Men Are The New Women

I got inside about 4 and went straight to my favorite booth, and stripped down to just my 2 -piece black string bikini and the high heels. I propped the door open with my bag and sat next to the door. Between 4 and 6 I had 5 clients - all of them blowjobs. The last guy was a married man - Jerry - who is a regular of mine. After I sucked his cock and swallowed his load, we were sitting around for a few, just talking. He loves to watch as I apply a fresh coat of lipstick. "You're such a lady, Keven Jeanne," he told me. "I really admire you. Too bad real women aren't like you. All these cunts today are out to fuck men over. It's gotten to where you're afraid to even look at them for fear of being sued or charged with sexual assault."After Jerry left it got quiet for awhile. I was thinking about what he had said about women today, how they are always trying to get men in trouble, and I was thinking about how advantageous it all was to me, as a ladyboi. In the past, there have always been men who are attracted to sissies like me - mainly because we enthusiastically do for them what most real women either won't or will do begrudgingly - maybe to get something. But now, because of the problem with rampant accusations of assault and harassment, more straight men are turning to sheplacements like me. For one thing, we are very feminine and girly. I spent my life watching and admiring sexy, girly women, and I have perfected the mannerisms that turn men on. Like, when I'm flirting with a guy, I'll do that thing - biting lightly on the corner of my lower lip - it's just so feminine and sexy - and men simply love it. I use all the tricks and mannerisms that sexy women use. And aside from learning from observation, my finishing school was the almost 4 years I was married to my Filipina wife Danniella.Dani was a whore, not only by profession, but by nature. She loved to fuck and had worked in various brothels in the Philippines before we met online and we got married. Being a closeted homosexual, I honestly wasn't all that much into her sexually. Dani is a dream come true for most men; she's gorgeous with long black silky hair, beautiful legs, sexy tits and the face of an angel. She looks a lot like Lucy Thai. She realized from jump that there was probably something wrong with me when I was afraid to fuck her on our wedding night. And after that, we did fuck but I never had my heart in it and she knew it. After a while sex for us was her jerking me off and telling me about her life as a prostitute, then I'd roll over and she'd climb on my back and grind her pussy into my tail bone until she came several times. During our sex talk, Dani had put it out there that it wasn't unusual for married women in the Philippines to have boyfriends. Dani was sharp and had read me well; when I heard that my ears pricked up and the idea of her fucking other men became almost an obsession with me. Eventually she did begin dating, and pretty much moved into the spare bedroom. Once or twice a week she'd jerk me off and answer all my questions about the guy she was dating, the kind of things they did in bed, stuff like that. But my favorite thing was just being her confidant - like a sister almost. She would ask me for relationship advice, what outfit she should wear on a date, and I would do her hair and nails, almost as though it were I going out that night. And, in fact, I WAS going out, to adult arcades and sucking men off through glory holes and in video booths. I didn't tell Dani that though. But all the while I was putting the finishing touches on my own femininity. One night Dani went through my phone and found the pics of me in drag, sucking men off, and the one video that a guy had taken of me being fucked in the ass by a black dude. She was really pissed off and called me all the names - faggot, queer, bitch, sissy - you name plus more in her language. She told me she was moving out. "I don't want to catch AIDS from you, faggot!" she had yelled.We're back to being friends now, we hang out, go to the mall clothes shopping, giggling about the handsome men we see. She's working at a club now, and making good money, and I'm making more than enough to live on as an adult bookstore sissy. So, women - you better get in touch with reality, or you'll lose your men - to a pretty little girly boi like me!