Marie didn’t know if she was going crazy or if the ants had already found her. Only minutes after the woman left, it felt like her skin was crawling. She strained her head up and could not see any ants, but … damn, it sure felt like it! A few minutes later and she knew they had found her. Now, she could see them like an army on a march, they followed the line of the sweet mixture that was now dried on her skin. Ants covered her breasts, arm pits and soles of her feet (God, that tickled!), down her stomach and on her pussy. She wiggled and bounced her ass but to no avail. There was no discouraging them. The torment was completely different from what she had endured, but in some ways more tormenting. Her eyes flew open when she felt the first one … enter her pussy. She was sure her pussy was pulled open and the recent fucking had loosened it and now the insects were following the sweet mixture trail into her pussy. Her body was crawling and now the entrance to her pussy had the crawling feeling, too. In frustration and desperation, she banged her head into the dirt and flailed her body uselessly. But, the torment of the ants on her … or in her … had taken her mind away from the bigger problem for her … the sun.When she heard the people returning, it felt to her that she had been out there for hours but by squinting up to the sun, it clearly hadn’t been. The sun had moved, but not by many hours … perhaps more than one but less than two. And, since she was not allowed to speak, there was no way to ask. Not that it would now would mean anything, anyway.The leader looked down at Marie and motioned with his hand and the ropes binding her were loosened from the stakes. He commented, “My, pink looks good on you.” Marie shivered at the impact of the statement and the realization hit her harder when two men each grabbed an arm to pull her to her feet. Just that hour had made her skin sensitive to the touch. Marie stood, though, and quickly brushed ants still clinging to her skin and she dug a finger into her pussy shamelessly in the hopes of removing or killing the few ants that had managed to enter and remain inside her. When her hands were pulled away, she heard the laughter of the men but not the women. She glanced at them and found looks of sympathy. For the first time, Marie wondered if the two women weren’t also submissives who had the unique opportunity to participate not as the tormented.Marie was propped up in front of the leader who looked her up and down. He reached out and roughly grabbed a breast. Marie flinched and pulled away as his hand seemed to burn against her sun-tenderized flesh. He chuckled. “You’re a slut, aren’t you?” Marie nodded. “Are you a whore, too? Have you ever been whored out?” She shook her head vigorously. “Hmmmm … that’s an experience, too, you know. Well, maybe another time.” He slipped a hand between her legs and a finger directly into her moist pussy, sawing the finger in and out while holding her eyes with his. “You are a dirty, nasty slut, though. You fucked all of us, even the women, and enjoyed it. You don’t even know how many orgasms you’ve had so far, do you?” She shook her head and hung it down. He was right, too. She had no idea, but it was a lot of times. She was a slut, a submissive, nasty, dirty slut who got off on being used and abused. Could he be right? Would being whored out to strange men be a thrill to her?The fleeting thought was broken by his voice, again, “Let’s see how much of a slut your really are, shall we?” She looked up at him and saw a look she wasn’t happy to see. She looked around at the others who were also smiling in a particular way she couldn’t pin point. There was one man missing, though. She was turned away from the barn and she saw the missing man. He was standing just outside the pen with the hog holding a hose into the pen. By the time they arrived next to the pen, the man had created a muddy pool about 10 feet in diameter. When the hose was turned off, the hog rolled in the messy water to find relief from the hot sun. Marie had to watch the scene for only a moment before a terrible thought came to her. When she looked back to the leader, her heart sank. This was what he meant by a dirty, nasty slut, but her mind couldn’t take her to full comprehension … not yet.The man who had been using the hose, turned it off, dropped it to the ground, and stood by the pen gate awaiting the proper moment. The leader used his hands on Marie’s shoulders to guide her next to the gate. He must have nodded to the man and the gate was opened just enough for her to be pushed inside the pen. With the gate quickly closed behind her, she stood naked at a place just outside of the puddle. “You’ve committed to being compliant to me for these 24 hours, correct?” Marie nodded. “So, this is what you are going to do … get on your hands and knees and join the hog.” Marie looked questioningly at the man but remembered her place and dropped her eyes and nodded. “You get alongside him, bump him, rub up against him, and be friendly with him.” The others laughed. “Slut … you are his little piggy-bitch. Don’t refuse him of anything he wants.”Oh, my God! Naked … on her knees … with a boar … and be a bitch to it? Marie’s mind was swirling with the implications of what she just heard. She looked back at the leader and the others spread out along the fence. His face was impassive. The others weren’t. The others had looks of obscene, nasty glee. So, this was how she was to be a dirty, nasty slut? She’d been made to do a lot of nasty and painful things and today was going in a worse direction, already. But this … a hog … in the mud? What did it say about a woman to put herself in such a situation? Was willingly being here just the indication of what she was? Maybe that decision she made to take a bold step in the club was what this was. As much as the pain and abuse was increased over any previous experience, wouldn’t this abusive humiliation and degradation be an inherent part of it. A fucking pig-slut, pig-whore, pig-bitch … she was what a Dom wanted of her.She slowly got down on her knees and she heard a collective gasp from behind her. Reluctantly, she put her hands down on the ground on the edge of the mud and tentatively moved forward so hands and knees were in the muddy water. It was only inches deep in a hollow of the ground and the ground was firm underneath and she could already see the water receding by evaporation and soaking into the parched Arizona ground. That was when she noticed the hose pushed through the fence and water running back into the depression refilling the puddle. The water was very cold, probably coming from a well deep below the surface.Her skin crawled as she herself crawled into the puddle and sidled up against the hog. He hadn’t seemed to notice her until that moment when he back off and considered this creature sharing his mud puddle. She could imagine the confusion in his little brain wondering what this human was doing acting like him when the others were acting like the humans they were. Was he even capable of those thoughts? She had no idea but whatever conflict might be going through his mind it wasn’t as much as what was in hers. The hog relaxed enough to begin sniffing her with snorts. As he moved around her, she froze in place as he seemed to be investigating her. Her mind seemed to freeze, too. She couldn’t think … were domestic hog dangerous? Did they bite or … anything dangerous? How could a struggling city-girl such as herself possibly know? Surely the leader knew before putting her in this situation … right? Wasn’t he supposed to make sure nothing grievous happened to her? She was shaking when the hog moved behind her and she felt his snout sniffing and blowing air on her pussy. She heard the leader telling her to spread her knees. This was real. He wasn’t just intent on humiliating her to act like a pig, he had every hope she really would be a pig-bitch. The shaking of her body increased as the hog’s interest in the scent from her pussy and ass became more intentional. She felt the tongue flick out and swipe her pussy and she gasped and hung her head, her long blonde hair dipping into the muddy water. The hog bumped into her with his snout. What did that mean? Did it mean anything? She moved forward a step on her knees and the hog snorted loud. She stopped. The snout was back at her pussy. All that man-cum and her own juices still leaking from her hole must be the attraction. The scent couldn’t possibly be the same as a pig-bitch, could it? Maybe that was what he was doing … what is this scent that seems familiar but … not quite right. She still hadn’t considered the one question that was answered by the leader.“Yes, slut, pig-bitch-whore, this boar is a breeding boar. He knows exactly what to do.”Marie can’t believe what she is hearing. But as her mind whirls with disbelief, the hog bumps her pussy with its snout, again. Bewildered, confused, and in denial, she is unprepared when the hog leaps up and lands on her lower back, his rear feet pawing at the muddy ground to thrust his pelvis at her. The 150 pounds is almost entirely on her lower back, its front legs far too short to brace itself. At first, the hog doesn’t seem to be able to penetrate, she feels something narrow twirling and poking around her pussy and ass without much affect. She’s afraid to crawl away from it, fearing reprisal and hopes the hog won’t be able to penetrate her and get frustrated. Afterall, wouldn’t mating with another hog be different than mating with a human female? Apparently, not that much different …The thin thing she assumed was the cock was suddenly inside her. It had been whipping around aimlessly and aimlessly found its way in her hole. Once that happened, the hog lunged forward on its hind legs, putting more of its weight on her, and driving the whirling penis deeper inside her. She cried out at the weird penetration and mostly from the idea of being mated by a hog. But once it was inside her she couldn’t get over the wild feeling inside her pussy. Everyone knows about the curly cock of a pig, but the feeling of it inside her and whirling around like a crazy mixer wand became more and more erotic. As the hog thrust and the penis moved crazily inside her, it grew in length, probably just more of it coming from the sheath. Soon, it wasn’t just whirling around in her pussy but was bumping her cervix as though it were now trying to penetrate there, too. It wouldn’t be until much later, and a curious search of the internet, that she would find out that was exactly what was happening.When the thin penis poked at her cervix, she went rigid, her breath held in shock as the thing pressed inside her womb and still whirled around until suddenly it stopped and its seed was shot into her womb. When that ended, she thought it was done, but then she felt more tension in the hog above her and soon more was dumped into her womb but this felt much different. And it was. She would later find this was a form of waxy plug that holds the semen in the female to increase the likelihood of insemination that took several hours to dissolve. All Marie knew at the time was a feeling of fullness in her womb.When the hog pulled out of her and walked away, Marie collapsed. Of all the times to collapse, she was in the mud puddle but even at the moment the mud was not the biggest thought hitting her mind. She was just fucked by a pig. She heard the laughing of the people on the other side of the fence. She heard the comments, ‘sow’, ‘pig fucker’, ‘sow wallowing in her mud puddle’. She felt beyond humiliated, beyond degraded. Everything they had done to her, including being staked out on the ground in the sun for ants to crawl over her, none of it had been like this. She’d been fucked by a pig ….The man appeared with the hose, again. She was directed out of the puddled and she stood as he sprayed her off. She shrieked and twisted against the water that was very cold, undoubtedly coming from a deep well. The water turned off and she is ordered to open her legs wide. The man put the nozzle into her pussy and turned the water on low pressure. It is very cold, though, and her entire body reacts, her nipples becoming instantly rock-hard little nubs. The leader called for thread and he tightly wrapped the thread around the base of each nipple.Back in the barn, Marie’s breasts are roped. Her breasts are tightly wound with rope at the base, loop after loop and crossed from one to the other. Her skin, still sensitive from the earlier exposure to the sun, hurts with the wrapping, feeling like the skin is on verge of being peeled off. She is moved beneath an overhead beam where a winch is hanging. As a rope is threaded through the winch, the leader comes to Marie with something in one hand. He opens his hand to show her four sterile wrapped, one inch long needles. He presses one vertically and another horizontally through each nipple. She winces at the sharp, piercing pain as each needle is inserted until the point come out the other side. The rope above is fed through the rope binding her breasts, she takes a deep breath filled with concern and the rope is pulled tight, then more until she is lifted off the ground. Suspended by her breasts alone, a spreader bar is attached to her ankles, spreading her feet wide. A vibrating rabbit-ear dildo is taped inside her with the rabbit ear firmly against her clit. A lubricated dildo attached to a short pole is forced into her ass and someone begins fucking her ass with it.Marie cries out from the multitude of painful and arousing sensations bombarding her all at the same time. Marie opens her eyes to see the leader climbing onto a stool in front of her and adjusting her orientation as she freely hangs beneath the beam. His hand is now filled with six inch long sterile wrapped needles. He begins pressing them into multiple parts of her purple colored breasts, penetrating all the way through her small breasts. To her, she seems to hang by her breasts for a long time, all the while being stimulated by the incessant vibrator and fucked in the ass. Each movement and flinch remind her of the needles penetrating her sensitive breasts and nipples. Surprising to her, she orgasms. When she is lowered to the ground, the needles are removed one at a time, each causing her to gasp. Unwinding the rope and thread is more painful as the skin of her breast expands against the slackening and the blood rushes back into the constricted tissue.When she is released, she finds an old, worn mattress on the plank floor with one of the men lying on his back with his hard cock sticking in the air. She numbly staggers to the man, straddles his hips, and sits on his cock without anyone saying anything to her. She has passed the point of surprises, even in her own actions. Her numb, over-taxed body and mind are merely reacting at this point and seeing the cock standing up meant only one thing and there was no longer questioning in her mind … just reaction. As she moves up and down on his cock, the man below her roughly grabs her breasts and squeezes her nipples. Sharp pain shoots through her, again, reminders of the needles that had pierced the tissue only moments before. She was pulled away from those thoughts, though, as another man pushed her abruptly down and another hard cock pressed against her just abused and gaping asshole.As she is consumed by these two cocks in a brutally powerful and aggressive double penetration, her mind, for a moment, goes back to the hog. That sensory memory is pushed out as roughly as the cocks invading her two holes but its appearance intrigues her. Perhaps that humiliating, degrading experience was really no worse than any of this other treatment. The pig was only being what it was. These people, however …Marie is overtaken by the wild sensations. Just fucked by the hog and suspended by her breasts, these men roughly fucking both of her holes is driving her crazy. Her mind and body seem to be reacting, even accepting, to being used as a dirty, slutty, bitch-whore. She orgasmed with the hog. She has orgasmed steadily all day to many of the things they have done to her. Only a dirty slut can do that. The two cocks plowing into her brutally press against each other, the thin membrane separating them is filled with nerve endings flashing back and forth between them, her clit and g-spot are constantly impacted, pressed, and rubbed. Soon, she finds herself pushing back at the thrusts from the two men. When she feels the cock in her ass swell and pulse, it is followed by the one in her pussy, and matched by her own orgasm. The cries and moans and grunts fill the barn.Marie almost collapses on the man below her, but the one in her ass quickly pulls out and she is rolled rudely to the side. Another man takes his place on his back and it starts all over, again. Almost immediately she is filled with two cocks. She hardly began catching her breath after the last DP and she was again being ravaged by another aggressive DP. The one in her ass cums quicker, filling her ass with more cum. As that cock pulls from her gaping, leaking asshole, her body takes over and begins fucking the man she is sitting on. It wasn’t a conscious consideration, she just starting doing it. But it didn’t last long as another cock was slipped into her ass. This one wasn’t really a cock, though, but a hard dildo with a woman attached to it fucking her as the previous men had been.Marie came next. Her head and chest collapsed on the man below her as the relentless fucking of her holes continued. Shortly after, though, the man below her climaxed. Marie was pulled, pushed to a kneeling position with the strap-on still embedded in her ass as the other woman slid underneath with her own strap-on raised and ready. Marie impaled herself on it and the DP fucking continued. Marie didn’t know what would stop this fucking because dildos don’t climax and require recovery. She was right, too. The women fucked her like this through multiple other orgasms until the leader stopped them. Honestly, the women were near exhausted, they had been fucking Marie so long.Marie was rolled from the cocks inside her and told to kneel, which she did. She opened her eyes to see what was coming next for her. Instead, her left eye was filled with the cum of the leader who had been masturbating to the action and couldn’t wait to join in the fucking himself.The leader announced they needed to take a break in order to get ready for the next thing he had planned. He asks Marie, “I could have you staked out on the hard-pack, again. That seemed to work well last time. Do you want me to do that, slut?” Marie shakes her head emphatically. The feeling of ants and the sun was miserable. “I don’t want you wondering off, though.” His smile is troubling to Marie and she feels manipulated into going in the direction he intended all along.Marie is led to a table with chairs around it. For a fleeting moment, she imagines she might finally be allowed to rest peacefully, even if tied to the chair. Why does she continue to delude herself? Nothing about any of this in these 24 hours could possibly be for her peace and comfort. So, what, she wonders, is going to happen?From behind, her upper body is pushed forward until she is pressed into the edge of the table. One man holds her against the edge of the table as another takes hold of her breasts and arranges them just so on the table top. The leader approaches with a bowl and a hammer. Her eyes well up at the thought of a hammer being involved. The leader places the bowl on the table in front of Marie and she is able to see a few thin nails soaking in what smells like alcohol. She looks up at him with pleading eyes, though she has no further delusions that any mercy or reconsideration might possibly take place. As one of the men flattens her left breast against the rough wood table and another holds her pressed against the table edge firmly, the leader takes one of the nails from the bowl and presses it against her breast tissue inches from the nipple. Just the pressure of the nail point on her flesh stings, but her mind is screaming at the implications. With one firm pound of the hammer, the nail pierces her breast and is driven into the table top. It isn’t her mind that is screaming now as she shrieks and cries, tears falling from her eyes in anguish as she watches in horror the nail in her left breast and the same things is happening to her other breast.Calmly, the leader says, “Now … that should do it. Stay right where you are, dear, as we take care of something else.” Tears are flooding from her eyes, washing down her cheeks and falling onto her breasts … her breasts nailed to the table. The pressure from the man behind her is gone, but the slightest movement from her shoots new pain through her breasts and nipples. She can’t even lay her head down because it causes her upper body to shift and pull on the nails. She must remain awkwardly pressed against the edge of the table.While Marie sat nailed to the table top, she could see some of the activity of the others. They wrestled with large pieces of lumber and mechanical pieces in the middle of the plank floored section of the barn. At first, she didn’t recognize what they were doing with her limited view of the entire activity until they began assembling it. It formed a sort of St. Andrew’s Cross. As she watched, it was assembled on a mechanical mount that allowed it to rotate around. She had been bound to one of these before. It was a unique design that fit a wide variety of subject sizes on the same device and could give the sensation of being crucified. Only, she had never been on one where she could be turned upside down.When they were done with assembling the device, it was time for Marie and she was dreading this part. It was terrible when the nail was pounded through her breast, how was it going to be taking it out? The leader had it figured out, though. He brought another block of wood and pressed it up to her breast, which did cause some movement and pain, but he could get the claw end of the hammer under the head of the nail and pried it up. It wasn’t as fast as pounding it in and Marie was left gasping and groaning through the entire ordeal until both were out. Antiseptic was placed on the punctures and Marie was pulled over the cross now locked in place.Her feet, hands, arms, legs and waist were all bound securely to the X-frame. Her arms were stretched out along the X above her and her legs were spread out along the X below her. Her waist was secured at the junction of the X. Clamps were again attached to her nipples and pussy lips. These were the same alligator-teeth type clamps that bit into the flesh tightly just by their own tension. Then, weights were attached to the clamps but these weights were heavier than the previous time. The clamps bit into her flesh and pulled down. She cried out and sobbed as the feeling of the teeth tearing at her tender flesh.She hung there exposed and vulnerable. They began by flogging her breast and thighs from each side and her ass from the back. The flogging wasn’t delicate or accurate and there were many times when the lashes struck the clamps and weights, which caused them to tear into her flesh even more. The flogging went on until her breasts and thighs were red and drops of blood were leaking from around the teeth of the clamps and punctures. The flogging stopped as dildos were stuffed back into her ass and pussy, even with the clamps still attached. She was fucked roughly in both holes and the flogging resumed on her stomach this time. She didn’t orgasm … not even close. She just cried out and sobbed.When they stopped, it was to rotate the cross until she was upside down. Needles were pressed back into her nipples and breasts. Then she was told to open her mouth and stick out her tongue. Her tongue was crudely gasped and penetrated with a needle so she had to leave her tongue sticking out of her mouth. Then, needles were stuck into her in various other places: underarm, bottoms of feet, thighs, and her sides. Looking at everything upside down, she saw lit candles brought to her above and stuck into her pussy and asshole. She thought one was in her asshole and three in her pussy. They began dripping hot wax quickly over her pussy lips and clamps dangling down over here abdomen, over her clit, and down her body, some hitting the undersides of her breasts. Then, they started flogging her thighs, again. Each flinch meant a heavier drip of hot wax falling from the candles.The candles were finally removed and Marie gasped and silently wept but wondered why she was still upside down. Then she found out … the clamps were removed from her pussy and they began flogging directly on her pussy, one from the back and one from the front. They took timed turns so one landed a strike as the other was pulling back to strike, again. Between the wax, clamps, and general abuse during the day, this flogging felt like her pussy was being torn apart. Every strike brought a cry and sob from her.When they stopped and rotated the X frame and took her off, she fell to the ground. Every movement hurt and she didn’t dare try to close her legs, her pussy hurt so badly. She was bodily taken to one of those galvanized tubs used to hold water for horses to drink from. She was dropped into it, the back of her head hitting the end and her body sinking into about three feet of water. She gasped as she came back up to the surface. The water was cold … but it felt so soothing on her abused body.She was so desperate to feel as much of this relief as they allowed her that she didn’t even try to figure out what they were up to next. If she had, she would have seen them preparing a ‘one bar prison’. She had never seen one before, though she was about to experience it.When she was pulled from the water, she hadn’t rested as long as she had hoped, but evening was coming and she still had hope. Silly woman. She could see by the sun and sky that early evening was approaching, though real time meant nothing to her and they confided little for her to otherwise gage the time she had spent with them or … more importantly to her now … how much time she had left to spend with them.The leader stood on the hard-pack ground between the barn and the dog kennel, not far from where she had been staked out on the ground earlier. Next to him was a large piece of wood with a metal pipe flange attached to the surface. The wood was about five feet square and looked to her to be very substantial, maybe one inch thick plywood. On the surface of the thick wood were to separate blocks about four inches thick on each side of the flange. The leader was holding a modified dildo of hard plastic with a metal rod attached to it about two feet long. On the ground were several lengths of threaded metal pipe.The leader explained, “We need to eat dinner. It is where the other two sluts are now, preparing it for us. But we can’t have you wandering around or possibly wondering away. I could stake you out, again. Or, I could nail you, again.” He smiled at her, “Maybe nail your red, puffy cunt lips to peaked saw-horse.” He chuckled at the thought. Marie gave no response. The last time she indicated a response to his ideas she ended up having her breasts nailed to the table. So, she kept quiet with lowered eyes. “But, no … I settled on this. You can stand here in the lowering sun. The sun probably won’t burn you anymore, but standing for an extended time might be challenging.” Marie knew that was a fact. She couldn’t remember being so tired, weak, and in pain. It hurt to just move.She was assisted onto the blocks of wood on either side of the pipe flange. Then, he selected a length of pipe and held it up in front of her with one end on the wood and selected another length until he felt had it measured correctly. He fitted the pipe length into the flange and turned it into the threading of the flange and using a pipe wrench, tightened it firmly. As Marie was shuffled into exact position over the pipe, the dildo attachment was inserted into her pussy and the other end inserted into the standing pipe. It was turned into the standing pipe and the pipe wrench was again used to tighten the joint. The dildo was inside her pussy by only a couple inches but she was assisted to stand on her left foot and the block was kicked away from her right foot. She was eased down to stand on her right foot and the left block was kicked away. The dildo was deep inside her now.The leader looked on with approval and pleasure as one man fitted a collar to the pipe then a vibrator on a swiveling pipe attachment and pressed against her clit and taped in place. The vibrator was turned on remotely and it not only vibrated her clit but the dildo inside her. Fatigued, Marie could only look up at the leader blankly as her pussy, clit, and g-spot began being stimulated. When the men left for the house, Marie began experimenting. Her hands and feet were loose. She could use her hands and move her feet. She could turn her body in a circle but only around the pipe. The dildo was too far inside her for her to lift herself on her toes in any effort to step off it. Even stretching up as high as she could, there was still three inches of dildo inside her and the vibrator moved up with her and turned with her as she turned her body around the rigid phallus. It was strange to her. She seemed free to move, but there was nowhere to move to. The wood base was too wide for her to spread her feet beyond the edges and the wider she spread her feet, the deeper the dildo went in. The pipe was rigid, as was the dildo. There was no bending them. And, although she could bend over and touch the pipe, they were tightened with a tool far beyond what she could hope to untighten with her fingers.That was why this was called a ‘one pipe prison’. She seemed free, but was very much imprisoned. And, after minutes, the incessant vibration began driving her crazy despite her every attempt not to let it. Her pussy and clit ached against the vibration but the vibration also seemed to stimulate her beyond the feelings of pain. What was it about herself, she wondered? She was in clear pain. Her body was so tired and weakened she had to struggle to keep her legs under her or drive the dildo through her body. Yet, her body was again responding to the stimulation. The contradiction brought new tears to her eyes. And, as a new orgasm rose and spread through her, the tears escaped her eyes and streamed down her cheeks. It ached to orgasm, yet her body easily succumbed to the stimulation.By the time the people came out of the house laughing and talking, she was bent over just enough to brace her hands on her thighs for a small measure of support. She had no idea how long she had been there by herself trapped on the diabolical contraption and she had no idea how many orgasms she had endured because that was the feeling she had. How could orgasms become something you endure, but each one drained more of her ebbing strength but also represented more over-stimulation of her over used body. In the waning light of the sun, she saw how red and swollen her pussy was. The vibrator on her clit was pressed onto the nub that had become engorged and exposed beyond her comprehension. It all ached and she still crested with orgasm after orgasm.The sun was low on the horizon when she was finally released from her one-pole-prison. She immediately collapsed to the ground. Her legs ached at holding herself erect during the time and the many orgasms she endured. Isn’t is something, she thought again, when orgasms are something endured and not particularly enjoyed.Marie was taken back into the barn, a man on either side to support her. She was placed on the plank floor and elaborately tied with rope. Her thighs were pulled back to her body, her knees spread and her arms looped inside her knees leaving her pussy and asshole completely exposed and vulnerable with little ability to move. In this position, she was winched off the floor and suspended about waist height. Marie was almost beyond caring … almost. All seven of the people appeared around her and all were naked. The men were stroking their cocks hard and the two women were each putting on a strap-on. This was going to be another gangbang, this time with her completely immobile. The first man ready approached her and slammed his cock into her gaping pussy. He stood in one spot and pushed and pulled her body over his cock using her suspended by rope as if she were in a sex-swing. In this position, she was little more than a fuck toy that was moved over a cock and a hole to dump cum into. The next man fucked her exposed asshole with much the same impersonal approach. In the end, she was fucked by all seven of them with most fucking her red inflamed and swollen pussy but a few did fuck her also tender asshole. Despite the clear intention to administer abuse, she did have two weak orgasms.Time meant nothing. It hadn’t for much of the day. She attempted to measure time by the sun, lunch, dinner. Now, it was dark as Marie was walked, more like stumbled, out from the barn. The sun was still above the horizon when the last fucking had started and she didn’t know how late it was now. All she could tell was that it was now quite dark and many of the group were showing signs of weakening and fatigue. They were getting tired? Marie would have laughed but she didn’t have the energy or strength even for that.They weren’t taking her toward the house, which obviously caused her to wonder what was in store for her next. It seemed odd that they were heading away from the barn and the house into the darkness. What could they have in mind to be done in the dark?The walk wasn’t going somewhere in the dark. They stopped her at the kennel with the dogs and an outdoor light was switched on. There in the middle of the fenced in area was a short, padded bench. The dogs weren’t out but she could hear them inside the kennel building.“We’re about to say our goodnight, slut. I am sure you’ll agree that it has been a long day.” Marie looked around the fenced in area. The bench had to mean something, but it was too short to fully lie on. The gate to the area was opened and she was led to the bench. She was told to lie on it with her chest on the bench. It was at a height that her knees touched the ground. She was shifted so her rear was completely off the bench and her head extended over the other end. The legs of the bench flare out to the sides at front and back. Rope was used to again tie her knees to the outside of the rear legs of the bench and her elbows to the front legs of the bench. Then, she was bound with rope around her lower back and around the bench. In this position, her thighs were spread and her swollen pussy and ass were exposed. Hearing the dogs clamoring in the small building brought dread to her as it finally sunk in with certainty what they had in mind for her. The hog earlier in the day couldn’t be enough humiliation and degradation for her. Now the dogs, too?The leader approaches her head and put a cloth down near her nose. Marie pulled her head away from the smell. “Yes, rather bad smelling, isn’t it? But that’s only what you or I might think. You see, to a dog that’s the smell of a dog-bitch in heat.” He goes behind her and smears the cloth over her pussy and asshole. “With all the cum you have inside you after today, the dogs might have reacted just fine without this, but there’s no reason to chance it, is there?” When he returns to her head, he wipes the cloth over her lips, “Just in case any of the dogs might find your mouth for fucking.” He turns away and walks out the gate and secures it. Then, “Oh, yes … you are familiar with the dog’s knot, aren’t you?”Marie reacts, one of the few times all day. “No, sir … what … what about a knot?” She was really thinking, what the hell is a dog’s knot?He laughed, “Oh well, never mind. Surprises are more fun.” He was walking away when the dogs were released. He turned at the sound of the dogs now in the fenced in area. “Have fun, slut, you’ll be excited to know … dogs can have a very short recovery time.”Marie cried out in the night. A single outdoor light shined over the outdoor kennel area. Otherwise the world was black except for the lights of the house and the stars above, neither of which could she see from her position.She quickly had four dogs sniffing around her bound body with the most attention being paid to her ass end, though one had sniffed and licker her face. Her head was the one thing she could move and she lowered her head in response to the attention there. Her other end, though, was helpless. One of the dogs shifted from sniffing to licking her pussy. She flinched strongly at the first touch but the flinch didn’t do much with the way she was bound. The dog hardly seemed to notice. As the dog licked, though, she had to admit it was the most pleasant thing to happen to her all day, at least if she didn’t focus on the dog doing the licking. That was hard to ignore, though, with the other dogs milling around anxiously.Suddenly, there was a commotion at the back and she heard a couple dogs snapping at each other. The last thing she needed was to be in the middle of a dog fight. Whatever happened stopped quickly. Undoubtedly, the more dominant dog took charge because she was suddenly underneath a dog who had jumped onto her back. Immediately, his hips began thrusting at her, the bony penis poking her ass cheeks and occasionally hit around her asshole and pussy. After some time, the cock sank into her pussy and Marie cried out as the dog repositioned himself on her, tightening his grasp around her and the bench and began thrusting like a banshee. It was the strangest thing she had ever experienced. She could feel the cock expanding and lengthening inside her as he stroked. In minutes, the cock was long and thick, similar in size to many men, though the shape felt funny, different somehow.The pace he fucked was unbelievable but there was nothing for her to do but take in the sensation. Even if she was loose and willing, she couldn’t have matched the pace of this fucking. It wasn’t long before she was lost in the experience. Her pussy was raw from the treatment of it earlier, but the dog seemed to have a constant supply of pre-cum that seeped into her pussy. She was soon groaning and gasping and moaning as the dog fucked unrelentingly. Then, something changed. Something … large had formed at the base of the dog’s cock and was banging against her pussy opening. The dog pressed and pushed and rammed it at her and she understood without really knowing that this was some integral part of the dog’s breeding. When the knot, she supposed, popped through her opening, she cried out, again. This time, though, the cries were exhilaration and pleasure. She couldn’t believe it, but this was becoming the best fuck of the entire day.Shortly after the knot was inside her, she felt the dog tense and press hard into her. She could feel both the cock and knot grow and expand, then … OH, FUCK! She came. She exploded. And, at the same moment, so did the dog. Spurt after spurt of dog-cum was shot into her pussy. She gasped and moaned and lay on the bench in peace as she was filled with the cum and her own orgasm ebbed. When both of them seemed to have quieted, she expected it to pull out and it tried but that knot inside her was too big to pull back out. She started panicking but then relaxed. If this is what happens with dog’s mating, there must be a biological reason and time should solve it. The dog surprised her, though. It somehow turned on her and they were ass-to-ass. The dog tried pulling out a number of times, perhaps merely testing the hold, but each time he did, the knot bumped her g-spot and her arousal jumped. If she had movement, she thought, she might be able to induce another orgasm. But she didn’t have movement, so she just waited for nature to hopefully take its course.It did, of course. The knot came out and she could feel the dogs cum dribbling out of what she knew was a gaping pussy after the knot passed through. No sooner was the first dog out and the next dog was on her back and it started over, again. Miraculously, this dog found her pussy quickly and the frantic fucking resumed. This dog had less fur and she thought it might be the Doberman but the fucking she was receiving drove all desire to think about it away. She couldn’t believe the feeling these dogs were giving her and since there was nothing she could do about it, anyway, she relaxed and enjoyed the wild sensation of being mated like a bound bitch.It continued like that, one dog after another mounted her back and fucked her abused pussy. One after another penetrated her, formed the knot, pressed it inside, climaxed and became locked for a period of time. And, it seemed that every time she orgasmed. The men and women had fucked her to abuse her. The dogs were doing what they do. The dogs were mating, fucking in the act of inseminating, not brutally, not abusively but the way it was. Her mind went back to the hog and that moment of being fucked by it took a different perspective now.Marie was dazed by the non-stop mounting and fucking and the stimulation of the large knots inside her, banging her g-spot during or after an orgasm but keeping her at a higher pitch of continuous sexual arousal. But somewhere in her foggy mind she could have sworn she was now being mounted by a fifth dog and there were only four. She remembered the parting tease from the leader, ‘dogs can have a very short recovery time’. Even though she was bound to the bench, she felt her body sag in resignation. She was at their mercy and the dogs had no mercy to give. They were mating a bitch in heat. It was only their nature.She must have fallen asleep … or passed out. She came to from a dream of being mounted by the entire inhabitants of a farm but maybe it wasn’t a dream. She was knotted to yet another dog and she sensed other dogs milling around her, too.It was before first light that she recognized the distant sound of a bird sending its song out into the world as a start to a pending new day. It was the only thing she had to help pinpoint a rough estimate of the time. A dog with plenty of fur was driving his cock into her sore and swollen pussy. If asked, she would be tempted to swear they had fucked her all night, but the fact was she was awakened multiple times to a dog mounting her or forcing his knot into her that woke her up. Of course, once one generated the sounds and smells of mating, other dogs would stir, stretch and develop the same instinctive need to mate the bitch.At the sign of the real first light, perhaps only minutes after the bird, but she was awakened, again, she also heard the first sounds from the house. She was tied to one of the German Shepherds when the screen door of the house slammed shut. One of the guys came to the fence with a cup of coffee and watched. He seems to Marie to be waiting patiently for his own turn with Marie, but as the German Shepherd is pulling his cock from Marie’s over used and abused pussy, the man drops the cup and swears. By the time he has picked up the cup, the Doberman has mounted her. The guy is now impatient, then frustrated when he hears the door at the house close and voices. When he is called back to the house, he swears, again, but leaves while Marie moans from the fucking the dog is giving her. As he turns, in the early light, he stops and looks closer. Underneath her pussy is a puddle of cum that had leaked from her over-used pussy during the night.Then, instead of the man returning to the house, the leader sends the others up to the kennel to carry Marie bound to the bench from the kennel fence and finally away from the dogs. The two women who have come to assist with herding the dogs and controlling the gate gasp at the sight of Marie’s gaping and drooling pussy and shocked at the sight of the very distinct puddle of cum in the dirt. Even in the dry ground of the Arizona yard, the amount of cum maintained a distinct puddle.Four men drove her back to the city in the van. All four men fucked her continuously, even double penetration during the hour-long drive. As opposed to the initial drive in the van, Marie couldn’t have care less if anyone in other cars on the early morning Sunday drive might have seen her naked or being fucked. She was minutes away from her 24 hours of use and abuse being over. She was too tired, too sore, and too numb to worry, object, or react. She was man-handled in the back of the van into whatever position these men wanted her for the final times to fuck and abuse her. She was so sore she didn’t feel more soreness or inflicted pain to her pussy or asshole. Although she was conscious, her body seemed to be u*********s to what was happening to it.When she felt the van taking several sharp 90 degree turns, she knew they were back to the shopping center parking lot. The men quickly dressed as the van came to a stop. The side door was opened and Marie was assisted roughly out of the van. She staggered for a moment, one man or another catching her before she fell to the pavement until her legs gathered enough strength to hold her on their own. She was handed her car keys and fob. In her daze, she wondered about her clothes before remembering all she had was the thin robe in her car. She looked around the lot and found her car in the same location about 50 yards away. My God, her mind screamed, was it only yesterday morning that she left her car?She walked naked to her car. Unlike the morning before, the idea of being naked in the parking lot didn’t even register to her. She used the fob to click the driver’s door unlocked, slipped on her robe and cinched it around her body. Even the thin robe caused her to flinch as the material rubbed against her nipples. She sat down in the seat, carefully secured the seatbelt, and drove away without giving the men standing by the van a second look. Her 24 hours were over and she had done it. Was it what she had hoped it to be? Did it prove to her what she intended? Only time of healing would answer that.As always, thanks for reading.