Kitchen Quickie

She answered the door, stunning in a mid-thigh length flowery summer dress. It was low cut and I could see the bulging curve of her medium sized breasts. The way they swayed suggested no bra. I felt a warn stirring in my trousers. I smiled and handed over the bottle and we exchanged pleasantries.I was ushered through into the lounge, and there was her boyfriend and another female friend, sat joking and drinking.I mentally shrugged, and guessed there WAS nothing to read into this invitation.The boyfriend, Barry, and the other girl, Linda, sat chatting. She was playing with her hair and biting her lip, and laughing just a little too much to Barry's jokes. She was into him, that was my assessment in any case.Claire popped in and out, boobs swaying under the light fabric of her dress. She spun to head back to the kitchen, and her dress floated up. Just enough to catch a glimpse of her tight arse cheeks. She either had a thong on, or nothing. Needless to say my cock was starting to shift.Linda was dressed as though she'd just come from work; grey plaid skirt, white blouse through which her patterned bra was plainly visible. She wasn't a bad looking girl either. Lone auburn hair curled a little, lush red lips and green eyes. She hunched her legs up onto the sofa, and I could see that what I thought were tights, were in fact stockings.She ran a hand over her leg, pushing the skirt a little higher. Deliberately? Probably.There was a crash from the kitchen and Claire squealed. I was on my feet, but no-one else moved. I paused a second, then headed for the kitchen.Claire was crouched on the floor, picking up some broken crockery. "Let me." I said smiling."Thanks!" she said. "Got so much to do, and he's useless!!" she nodded to the living room.She stood back up and I crouched to pick up the shards of broken china. I looked toward her and it my lowered position and with her reaching up into a cupboard, I could see quite clearly; no panties. Her buttocks curves to a cute pussy cleft, wisps of hair peeping from in front. I stared, mesmerised.Claire turned. Looked at me. "Were you looking at my butt?" she asked.I stood, stepped toward her. "Yes." I said, then pulled her to me and kissed her.I was expecting a slap, or a push away, but she seemed to melt in my arms and our hot breath and wet tongues mingled in the warmth of the kitchen. My hands were running up and down her back, over her buttocks. Squeezing them and kneading them together and apart. My hand worked the hem of dress up, so that my hands could grab her naked arse cheeks.Her hands ran over the front of my trousers. Feeling my bulging cock, tugging the fly down and reaching inside to grab my thickening shaft. She pulled it out and wanked it hard, pushing the foreskin all the way back. Dropping to her knees, she sucked my cock into her mouth greedily. I heard a giggle from the living room, but they had no idea what was going on just feet away.I was rock hard now, and Claire stood, turned to the counter and bent over it, pulling up her skirt and spreading her legs. I ran my hand over her pussy, the juices already flowing. I stuck two fingers in and finger fucked her for a couple of seconds, then, using my fingers as a guide, I rammed my hard cock into her slippery hole.I grabbed her hips and rammed my cock in fast and hard. I could feel her vaginal muscles squeezing me, as her own hand rubbed her clit faster and faster."Cum in my cunt." she whispered, "Fill me with your cum."I twitched, my buttocks clenched, and I unloaded a good week and half's worth of cum deep inside her. I felt her pussy contracting, fluid running onto my shaft. Guess she enjoyed I too.I stood there panting. My cock still embedded in Claire's pussy. I stepped back, and my cock pulled out, drawing with it a trail of white ooze.She turned, kissed me again. "Guess I better serve dinner before THOSE two start fucking." she smiled and shooed me back to the living room.