Little Red Riding Hood & Mr. Wolfe

It was a beautiful day today, she could have gotten away without her jacket but it was her favourite and she took any opportunity to wear it. Kept warm by her jacket she took the liberty of wearing a shorter flouncy black skirt, a pretty white blouse, and some knee high boots, stylish but still comfortable for her long walk. She liked the way she looked. It was innocent but obviously too innocent for her ample breasts and curvy legs.She had been taking this same path for years bringing her grandmother treats. She knew it well - where it curved, where the bridge was, where the trees were thickest, and where was the furthest from civilization so that if she yelled nobody would hear. This was her favourite part of the forest. It was here she felt free from all of life’s stress and adult responsibilities. It was here that she also sometimes encountered Mr. Wolfe. She wasn’t sure if that was his real name when he introduced himself to her many visits ago but it suited him. He was very tall, broad, had a beard, and shiny black eyes. He also spoke in a low commanding voice, a man of few words.There first visits had been innocent enough, her explaining she was going to visit her grandmother. She would occasionally give him a cookie or treat from her basket. After she found him shirtless one day, chopping wood, things changed. She was sure he could tell she looked at him differently, more hungerly, and not the type of hunger a cookie would solve. She made more of an effort to please him on each trip, fixing her hair and makeup, wearing cute outfits. And making sure to leave enough time on her walk to visit with him. They would sit on two stumps, in the most private part of the woods and visit. He seemed to enjoy asking her questions that made her blush. “How many boyfriends had she had? Did she ever have naked dreams? Did she shave her pussy?” The tone he used made her want to answer honestly even though these were things she would never have told someone else.Sometimes he would tell her to do something. Again she never normally would do these things but he made her want to please him. Today she was very eager for their visit. It been a few weeks since she last saw him. She had taken extra care to shave herself clean and then dress up with the most lacy white panties and bra. Her breasts ached already to be handled.She found Mr. Wolfe in their private spot in the forest. “I brought you some jam.” She said, presenting him the red jar. “It’s cheery.” She added, blushing unexpectedly.Mr. Wolfe took the jar, smiling. He opened the jar and brought it to his nose to smell. “I’m sorry I didn’t bring something to put it on so you can try it.”“I’m sure I can figure something out.” He said with an evil smile. He used his two fingers to scoop some out and taste it. “Delicious. Here, try some.” He said scooping more out and putting his fingers in her mouth.After carefully sucking the sweetness from his fingers she found herself saying, before thinking, “What long fingers you have.”“All the better to touch you with my dear.” He said. Putting the jar of jam down he pulled up her skirt. He licked his lips at the sight of her lacy panties. “Spread your legs.” He ordered.Red obeyed. He moved her panties aside and stuck his finger directly into her hole, not teasing her at all but just forcing his long fingers in and fucking her in her pussy, already wet from anticipation. As he moved his fingers in and out she looked right in his eyes. His gaze was captivating. “What dark eyes you have.” She said, voice raspy from her focus being divided between his eyes and fingers.“All the better to see you with my dear.” He replied. “Take off all your clothes and let me see all of you.”Red hadn’t been naked in front of many men. She felt she should be shy, especially as she was in the forest. But she wanted to follow his order. She took off all of her red hooded jacket, her clothes, her lacy underthings, and stood naked, hidden from the world only by trees. Mr Wolfe picked up the jam and smeared it on her nipples. He started to aggressively suck it off, biting gently.Red could feel herself reacting strongly. She gasped, “What a strong mouth you have.”He stopped his nipple attention and guided her down to her back on the mossy forest floor, spreading her legs. “All the better to eat you with my dear.” He took a large scoop of jam and covered her pussy. He lowered himself and licked, adding more jam to her clit for extra sucking, until she came with his tongue licking her clean.He stood up and took off his pants. “Oh my!” She exclaimed “what a big cock you have”“All the better to fuck you with my dear.” And he started to fuck her, hard and with purpose. He kissed her as he continued to thrust, “what a sweet kiss you have.” She said, tasting the jam on his mouth.“All the better to feed you my dear.” He said. He stopped his thursting and brought his near ready to erupt cock to her mouth.Red sucked it eagerly, tasting the jam, her own juices, and then the salty, hot cum. Swallowing it all eagerly.“Thank you for the jam Red” he said, “I have just enough left for my toast a breakfast tomorrow. You’ll have to bring me more next time.”Red smiled and agreed. She would need to quickly get dressed and put back on her red hood. a Grandmother would be expecting her.