Lesley’s Lacy Gift

I knew that nothing more than flirting would ever happen between us as she was in her fifties and I was in my twenties in a relationship, despite that I couldn’t help the thoughts of desire in my head every time she’d bend down in front of me and her perfect round ass would be meters away from my groin. She also had a very generous set of tits, she’d often lean on the side when speaking with me and expose just a little cleavage, just enough to get me excited but she knew I was looking and would look right into my eyes.I used to arrive to work in normal clothes and get changed there. The room I got changed in was a small wash room at the back of the pub that had excess stock and a washing machine and dryer. This is where we would wash all the table cloths and towels, but also where Lesley would do her own personal washing as she lived above the pub. One morning after arriving at work Lesley came rushing into the kitchen and with a sigh of relief she said don’t get changed yet as I’m just sorting my washing and I don’t want you having to see my dirty underwear. I told her not to worry it’s nothing I hadn’t seen before. I went through to the back room to get changed, only to be greeted by a pile of overflowing washing and on top was a beautiful purple lace thong with a very intricate design, I stopped for a moment and thoughts of Lesley wearing those panties filled my head. My cock went hard and I thought for a moment about picking them up to take a sniff, just before Lesley came bursting through the door. I held my bag in front of my throbbing cock, pretending to rummage through it and acting oblivious to the thong I had just seen. She quickly shoved her washing into the machine and apologised before leaving me to get changed. For the rest of the day all I could think of was Lesley in that purple lace thong, how her perfect round ass would look so good in it and the smell of her pussy. Lesley and I had a busy day that day and we flirted as usual but there was no mention of the washing again. I kind of wanted her to ask me if I’d seen it, it almost felt as though she’d placed it there on purpose for me to see.After work Lesley had to nip out to the shops so she left me to clean up and lock up. I finished and went to the back room to get changed, whilst there I kept thinking of the thong and decided I would look in the washing machine to see if it was there, I knew the scent of her pussy would have been washed away but I still wanted to see it and imagine her wearing it. To my dismay it wasn’t there. The washing had been replaced by table cloths, she must have taken it before leaving. I finished getting changed and packed my bag. Just before I left the room I saw a pile of gym clothes on the floor in the corner. They were Lesley’s, she was an avid gym goer and that’s how she kept her body in such good shape for her age. Suddenly I had an idea. I looked through the pile and found a pair of leggings, I quickly picked them up and bought the crotch area to my nose. Wow! I got the scent I had been dreaming of all day, my cock went instantly hard. With leggings in hand I started rubbing my cock, all I could think of was her pussy rubbing on the area I was sniffing, I sniffed deeper and deeper and then I unexpectedly shot my load, I hadn’t cum that fast for a long time but the smell was so intense I couldn’t hold it in. There was a problem though, I had cum straight onto the pile of gym clothes. Still shaking from the orgasm I had just had I picked up the clothes and put them in the washing machine with the table clothes and set it off before leaving.Next morning I arrived at work, Lesley must have been upstairs still so I got changed and started prepping for the day. About 20 minutes later Lesley appeared, at first everything was as usual. We had the usual chit chat about our evenings. Then out of the blue Lesley looked at me and asked why I had put her gym clothes in the wash. I went bright red and she could see it, I stuttered slightly and told her I had spilt some coke on them whilst getting changed. “Oh is that so?” She said, “well they were very dirty and very smelly I just hope you enjoyed them before you washed them”. Shit! She knew, she knew I was a dirty perv and had used her clothes for my pleasure. I apologised and stuck with the original story I gave. She told me she believed me, I knew she didn’t though. I felt pretty awkward afterwards but she kept up with her usual flirty behaviour and the awkwardness went away. A few hours into the day Lesley went for her break. She disappeared upstairs for a while before coming back. When she reappeared something was different. She had changed her trousers, she was now wearing a pair of very tight, wet look black jeans. I acted as if I hadn’t noticed and carried on. That was until she said she’d dropped a pen under the counter, she dropped to her hands and knees and rose her ass into the air. There it was, not he pen but the purple thong. It was riding up from the top of her tight jeans and made a perfect whale tail on her lower back. She’d done this on purpose, she knew I wanted that thong, and she’d changed into those jeans to tease me. I asked if she’d found her pen, she said no and asked if she should keep looking, I said yes we don’t want to lose it. So she did, she remained there with ass up and the beautiful thong on display for a little longer, before getting up and brushing herself down. Before I could say anything she rushed off upstairs before returning in her usual, more practical work clothes. She laughed and said that was fun wasn’t it?For the remainder of the day there was a lot of sexual tension between us, every time we’d brush past each other in the small kitchen there would be a flirty remark. In the end I had to say something. I told her this had to to stop, I had a girlfriend who I loved very much and this has all got a bit out of hand and we should stop now. Understandably she agreed and said she knows how it is, she too had been in love before. She just wanted some fun after her marriage had fallen apart. We both agreed to act more professional. From that day we stopped flirting and we acted as proper work colleagues should, she was my boss after all. A few months went by and I got offered a job that I couldn’t refuse, I handed Lesley my notice the following day. She told me she’d be sad to see me leave but knew it was for the best. After my final shift all the staff gathered at the bar and we all had a drink, Lesley made a speech about how I’d be missed and I got given a few cards and gifts. But Lesley said she hadn’t gotten me anything, I was a little surprised after all the time we’d spent together and how close we had been. I said my goodbyes and left for home. When I got home I went to unpack my things and what do I find in my bag? It’s the purple lace thong. The gusset was lightly crusted and the feel of them in my hand was enough to give me a hard on. My girlfriend was in the other room, I couldn’t let her see them but I desperately wanted to sniff them, so I did I bought them to my nose and there it was, Lesley sweet scent, I had longed to smell it again and here it was for me to enjoy when ever I wanted. I made an excuse to go to the bathroom and immediately started tugging my cock with the thong d****d over my head. I was in heaven, I came quick again, Lesley’s pussy scent was enough to make me cum in seconds. Now whenever my girlfriends not home, I go to the back of my sock drawer and reach for Lesley lacy gift.