Late Night Dinner (True Story)

It's probably been a month since I last sucked cock, it was mostly because I've been focusing on work and hadn't found time. A month without a cock in my mouth has got me feeling horny and desperate. One morning I got really horny, so i did the usual open the laptop and started browsing. I came across ad advertising website, it had all your usual things, selling cars, used items and things like that. But I noticed a 'personals' tab, I was curious and started browsing.There was an ad about a 40 y/o man who was just looking to get blown, he lived nearby and I was curious and horny as fuck, so I decided to shoot him a message.He replied very promptly and we started to exchange messages, says his name was John and sent a couple of pictures of his cock. It was beautiful, 7 inches with a slight curve upwards, cut and shaved. Just how I like them.I asked where we could meet, he said that couldn't host because his wife is at home. I suggested we meet at the park toilets very close by to both of us. We both agreed.I had several moments during the drive to just turn back, but I fought that urge and decided to go. I drove to the park, and sat there in the parking lot. John said he would message when he was close. I eagerly waited for his reply.It was dark and there was not a soul in sight and my cock was bulging in my pants. I got hard just thinking about his huge cock sliding into my mouth, the slightly salty taste of pre cum and then the bitter, salty taste of a warm load on my tongue.I couldn't help myself, I knew no one was around, so I slid my shorts down to my knees and my cock sprung up. I started to stroke to the pictures of his cock, imagining it in front of me. A few moments later, he messaged me saying he was close. "This is it" I thought, "there is no turning back now." I messaged him to meet me in the disabled toilet closest to the car park. I pulled my shorts back up and walked to the toilets.I heard a knock at the door. I whispered, "Come in." He walked in nervously and sat down on the toilet seat and pulled down his pants. There it was, my first cock in a month. I grabbed it with my left hand, knelt down and went to work. I immediately took the semi hard cock in my mouth, with every suck, jerk and lick I could feel it getting harder and bigger in my mouth. I took breaks in between to admire it and to lick his huge balls. He was fully erect now, I could now see it in its final form. 7 inches, not too thick and not to thin, his balls hung low and were heavy. Just how I liked them.John stood up and placed his hands on the back of my head. He slowly pushed me onto his 7 inch cock, he allowed me to breath a little between throating. I placed my hands on his arse so i could force myself deeper. I was in heaven, here I am on my knees in a dirty toilet serving a 40 y/o man's, 7inch cut cock. I could not believe this was happening for real.After about a minute of face fucking, he let me take control again. Months of sucking cock has taught me how to deepthroat, I'm still not great at it but I was ok. Taught myself to control my gag reflex, this is my chance to see if I could take all 7 inches. I closed my eyes, relaxed my throat, extended my tongue and pushed myself onto his cock. I could feel my chin hit his balls and I opened my eyes. I did it! I just deepthroated a 7 inch cock. Moments later, I could feel him tense up and I knew it was time.Time for my reward, the best part of sucking cock, swallowing cum. I took the cock out until only the tip was on my tongue and stroked that beautiful cock. "Here it comes." he grunted. And John unloads ropes and ropes of cum into my mouth. 6 shots in total, with the last shot missing my mouth and caught my eye. I clamped my lips down on the tip of his cock right away and sucked every last drop of cum. While I was still on my knees licking up the cum on my face and from my fingers, he thanked me, pulled up his pants and left. I stayed to jerk off thinking about his beautiful cock.Sadly, I never saw John again.