Lily has Group Fun at Book Store

Lilly smiled at the clerk who openly leered at her breasts. While back in between racks of lingerie and stripper outfits, she had “accidentally unbuttoned two buttons on her blouse. Not that her cleavage did not get her enough attention, especially when she was braless, like today. It always got her wet to go braless and watch the men all stare at her. She was shooting for getting more than just to get wet tonight. She needed to be fucked. She wanted to be taken by men that wanted more to do with her than look.She had spent more than 45 minutes wandering around inside the adult store. She had leaned over the case to point out to the greasy looking store clerk which set of nipple clamps she was interested in. She really had no interest in buying them. But she knew he had interests of his own, as he grabbed the wrong set three times because he was … distracted before finding the right ones.There were a group of college age boys that kept staring at her like prepubescent boys at a school dance. She finally blew one of them a kiss as they headed to the door with a couple of movies. She then laughed quietly to herself as they stood at the counter, whispering and casting glances at her and then shoving each other. “They would be fun to torment but….”Then, while she was admiring some bondage gear she saw him. He was probably her father’s age. Maybe a couple of years older. He had his camera out and as she watched him through the mirror, he took a picture of her!!! He then whispered into the phone; did some things on the display and stared at her as he went to a display case of condoms and grabbed a box.A few minutes later, while she was testing the weight and stiffness of a riding crop in her hands, the man walked by her and as he did so, his hand wandered over her leggings covered ass. She turned and said, “Excuse me!” He stopped and looked back at her. He was a wolf. And he rubbed the front of his pants as he looked her up and down. “You can look all you want, but to touch, will cost you. You need to put those handfuls right back where you got them!” She gave him a smirk and then a wink and half-turned her butt toward him and gave it a little shake. His jaw about hit the ground, but then he quickly stepped back up to her and grabbed her ass with the hand that was not holding the box of condoms. Lilly giggled and then told him, “Thank you,” before walking back up the aisle by the wall where the vibrators and strap-on dongs all hung. She could see him staring after her, and then pulling out his phone and quickly talking into it!She had finally decided on smaller, “real feel” dong that she could stick on the floor or shower wall and a bottle of water based lubricant and headed up to the counter. As he was ringing her purchases up, the clerk said, “I just want to thank you for making my cock rock hard!” She had just smiled at him as he nearly drooled over her. He handed her a plastic bag with her purchases and a receipt but held on to the bag for a moment. Her smile evaporated as she looked at him with a challenge. “I just wanted to add, see that red mini-van.” He nodded to a bank of monitors, one showed the parking lot where a minivan was parked next to her car. “No one has gotten out of that van. It pulled in a couple of minutes ago. The older guy that was in here a little while ago got out of his car and into that van. Be careful.”Lilly looked from the monitor, to the clerk and back. She smiled then at the clerk. “Thank you. If you see me get into the van, call the police. Otherwise… enjoy the show.” She blew him a kiss and flashed a breast at him before quickly turning and heading out the heavy steel door.She walked toward her car, pretending to look for her keys in her bag. She heard the sliding door open but pretended not to notice as two men got out of that door and each of the front doors also disgorged a man. The one that had been in the store stepped around to the back of her car, cutting her off from getting into it. She looked up and then took in the four faces, all staring at her like a holiday feast. “Excuse me boys, are you needing something?” “Well now Sugar, as a matter of fact, me and my friends here were just talking about how what a shame it is that a pretty woman like you is having to buy rubber cocks, when we each have real ones that need some loving.” The other three men, all about his age and varying in size and shape as much as is possible, all nodded and a couple of them gave short laughs. “So, I tell you what. Why don’t you step into our van here and we can all get happy together. Now doesn’t that sound like a good idea?” The guys with him all laughed and nodded and began edging closer.“I see. And what if I were to tell you that I would be glad to drain each of your cocks for you, but you have to perform out here in the parking lot? I may feel like being a slut tonight, but I am not stupid.” She smiled at each of them in turn and then walked up to the guy who had called the others and reached out and grabbed his cock through the outside of his pants. “So what do you say? No pussy; and hands and mouth open for business. I drain each of you as quickly as I can before the cops show up.” She squeezed his cock hard before finally offering, “Deal?”In response, the man put his hands on her shoulders and more guided than pushed her down to her knees. She already had his fly down before her knees hit the asphalt. “Jimmy, this ain’t gonna work! I’m not getting my knees all sc****d up just to fuck her.” “Your loss!” she said before any of the others could say anything. He stared bullets at her for a moment and then turned around and went back into the van as all of them laughed at him. Then Lilly stood up as she tugged on the belt and buttons behind it of a tall thin man. “He’s right. How about we try this….” She walked over to a black Chevy midsized car and sat down on the edge of the hood, then laid back, her head hanging over the side of the car. The three remaining guys looked at each other and each one immediately were undoing belts, and zippers in a race to claim a place on her body.Lilly smiled and pulled her shirt up over her hips and reached between her legs. She had worn cheap leggings almost as if she knew they would be ruined. Not waiting for the men to figure out what to do, she dug her fingernails into the thin stretched fabric and ripped at a seam that gave way exposing her bottom to the warm fiberglass of the car’s engine compartment. When she lay back she presented the three with a tempting choice… her head nearly hanging off the side of the car or her ass, as she pulled her feet up onto the car’s bumper. The loser would get the attention of her hand, at least as long as the others could hold off releasing their loads!!!Her “buddy” from inside stepped up to the side of the car. His cock was not really hard yet and yet it was already a nice length, even if it was not very thick. She smiled up at him and rolled over close to the edge, guiding his prick into her hungry mouth.The short bald headed guy with no neck stepped up and lifted her legs onto his shoulders and back. To her surprise and delight, he lifted her hips up and spit on her ass and then immediately began working his tongue up and down her ass, pressing hard into the center of her cleft each time he got a chance.But it was the tall heavy set man that looked more like a wall that surprised her the most. He grabbed her hand and put it on something that made her immediately think of a woman’s arm!! It was not long, but too large for her fingers to wrap around and nearly as stiff as a bone. Her eyes went to his. He looked down at her like a starved man being brought into a banquet room and then he leaned forward and pulled her shirt open and started licking her nipple!!!The taste of sperm on her tongue, and the feel of a tongue reaming and preparing her ass was usually enough to send Lilly headlong toward a thunderous orgasm, but her mind was distracted by the thick pulsing cock in her hand. She wanted to know what it would feel like pushed into her pussy, stretching her pussy and pounding it’s root into her buzzing clit. With that thought, she reached between her legs and started her fingertip circling the tender nub that buzzed with anticipation.The bald man stood up and laughed. “I was going to ask her if she was ready for an ass fucking but that kind of says it all right there, doesn’t it!!!” The others laughed and he pushed the tip of his cock against her asshole.Lilly reached for the bag that had slid next to her and tossed it up to the bald man and pulling a now very stiff and wet cock out of her mouth she said, “Put one of these on. Neither of us want to have to go to the doctor and ask for antibiotics!”She immediately put the cock in her mouth but realized she had also lost a race she did not know was taking place. Before she could reach back down to her throbbing clit, the guy with the thick cock in her hand had moved down and wrapped his lips around her clit and begun flicking the tip of his tongue over it like a miniature punching bag! As the long cock slid over her lips and into her throat, all she could think of was the intense pleasure centered on her clit and firing off lightning bolts of pleasure to smash into her brain. Her mind was just beginning to remind her that she needed to breathe when the pressure between her ass cheeks became more than pressure and her back arched up off of the car as her sphincter was pushed open to accommodate the big round head of the cock popping into her ass!The sensations were beyond anything she had ever experienced and the feeling of being so completely out of control was both frightening and exhilarating! In college, she and her roommate had each done their boyfriends at the same time in the same room and there had been a little extra touching and kissing then, but never had she ever been the sole female with three adult men using her and pumping themselves in and out of her the way these three guys, all old enough to be her father were doing!The guy in her ass came almost as soon as his balls bounced against her ass. She could feel him tremble and shake as her asshole was spread almost as much as it had to go to get his head into her!!! He was swearing and the guy who was sucking on her clit stood up to avoid his vigorous thrusts and pounding into her bare bottom. She imagined his spunk covering the inside of her ass with its thick bubbly goo. She could tell it would not be long now before the guy who was throat fucking her was losing his shit as well. His balls were tight up against him and slamming into her chin as she did her best to remind him occasionally that she still needed oxygen!She felt her butt fucker sliding out of her ass and fully expected her “more than a handful” guy to move down and take that spot. She wondered how badly such a big cock might split her open. But he did not move that way, and in fact, he lifted her arm and placed his cock on her side, the head and under part of her shaft resting on the side of her tit. He then put her arm down, trapping his cock between the underside of her bicep and breast….. as he began to slide, he spit down on her breast and began slowly tit fucking her breast!The guy in her mouth suddenly tensed up and she felt the wet white jet of cum pump down her throat. She took a couple of the molten explosions down but then pulled back and aimed the rest of the blasts onto her chest and arm, thus lubricating the titty fucking thick prick next to her.Suddenly he was gone and the guy who had gone back to the van was leaning over her. He whispered, “Make fun of me in front of my friends, will you? Well enjoy sucking my dick, bitch!” He stood up and grabbed her face and shoved his dick into lips. He wasted no time in going straight to aggressively thrusting his dick in and out of her throat and making her take his prick just into the top part of her throat. Lilly felt as if the whole world was spinning she could hear him laughing and calling her all kinds of names as her eyes ran.Then he was coming and she thought he might never stop. Worst of all, he held her mounted onto the end of his cock as his hips jumped in spasms and his nuts pumped out all of his creamy load into her throat.He stepped back and she was only just aware of her ass being lifted up off of the car. She looked down at the big man with the thick cock. He was just sliding it up and down her tender butt when she realized that such a massive cock would rip her open!! “Stop!! Don’t fuck my ass…. God, I want that thing in my cunt!!!” She blurted it out without thought and even as the sounds hit her ears she wondered at the fact that indeed she wanted to feel the b**st of a cock inside of her pussy!!!She did not have to tell the man twice. His condom encased cock moved the couple inches higher and suddenly he pushed the arrow-like head into her, wedging her open. Lilly let out a long gasp and tried to relax. A couple of the guys were cheering him on. He only gave her a couple of moments before he pushed again, this time managing to slide another inch of him into her tight pussy sleeve. The thickest part of his cock was poised to split her open and he had kept a leash on his needs as long as he could! With a roar, he pushed himself the rest of way into her, using the “rip off the bandaid philosophy of “Do it quickly and maybe it won’t hurt as badly.”Lilly nearly swooned. Her throat was bruised and vocal chords so coated with cum she did not even try to speak. She just moaned as it felt almost as if someone had just rammed the blunt end of a baseball bat into her most tender region!! Then it all began to fade nearly as quickly as it began. The pain, the fear,… all disappeared and in its place was the most incredible feeling of completeness. She looked up at him and heard him say, “Are you ready?” All she could do was nod. He smiled, picked her up, still impaled on his thick prick and she realized what he wanted. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and managed to push herself up and off of him maybe an inch. Then she relaxed and felt that glorious feeling of fullness break over her whole body.With his big hands holding her ass like they were little more than two smooth melons he now controlled their slowly building rhythm of fucking. He was so thick, he was pushing her pussy juice out with every drop down his shaft. She buried her face in the side of his neck and bit and chew on his flesh as he stretched her wider than ever before! Her muscles began to shake and her back suddenly bowed and as she pushed herself down as far as she could go on his cock!!!That was when she felt him shaking and then bucking and she knew he was coming over and over again and that realization alone was enough to send her through another series of mind crushing orgasm, knowing full well that the squeezing of her cunt around his thickness was going to nearly send him to his knees!!!Her head was spinning and suddenly everything was fading to black. There was a scramble and she was aware of the guys grabbing and pulling their friend out of her and throwing him into the van and taking off as she lay there, mostly naked, laid out over the hood of her car. She looked around and saw the clerk from the store standing not too far away, a baseball bat in his hands. “Are you okay?” he asked as he trotted back toward her.Lilly smiled up at him, almost drunk with pleasure. “Yes, thank you.”“It looked like they were about to kill you so I came out and they took off. Is there anything I can do for you?”“Yeah, eat my pussy. She said and giggled.” And so he did. ------------------------------------One of these days Lily is going to be satisfied (hopefully with me!!) but until then,... you guys may want to swing by your local adult book store and see if she swings by for a bit more fun!Please leave us your comments.... I think she likes them almost as much as I do!!!