Kays first time shared

Kay is five feet five inches tall and one hundred and 140 pounds. She has an hour glass figure, great ass and 42 D breasts. She has a beautiful face and long dark hair that hangs to her waist; she is a very cheerful and happy person with a great sense of humor and personality.The first time Kay was shared she was 21 and that was about 33 years ago. It was out of love and caring, trying to help a great friend who was like a little brother to me, we had grown up together. Kay had gotten to know Dale after we were married and she considered him one of her best friends as well, and still does. Dale had just broken up with his girlfriend of several years. She had just left, with no reason given without notice, he came home and her stuff was gone with just a note saying goodbye. He was in terrible shape, inconsolable. We had been drinking beer and smoking pot, anything to try and get him to relax. Kay was trying to comfort and calm him down. I was sitting in my chair watching, not knowing what to do, Dale was so upset and I had never seen my friend like this. Dale is a big man about my size, 6’4” tall and 240 pounds and it worried me seeing this big strong man reduced to this. Dale and Kay were sitting on the couch, sitting up and facing each other. Kay was hugging Dale with her arms around him rubbing back and forth across his back with his head on her shoulder and he was crying, he kissed her cheek and thanked us for being here for him, Kay started hugging him harder and telling him it was going to be ok, we would make sure he was ok. From the tone of her voice and the tears in her eyes I could see she was visibility upset, seeing our friend in this condition. She cared a great deal for Dale and she was very upset and also started crying. Then he kissed her on the mouth, a very long kiss, this blew me away but kind of turned me on, she kissed him back, they were both very emotional. He started rubbing her breasts outside her blouse and he put his hand up under her pleated skirt. I don’t know if it was the alcohol, pot or that she just felt so damn sorry for him but she let her legs open up a little to allow him to reach up further. She stopped kissing him at this point, shook her head and said in a weeping broken voice “No, Dale what are you doing” and pushed him away. Dale still sobbing and said “Kay, I don’t know” She looked at me, she was still crying and wiping the tears from her eyes and cheeks then she pushed hair out of her face and back over her shoulders. Kay just sat there, facing Dale with her hands on her knees and Dale sat there facing her looking down, hands folded in his lap and both were still very emotional. Kay sat there for a minute trying to compose herself and then she reached over with her hand and raised Dales face up, she got within a few inches of him, still very upset, and said its ok Dale and she kissed him on his lips; this was a very long passionate kiss. I did not know what to do or what was happening, I was so turned on; I just sat there looking at them for what seemed like several minutes. They stopped, move apart slightly and she looked at me, I nodded and said it was ok. Kay had the strangest blank look on her face, I had never seen this before and she stared straight at me with her watery eyes open wide, not even blinking, all the while rubbing her knees with her hands. She looked back at Dale and then back at me, she smiled and said “I love you” then turned toward Dale and reach for his hand, and she slowly lay back in the corner of the couch pulling him toward her as they fell into an embrace the started kissing again. I could see their tongues explore each other’s mouths. This was different than before, I could see passion and it increased buy the second and finally reached a fevered pitch. Kay had her hands behind Dales head running her fingers through his hair; Dale was running his hands all over her body. He spread her legs open slowly and slid his hand up under her skirt and it looked from Kay’s reactions that his fingers were exploring her pussy. Kay had started moaning and grinding her pelvis toward his hand and the intensity of her passion had increased and she was pulling Dales head harder toward her. Kay was having an orgasm. My head was spinning, my mouth was dry, and I could feel my heart beating in my neck. Dale ripped her blouse open; buttons flew everywhere, and pushed her bra up over her breasts then started rubbing and pinching her nipples hard. It wasn’t long before he was suckling her breasts and biting her nipples. She threw her head back on the arm of the couch; she was breathing hard and moaning softly as she let him have his way. Her face turned toward me, her eyes were closed and she had a slight smile on her face as she bit her bottom lip. I watched as she let our friend do whatever he wanted to her, she was on the verge of another orgasm.Later she told me she was in disbelief of what was happening, like it was a dream or something; we had never even discussed anything like this happening. Dale sat up and reached under her skirt and started to pull her panties off, Kay willingly raised her ass up off the couch and let him slide them down, she raising her legs as he slid them up and off over her feet, tossing them to the floor. He pushed her skirt up spread her legs, reached under her ass with both hands and lifted her up as he started licking her tender pink swollen pussy, just slightly parting the lips of her fresh shave pussy with the tip of his tongue until he found her clit. Kay spread wider and raised her legs up, grabbed them under the knees and pulled them closer to her chest; this allowed him full access to her now parted pussy lips with the opening of her pussy slightly open and leaking its juice. I can smell the familiar aroma of Kay aroused pussy. I can see the thick strings of pussy-goo connecting his tongue to her pussy as he frantically dipped his tongue into her, trying to Lap up as much of the sticky sweet juice that is oozing from her pink little hole as he can. The only sound in the room is of her moaning and catching her breath and that wet, sticky sound of his tongue plunging into that sopping wet hole of hers. I can see by now Kay was going to cum again.Oh Fuck!! It finally rushed through my mind; it hit me like a ton of bricks as a shock ran up my spine and I started to panic. My wife! MY WIFE! was having sex with another man and she is going let another man fuck her, she was letting this happen right in front of me and she was enjoying it. Kay was so sweet and innocent, she had not been with another man since two months before we met, which was her High School boy friend and that was over three years ago. I was the first man to ever eat her sweet tender pussy. Kay’s eyes closed as she started to cum, I was so turned on hearing the slurping and licking and seeing my wife’s thick sticky love juices all over my best friends face as he feasted on her pussy. Kay started to moan loudly, shake and quiver in orgasm. Dales mouth was firmly planted over her clit, flicking and sucking as he inserted two fingers in her and quickly moved them in and out, occasionally stopping to feel around and explore the inside of her. She let go of her legs and wrapped both of them around his head, her body tensed up and she let out a scream as she raised her ass off the couch, wave after wave of pleasure passing through her body. Her pussy was in orgasmic contractions as juice was now flowing freely running down his chin and her ass, to the seat cushion of the couch under her. Things like this only happened in porn movies, not to sweet little innocent housewives like Kay, I thought, my head spinning out of control as fall back in my chair and ejaculate a huge load of sperm into my underwear, so fucking turned on from what I had just watched. Dale stopped, stood up in front of Kay and removed his shoes then his shirt and pants, followed by his shorts. I had forgotten how big Dales cock was, the only time I had seen him naked was in the showers in High School and it was big soft. Kay gasp when his underwear came off, I could tell she was scared and excited from the look on her face, Dale was huge, his cock was the largest I had ever seen and he was hard as a rock, it is 9 inches long curving sharply up toward his belly and a girth of 6 inches, seven inches around the head (A few weeks later we were drinking one night and Kay measured it).Kay was still lying there a mess; her head was on the arm of the couch with her hair messed up behind her, blouse open with her bra pushed up with tits exposed, legs spread wide with one up on the back of the couch and one foot on the floor with her skirt balled up around my waist and wet shaved pussy was fully exposed. Fuck she looked Hot! This was unreal, I felt like I was going to pass out!! Dale crawled back up on her and they started kissing again. I watched him take his hand wrap his fingers around his big thick cock and guide to her pussy, he started rubbing the huge head up and down her slit. Kay lifted her foot off the floor raising her leg up high and spread it open wider; she moved her pelvis, I guess so she could accommodate his size better. I saw Dale place the head of his cock at her pink little wet hole. Kay’s had her hands around Dales head as they continued to explore each other’s mouths passionately. Dale pushed hard, Kay squealed and gasped for breath as the head of his cock disappeared in her. Dale let go of his cock and put his hands on the arm of the couch by Kay’s head. She was breathing hard trying to catch her breath, from the expression on her face and the tear starting to roll down her cheek I could see she was in pain. She pushed on his chest with both hands and I heard her say “Oh god please stop” and he stopped, she breathed for a minute, looked at him, moved her hands, reached up and pulled his head toward her and put her lips on his and again they started kissing. Dale continued to slowly push his cock into her and Kay continued to moan, occasional yell out in pain and Dale would stop. Fuck, her pussy was stretched wider than it ever had been; this was so fucking hot watching my wife working hard to accommodate this huge cock of our friend. Before long her cries of pain turned into sounds of pleasure as he pushed deeper and deeper into her, back and forth he worked his cock, going in deeper each time and before long he was all the way in, balls deep and slowly fucking her. Dale started pumping her a little faster and with every thrust I could see her belly move from where the head of his cock was pushing up deep inside her, Kay was going to cum again. I had never heard or seen her have an orgasm like this; she was screaming and begging him to fuck her, she was telling him how good his huge cock felt and she had never been so completely filled with cock like this. She begged; fuck me Dale, Oh God Fuck Me! Dale pulled out moved and pulled her toward him, her head fell off the arm of the couch to the seat cushion and he pushed her back into the arm, he put both her legs up over his shoulders rolled up on her till both her legs are just above her tits. He again placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her sloppy wet now gapping open hole and with one quick thrust he shoved the entire length of his cock back into her pussy and started fucking her again. Kay was moving her head from side to side with tears running down her cheeks; she was screaming out. I had never heard her like this, Kay was Dales to do with what he wanted and she would do anything. I heard her tell him that. I was sitting there watching and listening to the passionate a****l sex between my wife and my best friend. I am watching something I had never before seen or even had dreamed about, something that is only thought of in a man’s wildest fantasies. I see things that I am unaware of when I have sex with Kay. Her facial distortions switch between tremendous pain and pleasure, her tits are bouncing violently in every direction from the extremely hard fucking she was receiving, her toes are curled up tight, I can see his dick is glistening and his pubic hair is matted with her pussy juice which has just started run down over her tight little brown eye to the crack of her ass, her pussy keeps stretching wider, even wider than I thought possible. I hear the wet slurping noise made by a cock going in and out of a wet pussy, a slapping sound as balls violently bounce off her ass. I can feel the heat they are giving off and smell the heavy scent of their sex and sweat. Both of them are moaning and grunting, occasionally I hear them talk to each other in a broken whispery voice as they are both breathing hard. Kay tells Dale how good his big dick feels and he is fucking her better than anybody ever has, she tells him to cum deep inside her and how much she loves him. Dale tells her how beautiful she is and how good it feels to be in her and he will cum deep in her, he also tell her how much he loves her and he has loved her from the first minute he saw her. They tell each other this over and over and at times the words are unrecognizable. A hundred things are going through my mind; I have never been this aroused. I am happy and sad; I am mad and scared all at the same time. My mouth is so dry, my heart is pounding a thousand beats a minute my head is spinning my dick is as hard as a rock and I start ejaculated in my underwear for the second. I am in a world of my own watching what is being played out in front of me, I do not think my wife and friend even remember I am here. Dale is fucking Kay hard, the full length of his cock from the head to balls deep with each hard thrust. Kay has gone limp, her arms and legs are like a dish rag, and she is incoherent to anything around her. I watch as my beautiful young wife’s eyes are starting to roll back in her head; Kay is on the verge of fainting. Dale picks up the pace faster and harder, finally he began to cum! I see him arch his back, he yells out “Kay I Love You Oh God I Love You” and he buries his cock deep as he can into her pussy. His body tightens and he starts to ejaculate into her. Kay feels the first spurt of semen and yells out “Oh God Yes Dale” as she starts Cumming harder than I have ever seen her cum in my life. Over and over she yells out his name and sometimes with “I Love You” as wave after wave of orgasm roll through her body. Her pussy starts to spasm around his cock which helps milk every last drop of sperm out of him. He continues to moan as he empties his huge sperm filled balls into Kay’s womb, spurt after spurt he releases as he calls out “Oh God Kay” it seems likes he will never stop and with every spurt of hot semen she feels another wave of orgasm rolls across her body and she yells out his name. Kay’s legs slide off his shoulders as he collapses on her. They both lay there breathing hard, hugging and tenderly kissing each other; Dales bare chest is against her tits, I can see her nipples are still rock hard and he is still between her thighs with his cock in her. Kay continues to tell him how much she loves and cares for him as so does Dale tell her the same. Kay’s cheeks are a bright red; she is always so beautiful, warm, soft and tender after sex, I know Dale would to like stay there forever. They are both so sweaty and sticky; the heavy scent of their sex and sweat is amazing. I can see Dales sperm start to ooze out of Kay’s pussy around his now shriveling cock. With a final kiss on Kay’s lips Dale pulls out and soon big white globs of cum mixed with pussy juice from her now stretched out still gapping open pussy flow heavily down her ass and soak the couch under her, she just lays there trying to gather the strength to get up. Kay looks over at me and I am still sitting there, mouth gapping wide open, staring straight at them, I felt like I was going to pass out, I do not know what to do or say. Dale gathered his cloths up and went to the bathroom. He put his hand on my shoulder as he went by, he looked down at me and said “I love ya bud” all I could do was look up and smile. Everything that had happened over the last hour is spinning a hundred miles an hour through my mind.Kay slowly stood up and tried to gather herself up as best she could. She put her bra back on then grabbed her panties and wiped up the mess from her pussy and what had run down her inner thighs, then wiped off the couch, She slid her skirt down and sat back on the couch as she brushed her tangled up hair out of her face and back over my shoulders. She looked up at me just sitting there looking at her. She said she was so ashamed of what had happened and then she started to cry, she put her face in her hands and said she was so, so sorry. I got up and went over and sat beside her, I put my arm around her and pulled her head to my shoulder, kissed her on the forehead and said it was ok. I took my hand and wiped the tears from her face, turn her head so I was looking straight into her eyes and again said “It is ok Kay, I love you” I put her head back on my shoulder and she continued to cry.Dale came back and on the way he went to the stereo and turned on the radio, stopped by the cooler and brought beer back and passed them out then he sat down beside us still naked and we started drinking. I reached over to the end table and grabbed the corona tray where the pot was and rolled us a joint. Here we all sat, Kay still with her head on my shoulder, Dale sitting beside Kay and all of us drinking beer, passing around a joint, listening to some good tunes laughing and talking. He spent the night and shared our bed with us; both Dale and I fucked Kay several times that night filling her with sperm as the other watch. This is a very special memory for all of us. It was not long before it was a real three sum with Kay between us, sucking one while the other fucked her. We were always together and this would happen almost every weekend for over a year and if I was not here I did not care if Dale would come and spend the weekend in our bed with her. We all love each other and Kay and Dale still have their times together, several times a year they will spend a weekend or a week together here or somewhere else. There are other stories about Kay and Dale I will share someday, maybe.