunity to put my hand under her and rub her slit.After a nice long blow job I pulled Miki up on top of me. She guided my dick into her waiting pussy and ground her crotch against mine. I could feel the wetness gushing out of her.Miki tried to keep herself under the covers the whole time but I knew there was no point. There was no hiding what we were doing. So I pushed the covers off us and had her sit up and ride me cowgirl style. I knew she loved this as my cock would bump the top of her cervix and send her to orgasm within minutes. To prolong the experience, I had her reverse cowgirl which was still effective but took longer for her.Now with my hands relatively free and Miki facing away I looked over at Saiko and noticed she wasn't facing away from us any more, even though she was still hiding under the covers. I placed one hand on Miki's back as she rode me and I reached over to her sister. This time I found her breast. I squeezed it gently and she didn't pull away. Miki has petite tits, but her sister has full on jugs. So I was quite happy to massage it. I could feel Miki close to orgasm so I thrust up to match her down stroke. Sure enough I could feel the reaction of her body, even though she kept herself quiet I felt her pussy tighten around my shaft. I wasn't quite ready to cum yet myself. Miki was usually the one to cum first so <span style="font-size: 24px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">as she often did, </span>she held her position on me, swirling her hips around as I pumped myself into her. Sometimes this would send her into a second orgasm and it did this time as well. So with Miki riding my cock and Saiko's boob in my hand I was extremely turned on. Even though we both kept quiet, there was no mistaking the sound of fucking. As I reached orgasm my jizz shot inside Miki. My hand was still on Saiko and I was gripping her firmly. My hand locked tight from the spasm of orgasm. I held Miki there on top of me for a minute.. all of us connected.I let go of Saiko as Miki rolled off me and put her head on my shoulder. Miki and I fell asleep pretty quickly. Our robes were still half off under the covers, with her full of cum and my crotch slick with our combined fluids.In the morning, again they had gotten up before me. I wasn't sure if anything would come up about our night activities but nothing did. I was both relieved and disappointed.That day we ended up going for a nice bay cruise after we left that ryokan. We had a pleasant day even though the weather wasn't the best. We had a nice lunch and while we ate they suggested we have an early dinner and after that we grab drinks and snacks for the evening. So after seeing a few more things we spent that night at another ryokan. Not as nice as the night before, no onsen, just a shared bathroom but we were the only guests. So when we went for a shower Miki and I could go together. After we finished Saiko went in by herself. When Saiko came back Miki and I had already settled in and had started drinking, so we were in a happy mood. Saiko cracked open a drink as well and drank it as she dried her hair. Everyone was laughing and joking generally enjoying ourselves as we sat around in our robes. Saiko was being her flirtatious self again, there were attempts at innocent flirting. Like hints being dropped that in order to save time we should all just shower together, etc.While we all talked Saiko had started rubbing my leg with her foot. As the evening wore on Miki was getting quite drunk. Saiko was making fun of her because of it and they play fought a bit. Then at some point Miki had laid down on the tatami mat and had her butt in the air. I was a bit drunk myself at that point, but sober enough to realize Saiko's foot had worked its way up to my thigh. I ran my hand up her leg into her robe and squeezed her thigh in return. She looked at me and bit her lip. She pulled her leg from my hand as she moved her foot to Miki's robe and lifted it up over her bum, exposing Miki's cunt. Saiko nodded toward Miki... encouraging me to mount Miki right in front of her. Obviously they must have worked something out and I knew this was probably orchestrated but who was I to argue. As I rose to my knees, my now hard cock stood out from my robe. For good measure I tapped Saiko's foot with it as I positioned myself behind Miki and eased into her. At first Miki didn't respond. I was afraid she was really that drunk. But soon she stretched her hands out in front of her, a sign I knew she wasn't actually that drunk. As I slowly fucked Miki from behind, Saiko put her foot on me. She raised it to my chest and spreading her other leg out to steady herself, exposing her shaved pussy to me. I continued to fuck Miki and grabbed on to Saiko's leg. Saiko put her hand down at her pussy lips and played with herself as we locked eyes. I had my other hand grasping Miki's hip pulling and pushing her slowly onto my erection. Miki rocked back and we enjoyed this slow fuck as her sister watched on. I quickly got tired of the robes getting bunched between Miki and me. So I undid mine and shed it and reached under Miki and undid hers and pushed it to her shoulders. She was still face down with eyes closed but I could see her biting her lip.I reached over and tugged at Saiko's robe belt and she obediently took hers off too. I stared at her naked body. She seemed to be enjoying herself and she rubbed her clit lightly. I reached under Miki and did the same to her. Saiko raised the finger she was using to her mouth and sucked at it lightly. I couldn't stand anymore I needed to touch more than Saiko's leg. I tugged at her leg and she knew what I wanted as she slid from her sitting position against the wall to laying on her back near us, her crotch facing me. I reached down and rubbed at Saiko's clit as I continued to thrust my shaft into Miki. Saiko was sticky with pussy juice as I laid my hand on her crotch and I easily slid a finger inside her. After a minute or so of me finger banging her, Saiko sat up and took my finger in her mouth and sucked on it, cleaning her own juices off.As she did that I reached between Miki and I. I rubbed my finger around my shaft and slid my finger against Miki's labia getting as much pussy juice on it as I could. I pulled my hand out and placed a finger in front of Saiko's face.She looked at it and me for a second, then flicked her tongue out and licked it. Eventually she took the whole finger in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. So without missing a beat I pulled out of Miki, pushed Saiko's head down and stuck my cock in her mouth. I placed a hand against the back of Saiko's head to help keep it in position and placed my other free hand on Miki's wet cunt and fingered her.At this point Miki had looked back and I could see a slight look of concern on her face. I don't think she had planned on things going this far. But in reaction to that look, I vigorously swirled my fingers around inside her. She clamped her knees together and squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lip. She was my woman. I knew how to make her squirm when I wanted to.I looked down at Saiko's head bobbing, obviously going through much effort to suck down as much as she could. I decided to help and got her to lay on her back and repositioned myself so I could fuck her face, gently from above. Miki soon came on my hand and lay on her stomach as I continued thrusting into her sister's face. I massaged Miki's ass and gently stroked her outer folds.As much as I was enjoying being sucked I need to fuck. But I was worried about Miki feeling left out. I grabbed Saiko and pulled her face up to mine and kissed her deeply sticking my tongue in her mouth probing it deep back into her throat. I got Miki to get back on her hands and knees. Then I lay on my back, and slid myself between Miki's thighs while I pulled her sister by her hand, guiding her to sit on my erect cock, my dick sinking quickly inside her when she mounts me.I reach back and pull Miki up to kneel only on her knees to get her to sit on my face. She resists a little but since she's 5 foot nothing and barely a hundred pounds it doesn't take too much effort. With one hand I squeeze Miki's nipple, twisting slightly. I reach with the other hand to her sister riding me cowgirl style and do the same. I take a second to pull Miki's hand to my hair and stare her in the eyes. She looks back and after a second grabs a handful of my hair then grinds her crotch into my face. I return my hand to her nipple knowing that nothing is going to be denied me from then on.Saiko rides me slowly as I'm focused on eating Miki's pussy. She's not as energetic as Miki is but I think she's holding back for her sister's sake. I pull at Saiko's nipple getting her to lean forward and I push at Miki to get her to lean back. I let go of Saiko's and Miki's breasts and grab Saiko's hands. I pull them up to Miki's tits and with my hands over Saiko's using it to massage Miki's chest until Saiko takes over doing it herself. I reach back between them to feel Saiko's tits crushed against Miki's back. I get a quick jolt of adrenaline think how Saiko's fondling her sister like a pervert from behind. Miki is getting something out it as well. As I can taste her getting closer to orgasm again. We keep at it until finally Miki twitches in orgasm and flops over. I pull myself out from under Miki and kiss Saiko deeply, making her suck my tongue and lick my face as I continue to fuck her. I roll Saiko over and lay her next to Miki. Miki looks at us as I pull Saiko's knees to my chest and sink myself deep in her. I can see the look of satisfaction as she finally is getting fucked the way she likes. With her knees on my chest I can use my entire shaft to get those long thrusts. I can tell she's more about the thrust than Miki. Miki likes to have her the bottom of her uterus massaged more than anything. Saiko liked to have a dick sliding in and out of her. Hard. As I was to find out.As I fucked Saiko, Miki looked on, quietly. I pulled her face up to mine and she and I kissed. Like we did often after sex. More softly then passionate. She looked at me and her mood seemed to lighten a bit. She lay down next to her sister again.I focused on Saiko completely from then on. I squeezed her tit hard in my hand. I could see her squirming increase when I worked her nipple a little too hard. So I figured she liked it rough. I started letting my full weight fall on her as I drove my dick into her again and again. Not trying to balance my weight at all. Again she responded, grabbing onto my upper arm squeezing it.She let her knees fall to the side and we ended up in full missionary. Saiko wrapped her legs behind me, pulling me into her as I thrust. She curled forward almost headbutting my chest, spreading herself eagle. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her mouth to my nipple she sucked at it greedily and then bit it. I'm not into pain so I pulled her head away and she flopped back on the floor. Her pussy was a sopping mess. With it freshly shaved there was no hair to absorb her juices and it was leaking onto the tatami.Miki was almost looking amused as she watched on. I leaned over a bit to give her a quick kiss. She rose up to meet me and gave a quick peck on the lips. After the kiss I grabbed her by the back of the head and pushed it toward her sister's boob. She took the nipple in her mouth and sucked on it. Saiko looked me in the eyes and I grinned at her. She grabbed my hand from Miki's head and sucked on the fingers. I pounded her pussy even more. Saiko had moved her own hand to the back of Miki's head and held her in place as she sucked my fingers greedily and stared into my eyes. I knew there was only one way to finish her off. I pulled my hand from her mouth and placed it around her neck and squeezed. I watched her close her eyes and lean her head back. She ran her fingernails up and down the arm I used to choke her.As I got closer to my orgasm I pulled one of Saiko's legs up and flipped her over. I grabbed at her hips and she raised her ass to meet my crotch. She took the same position Miki started in. Her ass in the air her face on the floor. I pounded into her as she obviously wanted. My balls slapping against her legs and crotch. I started out with a furious pace and she voiced her pleasure with muffled but high pitched squealing. The first sound any of us had let out. But you can only rabbit fuck for so long. I found a good speed that she seemed to enjoy and I decided to go for the gusto. I sucked on my finger and placed the tip against her asshole. As I thrust in and out of her pussy quickly, I pushed my finger slowly in her ass. Once I reached the knuckle I pulled it out slowly. I repeated that, twisting it now and then to increase sensation eventually pushing the whole thing in.Finally Saiko had reached her limit and she came hard. She bit her own hand to keep quiet as I didn't let up at all. She started to collapse to the tatami, but I held her up by her hips. I was close too. Probably less than a minute after Saiko came, I reached my peak. I pulled her hard into my crotch and I shot a huge load into her pussy. I held her there waiting for the waves of pleasure to subside. Then I scooted Miki out of the way as I lowered myself to the mat holding myself in Saiko. We lay there locked together. My dick still hard inside her. Miki went to the closet and grabbed some blankets placed them over us and slid in behind me placing her hand on my chest. I held Saiko close to me as I played with her tits. We lay like that for a bit as my cock deflated slowly. Saiko told me she hadn't cum like that in a while. Once my cock had shriveled enough it slipped out of Saiko. I twisted on my back and Saiko turn over so I had each sister on my arm, their heads on my shoulders. That wasn't the end of the evening tho, I got Miki to play with my sticky cock until was hard again. I had them lay side by side as I fucked one for a few strokes then the other. I also had them suck my dick clean when my cum stuck to my dick as I fucked Saiko. I got Miki to lay on Saiko and again switched back and forth between them. That got a giggle out of them. But we were all worn out and none of us came again after that first time. We were just playing around a bit. Finally we laid on our futons and went to sleep.We got up the next day tired. Skipped breakfast and prepared for the drive home. On the way back I got them both to take turns sucking me as I drove. But it was only playing around again.We only had one more encounter with Saiko after that. This time at home, started off pretty similar to the first time, but Miki came quickly and fell asleep soon after that. Saiko and I fucked furiously by ourselves in the living room this time, with her sitting on the couch I pulled out of her pussy and fucked her ass too. I asked her which hole I should cum in. She told me her pussy, so without missing a beat I switched back. I pounded her with my four fingers shoved in her mouth until she came. I made her suck me a couple of times and switched between her asshole and pussy. Finally I filled her up as I came in her pussy as she wanted. We played around as cum leaked out onto the towel she sat on.Afterwards she said we couldn't do this anymore. It was too dangerous, she didn't want to hurt her sister. She said she should get her own boyfriend. Reluctantly I saw her point but demanded to fuck as much as we could that night. She agreed with a smile.That night I came inside her 3 times and she came twice. Even with the towel there we left a big sex stain on the couch as the sloppy seconds worked it's way out. She really loved the cum play, calling me a hentai and tsukebe. But always with a smile as I made her eat my sperm.Starting from the first round, I would pull out as we fucked and beat her face with my meat calling her a dirty slut. I would fuck her face a bit then go back to work pounding that pussy, then to her asshole. I flipped her over and bent her over the couch and fucked her until she came. I continued to pound her until I was ready then popped out and tried to get to her mouth in time, but mostly came on her face and tits as she had turned to try to suck it down in time. I wiped it up with my finger and fed a lot of it to her and rubbed the rest into her skin.She came much more quickly the second time and so did I. I just left myself inside her and filled her up. The final time I came after she had fluffed me up a bit I fucked her pussy for a bit and then moved to her ass for the rest of the time. We both lay on our sides and I hugged her to me. One hand moving between her nipple and clit. The other on her neck. I got her to say how mush she loved my cock in her ass. How much she loved my cock. How she loved eating my cum and just before I reached climax I got her to say I love you. It didn't take long after that and there wasn't much of a load. But it was still satisfying when I pumped my load into her. Even with the ache of my balls I was thoroughly satisfied. And that was it with Saiko. We never all hung out like we did before. But they were still close. She eventually married some Japanese guy and ended up becoming the typical housewife. There was one time she and I were alone at her house and I approached her from behind, played with her tits. She kind of just let it happen and never resisted or stopped me. So I figured I could've if I wanted to but it probably would've made it difficult for her so I stopped.Yes, Saiko was the slutty sister and I had gotten the pleasure to enjoy her. But I wonder if she ever found out I turned Miki into an even bigger slut, getting Miki to fuck my friends and strangers. Bringing her to the level of slut Saiko was. I suspect so. Since I had from Miki that Saiko was bored with her husband in bed. Meaning they still talked about that kind of thing.I also wonder if Saiko would have been jealous of the things I had Miki do. It probably would have been right up her alley.